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  1. zinz

    high performance ?

    I just had the 6 bolt flywheel on my ‘67 2000CS machined to accept the later pressure plate and clutch. That was driven more by the fact that the early throw out bearing for the 3-fingered pressure plate is NLA; plus I was putting a 5 speed behind it. Any competent machine shop shop can do this for a couple hundred bucks. Ed
  2. Googled it.. here's his website. Very nice to know... I wish I would have known sooner! ...not cheap, though...yikes http://www.audettecollection.com/h4-refurbishment/ Ed
  3. All the great things you've heard about MidAmerica02Fest...? Ed
  4. wow! Those interior pieces look amazing! I wish the 4 speed cars got that beautiful center console... It looks like you have lots of good helpers too. Very good
  5. Beautiful car from Oldenzaal... https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1968-bmw-1800-neue-klasse/
  6. I’ll foward this along to folks in the Austin area, Ken. Stinks that you had to sell the ‘73, I hope you’ll stick around the Off Topic section, anyways. Ed
  7. Wow, that looks like a honey. Let me know if you need some help. Mine's going back together a little more every week, now. Ed
  8. I have no pictures. Car very secure on jackstands. I had all the suspension bits off the car (struts, sway bar, end links, etc... ) Big bushing was the first one being put back in. It’s simple
  9. The trick is thinning the paint and dropping it into the recesses of the Roundel; letting the paint flow and filling the recess. It takes practice. Brushing unthinned paint will leave streaks. Ed
  10. I redid mine with Testors model paint, then sprayed them with clear. I had a very poor one that I practiced on, first. It’s not cloisonné, but they came out acceptably. Ed
  11. For those folks replacing this bushing with the subframes still on the car, it’s super easy and there is absolutely no need for any PVC contraptions. To install the new bushing, liberally lube the bushing and subframe hole with brake caliper grease (Syl Glide at NAPA) (not harmful to rubber). Put the torsion bar thru the subframe hole and install the bushing onto the torsion bar with the front washer and nut. You only need to spin the nut on a few turns.  I laid on my back, with my foot in the fender well. Grab the rear portion of the torsion rod, and pull back, using your legs for maximum effort. You may need to twist the torsion rod to get it started, but I found both of mine went in with very minimal effort.  This was the simplest part of the front suspension rebuild, IMO. Ed
  12. Bumpers and trim installed.
  13. Kudos to BMW and the engineers allowing Alex Z to continue racing at a competitive level. Well done. https://racer.com/2019/01/22/inside-alex-zanardis-bmw-hand-controls/ Ed
  14. zinz

    Track Night In America 2019

    SCCA announced the schedule and venues. Boogity, boogity.... https://autoweek.com/article/other-motorsports/scca-announces-2019-schedule-its-popular-track-night-america Ed