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  1. Without seeing any pictures, I'm going to guess you have 1800ti carbs. Hope I'm wrong and someone needs them.
  2. Expanding on this subject, why are there some holes in the rear bulkhead that have opaque plastic plugs? My May 30, 1969 2002 has them. Was their purpose to drain paint after the car was dipped? The plugs look similar to the ones sealing the rear shock towers.
  3. That is from Klaus Schnitzer’s article using his personal tii.
  4. I JUST sold my original 73tii air cleaner to someone on FB Vintage page!
  5. I would check the trunk weatherstrip first. Close the lid on a paper currency (Dollar, Euro, etc) and try to pull it out. If you can, there is too large a gap. You can make adjustments to the latch and corner rubber pieces, but the old gasket is most likely bad.
  6. Per the Vise Grip Garage guy on YouTube: “that’s not factory”. Sounds like Fack-Tree.
  7. Back around 2008, I purchased new tii airbox clamps from Maximillian for my 73. They arrived as the "newer" wire type instead of the original solid strap type. They were zinc plated.
  8. 2002ti airbox pictures (note the style of clamps) and the BMW part number stickers.
  9. I purchased a NOS 2002ti air cleaner from another FAQ’r for my 69. It came with the wire type clamps (not the solid type) and everything was painted satin black. It still had the BMW part number stickers on the three sections. Pictures to follow.
  10. Both of my 2002’s have the H4 wiring harness and relay kit from Susquehanna Motorsports. Tii has relays on the left side, 69 configured with relays on the right side. Highly recommended! Easy installation with no wiring modifications.
  11. Dang Ryan- now I'll have to follow your thread on this one! Does it need any intake parts? What's up with that e30 sitting next to it? jim
  12. You’ll get lots of noise if the diff support bracket has urethane bushings instead of stock rubber. BTDT
  13. These are dated on the side (year only). I gave one from my Agave 71 away to another FAQ member.
  14. Without confirming- I’d say 1800ti. Also note the design of the upper radiator hose. It’s not as pronounced as a 1600/2002.
  15. I question the application (stock photo) due to the NK style of throttle linkage and straight (not angled) air inlet tubes on the carburetors.

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