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  1. Sounds to me the hazard switch is bad/faulty. What condition is your turn signal column switch? These can cause crazy issues as well.
  2. Thanks for the comments. The regulator works just fine- I took everything apart in 2008 after I bought the car. First thing replaced was the door brake. Second was the door squeegee. I am hoping Blunt can source me new brackets. If not, I will post a WTB for a good used set. The passenger side has started acting up as well. I am very familiar with the window adjustments after messing with the 69 several times.
  3. No permit now is ok- but if you ever sell the house it will be discovered.
  4. I am using stock wattage bulbs. The 69 relay will not give voltage to terminal KBL when the corner lights are flashing. This to me indicates a faulty relay. Others here mention (2) sets of contacts inside the relay, but I can only "see" one that moves. The KBL terminal is just above the ground terminal. Ray- grounds have been checked. When putting the car back together I made sure to scape any rust/paint beneath the screw points. I also added a separate ground wire from the back of the left gauge to the dash.
  5. I recommend using Marine quality wire - it is flexible and durable. Got mine from the local West Marine store.
  6. About 1 month ago, I noticed the driver's side window in the 73tii didn't work properly. It would rock side to side like the regulator was broken or the lift was out of the frame. After removing the door panel, I noticed the window would rock back and forth like the rollers and rear guide block were worn out. Of course, all of the nylon pieces such as the (2) front rollers, single front guide block and the (2) rear guide inserts are NLA from BMW. I tried using some spare parts but that didn't work. I tried replacing the (2) rollers with brass door rollers sourced from Home Depot but that didn't help (they were too wide and the mounting hardware rubbed the vertical channel. With the help of another FAQ'r (Tsingtao in Texas), he made me some replacement nylon rollers. I installed them today using some modified screen door hardware, but that didn't help at all. I even added (2) screws to the rear guide block forcing the nylon inserts outward. Closely watching the window while in motion, I noticed the front roller guide assembly seemed to flex quite a bit, even though the (2) bolts were tight. The metal horizontal window guide frame had rusted and was breaking away from the rest of the frame (U-shaped piece at the bottom of the glass). I have a spare glass but that metal piece is rusty as well. Sent e-mail to Steve Peterson @ Blunttech to start sourcing some new parts on Monday. Old front guide on left, another one with newer rollers on the right. Window with bottom frame removed from the tii. Note how the front edge is bent. The other side really shows how bad this has deteriorated due to water sitting inside the metal piece. Piece removed from the glass (rubber seal also removed)
  7. Continuing to try and figure out why my dash indicator lamp for the turn signals doesn't work. The (4) turn signals work fine, only the dash bulb does not illuminate. Removed the long life bulb from the cluster and replaced it with a "regular" known good bulb from another cluster (74). Here is a comparison between the inside of the 69 and 71 flasher relays. They are different even though the part number on the case is the same. 71 relay on the left, 69 on the right Here is something weird (to me). While I was taking the cluster apart to secure the glass in the speedometer section, I noticed there were some tabs (fingers) for the tachometer that were bent. They don't interfere with anything and the tach seems to work fine. Here is a March 1974 tachometer that has all the tabs (fingers) straight. Anyone know why this is the way it is on the 69?
  8. Engine and Drivetrain

    Here is a weird idea for those folks who have an early box top (thin fan motor mount) and a newer fan motor (plastic wrapped taller motor): Attach some old distributor cap clips to the box top from the bottom so that they clip over the bottom edge of the fan motor. Just a thought about using that type of spring clamp.
  9. So sorry to hear this sad news about your husband. Since you live in SLO, maybe Rob Torres (owner of the shop 2002Haus in SLO) sold him parts for the tii and can assist. Note Rob may be out of the business but maybe he can still try to help. Can you try attaching a photo or two of the car here? Maybe we can figure out your husbands user name.
  10. I have two lamps that I removed from my 73tii 8 years ago (replaced with new ones). One side has a crack in the housing but still looks good. Shipping will be expensive.
  11. Unbelievable story. Guess we have it ok here in Virginia with regards to vehicle registration. Cannot understand why another step is required for a front tag.
  12. +1. Bruce and his car were at one of the NCC Chapterfest events in MD. I have posted pics here of his car. Very impressive.
  13. Amazing that it stayed in great shape all those years! Congrats for saving it.
  14. I have some Recaro seat brackets that came with the cloth seats I have in the tii. Believe they are for a 5 series. Yours if you need them- not sure what brackets fit the Bavaria.
  15. You forgot beer.