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  1. Your car is a good candidate for the handbrake pivot bearing upgrade from @BLUNT .
  2. jgerock

    Getting ready for road trips in 2019.

    Mike- what's that all about? Haven't heard about that exhibit. Looks like I will miss out again.
  3. jgerock

    Getting ready for road trips in 2019.

    Like to what extent? Head pulling?
  4. jgerock

    Cable ties

    Walloth Nesch in Germany sells the cable clamps. Believe they have a long and short version. They also sell the metal wiring harness clips that are in the engine bay. I use 3M friction tape to wrap the harness. You can buy it from a hardware store or from Amazon.
  5. jgerock

    steering box

    Fixed it for you.
  6. They get messed up when folks jack the car up by them. Your subframe mounts look iffy as well.
  7. I'm with Barney on his response. My first one was pretty well sorted as purchased. Thank goodness the body and paintwork was already done. The other parts of the car have been upgraded to suit my tastes over the last 12 years. My second one was completely opposite. Low initial purchase price ($2,750) that needed everything. I have all the receipts but don't know exactly how much I have spent. Doing everything myself (not body and paint) has been rewarding and certainly saved me from the high labor costs for my area.
  8. The one I removed from a 71 2002 had the year engraved at the end of the text.
  9. I used a shower squeegee for the inside windows on my 66 Beetle. There were so many holes in that car. I propped the driver's seat up with 2x4's.
  10. jgerock

    steering box

    From my parts book: LHD worm: 32 11 1 108 744 (retroactive interchange with # 32 11 2 670 127 RHD worm: 32 11 1 108 745 LHD roller: 32 1 1 113 040 RHD roller: 32 1 1 113 061 The parts book does only shows the complete roller shaft, not just the gear.
  11. jgerock

    WTB: Wiper switch for ‘73 tii

    Edited for clarity purposes. OP wants the speed control switch in the dash. Note the graphics for the replacement TS stalk are different than the original. Not a big deal but something perhaps a concours judge COULD point out if they new. Same FFF (fit, form and function). Here is my original 73tii stalk And the BMW replacement I installed
  12. jgerock

    steering box

    BMW parts book shows there are (2) different steering boxes for LHD and RHD. The worm and roller gears are different.
  13. jgerock

    320i shift platform

    This old Roundel Magazine article describes the 4-speed e21 shift support is marked so that it is easy to modify it for use with an 5 speed overdrive transmission. Based on MLytle's 5 speed swap in his 75 M2, the thickness of the e21 shift support prevented the transmission from being fully raised into the tunnel. He switched the e21 version to a 2002 version.
  14. jgerock

    Trunk design Trivia

    The double thickness wall is part of the quarter panel. Maybe Dion can post another picture of the RH fuel filler neck. That would help determine how much of his car has been modified.