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  1. Eastbound and down... headed to O-Fest. I’ve had minor issues but the car runs well. Stopped off to see Ray yesterday and had a fine time catching up. He put his glass skills to work and polished out some horrible scratches in my driver’s side window. Ed
  2. Great pictures in the galleries. Thanks for sharing. Stunning scenery, for sure. Ed Z
  3. My Cuban friend calls my 2002 a Lada... 😃
  4. Flat out in T1...wow. These cars are other-worldly, as are the drivers. It's easy for couch-quarterbacks to critique F1 and how boring it is, but you see how difficult it is to drive these cars at 10/10ths; always adjusting the car. Now add traffic and defending a position... very difficult. Thanks for posting Ed
  5. Papa always wanted to help with the car and he was adamant about wanting a Talbot mirror on the fender. I found an NOS mirror in Germany and let him pay for it as his contribution. Last night, the Talbot was installed as the final part on the car. It is ready for the road. I have many folks to thank for their help with car, but Barney Toler went above and beyond with his generosity these last 2 years. I am blessed with great friends and I am grateful. It’s time to drive. Ed Z
  6. Inspected and registered with NOS, vintage 1967 Texas plates. Still tweaking the fitment of doors and windows but it’s almost done. It sure is good to be driving it again. Ed
  7. Interesting car... don't see too many Nevada cars. Interior pieces looks pretty darned good and I've only seen that type of AC on one other car. Kinda goofy GLWS ! Ed
  8. Fantastic! I'd love to know more about your car. Ed
  9. Excellent, Nick, thanks so much for the pictures and details. These little doohickeys have a similar function to the "corn kernal" used on the closer of a 2002. I will drop a line to Andre Ed Z
  10. Did you see the little gauge, or clock on the left side of the binnacle? Very interesting car. Ed
  11. Love that! "it's an early car with hubcaps and trim rings... You don't see a lot these with original hubcaps...people put...Panasports on them" Hahaha... he says PanaSports like it's a foul-mouth word. Thanks for posting Jim. Ed Z ...who used to have PanaSports
  12. Anyone have some ideas? Are these stock marks? Ed
  13. My 2000CS is missing that, as well. Any pictures of what it looks like, and where I can source a replacement? Ed

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