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  1. You mean the wide rubber flap seal at the back of the roof? Have you tried to buy a new one? Old ones are most likely torn if removed.
  2. Short pieces of PVC pipe, all thread rod, fender washers and nuts for the control arm bushings. Keep one of the front subframe spacers (the long one). Works great for installing new shift rod seals. Angle iron bar with two holes and clearance cuts for holding both 6 and 8 bolt output shaft couplings.
  3. Mirror on a stick. Flexible pickup tool (grabber) Set of inexpensive nylon pry tools. Razor blade scraper. Paper towels and roll holder for the garage Battery powered 1/2” impact gun. I recently bought the Milwaukee Fuel 18v unit to replace my dead Goodyear one.
  4. Wideband 02 sensor and gauge are helpful for tuning any engine. Eliminate guesswork. I have one in both my 2002’s.
  5. Wow! Can’t believe he is gone. Very sad. ”my grandmother’s biscuits”. From his song Carolina
  6. I purchased a set of MIM alloy wheels from this seller for my 91 318is. He evidently ships quite a few sets to the US (from Serbia). Mine came via DHL very quick.
  7. Those wheels! My eyes! I’m dying over here with an itchy spray can finger. Partially kidding.
  8. I have had good luck purchasing items from Sherman starting around 2009. Intermittent wiper upgrade and a set of vinyl E21 Recaro seats (both for my 73tii).
  9. Aimed at you not Stuart. Think Stockton wheel is your preferred vendor (from another build thread).
  10. Hey- I bought a diff from you. Can I ask about those wheels? 😂. Being sarcastic if you couldn’t tell by my reply.
  11. I agree with Les. My May 69 and James Laray’s 69 have steering column tags.
  12. Yup. FB and all the emojis lead to this 4 page thread. It’s a sad day on the FAQ.
  13. Waiting for “Guest_anonymous” to respond...
  14. Nice Fjord tii! Is it an early 72? Hard to tell if it has a cowl notch.
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