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  1. Yes- Al Erkanli is the go to guy for our seatbelts.
  2. Korman Suspension

    I will vouch for the seller. His car and all parts are excellent.
  3. Value of an abused TII?

    We are all speculating. I've looked at a very rusty 72tii that had been converted to single Weber carb. I passed on it but someone else bought it.
  4. Differential Carrier Alignment

    Buckeye has the official BMW "Blue book" service manual.
  5. vintage roof racked

    Lots of 02 folks use the roof racks meant for air cooled VW's. This one on a double cab Type 2 might be a little too high. Beetle rack would be a better fitment (even with a Webasto sliding roof).
  6. Unbelievable parts stash

    Joel - Now that you are back in circulation - and Creighton isn't. Picture I snapped at the September 2010 Manassas VA Bug out event. Hauler was in the drag pits. Look at the MD front tag. Quick Fastback for you. Another one. RIP Old Dominion Speedway. I attended the very first Bug Out event in 1981. They have moved it to the new track near Dinwiddie, VA. http://www.virginiamotorsports.com/drag/track-info/
  7. What is it with the Verona cars?
  8. Value of an abused TII?

    But you're a proud owner of it!
  9. name inspirations

    Names are in my signature. All are the sole responsibility of my wife Susan.
  10. rogers tii feedback

    They are a LONG time Roundel magazine advertiser and know they were looking to hire more folks.
  11. new interior carpet sets

    Fixed that for you. Esty makes wonderful products.
  12. Value of an abused TII?

    Looks like a Polaris 72. Car looks pretty saveable to me. Inspect it closer and make them an offer. Might be worth it - I would since it is an early tii.
  13. Ride Height on a 1973tii

    Beautiful 73!!