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  1. HBChris

    Automatic gear selector

    Jay installed brushes in mine, he does amazing work.
  2. I had the original single barrel Solex and Carl believes they run lean at highway speeds and can burn the valves. It was having trouble with cold starts so Carl put in a new 2 barrel Weber. Since I’m am originality nut I told him yes in Dec so I couldn’t change my mind. He had to use a two barrel manifold but modified the underside of the air cleaner to fit nice and low and look stock. My NK was originally an automatic so linkage had to get tweaked just a bit. So far so good.
  3. I had Carl Nelson install a new carb and he tightened up the shift linkage. I also fixed a couple of small wiring issues and installed a USB charger in the glove box. It’s been raining a bit too much to get it out for a nice drive.
  4. The Personal shift knob is nice but it isn’t factory. Aftermarket knobs were available everywhere, Vilem B Hahn, MG Mitten and many others, they can be seen in old Road & Track magazines. To me the Personal/Nardi BMW logo always looked cheap.
  5. HBChris

    Blunt trunk insulation adhesive

    The 77 stuff won’t take the heat.
  6. HBChris

    Early nose, and roof skin

    Is this for an e10?
  7. That is a driver side NK 2000 euro headlight, all years are the same. Looks like it has a bit of road rash, if you have anything else please send me a message. Chris
  8. HBChris

    WTB - Petri 2002 steering wheel hub

    Dave, The CSL cover is 12mm longer than the standard CS cover and you need the matching hubs of course, I don't know how long the 2002 hub/cover is which has the correct horn provisions, CS has a brass ring, just the opposite of the 2002.. Chris
  9. I scanned the wiring diagrams at Kinkos and had them printed in 24x36 size. Here are the files, one for the Euro 2000 and Tilux and one for the US 69 2000 which I have. Put them on a thumb drive and take to have them printed, about $5 each, print the legends at home as they are letter size. Chris NK 2000 Euro Wiring.pdf NK 2000 Euro Legend.pdf NK 2000 69 US Wiring.pdf NK 2000 69 US Legend.pdf
  10. Brake fluid level warning light, push to test if it works
  11. Forward top edge of door, there is also one at rear edge of door/window glass. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=2224-USA-10-1974-114-BMW-2002&diagId=41_1159#51716454226
  12. It may seem a bit early but the 34th annual Huntington Beach Concours this year will be held on Sunday June 2nd. Last year the LA Chapter of the BMW CCA joined us and we set a record with 49 BMWs and we were the largest marque at this event for the first time! I hope we can achieve an even larger turnout this year. No need to be judged, most BMWs are Display only although Street (Clean) and Concours (Super Clean) judged categories are available. Mark your calendars now, registration is open and we encourage owners to sign up early. We also make sure that everyone’s cars are displayed prominently.Register on-line here:http://www.hbconcours.org/entry-forms/If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly.Chris
  13. HBChris

    1965 NK Taillight housings needed

    Bill, Have you looked on eBay.de? https://www.ebay.de/itm/BMW-Neue-Klasse-1500-1600-1800-Tisa-rear-NOS-OEM-taillights-heckleute/113495325540?hash=item1a6cd93b64:g:940AAOSw~o5bRwcI Orange turn signal lens, NOS
  14. Same as on RealOEM http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=2224-USA-10-1974-114-BMW-2002&diagId=31_0441