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  1. Still washing and driving our 02s here in Texas. 😃
  2. Drove Stella down to our Austin area BMW 2002 and Vintage BMW Cars & Coffee. Solid good turnout considering it was in the mid 30s at 8am.
  3. Met up with Barney and Ed early this morning and drove down to our Austin area BMW 2002 and Vintage C&C
  4. Out and about in Stella this morning and stopped by Barney’s for a bit. Cool B&W pic I snapped.
  5. Woke up to uncharacteristic cool summer weather here in Austin this morning. 66 degrees in late July! Took Stella out for a spin with my daughter and Mini Australian Shepard. Even let my daughter take the wheel after our hike.
  6. Stella looked good in that pic! I had picked up that roof rack from Le Tran for Rudy as he was passing through Austin and had to get a few picks before I delivered it to Rudy down in Houston. Here’s another pic.
  7. You should of poured a larger addition for when Ellis and Kane are home with their 02s! 😄
  8. Impromptu lunch with Barney, Mike and Ed Z. to gaze over Barney’s completed Inka 👀
  9. Thanks Ed! The first one he was our view pulling out of Eureka Springs. What a blessing that view was and a perfect departure to an amazing weekend. The second pic was taken in vivid mode. Pretty cool!
  10. I can honestly say I enjoyed looking over and admiring each and every 02 that was a MidAmerica. Thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet and talk to everyone!
  11. My view at MidAmerica last week. Might have to make this a jigsaw puzzle. 🤔
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