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  1. That's heartbreaking, Earl... You both have been a staple crew at MidAm for many years. Please extend my condolences to his family. Ed Z
  2. Run it and inspect it occasionally. You likely won't have any problems. Looks good. Ed
  3. I drive in Austin, Texas... home of the worlds most clueless drivers. I want a horn that sounds like the wrath of God. If not that, at least a Burlington Northern freight train horn.
  4. Yes, as Marshall says above. Justify?? They are on sale at VACMotorsports https://store.vacmotorsports.com/german-made---s14-dtm-style-airbox-e30-m3-p2977.aspx (they do make one specifically for an S14 in a 2002 engine bay, but it's not any cheaper) Ed
  5. Does the timing mark jump around in the timing light strobe? A worn distributor will certainly give you a poor idle.
  6. 292 shouldn't make your engine idle lumpy. Check sync as suggested, but also check your ignition timing... you'd be surprised how much advance sidedrafts need, especially at low rpms. Ignition advance tables in the Haynes and the blue binders show 18-22 degrees at 1000rpm for the Ti engine (sidedraft Solex 40PHHs and 9.3:1 compression). Ed
  7. Local guy brings his gorgeous 1959 Lincoln Continental to the Friday gatherings. It’s gotta be one of the biggest land barges I’ve ever seen. It’s awesome Ed
  8. My thought is that it is all about the length-tuned intake. The reversion pulse moving back up the intake trumpets has a sweet spot and the harmonics will create this particular tone (timbre is a perfect descriptor here). It plays off the exhaust note; which may also be length-tuned (on a race car, it should be). These tuned pipes work like a pipe organ to create a very particular harmony, and each race engine has it's own distinct version. Here below is the e30 DTM with a race-S14 and the very particular DTM-tuned airbox. That airbox accounts for much of the sound we hear, as it thrums with the reversion through the ITBs. Flat plane crank engines have a very particular howl in their own right, add the tuned intakes and exhaust for a racing application and, well... you get an Enzo Symphony. https://petrolicious.com/articles/these-films-are-why-we-love-the-howl-and-fury-of-italian-12-cylinder-engines
  9. So awesome!! And it is such good shape! Congratulations on such great news! Ed Z
  10. In Namibia they call it a Kalahari Ferrari. ...necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. Beats the hell out of walking, that's for sure. Ed
  11. I measured the wheel of my 2000CS at about 423mm. Ed
  12. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more gracious soul. All the labor he put into my 2000CS, and now also helping two other local friends to get their cars sorted out. We are lucky to have him so close by. Ed Z
  13. The big Kahuna, Jack Fahuna is in "LaLaLand" https://www.probimmer.com/ Ed Z

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