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  1. Early or late Ghia? Later ones had front disk brakes. Old hoses still would “heal up”.
  2. I believe the original owner of my 73tii lived in NJ, so I submitted a form to the NJ DMV with a personal check for VIN history. My check and form were returned with a note saying that I must be a resident of NJ to request the information. That was over ten years ago.
  3. Make sure to read the entire label for any spray adhesives. I purchased one pricey product then read on the label it wasn’t meant for use on headliners.
  4. And if after “rebuilding” the Solex, it still leaks: replace it with a brand new Weber 32/36 progressive carb.
  5. It wasn’t just BMW that had teething pains with metallic finishes. My parents new 78 Honda Accord (silver metallic) didn’t hold up well. Their 81 Civic sedan was also silver metallic. I drove that car during my college years. The horizontal surfaces were almost gritty even though I kept it clean and waxed at least once a year. Lots of Mercedes were painted silver metallic and they didn’t hold up well.
  6. My 69 2002 has the fabric along the front edge. I believe it keeps the headliner from tearing on the metal edge, since the u shaped vinyl edging is only on the sides and rear of the opening.
  7. I have the YOM plates on my 2002’s. Believe Virginia stopped using them in 73 or 74...not sure when.
  8. Does GA have antique/historic tags? No VA safety inspection, no emissions inspection, one-time registration fee👍. I have these on my (3) older Bimmers.
  9. Hmm- is there an interior pic of passenger foot well? Hope the welds for the tranny mounts are properly done.
  10. Check the spade connector from the harness to the distributor (condenser). I’ve seen this wire break and cause intermittent problems. Odd it was another automatic 2002.
  11. Lol- if you search Tire Rack for the size, not by brand, they show up! Yes I’m running 185/60-14. My second choice would be Pirelli CN36.
  12. I did get them from Tire Rack both times. Unfortunately it appears the 15” ones are their smallest offering right now. I’d try contacting Tire Rack to see if they can get a set for you. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Dunlop&tireModel=Direzza+DZ102
  13. If anyone wants to buy custom material, there are companies that can emboss patterns in smooth roll stock. Perfect for vinyl outer and embossed center seats. This is where the materials were sourced for my custom seats: https://www.veteranco.com/
  14. Maybe more pictures can help you. Or help me spend your money😏. Interior picture is with the original stock seats.
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