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  1. You should of poured a larger addition for when Ellis and Kane are home with their 02s! 😄
  2. Impromptu lunch with Barney, Mike and Ed Z. to gaze over Barney’s completed Inka 👀
  3. Thanks Ed! The first one he was our view pulling out of Eureka Springs. What a blessing that view was and a perfect departure to an amazing weekend. The second pic was taken in vivid mode. Pretty cool!
  4. I can honestly say I enjoyed looking over and admiring each and every 02 that was a MidAmerica. Thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet and talk to everyone!
  5. My view at MidAmerica last week. Might have to make this a jigsaw puzzle. 🤔
  6. Awesome pics 2002#2! This was my first time attending and had a fantastic time. Looking forward to next year!
  7. Record setting number of 02s for this year’s Mid-America! I believe the final count was 76.
  8. Or at least plan a visit for next years Mid-America!
  9. My view today here at Mid-America in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  10. Safe travels! We’re heading out of the Austin, Texas area Wednesday morning. Barney, Ed, Todd, and I will leave out of Cedar Park around 9:30 and meet up with David and Terry Sayther’s group along I35 just north of Austin. We’ll drive to Arkadelphia, Ak and stay the night. We’ll finish up the drive Thursday with the plan of rolling into Eureka Springs around 2:30. Houston on group is making the drive up on Thursday. Believe there are 10 H-Town 02s making the drive up together. Pretty sure they will be meeting up with a few 02rs along the way. Definitely look forward to putting faces to the names! Greg Resa
  11. New spare purchased for peace of mind... 🤗. 1 week from today!!
  12. until
    Sharing information on Terry's Fall 02berfest that was sent out on an email from Terry. I've had the pleasure of participating in several of Terry's 02berfests and have had a great time at each. From the 02s, the folks, the drives, the food and the history of the Fredericksburg area it all just makes for a great weekend. As usual, Terry Sayther Automotive will be sponsoring the 2017 Fall Texas 02berfest in October. This year we are adding a day of CULTURE to the event. We will be heading out to Fredericksburg on Thursday Oct 26, and Friday we will spend the day learning about Lyndon Johnson. We will visit various Johnson family locations. And naturally, we will be blasting down country roads between locations and eating well! Saturday we will return to our original longer format rally drives with several hours of Hill Country roads. Hope you'll all be able to make it. The Peach Tree Inn located in Fredericksburg will be the base of operation and Terry had block of rooms being held. Be sure to mention you're with the BMW 2002 group. The number for the Peach Tree Inn is 1-800-843-4666 http://www.thepeachtreeinn.com/ I've added a few random pics from previous 02berfest events. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.
  13. until
    Our monthly ATX area BMW 2002 and Classic BMW C&C is set Saturday morning, September 16th at @ 8am. We meet at Mozart's on Lake Austin Blvd and use the adjacent Hula Hut Parking area. Our monthly ATX C&C has grown from just a couple of 02s at our first event to where I may have to seek a new location with more parking. Not uncommon to have guests drive in Houston, San Antonio etc. Usually a short drive after the C&C to a local Tex-Mex restaurant for some good food and more 02 camaraderie! Feel free to pm me if you have any questions! Greg Resa

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