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  1. Glad to know the pics were helpful! The early TS switches are pretty delicate. I had to replace mine. You can still buy the dimmer stalk switch from BMW (or you could back in 2015/2016).
  2. Contrary to the above responses, I ran across the upper dash piece from a 1971 2002 (no seatbelt pod hole) that did NOT have the circular perforated clock location.
  3. This and ignition timing. BTDT. If you mess with the idle mixture screws and don't get a response from the engine, either the carb is plugged up or the throttle plates on the individual bores need adjusting. I even tried the trick of using a measuring tool to set the throttle plates between bores. The engine would still shake and the idle was too high.
  4. I'll provide a funny story from my previous work life: A large customer who has multiple plants in the US ordered some electrical equipment from us to ship to their newly constructed plant. We built, crated and shipped everything on their purchase order. Customer called from the job site saying one expensive item was missing and we needed to make and ship a replacement ASAP. I researched the shipment (LTL truck) and confirmed the correct number of items were delivered and signed for. Our company takes pictures before loading trucks so we can limit issues. Customer looked everywhere and after two days called me repeatedly (getting angry) about our mistake. I called customers contractor asking for their help looking for said crate. After another day, the customer called back and apologized... The crate was found. The contractor was using it as a table for the building plans. It was literally right under their noses the entire time they complained to us.
  5. My car has all suspension and brakes from a 74tii. The engine started out as a 72tii that I converted to dual Solex carbs. Car has a 73tii brake booster. I'd say I'm pretty close to being "ti spec".
  6. I did put a rear badge on my 69. Have the front one but haven't installed it. I do clarify that my car isn't a real "ti" when folks look at it. What's mine missing? Real ti spec. dashboard, KM/hr speedometer, non-snorkel nose and European-spec. wiring harness (no brake fluid reservoir float warning).
  7. Someone spent a ton of money on this 2002! It's really nice, but the details are a little off. Like the incorrect placement of the rear badge- it's too far away from the tail light.
  8. I have a decent left regulator with spring that popped off during my return trip from Saratoga Springs NY. Will take some effort to re-wind and attach the spring.
  9. I love mine! Shared pics yesterday on the FB 2002 page. Maybe you will get more orders.
  10. When the car was on the lift, was it a 2 or 4 post? 2 post would unload the suspension, possibly hiding any exhaust clearance issues at the left axle. Also, the resonator can rub against the body or top of the subframe (BTDT). i like Jason's suggestion about the shifter touching the driveshaft.
  11. To me, the ignition system should be closely inspected before messing with the fuel injection system. As mentioned before, some plug wires aren't worth a tinker's darn. Bosch wires seem like junk. Look for Beru. +1000 on using a wideband oxygen sensor to tune the car. Best investment anyone can make on these old cars.

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