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  1. Think my tii has an Ansa resonator. It makes a distinct ticking noise during cool down of the engine.
  2. Jeff S. of Advanced Distributors recently rebuilt a distributor for a local 73 2002 automatic owner. I don't recall what model dizzy it had.
  3. Saturday: 1) Switched winter wheels/tires back to "summer" all seasons on the E90. 2) Pulled off driver's door panel in the 69 to investigate why the window would not roll up (this just started). Removed old 69 regulator (from the 76 door) and could not find anything wrong. Noticed scrape marks on the gear from a bolt. I was using bolts that were slightly too long that hold the regulator to the door shell. Put 69 regulator back in using shorter bolts and washers. No difference! Window stopped at about 1.5" from the top. Pulled three other regulators out and found (2) left and (1) right one. Newer left one had backwards wound spring and interference issues so I didn't use it. Found another older one, cleaned and greased it and installed it in the car using the same shorter bolts/washers. This one allows the window to roll all the way up! The gear/crank is a little noisy but the window now goes all the way up. Sunday (off topic): Installed new S/S braided flex hoses on the P-car. Had to replace one hard line at the LR from trailing arm to caliper. Mooched a new BMW line from Marshall who helped bend it to match the crazy stock line. Brake fluid flushed. Here is a weird thing on the Porsche: The brake fluid reservoir has a fitting at the top connected to a hose that loops up toward the cabin then down the hood and empties out under the front apron. This appears to be an overflow tube. While pressurizing the reservoir with the bleeder, fluid shot out the hose at the front. Had to remove the hose and install a rubber cap with hose clamp in order to pressure bleed the brakes.
  4. Wondering if Matthew Cervi has one of these for his Bavaria...
  5. I added retractable 3-point front belts to my 69, by drilling an access hole to secure a lockwasher and nut. Unfortunately, the rear seat pinches the belt and the low(er) location of the upper point is less than desirable. Still waiting for a better fix (ahem - 02Princess Lisa has been asked about her Derby).
  6. I must apologize. I was thinking this engine was from a 73 - not a 74. I went back to the beginning and now see the intake manifold ports that help identify the 74tii engine. Your distributor should have the vacuum retard diaphragm along with the valve on the air cleaner.
  7. Maybe I'm wrong about the insulators for the clamps. I'm sure I've seen those before - possibly on a spare distributor I have in the garage. Here is an original 72tii. Note the rubber pieces.
  8. You will get oil on it when you change the oil filter. Vibration and heat are my biggest issues. If it were me- I would put it in line after the pump on the other side of the differential.
  9. As mentioned above, the distributor isn't correct for a 72/73 tii. Also, I believe there should be either black rubber or plastic isolators for the plug wire clamps that are on the valve cover bolts. Paul- you're doing a beautiful job on this engine! If it were mine, I would use the smaller E30 M3 starter.
  10. I've been kind of disappointed in this show and all the publicity on Velocity. It's pretty good -but I prefer the Petrolicious videos.
  11. Sprinkle some hard-earned $$$$$$ on any 2002 and you too can have an "Alpina" tribute/clone. My ti "wannabe" kind of falls under the "tribute/clone" category. Is the car a real ti - no. Does it give me great satisfaction when I drive or work on it - absolutely. The great thing about these cars is that you can personalize them to your individual taste. Love this example
  12. Rob - I've used Curil K2 gasket sealant on both my cars with good luck. The Blue Book suggests Curil. I got mine from a VW mail order shop. Should last you a lifetime.
  13. But Wayne would be saying something like "it's one of one". Too many commercials and "here's what's next on xxx show" even during the airing of the same show on the Velocity Channel.
  14. Note the arrow on the rubber bushing. Think that it supposed to point up...
  15. I installed an inertia cut off switch from Pegasus in my 69, along with the Carter rotary electric pump from Ireland. In-line fuse runs from the battery (below the back seat) into the trunk to power the fuel pump relay.