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  1. Amazing time capsule! Wonder why the antenna cable was routed thru the fender opening instead of using the A pillar?
  2. jgerock

    Winter Projects

    What about your seats? Going to redo them this go-around?
  3. Did you take it back out? NT
  4. jgerock

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Sell them to Carl for his Atlantic tii😉
  5. jgerock

    1974 Baur Targa

    Congrats to you and your father for keeping the Baur for so long. Since you are going the BaT route, I encourage you to keep in touch with the folks who comment on the auction (to answer questions). I've viewed auctions where folks who comment will chide the seller who does not respond to questions or comments. Since it is in fact a Baur targa, I recommend putting that detail into the auction title, since most folks won't know what it is and will think it is a regular or modified 2002. Also, be prepared for all the non-bidders who just comment about various things unrelated to the auction. This is my biggest gripe about BaT auctions, so I refuse to comment anymore. Happy selling. Jim
  6. Gasoline will break down over time. Cars that sit without fuel preservative or having the fuel systems purged will most likely have varnish build up and cause issues.
  7. Haven't seen anyone fully take apart the double spring assembly before! Thanks for sharing. I've been successful just taking the main injector components apart for soaking in Purple Power then running for a while in my little ultrasonic cleaner. May purchase a larger unit someday. While visiting a diesel repair place a few years ago, I asked them if they could test the mechanical type injectors and they said they only have an old test fixture to check the opening pressure and spray pattern. Since it was set up for a diesel engine, the gauge would have to be switched to one that read higher pressures. They rarely, if ever used it. I keep meaning to swing by there again to see if it is for sale. Keep in mind that water will separate from the gas and will start corroding the insides of the injectors if kept for long periods of time. Some I have taken apart crumbled from corrosion.
  8. jgerock

    WTB 6v generator and starter

    I tried searching for the proper generator numbers for the BMW but couldn't find them on the internet (quick search). Believe this has been discussed here before and Meg V. In the MidWest went thru this not too long ago for her amazing car. I've seen an early BMW generator but didn't record the details from it. From one of my reference books on the 1600: generator: Bosch model 200/6/2400R cut in speed: 1600 rpm zero watts speed: 1550 rpm max current: 50 amps nominal speed: 2400 rpm max output speed: 3100 rpm
  9. jgerock

    Ebony or Cocobolo?

    Will do.
  10. I'm interested if there is anything more to do except take this apart and clean it. My KF information doesn't specifically mention testing of the valve (only the incoming fuel pressure).
  11. jgerock

    WTB 6v generator and starter

    VW switched from 6V to 12V for model year 1967.
  12. jgerock

    WTB 6v generator and starter

    Doing some research in the background for you since I was an Air cooled VW guy. Not exactly a match, but here is a very high quality small diameter 12V generator for a Porsche 912. Of course, you don't need the shaft extending out the back for a BMW. http://www.allzim.com/store/zims-premium-remanufactured-generator-912-small-diameter-12v.html Link shows interchange numbers (Bosch GR26X specifically).
  13. jgerock

    Ebony or Cocobolo?

    My father rigged up a cheap sheetmetal hood on the back of his lathe which connects to his dust collector. It clamps to the back of the table so he can slide it sideways. He does woodworking in his basement so he always needs to be careful of wood dust. I can take some pics next week if you are interested in what he did. Jim
  14. jgerock

    Bolt broken in block

    Sorry but I couldn't resist: is your brothers name Woody?