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  1. zinz

    IE Stainless Steel Exhaust

    This is a common failure on the IE exhaust system... I've had to replace mine twice. The current one has been good now for about 3 years, so I'm crossing my fingers this one is a winner. Very important that all your exhaust hangers are in good condition; especially the hanger at the back of the transmission. Good luck, Ed
  2. Connor at Vintage Autobahn has those motor mounts.
  3. zinz

    M3 comparison

    Yea.... idiots
  4. zinz

    M3 comparison

    Comparison of some special edition M3s. https://autoweek.com/article/car-life/watch-4-generations-bmws-m3-duke-it-out-track Edit... grrrrrr. The hyperlink won't properly paste. oh well, copy and paste if you like
  5. zinz

    BMW 2000c door innards 1968

    My 2000CS doors are also disassembled... they are not power windows, but I think some of that hardware is the same. It was year ago we took them apart, so I'd have to go out and pull the window parts and check how they go together.... I'll dig in my phone for the disassembly pictures. Ed
  6. zinz

    BMW 2000c door innards 1968

    Fred, Have you asked or looked over on e9coupe.com ? The e9 shares a lot of this same hardware, I’m sure they have your answer. Ed
  7. zinz

    Red sedan

    Nice, Jim. Then we add the unknown quotient of resprayed cars with PPG paints against Glazurit and paint-matching. Annnnd... mix in the way one digital camera will process the colors, or how the light can affect a photo. Madness... Maybe I shoulda painted mine a shade from the Maranello stable to really mess with folks 😁 I was tempted to cover the badging and get some magnets made up with these, for the front fenders... Ed
  8. zinz

    Red sedan

    Also... from the FAQ database
  9. zinz

    Red sedan

    Lovely, and gotta be Granada. I need one of these to go with the Coupe... 😎
  10. Wow, Tom. That stuff is magic!
  11. zinz

    Hard getting into gear

    Edit.. Mike and Martin were ahead of me. Check fluid level in transmission. Is there fluid in the brake reservoir? Bleed the clutch slave and see if that helps (super easy) Check for brake brake fluid in the pedal box (under the carpet, down beneath the pedals). Brake fluid in that area is a sign of a leaking clutch master cylinder. Ed
  12. zinz

    Goodwood Revival

    FANTASTIC write up, Anders. Goodwood has been on my bucket list for some years now. Your enthusiasm has me wanting to book tickets and search out a proper tweed outfit :) Well done, and tremendous pictures. (perhaps you need an assistant for next year's event?) Ed
  13. zinz

    Someone save this!

    It’s a live auction. That’s how they work.
  14. Valvoline VR1 on the podium. Nice. Been using this for several years now, and it's currently on sale at O'Reilly's... $27 for the 5 quart jug. Win-Win Ed
  15. zinz

    Hill Country Fall Trip Possibly

    Last year was a big event, I’m glad you were able to attend, Andrew. Justin... try to make it next month. The hotels are booking up all over Fredericksburg.