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  1. I suspect you're right - and considering their scarcity, it would be prudent to fix this one soon. Just got off the phone with Bill Holmes, will be taking a 245/4 to him this week. I'll ask if there's a local shop he can recommend.
  2. Just confirmed the problem is mine; must be dyslexia at the least. It turns out the head on the rusty Nevada is an E12, not what I was somehow reimagining as an E21. I hadn't mentioned this twist yet so I'm sure this post is confusing. In short I've spent the past week thinking I'd mistakenly replaced the cracked E12 with an E21, long ago, which I never finished linking the Kugelfischer and so it sat. That head came off this morning, shown below. Yep - I don't know what I was thinking but when I realized my error it felt like I'd won the lotto - just saved myself a lot of money. Ok, the head needed to come off anyway to confirm sitting hasn't resulted in significant damage to the cylinders. They look alright - I'm so glad that's over. In other news - that car's rusty hood is slated to be replaced by a carbon-fiber example, one from Coop's group-buy project. or so I assume.
  3. nice! where from; how much? I'm also considering one of the new E12s, if any remain available.
  4. I like running 9.5:1 pistons. I have them in my '71 1600 with 2.0L transplant running 40 DCOE's which was totaled a few years ago, still in my other driveway. They're also in the Nevada '71 with tii transplant which ran great till that E12 head grew a crack between the water jacket and an exhaust port - the porting on the head may have been a bit aggressive. Reading-up here on the FAQ and in Macartney's book it's been driven home to me that piano-top pistons don't work with E21 heads, of which I have two. For instance, the spare '72 tii engine I bought a while back has a junkyard E21 head on it, which needed an answer that I finally looked into yesterday. I was struck by this unexpected creativity, sort of blew my mind - who would do such a thing? So I'm shopping for an E12 head (good luck!) and also considering shops that may be able to repair my old E12. Motorworks in National City pinpointed the leak for me 15-odd years ago and they believed it was repairable but we didn't do it back then and the shop has since changed hands - I don't have much confidence in the new crew for a job like this. That place up in Surrey near Vancouver BC sounds great but shipping from San Diego may be exorbitant - need to check that. I wonder if there's a shop with that capability somewhere in southern California, LA basin or even SF - or here state-side even, Mike mentions a shop in Ohio. Deck height is pretty skinny on the old E12 - Bill Holmes had me cutting valve pockets in the pistons (and timing the cam) - I'll confirm that dimension today, for reference. Engine in the totaled 1600 already has a new home so I can't rob that head. It's all fun.
  5. took the Polaris out for more sun & washing while I scrounged for parts in the loft wait a minute - that was yesterday. Today I delivered a set of these to a coworker who does powder-coating on the side - told him no hurry on my account.
  6. Thanks guys for all the great information and help in understanding what I have here, including broader details. apologies for the embarrassing amount of dust - good paint lies beneath. A good job was done on the installation and it's held up well, though some bits would have done better with a bit of paint. Drain tubes in each corner, which I'll be sure to check whether the routing conforms to best practice that I've read about in this forum. I'll post updates as the project progresses.
  7. Webasto, IIRC. Reason I'm posting here is, prior to this example I've never seen but one version of a Golde sunroof on our bimmers (not this one). Certainly Golde made other versions - each cast guide on my model here is marked Golde and shows a part number similar to BMW's numbering system. I wonder how BMW handled sunroof installations from a manufacturing perspective. I work in aircraft manufacturing, on the production floor - revisions happen regularly.
  8. anything is possible, though the installation looks original. I'll post pics of the roof details and parts fitment tomorrow.
  9. You're right and I agree regarding appearance, yet this cars' roof is designed for this style Golde. I'm guessing BMW put this variety in a few 02s, not just mine. I don't know enough about the factory procedure for sunroof installations. This variety is also found on Porches and no doubt others.
  10. Sure would like to close the big square hole in my roof - which makes car washing mighty difficult. Here are the parts: The the parts placed diagonally are (I believe) extras from another sunroof of a different model. My first 02 was an Agave '75 which had that other Golde, the one that accepts the nifty wind deflector. The one above will return from whence it came, my '73 automatic, 2534083. I don't see much info online about it, maybe more common on Volvos and VWs? The cables appear to run fully encased and so I probably should stop searching for the other phenolic anti-chafe strips. The one shown may have come extra with this car, or I snagged it after my Agave was totaled - probably the former. Parts I haven't yet located are the flimsy aluminum headliner frame and domelight card - hopefully they're tucked in the garage loft or not far away. I'm just a little intimidated by this task, which has priority right up there with laying in the wiring loom. Oh yeah - I took this out 17 years ago. Time to start cleaning these parts.
  11. Made progress with this rolling shell, 73 Polaris automatic I bought in Cupertino about 15 years ago which it spent some time shortly afterwards at Michael Dubois' shop in Hollister for repair of tow-inflicted damage to the nose, as well as repaint. Got it down to San Diego and priorities changed - got interested in the bikes, hardly touched the cars. Rolled the Polaris out today for a wash. I've been reorganizing the garage and checking the stashed parts, thinking it's time to give the bikes a rest focus on the cars awhile. I believe I'll get the Nevada up and running again this year.
  12. Thanks Larry for posting those pics. I hadn't heard Varco/Aardvark mentioned yet in this thread and was fishing for a recommendation while checking my options.
  13. These are mine, which I've considered taking to Dave Varco for refurbishment. Now I'm hearing about Tony at Autobahn in Sorrento Valley - so probably I should call both for quotes. I live about midway between the two. Clearly these are toasted and so far gone I wonder whether Tony would touch them. I imagine his work is premium while these may not be worthy. I have stock seats in the loft which would be less alarming to sit in, but these were pretty comfortable when I spent a lot of time in them.
  14. Wow - 50 years and still turning heads / breaking hearts, looking marvelous
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