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  1. a Rennsport customer beating-up the hills west of Poway about 30 years ago
  2. got the call from Rennsport that my trans was done so I went and fetched it - and checked-out customers' cars oh yeah - didn't forget to get the old junkyard tranny home
  3. happy to know of this resource as I've been considering how best to locate trans mounts for the 245/4 going into my '73 automatic's tunnel sometime this year. This thread has been very informative - now I can move on to idle pondering of other potential hurdles.
  4. Bavarian Rennsport at the Banks St. location in San Diego, circa 91? Bill Holmes at the wheel. my refrigerator-white '76 at center, repainted from Mintgrun by a PO.
  5. I'm visiting friends in Santa Fe this week - would like to check-out your car and chat a bit if it's convenient. I'll send a pm shortly
  6. recently worked on sorting this Golde aftermarket sunroof. Searching revealed this cable actuated sunroof first appeared on the Porsche 356. Options available in hand-crank and motor driven as shown below Eventually, Volkswagen offered a similar version as an option, but key items such as the integral cable end linkage (item 37) are not interchangeable. My parts are in pretty good shape though the sliders and rails were fairly jammed with crud; cleaning was time well spent. This cast aluminum pot metal has migrated too far from correct, and I believe it may not survive any persuasion to reform. right side at aft end of the extrusion: notice the slider's nifty plastic insert Otherwise everything cleaned-up pretty good and might almost work, yet I'm considering options for repair or to reproduce the cable end-links. I was missing two of the barrel-nut jacks and a machinist friend turned replacements for me - the black one here at the top of the frame: I sized the threads and provided the M10x1.0 tap - and am happy knowing each rotation of the jack adjusts the height by 1mm. These corners needed fitting - they weren't nesting properly because the respective molds lacked accuracy so I used a file and Dremel to improve that. and then I installed the lot - - sunroof going-in two times that day and eventually removed again to install heli-coils needed to secure the cross-over cover still need a headliner frame - nothing complete here, just showing progress
  7. I come here for information & inspiration and what do I get? mama’s mangoe chutney recipe – why would I expect anything different? Yet joy abounds as this rolling agglomoration has persevered even as I spun out and have now - years later - mushed back in again. It’s stupendous having so much historic and current information from multiple perspectives/contributors made available to this finger-pecker by simple keyboard hammering; clearly I would be further behind the curve without this resource. Where else would I realize the definitive difference between riviera and marine blues, or how to properly mount my E21 Recaroes? Sadness also abounds - but what I really want to know is: where will I find a set of those Mahle soap-dish alloys I’ve been jonesing for since the ‘80s? And does anyone have a driver-side door latch striker, mine seems to have ventured to some other parallel universe.
  8. installed my sunroof, twice. I'll be doing it again a few times.
  9. took these pipes out of a box to review for consideration fettled the spring-bow packing-sleeves (aka bumper support grommets).
  10. this was a timely thread installed fresh today. Cleaning the grommet's groove of loose, rubber-casting swarf helped with the fit - that plus Sil-Glyde.
  11. Need a Latch Striker, left 51211852263 and screws, I have the backing plate.
  12. This is what works in my '71 1602 front bolt installs horizontally, aft bolt vertically.
  13. I loosely assembled some of the bits and gave the Weber a first-pass in the parts cleaner. Solex missing a phenolic spacer that goes between the body and base, I think? Weber appears to be missing the primary throttle return spring and as can be seen here, one of two coolant hose spigots for the automatic choke is gone - inside of the housing looks fine & functional. I haven't removed the top of either to look but believe both would work fine after the usual rebuild.
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