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  1. I've never done that, but wouldn't adjusting the idle speed to 2300rpm take the carbs off the mixture circuit and the mixture screws wouldn't have any effect? My Solex books speak much the same as to a Weber tuning. If you have to turn the mix screws out more than "x" turns, then one needs to change the pilot (idle) jetting. The PHHs on my 2000CS behaved similar to Larry's here... one size pilot jetting would idle very nicely and within spec to the number of turns out on the mix screws, but they would lean pop at part throttle. I put in the next size pilot jets and turned the mix screws in and made it happy. I also believe today's fuels don't allow us to jet our carbs like manuals written 40 years ago might suggest... My guess is if Larry installs the next size up pilot jet, he may solve his problem. One last question I have for Larry... the engine is completely warmed up and it still spits? All jetting and tuning should be performed on an engine at operating temperature. Ed
  2. I’m here all week... don’t forget to tip your waitress 😃
  3. Zagato in front of ze gato Beautiful cars... https://www.thornleykelham.com/1950-ferrari-195s/1963-lancia-flaminia-sport-3c/#ad-image-0 https://www.kidston.com/motorcars/1962-lancia-flaminia-sport-3c-0/
  4. Grinding noise from front? Rear? Underneath?
  5. One of my favorites, they are very lightweight, too. From the Wheels database here on FAQ
  6. I’m in for one, plus the extension, please. Great find, Steve. Hope the plates will be available. Ed Z
  7. Oh lawdy... this new Stratos sounds amazing I guess it would sound amazing.. it's a Ferrari 430 Scuderia underneath. This has got to be so much fun to drive.
  8. $585,000... ridiculous money, but oh so freaking cool. https://www.autoweek.com/car-life/classic-cars/a36530883/lancia-037-reborn/
  9. Sounds like you need the next bigger idle jets. Which idle jet are you running now? Ed
  10. That is damned sexy. Does it come in an S14 flavor? 🤔 Ed Z
  11. My ‘71 has flat tops and a Ireland Engineering 292 regrind with 40mm Solex DDH carbs (similar to a DCOE). The one good aspect of those flat tops is being able to run a lot of ignition advance and regular gas. Maybe play with the velocity stack length and use the best breathing filters you can. My engine is very responsive. Ed Z
  12. I bought those same chrome hub caps and had the exact same problem with them not allowing the wheel to seat correctly on the hub. Ed
  13. Here’s the side by side comparison (as best as I can). Seems the original Alpina lug nuts are slightly chamfered on the top and the lower shoulder is not as pronounced as the Coupe King reproduction. Original Coupe King’s I bought the CoupeKing repros and they are high quality. ...the originals are very hard to come by. Ed Z
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