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  1. The subframe is an NK. The new rubber mounts look identical to what came off the car. I’m convinced something isn’t right. I’ll loosen the mounts when I put the transmission in place, but as you can see, the rear is pretty far over and it could be a challenge to mount the transmission. Hopefully, it will sort out. Ed
  2. It's the same subframe, Jim. We pulled the engine/transmission out the top last year, so I have no good comparison pictures of how it sat in the engine bay with the transmission unmounted at the back... Here's a picture from underneath which shows how twisted the engine sits.
  3. We've been scratching our head about this... The new engine mounts installed and adjusted as far as they will alllow.. and the engine will not sit squarely on the subframe. I don't like it at all... Some have said to simply mount the transmission and twist it into position, but I don't relish the idea of pre-loading the rubber mounts like that. Not sure what else I can do, as we haven't been able to solve the problem yet. Single line brakes...yep. Ed
  4. Thank you to everyone for your kind words about my dad and for those helping me here locally. I can tell you, the first time I drove back to the shop to try and get some work done was not easy. I've had a lot of help from Barney and we have made progress on the odd work days. My free time is becoming more available and I know the ball will roll more quickly now. We fetched the car from the paint shop a couple months ago. The underside was treated with POR15 in the nooks and crannies. The bottom of the car is painted with the Galsurite Granada. The sub frames are painted chassis black. The engine is painted and aluminum buffed. Fuel tank was treated/sealed with RedKote and painted. As of last Saturday, the engine was mounted on the front subframe and installed on the car. Rear subframe and brakes were also installed. It's rolling on it's own wheels for the first time in about 10 months. We'll wrap the wiring harness next and then start installing lights, trim, and gas tank. Things will happen more quickly now, but several items will keep us waiting, I'm sure... wood, headliner, and I have to have the flywheel machined to accept a diaphragm-style clutch...no biggie. Here's some pictures. Yesterday it was off the rack and into the garage. Wiring harness is about 75% wrapped at this point. Many thanks to Barney and Greg for his help yesterday. Ed Z
  5. As of last Saturday, Papa’s Church Car is rolling on its own wheels again. Subframes, brakes, and engine in place. As always... couldn’t have done it without the big man, Barney Toler. 😎 Ed
  6. SS Glazurit Granada. My buddy had never even heard of the Glazurit brand, much less, ever shot it. He’s an OCD kinda guy ( which is a good thing if you want a quality product). The paint is damned expensive and Mitch spent many hours polishing... It is pretty amazing. Would I do it again? Probably. Ed
  7. zinz

    What is your best detailing tip?

    Dawn dishwashing liquid as a first attempt to remove grime on sensitive areas. It's a very effective grease/grime-remover with no abrasives. It's good for washing your car when you want to remove everything down to the paint (wax buildup and bugs and tar and such) Then you can polish and wax. Dawn is also a perfect hand cleaner. I also recommend a red Scotch Brite pad for putting a nice luster on aluminum parts under the hood (valve cover, hood latch bar, intake manifold, front engine cover... Followed up with Penetrol (found in the paint section of hardware store) Wipe it on, wipe it off. For the noobs... NEVER use anything abrasive on the beltline trim. These are anodized and you will ruin them with most any polish.
  8. "Before" pictures, please.....
  9. zinz

    What’s happening in Texas

    That’s the Terry Sayther 02berFest. Several days driving around F-burg and staying at the Peach Tree Inn. Helluva good time.
  10. zinz

    What’s happening in Texas

    Fredericksburg is Oct 25- 28. Confirmed with Terry be there, or be square...tail Ed
  11. Try this guy... he specializes in early Mercedes cars, but I bet he can help. S & S Imports Classic Mercedes Engine Rebuilding Solex Carburetor Rebuilding Weber Carburetors Mercedes Parts Worldwide Sean Parker Will Samples 3303 Wendy Lane Dallas, TX 75214 214.826.5977 214.826.5294 fax Ed
  12. zinz

    Learn something every day

    Is that the ultra-rare, 4 piece dash??
  13. zinz

    Learn something every day

    I’ll check!
  14. zinz

    Learn something every day

    Interesting topic. The ‘67 2000CS has 3 wire fuel sender and a low fuel indicator on the dash. It also illuminates when the manual choke is pulled to remind you to disengage it once the engine is warmed up. ...fancy It’s the T light on this gauge. Ed
  15. zinz

    Sammy Hagar! - July 10, 2018

    Hahaha!!! Nice...