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  1. Hmmmm I just checked mine and it worked as described above. Try adding one point at a time, then “Done” ? Reach out to Ed at 123 USA if nothing else works...
  2. So many funny lines in this. I can picture all the characters, too. I loved the list and the last item, #9...Safety First 😃 Thanks for posting Ed Z
  3. To complete the process of adding additional curve points you must tap the “Done” button at the top right of the 123 screen. I had a similar brain fart with one of mine. I called Ed at 123 and he walked me through it. Try that? Ed Z
  4. Confirm which version you have before breaking out the Louisville Slugger...
  5. If you have the USB version, you will need the proper patch cord to hook it up to your laptop. Be careful when plugging that cord into the dizzy... the mount can be fragile (ask Ray how he knows) You may also have the switchable version. You will know when you remove the Allen head cover from the side of the body. If it is the switchable version, you will need to go to the 123 site and determine which number coincides best to the Tii curve. Confirm the curve with an advancing timing light, as we’ve said. Good luck, Ed
  6. I've helped install so many of these 123 units over the last couple years and something that MUST be done is to confirm the static position of the unit by confirming timing with a variable timing light. Install the 123 and get the engine running. Hook up your advancing timing light Run the engine up to a steady rpm, say 2000 rpms. Set your timing light for the advance number for 2000 rpm on your 123 curve and find the OT mark either on the lower crank pulley, or flywheel. If the OT mark isn't spot on, then loosen the 10mm nut and rotate the 123 body until the OT mark is correct in the strobe (note, rpm will change as you rotate the dizzy, so you will need to maintain that rpm level at the same time) Only after you have confirmed the 123 is correctly set can you rely on any changes you make to the curve. Ed Z
  7. 2000CS !!! Beautiful, indeed.
  8. Whoa... that is one for the books. Thanks for posting
  9. Texas plate... where are you located? Ed Z Cedar Park, Texas
  10. That is so awesome... but such a dirty trick! Ed
  11. Finally got some down time to watch this. Soooo awesome. Well done, Ken. EdZ
  12. Oooooh.... I need some of those widgets. Ed Z
  13. Lots of sharp edges... It's a shame the machinist didn't take the extra 30 seconds to radius them. You may never have a problem, but sharp edges can lead to stress fractures. Looks like the balanced it, anyways. I had my FW lightened when we put the 5 speed in years ago. I think you will enjoy yours. Ed Z
  14. Barney’s Lily was always there while Papa supervised the CS restoration 😊 Bestest doggo... Ed Z
  15. That's a shame. Barney has them on most of his cars and I can vouch they are very nice. It may be a symptom of our current Covid situation. I know I placed an order for a set of CoCoMats for my e28 a couple weeks ago...I too have yet to hear anything from them about the order. Patience, Grasshopper...
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