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  1. OH, HELL YES. What a mean sounding car. I want one 😁 Ed Z
  2. Sure. Lets see pictures of your Targa, first.
  3. I got word that it sold through the Hemmings ad to someone out of state. No other info beyond that. Ed
  4. On FAQ: click Browse click Databases click Colors https://www.bmw2002faq.com/colors/ Bristol Ed
  5. Polished Octavo 100s? Those look great! I changed from 15” to 13” wheels last year and have been very happy with how the car drives. Ed
  6. Pretty sure those are for NK and Isetta hoods. I think the ones with posts at top and bottom are for Isettas. Ed
  7. Thanks for the write up and good pictures, Keith. Perhaps we can get Steve to promote this into the Technical Articles Section. Ed Z
  8. NMNA https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/scottsdale-1968-bmw-1600/6940958684.html
  9. Wow... Darrin pulls out a gem from the Way-Back Machine. Nice Good job, Darrin, Ed
  10. Pics, or it didn't happen... Signals only working on one side... check your grounds (the screws attaching the front markers are the grounds for that housing). Clean allllll the electrical grounds for best results. As others say... welcome to the madness. Everything you need to know about a 2002 is on this site; finding that info can be frustrating at times. A Google search including the site's name yields good results, though. Ed Z
  11. Love it. I spy a knife-edge crank in that M10 😎 Ed Z
  12. There’s more to it than just the drain plug... The tranny makes a lot of gear noise, and the fluid we drained had a lot of metal in it. I put new Amsoil gear lube in it and I continue to drive the car. The transmission is still very noisy, but shifts ok. I’ll play this game again in a few thousand miles and see how it looks. Ed

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