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  1. That's certainly more rust repair than I thought they would find. Glad you had it taken care of now.
  2. Very nice! Underside of your car still looks like you and Jason recently refreshed it.
  3. Yes- car was originally was in Marin County CA, then Tucson AZ.
  4. My name as well, but I have a 73tii😏
  5. You should be able to do this very easily yourself. Just put the engine at TDC for cylinder # 1 and remove the old distributor (keeping track of where the rotor pointed to the # 1 cylinder plug wire). Insert the 123 dizzy lining up the rotor so that it points in the general position of the old one, then connect the new electrical wires. With the ignition on, rotate the dizzy housing so the green LED inside the body of the dizzy just illuminates (keeping in mind the position of the # 1 cylinder). That should allow the engine to fire the first time. My 123 is USB and not Bluetooth - but bet the way you upload the advance and vacuum curves is similar. You should start by searching for the Bosch dizzy curves here on the FAQ - believe they have been posted before - OR someone may have provided their 123 settings (degrees and RPM). Jim
  6. Another great project from the Toler Restoration Shop! Nice AZ car.
  7. +1 Possibly the neutral safety switch if the answer is "yes". Or mice have chewed something.
  8. Re: my comment about the "02berfest", I don't care who uses what term, just that I was thinking it was something to do with the 02 Group in NC. I'm glad there are multiple events around the country and plenty of friendly folks who sponser and attend them. That's what I really love about the 02 Community!
  9. Guess someone will have to patent the term "02berfest" 😏. Clicked on this thread thinking it had something to do with the East Coast bunch.
  10. I have one that was removed from a 72tii engine. The pulley will need replacing (can use one from an e21). Pm me if interested. Edit: I purchased a new idler pulley from Autohaus AZ about 10 years ago. Looks like they don't offer them anymore.
  11. Nice! I see Ray's Riviera car. See you in SC.
  12. You certainly got lucky! Mine was so rusty, I used EvapoRust on the center (slider).
  13. jgerock


    Now THIS is a seriously rusty 2002! Assumed you've kept/sold those BWA wheels.
  14. Believe his earlier post mentioned CSB.
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