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  1. zinz

    My Mother. My Hero

    What wonderful memories of a life well-lived. “To serve, not to be served” My deepest condolences, Harry. Ed Z
  2. zinz

    Weber dcoe 45 jetting Help

    This can not be overstated for sidedrafts... Ed
  3. I like that Nalgene bottle with the magnet attached. Great idea, Marshall. Ed
  4. Surprised it didn't go higher, honestly. What a glorious color and what appears to be a very good car. Ed
  5. zinz

    Street Build Starting

    Oh great... here I was hoping to get 1hp more than Ray....😀 Ed
  6. zinz

    Nicely Done RC for Sale on BaT

    What in the wide world of sports is that nut welded to the subframe for??? A stop for the steering arm???
  7. It looks good in pictures. These pieces are original but we’re in good condition. With an unlimited budget all the trim would have been sent out for full polish/rechrome. I couldn’t justify that. They are good pieces though. Ed
  8. I’ve seen it. It’s going to be a stunner... Ed
  9. Rocker trim installed Rebuilt heater box in Wiper mechanisms in Hood latches in Carpet 95% in Seat belts in (thanks BlueDevils) Time is short...
  10. zinz

    Nicely Done RC for Sale on BaT

    Of course he included track footage of him chasing down and passing a Porsche CaymanS 😂 Slide throttle is very cool, not a fan of the green engine, but it sounds like a good car with lots of spares. Ed
  11. Nice... I stumbled on a set of those in a ‘72 I bought a few years ago. Ed
  12. Got a lot accomplished today... Will reassemble and install the heater box tomorrow. Ed
  13. Dammmmmmm... talk about unobtainium!!!! very nice!! Ed
  14. zinz

    Shift Lever Spinning?

    When all the parts go together, the assembly is pretty tight. Getting that bottom snap ring in place can be a bear, but it's doable. Ed
  15. The Good Lord willing, yes Jim. We are busy on the car and hopeful our trusted interior guy can knock it out of the park. Im certain there will be some long days ahead, but we should be able to pull it off. Ed