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  1. I'm here to vouch that the Eastwood 2-part urethane paint Barney is using is the way to go if you are not wanting to drop a bunch of $$$ on powder coating. Barney painted all the subframes and ancillary bits and pieces with that stuff out of a $15 Harbor Freight spray gun and it looks fantastic. It gives great coverage and much thicker than any rattle can will provide. After it cures, the stuff is tough as nails. Ed
  2. Nice! Just yesterday, I got some e28 visors and a rear view mirror too... 😁
  3. zinz

    Always wanted an e28...

    I plan to drive it as-is for awhile. I have my hands full enough reassembling the 2000CS to worry about modding the e28. I’ll drive it and see what I like and don’t like, and go from there. It feels pretty softly sprung, and that’s ok for now. I grabbed it because it was unmolested and I’m okay leaving it that way for a while. The auto has a Sport mode, which will work for the time being. I see Euro bumpers, though... I’m not a fan of the big bumpers.
  4. zinz

    Always wanted an e28...

    I’ve casually shopped around for a couple of years, never finding one that I couldn’t live without. Talking with the local BMW guys at lunch the other day got me looking around again. An ad on mye28 got my attention with the owner being close by. I drove it Sunday and picked it up last night. Unmolested 1988, 535i, 60,035 original miles It sat dormant in a garage for almost 12 years. This guy got it, and actually reached out to Rob Siegel on how best to resurrect it. Pulled fuel tank and flushed it, new fuel pumps, lines, filters. New fluids everywhere. Flushed coolant a couple times. Tune up. New brakes, hoses, sensors, tires....lots of new stuff. It drives like it was new. Interior is practically unblemished. Perfect leather and dash. Replaced seat motors and such. Everything works as it should. It's an automatic, but already a local e9 friend has offered a Getrag 265 and pedals he's had sitting around... he may have an LSD, too. I'll just drive it as-is for the time being. Paint has some dings but even unpolished, it shines up very well. First pics... I have a lot to learn... heck, I couldn’t even get the heater to blow warm air last night without bugging Ray.... so sad. I think its a good one. Ed
  5. Wow, Nick. You’re not left with much... hope you had a good donor car.
  6. 230...235...whatever it takes. 🤣 Folks like Terry Sayther and Le Tran are building wonderful 2.5l stroked M10s. Add fuel injection and it’s a turn key, no fuss, torque-filled engine that requires no sheet metal modifications to fit in the engine bay, and doesn’t upset the balance of the car. Running an automatic wont be the end of the world. Barney’s Turkis car with a mildly strong engine is certainly no slouch. ...my $0.02 Ed
  7. Awesome!!! And y’all had time to make it to lunch with us today! Ed
  8. Autozone stick-on trim for the win!!
  9. Anthony, Greg and I were just at Terry's shop harassing he and Barney as they were assembling the head for Barney's Tii. Our local group should be meeting for lunch tomorrow. I'll send you details via PM. Geoff's 1600 would be a great choice for a solid car. I'm certain we can find a way to spend your money on a good car.... Ed Z
  10. He is the Energizer Bunny of BMW restorations. This is 4 cars in 4 years! ...his Tii will be very nice.
  11. zinz

    Ferrari V12 engine on BAT

    This in a 2002... gawd, what a sound https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2007-ferrari-550-maranello/
  12. Ceylon 733i... coooool 😎
  13. That is the goal, Andrew. I'll bring the CS and Barney plans to bring that Tii. It shouldn't be a problem... Though Ray says I will have to park the CS in the cheap seats in Eureka
  14. I have Barney to keep up with, Nick... Since August when I pulled the CS off the rack, he disassembled his '73 Tii, patched some rust, prepped the body, and sent it to paint. He's now cleaned and painted all the parts (subframes, brakes, everything!) and he's with Terry today as they reassemble the engine. He and me will be reassembling our cars at the same time... The next few months will be exciting, to say the least. Ed
  15. As they say, life has "gotten in the way" over the last few months but I was able to spend the weekend at Barney's place and was able to accomplish a good deal. Mostly straightened out the parts storage area and cleaned up the insufferable mess I had made. Now things are fairly sorted. We cleaned and regreased the rear window mechanisms. The 5 speed parts are ready to go and the project is back moving after being dormant for tooo long... Thank you Barney for your patience and unwavering understanding. The wood is back from Bela and it is just beautiful. The interior fit-out will come later, but seeing this wood is very motivational to get to the point of installing it. I am looking forward to the next couple of months working with good friends while we finish Papa's Church Car. Ed