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  1. Cross Country Trip tool bag

    I wish I could claim it, T... That was made by the father of one of the Houston guys. He's brought it to MidAmerica a couple times. The kit is routered out of wood for each tool and spare; all labeled accordingly. Some bits have gone missing over the years, as you can see. Still... it's a great idea and one that I'm certain can be fabricated with modern techniques and adapted to a 2002's deck lid....something similar to an e9 tool kit. Smart guys like Andrew or Forrest at Kooglewerks should be able to run with this, I would think Ed
  2. Dizzy Housing Gasket Leak

    Which distributor are you running? I had an early Ireland unit that leaked no matter what I did. Came to find out the O-ring groove was too high on the shaft... it never sealed properly. Which gasket sealant did you use? Ed
  3. Cross Country Trip tool bag

    Or something like this Ed
  4. Cross Country Trip tool bag

    +1 on all the above suggestions. I might add one odd item... an extra windshield wiper arm, with wiper. The last two MidAmerica trips folks have called me to bring an extra wiper arm because theirs flew off their cars. One was after about 5 hours of continuous use (last year), the second was on a freshly restored car from a very expensive shop who will go nameless here... That one just came off the car at highway speeds for no good reason other than it wasn't properly attached. After that... I'd add Gorilla tape, baling wire, a tube of Ultra Black sealant, a good flashlight; and for those of us who still have a spare tire... check to make sure it has air in it and you have a jack and lug wrench. Throw in an emergency parka... changing a flat tire in the rain sucks. Ed
  5. No start puzzle solved

    Agree with Tom... those are terrible clamps.
  6. Lay a straight edge on the strut tube, especially near the bottom to insure the tube is true. Ed
  7. Yep.. had the same issue a couple years ago. Glad yours didn't get stuck... Several threads on this actually... use the search feature, but essentially, the bottom of the strut tube accumulates all sorts of gunk and keeps the strut from fully seating. Clean it out as best as possible. My strut tube was actually bent and that made the problem that much worse. The strut should seat all the way to the bottom without resistance (in a perfect world). Just don't force it... it is difficult to remove otherwise. Good luck, Ed
  8. 1976, Inka 2002

    NMNA.... looks very nice, stout money for a carb'd car, but seems well-sorted https://rennlist.com/forums/vehicle-marketplace/1064390-1976-inka-orange-bmw-2002-w-5-speed.html
  9. I'll take the second set, Jim... see ya next week. Safe travels. Ed
  10. Perform a plug-chop with the engine misfiring (run it up to point it is misfiring and hold it there as long as you can then turn off the ignition) Pull the plugs and check their color/condition) Perhaps you can pinpoint the problem to one cylinder... In the case that it MIGHT be fuel related. ...while you are pulling the plugs above, take the tops off the Webers and confirm fuel level is adequate during the times when the misfire is occurring. You'll find it...hopefully soon. Ed
  11. What radiator is that with the upper hose on the passenger side?
  12. South Texas

    This car, almost two years ago. I think he was planning to paint it red? Ed
  13. Replace or repair: header

    Looks like you had three of four exhaust gaskets rotated 180 degree out... you can see the carbon build up at the lower front portion of the port where the gasses swirled behind the protruding gasket... Get yourself a one piece gasket from Blunt when you reinstall. I'm with Chargin... repairing the flange at the collector end is pretty simple. I'd be way more concerned about the welds at the upper end, where the tubes attach to the plate. I have a no-name header that looks just like this. I removed it and wire-wheeled inside the ports and the exterior... the metal was very thin and several cracks were evident. I welded it, but I don't have a lot of faith in it. If you are on a budget, and the port flange area is good, repair the bottom end cheaply and go with it. Otherwise, spend your $$ on a good replacement. While you are there... remove and seal the exhaust studs (the ones that protrude into the oil galleys) and replace the nuts with copper ones... (Several FAQ threads about this)
  14. I know many of us who have made the trip are texting one another, but for those who may be looking to join the crowd... 10 days out...do we have a plan yet? I hear that some folks want to make a leisurely drive of it and leave on Wednesday. The haul in one day typically has us arrive just after dark and it can make for a long day.... I enjoy the drive through east Texas and avoid IH35, but 35 is faster... Thoughts? Ed
  15. South Texas

    South Padre... 2002s love the beach and salty air Make POR15 your best friend I sold a '75 to a guy in Port Isabel... I'll see if I can find his email address. Ed