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  1. That seal isn’t going to degrade over night but it might in several months.
  2. HBChris

    Correct carpet color

    My Manila 02 was a US spec car sold in Alhambra CA in Feb of 1969, built Nov 1968, 1164169. I have seen many Manila 02s in SoCal over the years, Hoffman also imported the Neue Klasse 2000 sedan in Manila. Thanks Mike, squareweave is a much denser weave than loop, standard in cars like Porsches and MB 230SLs of that era.
  3. HBChris

    Correct carpet color

    Steve, The carpet was German Loop, correct? I’ve never seen square weave in a 2002. My 69 had the thin mousie brown color carpet, body was Manila and definitely not ordered for overseas delivery.
  4. HBChris

    Correct carpet color

    A 69 would have the thin perlon style carpet, later on it would be german loop, and never square weave but that is a nice choice in terms of durability. I'm not sure but I think it would have been blue. The salt/pepper, blue/grey carpets are all german loop. I'm open to other opinions.
  5. Correct Steve. It is hard to find volunteers willing to be trained as judges, and with so many models it is even more difficult. Seven or eight years ago they removed the Coupe Original Class. As Mike mentioned we now have an open preservation class which considers originality but also uses cleanliness.
  6. The BMW CCA has no 100 point judging criteria for originality. And at a non BMW judged event I would question anyone claiming to be an originality expert on early BMWs. If you are attending Legends of the Autobahn, the 02 Concours class does not include originality, all judging is based on cleanliness. Attention to detail like correct matching hose clamps can be a tie breaker when I judge. If attending The Quail, judging is by the competitors in your class, who knows what they will value. I am not aware of any other judged events during Car Week in Monterey other than Pebble Beach and Concorso. If looking for max eventual sales price I think the five speed adds value, the four speed can be provided to the buyer if they want it, there are no matching numbers with these after all.
  7. The pic is of an aftermarket relay.
  8. It has been quite a while since the four corner pieces fit, and it isn’t going to get better, BMW doesn’t care.
  9. HBChris

    Early half shaft grease fitting size ?

    M8? That’s huge for the hole size. I would have guessed M6. CM8x1, how could the threads be only 1mm?
  10. HBChris

    Shift Lever Spinning?

    Mine spins slowly too, every time I shift, even after I replaced the rubber bushing inside the upper lever. My cars now have the original wooden knob without the Roundel. I’m with Les.
  11. HBChris

    pre 71 Getres 232 trans

    It is not an early smooth case Porsche synchro trans is all I can tell. It does have the 242 slave cylinder mounting hole.
  12. HBChris

    2000 NK For sale

    It’s a great NK and needs a nice new home. Rey already got it into terrific mechanical shape.
  13. HBChris

    Neue Klasse kidney grill - 100 EUR

    I agree, 2nd gen 2000, the sides protrude farther.
  14. HBChris

    Four Marchal 5 3/4" headlights E9 etc.

    Gavin, You know I want these, right? I can send PP right away. chris
  15. You used RAL 7037 which looks very close to original, love it.