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  1. Can’t remember for sure but the leading edge of the panel might have plastic clips like the door cards, pop them outwards first. The e9 is like this.
  2. Pulled the wood out of my 69 2000 to have it refinished two weeks ago, can’t wait to get it back.
  3. All US 2000s had the quad headlight grilles. The kidney is the narrow pre-68 version. Someone added the badge as the 2000Ti used the single headlight, vertical tail light from the 1800.
  4. My 69 2000 has an ignition lock/key from an e12 that was parted out, worked fine, I had to make a strap to hold it to the cover.
  5. I need a driver door window regulator if you have one to spare, thank you. Chris
  6. The same stud is broken on this one, it holds the short arm, both sides broke. Sedan not 2000CS.
  7. I tried a JBWeld repair and it isn’t working. Thx
  8. Green ignition wire to +15 terminal
  9. It’s at least half of what seller wanted.
  10. Enzo, I would like the early silver center skinny blaupunkt knobs. Chris
  11. a chris im interested in one of the fuel fillers if you have any left. 



    1. HBChris


      I am out right now, maybe in two weeks or so I will have more.  Email me then at [email protected].



    2. Eso


      ok thanks will do

  12. That only adjusts the linkage to fine tune your idle. Idle richness is low on same side.
  13. I see no value in these wheels, monetary or intrinsic.
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