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  1. What I found between the subframe and the RS frame rail of the 69
  2. jgerock

    Heater Hoses

    This is how much old coolant was in my early 2002 heater box when I removed it from the 69. Engine and radiator had already been removed.
  3. jgerock

    Car is finished!

    Beautiful car!
  4. 90 degree distributor mount reminds me of some early BMW racing engines.
  5. There has been multiple BMW marine engines FS in the Roundel Magazine classifieds. Don't think any were like this though.
  6. jgerock

    What's this? (behind left headlight)

    Whatever that keyswitch is, it was made in Baltimore (assume Maryland).
  7. jgerock

    Steering idle arm tightness

    I was very close to removing the metal sleeves from my 69 subframe, but gave up after they wouldn't budge with taps from a hammer and chisel. I removed the blue covers and installed the newer black bushings. Regarding tightening, if you have ever tightened the gooseneck bearings on a bicycle, it might be similar in feel (or better yet a wheel bearing). Tighten the castellated nut, then grab the arm and try to wiggle it checking for play. I tightened mine up so that there wasn't any play but I could still move the arm by hand. Too bad I don't have a fish scale to check for tension when I was doing the installation.
  8. I'm not qualified to answer your questions. I was simply providing some links. KEP can do custom applications. I had one of their pressure plates in my 71 VW.
  9. Not exactly what I was hoping to find, but KEP (Kennedy Engineered Products) does make all kinds of stuff.. https://www.kennedyeng.com/4-cylinder-engine-list https://www.kennedyeng.com/engine-adapters
  10. jgerock

    What's this? (behind left headlight)

    What if those two items are remnants of an alarm system? Mounting bracket for an alarm horn and wiring connection that goes from the nose to the cabin.
  11. jgerock

    Hazard Switch?

    shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com
  12. jgerock

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    Hmm - Harry this is the photo I saved for a Baikal roundie. Different wheels.
  13. jgerock

    Fresh Italian Turn Signals - Reps

    PM me your requested shipping address Ryan. I'll send you my original 69 flat TS assemblies. No obligations. If you can use them - great. If not, well.. neighbor's pool or the one that Forrest uses for skateboarding perhaps.
  14. jgerock

    Hazard Switch?

    I'm betting Sherman Martinez can assist you.. He seems to have lots of 2002 parts (I've purchased some from him).
  15. jgerock

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    Harry - I recall seeing pictures of this car. Loved it!