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  1. hahahaha... awesome. Endeavor to persevere...
  2. Last weekend on a windy runway in Victoria, Texas... Ford GT rocking Gulf livery stock body panels, 45lbs of boost and methanol ran 293.6 mph in the standing mile. That is all... Ed Z
  3. Sweet... I'm not sure what that has to do with guitar amplifiers, but whatever It sure has a lot of wires for a simple M10 engine. I'd be confused before it came out of the box. Ed
  4. Johnny, Not a lot of people check the individual blogs to help folks with their problems... so you are really limiting yourself when you pose questions here. Don't be afraid to ask any questions on the General Discussion board, it's where everyone can chime in and provide quick answers. You need a fuel sending unit? Blunt has new ones. Not sure you'll find the glass for the rearview... new repros are available, again at Blunt Brakes... pedal should be firm and not go to the floor. Soft pedal that goes to the floor usually means air in the lines, somewhere. Are you using a pressure bleeder? Old rubber softlines are a typical culprit to poor braking action. Replace them...stainless lines are worth it, if you can spare the cash but new rubber is just fine. Hope this helps, oh... check the Classifieds for odd parts. Lots of us have them laying around. Ed
  5. No real updates on the CS so far...it starts every time and runs like a champ. We've been driving it on the weekends. My project '72, 2002 is almost ready for CL, then I can concentrate on the Coupe. I put Papa to work yesterday evening; he wiped down the CS while I tweaked the tune on the project '02. He sure loves that car... tells everyone, "wait till we get those mirrors out on the fender, then it will be sooooo cool" Ed Z
  6. Project Binky 2.0 !!!!
  7. Other

    I searched the site and found where someone had used a VW block off plate. I ordered this and it's perfect. Cheap, fits perfectly, comes with gasket and mounting hardware. EMPI part # 31-3011-0 $11.83 shipped from Amazon. Ed Z
  8. Check those rotors very carefully for cracks between the holes.... Ed
  9. Ping me when this gets locked down, perhaps some of the Austin crew can meet in the middle for lunch? I know we've been talking about this for a few weeks. Rudy has made our monthly C&C several times and we'd like to head y'all's direction to return the favor. Ed Z
  10. There's a nice Dumble on Reverb.com right now https://reverb.com/p/dumble-overdrive-special-1977?gclid=CjwKEAjw8OLGBRCklJalqKHzjQ0SJACP4BHrnu88fGRQ1S2kdzMI6VXIq3v0Bi9tcf6EqzVaEGovUxoC4dHw_wcB&hfid=3939278 Ed
  11. The one on the valve cover is superfluous... may as well send it to me Ed Steve or MikeS may chime in about that particular valve cover port location... as I remember, they are a hard-to-find item.
  12. Gorgeous.. very well done. A 15" wheel that's only 11 pounds is a wonderful thing; "add lightness" wherever you can, especially unsprung weight.
  13. Beautiful cars, every one of them; love that Warsteiner livery, Ken. Ed
  14. I lust after my brother's all original Princeton Reverb...he bought it new 40 odd years ago. It might have 50 hours of light playing run thru it. Never gigged, he only practiced his pedal steel occasionally on it. Reverb so deep you could throw a cat through it. Strat tone is like butter. Someday, I will obscond with it. Ed pardon the completely Off Topic