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  1. Time to come clean - I bought another one

    Dammit, son!!! I've never done anything like that....nope, never. Well, there was that time with the camp axe... Ed FYI... Gasket. Scraper.
  2. Cosmic Wheels

    I have two 13x6", Barney...
  3. Pirelli Centurato CN36 Tires

    Love those Kleebatts!! Ed
  4. Scope Creep

    I had to share this from the e9 forum. Local Austin area Coupe owner who runs a vintage Jaguar shop started into a minor signal stalk repair and it snowballed into a full-blown restoration https://www.e9coupe.com/forum/threads/i-just-couldnt-stop-myself-opening-pandoras-box.27901/ I think Ray has met his match as the Scope Creep King. Ed
  5. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Cars look great Greg & Barney. Sorry I couldn't be there.. Ed
  6. ...don't remind me! Can't believe the car didn't burn down that morning!
  7. Does anyone have a used, but usable set of front seats for an NK? I'm only looking for the horsehair pads at this point, not the vinyl, per se. I want that crunch/look/feel of horsehair over rebuilding my seats with foam (these were already rebuilt with foam 30 years ago) Hope y'all can help. The thread on the main discussion page has me reaching for straws..
  8. I wouldn't want to run steel line directly from chassis to carburetor. You will need a section of rubber line to flex as the engine vibrates and moves around.
  9. Looks clean. Overspray under the hood...Fresh paint can hide lots of sins. Euro bumpers are expensive addition by themselves. He's got some other nice looking classic BMWs... obviously knows something about them. Looks pretty good to me from 6 pictures Ed
  10. Fog Light Options

    I like this set up Ken found a couple years ago... Ed