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  1. Remove all the paint to confirm the limits of the rust. If your rot is only limited to what you have shown, I suggest only cutting and welding those areas that need repair. This minimizes warpage due to welding heat. Here are a couple of pictures where I replaced a small section of fender lip on the '67 2000CS. Here, i cut the new material and clamped it up over the rotten area. Trace around the new material, then cut out the rotten section with a slitting disk. Place the new material into the void and secure with magnets, (available from Eastwoods) and super handy. Here's Barney laying down the stitch welds (small spot-type welds) along the seam. Constantly moving around and never letting too much heat build in one area. Expect to stitch weld and grind at least 2-3 times before the seam is completely filled. Be careful to grind only the tops of the weld and not the surrounding metal too much. Finished patch should look something like this. It worked for me... We also repaired a HUGE section, but only did that to fix what others had poorly done before us... Look here on the build thread: Best of luck! Ed
  2. Ha!!! Look at that!! 😃 I’ve always run mine perpendicular with the fat side outward.
  3. The kit uses your 2002 calipers. Hal is quietly building 2002-specific parts. PM him here: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/profile/48280-halboyles/ Ed
  4. Lovely... I do believe your Swan neck rearview is rotated 90 degrees ? 😃
  5. Looks like a very big filter. I'd bet it's not very restrictive at all. The 90 degree elbows are not the most ideal, though Alpina used the very same setup. Straight airflow is best. You can see that there are many facets to this whole "I want to put sidedrafts on my car" Ed
  6. Kooglewerks stuff....niiiiiice. http://www.kooglewerks.com/products/bmw-2002-dcoe-air-filter-assembly
  7. Have your minions get with my minions... 😁
  8. I have minions for that 🤣 But that set would make a great stocking stuffer.
  9. Simple wire brush, Mike. You could use a wire wheel on a drill. Follow it up with spraying it down with parts cleaner to remove the fines, then wipe it down with my favorite...Penetrol. You can find it at Lowes/Home Depot in the paint department. Wipe it on, wipe it off. It will protect the aluminum from oxidizing. It's what I do on my exposed aluminum bits under the hood. Ed
  10. Also a good choice! We are lucky to have good choices for our cars. This is why I tell folks not to "settle" for something that simply "fits" I don't have a problem with my UNI filters, but my stacks are different than what is commonly available. They are difficult to find, but after some researching, some of us think they might be Alpina bits. They are fitted to Solex 40DDH carbs wich Alpina did use for a time. These stacks are completely different than what you find on a Solex PHH. Note how they have a funnel/ Venturi shape? 😎 Ed
  11. Standard booster under there...
  12. Not sure who's intake that is. It is long. Read that Jalopnik article I just posted. The intake "length" is from the top of the intake valve to the lip of the air inlet (lip of the velocity stack) Adding length is easier to do with the stack. Go find some OEM side draft intake manifolds (Connor at Vintage Autobahn can get them for you). It's what I run. Only #1 filter slightly touches the battery terminal. No other interference. Ed
  13. I did a quick search. Here's the Cliff's Notes version from Jalopnik https://jalopnik.com/what-are-velocity-stacks-and-why-you-want-them-on-your-1792235442
  14. That is an easy move to the passenger side fender. You'll also need to move your coil closer to the dizzy at the same time. Again, easy. Screens on velocity stacks are for Cars&Coffee show days. Sidedrafts and ITBs want a lot of undisturbed air in front of the intake, this is why BMW spent so much money developing the tuned DTM air box for the S14 and why Alpina used the Ti aircan with open filter elements. The tulip shape on velocity stacks smooth the incoming air. ...Google "velocity stack" for diagrams on the hows and whys. Also look up "reversion" in the same search... how the incoming fuel/air bounces back up the intake runner when the intake valve closes. Proper stacks and filters will fit. The horsepower/torque gains from a properly sized stack and a good filter is not internet hogwash. Tuning the intake runner with velocity stack length is what engine tuners have done for years.
  15. Another plug to Hal Boyles here on FAQ. Hal sells a sweet kit that puts a vented rotor on a standard, or Tii hub, an easy modification to the calipers (unbolt, add spacers...all hardware included in kit). The entire setup fits behind a 13' steelie. Good stuff. Ed

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