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  1. Met up with Barney and Ed early this morning and drove down to our Austin area BMW 2002 and Vintage C&C
  2. Out and about in Stella this morning and stopped by Barney’s for a bit. Cool B&W pic I snapped.
  3. Woke up to uncharacteristic cool summer weather here in Austin this morning. 66 degrees in late July! Took Stella out for a spin with my daughter and Mini Australian Shepard. Even let my daughter take the wheel after our hike.
  4. Stella looked good in that pic! I had picked up that roof rack from Le Tran for Rudy as he was passing through Austin and had to get a few picks before I delivered it to Rudy down in Houston. Here’s another pic.
  5. You should of poured a larger addition for when Ellis and Kane are home with their 02s! 😄
  6. Impromptu lunch with Barney, Mike and Ed Z. to gaze over Barney’s completed Inka 👀
  7. Thanks Ed! The first one he was our view pulling out of Eureka Springs. What a blessing that view was and a perfect departure to an amazing weekend. The second pic was taken in vivid mode. Pretty cool!
  8. I can honestly say I enjoyed looking over and admiring each and every 02 that was a MidAmerica. Thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet and talk to everyone!
  9. My view at MidAmerica last week. Might have to make this a jigsaw puzzle. 🤔
  10. Awesome pics 2002#2! This was my first time attending and had a fantastic time. Looking forward to next year!
  11. Record setting number of 02s for this year’s Mid-America! I believe the final count was 76.
  12. Or at least plan a visit for next years Mid-America!
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