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  1. I am certainly ready to put the final touches on the ca, Brian. Most everyone knows the backstory with Papa...losing him last year really took the wind out of my sails. Some days were very difficult to motivate myself to work on the car but here we are very close to putting those last pieces together. The engine runs so beautifully, the new 5 speed is like butter, everything is so clean and shiny... I know it is going to be a glorious car. I am very grateful to number of fine folks who have helped me. In a few short weeks it will be on the road... it hardly seems real. Ed
  2. David, I've posted this thread and your question on the e3 forum of e9Coupe.com. I'd bet you get an answer quickly from them. https://e9coupe.com/forum/threads/jack-placement-question.31753/ Ed
  3. I have no worries... This guy has done many vintage BMWs for friends, e9 Coupes, 2002s, mostly repeat customers, too. Quality work, and very lucky for me, he's 5 minutes from my house, so I can be there when he has questions. Pablo Arando Upholstery USA Cedar Park, Texas Pablo and all around good guy, Barney Toler Ed
  4. Dropped it off at the upholstery shop. The end is in sight now. Ed
  5. Me too... same as Hal’s screenshot. Just started yesterday. edit... it seems to only be happening on my iPhone (not using the app) Ed
  6. It will be MidAm's 20th year...Derby would make a fine addition to the crew. Ed
  7. Beautiful car, Lisa. I'm glad it's all finally done. I see you found a good, embossed nose trim. Looks amazing. Ed Z
  8. NMNA https://albuquerque.craigslist.org/cto/d/albuquerque-1974-bmw-2002/6903201574.html
  9. My '67 CS doesn't have headrests and, like Toby infers, I've mentioned to several folks that in a bad wreck, I'll likely end up like Dale Earnhardt.... or worse, a paraplegic. I do think about such things...
  10. Standard brake booster... interesting. As is the repurposed wiper wash bottle/puke can for the valve cover breather. AND...uncracked 3-piece dash for the win I'm loving this thread... can't wait to see what turns up next. Ed
  11. You are now part of the collective... assimilate Resistance is futile...
  12. Nice video tribute from the Mercedes F1 team members embedded in this https://autoweek.com/article/formula-one/mercedes-f1-team-offers-video-tribute-niki-lauda-day-3-time-champions-funeral
  13. I've also run my 123 with red coil and ballast resistor for many years, never a problem. Ed
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