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  1. And Amazon appeared in Dec 74 on a few of the last US e9s built.
  2. If you have the slightest air leak in your fuel line it will not pump either.
  3. That is the correct rod and there is only one insulator. Turn your motor a bit so the rod sits higher on the cam on the camshaft.
  4. Chris , do you still sell the fuel filling gadget ? 
    I am in San Diego with a new tii and I need to  get one or fabricate something 



    1. HBChris


      I am waiting for more to arrive, send me an e-mail at [email protected] and will let you know when I have more.



  5. Look like 69-72 2000 NK armrests?
  6. The original choke wire never came from the coil or resistor.
  7. Only e9 and e3 use 8mm hose on both sides of the pump.
  8. Use SEM Storm Grey, very close and no one will ever know.
  9. 1997 was the last year a 73 had to pass smog.
  10. And ten years ago they would tell you the name of the shop and the city but not anymore. They were afraid owners would look for shops that had several fails on a car and then a miracle pass.
  11. The CA DMV is going to tell you that you are the current owner, they will not release any info on prior owners due to privacy issues. If that has changed then please let us know.
  12. The label on the silver coil will tell you you need the 1.8, using the original 1.1 will shorten the life of your points.
  13. You can pull the dizzy up and reinsert it so it points at #1 cylinder.

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