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  1. Here's a picture of the diff from the 69 2002. Ring and pinion (in both cars) looked fantastic. Have read the spider gears are the weak point in short neck differentials.
  2. Couldn't hear anything being damaged due to ANSA sport muffler😉. The rear end of the car certainly seemed to "skip" during hard cornering maneuvers.
  3. Yes - a Japanese car alternator. They are much smaller than old style Bosch.
  4. Both of my 2002's came to me with chipped spider gear teeth. The diff in the 73tii had multiple chunks in several teeth. No noise, no whine and nothing came out when emptying the fluid from the diff. I suspect the teeth were damaged and the fluid was changed (evacuating metal bits). I drove the car like this for several years before swapping in a LSD.
  5. Your car will be very nice once completed! I question why you installed all poly bushings in the back except for the stock-appearing sway bar. IMO, the poly suspension bushings will increase the NVH levels too high for regular street use.
  6. At least the data was stamped on the body I.D. plate AND build sheets were either placed above the gas tank or in the rear seat.
  7. Clean up the top of one piston to see the markings on it.
  8. The dizzy in my tii was rebuilt by Advanced Distributors - Dave did not replace the points/condenser/rotor/cap. You should have received his recommended timing with the unit. As written above, double check the wiring to the condenser. This can degrade/break over time and cause intermittent issues.
  9. If anyone is on the fence about buying one of these kits, I still love mine. In my opinion, replacing the old shifter pieces with either factory or upgraded ones (like delrin bushings) provides the best “bang for your buck”. I’m always surprised when the seller of a car says the shifting action is “great” then I drive the car and it’s absolutely AWFUL. “stirring spaghetti with a wooden spoon” I went thru this with a 911S and e30 318is.
  10. +1 Shocks could be KYB GR2. I had a set on my last VW.
  11. My question about the eBay listing is regarding the VIN. First it says 2763808, then it says 2764182. I haven't looked at the pics yet. Edit. Body stamping is 2763808. Steering column cover may match that. Not sure of engine number.
  12. You'll need the car on the ground (maybe use ramps or blocks of wood) to properly tighten the sway bar.
  13. I haven't looked at the ad- but my spare 72tii engine (with aluminum runners) had severe corrosion for sitting outside (removed from the car). The throttle body corrosion was so bad it was unusable.
  14. And for a second, I thought the BaT winning bidder was already flipping it on Hemmings😲.
  15. First time looking at this one. Don't think Les ever responded - or maybe he did and it was deleted...

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