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  1. 71 nose panel The plastic piece I removed from the Agave 71
  2. My 73tii has two curved plastic panels (high and low)
  3. Thank you sir! Andy's car has my old ti airbox on it. Went to a good home.
  4. I have pics somewhere here.
  5. The 1600ti and 2002ti had lower battery mounts to help clear the air cleaner. Did those cars have the punch out? Will have to scour some old ti pics (or wait until some owners chime in).
  6. jgerock


    Maybe change your FAQ name to eurothrash?? Great seeing you last weekend. jim
  7. Roger Bensen's Neu Klasse had my attention Steve K. what is going on? Did you change the way the photos are embedded?
  8. jgerock

    CCA Icon 2002 preview

    Those of you who I spoke with - thank you for attending this wonderful event. Crud - links aren't working.
  9. jgerock

    CCA Icon 2002 preview

    I've got to say I drooled over this car last Friday. What a difference between the magazine article and now that it has been restored. Clearly one of my favorites at the exhibit. A golf tii with Alpina bits is a lovely site. Jim
  10. Everything I have is on PB. I lost many pics when my old laptop HD crashed. I can still copy albums from PB. My results from dealing with the customer support from PB were severely dissapointing.
  11. jgerock

    Clanking sound on rear end

    Yikes! Was it your 73? If so, I hope you didn't get a flat on your trip to NC. I always check the air pressure in my spare before long trips. True story: Back when I worked on cars at a shop for a few summers, a customer brought her VW Rabbit in complaining of noises. Car had been to the dealer first. I test drove it and put it on a lift but couldn't find the source of the noise. After examining the trunk contents, I removed the spare tire and discovered the jack was loose and banging against the wheel because the rubber straps that secure it inside the wheel weren't in place correctly.
  12. Some of us actually use our garages for car storage and working on them. My townhouse has no yard so no lawnmower or weed wacker needed.
  13. Eric- while replacing the heater cable on my 77 911 targa, I noticed it used a similar looking pinch bolt at the flapper box under the car. Worth trying if you can get them from a place like Blunt Tech or Pelican. Jim
  14. Several of us were discussing our "If you could have two of these" wishes. Your car and Dirk's cabrio were a definite pair for me.
  15. Bringing this back up after a while! The link I posted is from Keith Kreeger's 74tii build. The tii had a different gas tank with separate larger hole for the pickup and a smaller hole for the sending unit. The standard carbureted 2002 has the small hole for the sending unit.