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  1. Glad to offer something from my trunk! Cool seeing you (and your wife) again after the MidAmerica trip. Jim
  2. Looking forward to a loud Ansa muffler trip in the 69 (sans radio). Triple A subscription from MidAmerica drive hopefully won't be needed.
  3. Old injectors that have been sitting for a while may be corroded inside due to old gas. I've taken multiple sets apart for cleaning and never had any issues. I'm going to buy a larger cleaning tank for better performance. Regarding the patina look of the lines, gasoline will change new ones to yellowish-brown after a while.
  4. Install new copper crush rings on the injectors. While you're in there, I suggest removing the other two injectors and cleaning them (preferably using an ultrasonic cleaning tank).
  5. Photo posted shows the correctly angled air intake tubes for mating to the stock 1600ti/2002ti air cleaner. Do not dispose of those.
  6. That would be me😏. I used Royal Purple break in oil. Will be running Brad Penn or Hemmings oil soon. Pretty critical to have ZDDP (zinc) content for new camshafts.
  7. 13" tires and wheels are so old fashioned Riviera and Atlantic are very similar colors "UPS" Brown, Goldbraun, and tobacco are all the same 6 fuses are better than 12 original steering wheels - or nothing else
  8. That and the camera lens would be covered in pollen.
  9. Ed- glad to finally meet you! Maybe next time we see each other I'll have a carb'd 02 for you to inspect😉
  10. WTH! Don Derham and I spoke about Ray's absence.
  11. Installation tip for this seal- use the old spacer from the 2002 front subframe (lower control arm inner bolt spacer) to tap the new one in place. Fits perfectly over the shift rod.
  12. Any pry tool can be used to remove the seals. Just be careful not to damage the aluminum housing. For installing the new seals, I use a bearing/seal press tool commonly available at most auto parts places. The BMW service manual describes pressing the output shaft seal into the housing so it is slightly recessed by a couple millimeters. This prevents the outer edge of the seal from damage by the spinning steel coupling. Adjusting the seal depth (from previous seal location) also helps to prevent leaks. This is one of the most leak prone areas on these transmissions (4 and 5 speed). another tip is to fill the inner lip of the seal with wheel bearing grease before installation.
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