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  1. whoa... that would be a problem, alright.
  2. You just have to reach out to those around you and gather up as best you can. I'm not sure this Austin gathering would ever get off the ground without Greg's persistence. His car gets a lot of attention and those folks who show any interest are invited to come out with their cars. Not even 2 years ago it was only 2 or 3 of us gathered up; now we have 10-15 every month. I say find any C&C event and make yourself a regular... pretty soon you are bound to find someone close-by with an '02. Or you can be like Travis B, out in Lubbock... only 2002 for miles. He usually texts me a picture of his lonely car at the Lubbock Car (singular) and Coffee event. Ed
  3. whoa... Dave dusts one off from the archives. JimK ? how'd your WOT tests eventually turn out? Ed Z
  4. Was a great day, for sure. So many nice cars and great folks. Ed Z
  5. wow.. like new
  6. Brakes are one of the hallmarks of the little 2002... they should really stop you quickly. They are so easy to work on... Jack it up, take all the wheels off and also the rear drums and inspect every bit of the brake system. (do you have a Haynes Manual for your 2002?) Check for any leaks, from the master cylinder to each front caliper and rear wheel cylinder. How much friction surface remains on the front pads and rear shoes? if they are thin... it could be part of the problem Bleed the brakes (and clutch) system and install fresh fluid. Are the rear shoes adjusted properly (this is a manual adjustment on the 2002 and should be checked every 3000-5000 miles (check them when you change the oil) Only takes about 10 minutes. Here's a link: With fresh brake fluid, decent meat on the pads/shoes, and properly adjusted rear brakes, it should stop very quickly. Ed
  7. ...but it does. The OEM rubber dissipates the vibrating energy more than the poly mounts. That vibrating energy has to go somewhere and usually it loosens nuts and bolts, and fillings, etc.. Keep a close eye on those IE poly bushings over time... one day they are good, the next they've disintegrated. Make it a habit of going over all the fasteners on the engine every time you change the oil and you will probably be ok. Ed
  8. Quote of the day! Awesome... thanks for that one Ed ...maybe he had a cougar in the passenger seat?
  9. Beautiful work... Very very nice Ed
  10. Engine is ....stock Ed
  11. Excellent news. Glad you solved it. Ed
  12. Very nice, Daron. Verrrry nice, indeed. Ed Z
  13. whoa.. ancient thread Most folks drill the diving boards... Here's some yellow fogs on my old '75 Mint mounted his behind the grills for a stealth look Ed
  14. I'm tempted to bring it, Mike... I think I'd like to wait until it's repainted and the interior is redone. It looks great in these pictures, but I think folks would be disappointed when they see it in person. Those NKs are immaculate and that's why they rate being up front. This CS is not of that caliber, yet. ...maybe by Terry's Fall 02berfest, but certainly by next year's MidAm. Ed