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  1. Dion, your second post with picture confirms the levers are on the left.
  2. On a lighter note, the heat on the East Coast will be very high this weekend. Those attending PVGP may be wilting (even under the shade of those trees at the CCA corner). i'm betting your ignition module crapped out. Don't crank the engine too long or else you'll flood the engine (by the cold start valve).
  3. During my last stop returning from Vintage Saratoga (NY) event, I tried rolling the driver's side window up in the 69 and it wouldn't budge. I rotated the crank down then back up with some force. Nothing. I then grabbed the window edge with one hand and cranked up the handle. POP, SPROING, CLANK. The window went up. Removing the door panel yesterday revealed the spring came off the regulator. And this was a replacement regulator I had installed not 1 year ago. I dug out a good regulator I removed from the tii and will install it (maybe tomorrow if I can bear this heat).
  4. Heard the backorder on these is now July 27th.
  5. I got these from a FAQ'r who was cutting up a car. I need these for my 69.
  6. I thought those were NLA. Stupid windows cause me lots of grief in both cars. I'm tired of pulling the door panels off. Edit. Rogerstii website says these are "refurbished". Presume blasted and coated to look nice. No comments seen on the rollers which are the pieces that wear out.
  7. You've got to remove that side panel to gain access to the bendable tabs holding the ashtray to the panel.
  8. Pinch welt can also be sourced from places that sell Air cooled VW parts. Very similar to what was used on the pop out quarter windows.
  9. Wow - wish I had another car just to build this engine for it! Didn't realize you had already bought all these goodies.
  10. I'll take them for my 69. PM me your details for payment. Jim (also needing Koni struts from BLUNT).
  11. Ray and Steve (Conserv) have been seen together at this years' Vintage NC event. I just completed (3) of the (4) BMW events this year... came home from Saratoga Springs NY today (887 miles RT in the blue car). 911 still for sale. Guy from CO is the latest who is interested in it.
  12. My 73tii recently started having starting problems when hot. Drive for 1 or more hours, shut it off then if I tried re-starting it, it would crank until you could smell gas from the cold start valve (but it wouldn't start). I'd have to wait a while to let the gas evaporate in the intake. This happened AFTER I did the 2600 mile trip to Arkansas. I'm running standard points and condenser inside my rebuilt dizzy from Advanced Distributors. Examination of cap/rotor/points and condenser didn't reveal any "gotchas", so I swapped the condenser with another old one (I recall Terry Sayther mentioning this during the Tech Session at Mid America). Car starts OK but I haven't driven it enough to know if it solved my hot re-start problem. I've got a new cap/rotor/points and condenser ready to install.
  13. Pics from my NLA freebie 71 Agave 2002

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