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  1. Took the tii to the gas station, the grocery store then for a nice leisurely drive down the Fairfax County Parkway. Other than spilling fuel while contorting the nozzle, no issues. I get in, start it and drive. As for the Blue 69, removed the BMW stickers from the tii muffler from Blunttech and applied the first coat of Eastwood HT silver paint this afternoon. Looking forward to seeing everyone in May at the Vintage.
  2. So much discussion on the plugs versus tubes in sunroof cars. My 69 came to me with tubes and a sunroof. Who knows what went on back then during assembly.
  3. We used to run VW engines on the floor. A wild cam, teepee type headers and a Holley Bugspray 300 cfm carb would walk around while running.
  4. I must admit I haven't heard of them but know where they got their graphic.
  5. Front hoses are a bear to remove. Try pulling up instead of down. I reused my originals since I couldn't easily locate the proper diameter hose from Lowes or Home Depot. Spray a little lube down the A pillar and remove the antenna before pulling on the hoses.
  6. Not sure if your 1600 is similar to my US 69 2002 but it sounds like it. Metal weird pipe from filler neck over to trunk floor. Two rubber wedges keep it from rattling against the rear panel. Hose from sending unit to poly line thru cabin then to fuel pump. No return vapor line, expansion tank or charcoal canister on my car.
  7. Here's my .02 on sunroof drains: Re-route the factory hoses in the rear from the rockers to the wheel wells. Trying to route them out the (2) oval vents is too "circuitous". Stock (bad idea) New re-routing with simple hose and fittings. Idea courtesy of Keith Kreeger and his website www.my2002tii.com Look how you would have to route the hoses if you did use the oval holes
  8. My job involves removing moisture from plastic media before it is molded/extruded/blown into the final form. Company I work for originally made industrial dehumidifiers for mothballed and dry-docked Navy ships in the 50's and 60's.
  9. Whatever you decide to do, do NOT remove that side pinch bolt and lever. It is indexed to the KF pump cam. My 73 KF pump was rebuilt by Jerry Fairchild about 2008 (via Rob Torres). Pump was perfectly fine - just needed new gaskets.
  10. The longer the engine sits, the worse off it will be - especially if it is stored in a humid environment where rust can attack bare metal surfaces. Even applying a coat of oil will attract dust/fines, etc. and leave particles that will scratch when the engine is put into service. Maybe try using a thick plastic bag and remove as much air using a Shop Vac then taping it shut may help. There are lots of on-line tips for storing an engine. Another thing - leaving a fully assembled engine for long periods of time may create issues with the valve springs being compressed in the same position. Not sure if that is an old wive's tale.
  11. Thanks for joining us Noel! Happy to hear from another tii owner. As mentioned above, getting the basics is key to making the tii run - but other factors will make it run poorly. 1) Don't use platinum tipped spark plugs. NGK BP6xx seems to work the best for most folks - even better than the Bosch "Super" plugs. 2) Carefully inspect all hoses for vacuum leaks. To me, the main hose to cause issues is a cracked hose between the KF pump and intake plenum. It is buried and will cause massive issues when you are trying to get the car to idle. 3) make sure the valves are adjusted properly on a cold engine. 4) Incorrect or worn out distributor will cause lots of headaches. 5) Poor quality or worn out spark plug wires will cause issues. The Bosch "lifetime" wires seem to be sub-par to me. More help can be on the way - don't get discouraged. If I can work on one, so can you. Jim
  12. Since you replaced the lower (longer) pivot piece, you may have inadvertently changed the orientation of the pivot and coupling with the throttle body. Yes, the coupling will only bolt onto the lower pivot piece one way - but the throttle body shaft can rotate in any position. I fought this for a while after cleaning everything and having the KF pump rebuilt. My 73 now has all new pivot pieces (but retains the original throttle body). Carefully inspect the coupling where the throttle return spring is secured. Many old ones have been worn away and it may break. The piece on the left is new from BMW - on the right is my old one. Notice the difference in the angle? This is the bottom.
  13. Excellent! Don't forget to bleed the chain tensioner. I soaked my new tension piston one in some fresh oil before installing it in the front cover - then perform the priming procedure per the Blue book.
  14. Realoem quick lookup under fuel supply - this was a generic 1972 2002. Looks like the vent hose is 11mm O.D. x 6mm I.D. (not the tubing) https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=ST12-USA-03-1972-114-BMW-2002&diagId=16_0386
  15. Ready for Arkansas? Installing a 4.10? .