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  1. I run 195/70-14 Michelin Defenders, many sizes are being discontinued though. Good comfortable ride. Not lots of room for bigger tires at full lock/turn, even mine can rub.
  2. Great research! You made me look in the trunk of my 75, found the flat bulkhead plugs and parcel shelf rubber plugs.
  3. Great documentation, I know how hard it is to gather all of this info and then check it twice! I did something similar for the e9 forum. The flag mirrors appeared in calendar year 1975 but cars built as late as Nov 74 still had traps, mine still had the driver side only when I bought from the original owner. Same with US/NA market coupes, the last one was built in Dec 74 and had a trap mirror, the flag isn’t in the orange parts book for an e9.
  4. I think you are correct, A/C was installed here with bits in a box in the trunk so having the correct sway bar at the factory makes sense.
  5. It is not an e9 wheel but early 2002 as noted.
  6. Speedway, polish and clear ceramic
  7. Les, Thank you. A one owner 2002 that had been repainted red in two different shades years ago. I had to rescue it against my better judgment but it was a labor of love. Our son took his girlfriend to their senior prom in it two years ago before it was returned to its original color. And I didn’t pay the eBay price.
  8. I have a 75 in Anthracite, tan interior, crack free dash, repainted recently in original color, rebuilt motor With Tii pistons, new brakes, suspension, all trim refinished, all new rubber everywhere, blue plates. I am the second owner, send me a PM if interested.
  9. Looking in RealOEM the 272x13 front rotor is common across 1800, 2000 and 2000CS, I only looked at post 68 though. Earlier appears to be 268x10.
  10. Found these in my parts box, anyone need these? The 2000 would benefit from a polish. $30 shipped for both?
  11. Interesting enough, my coupe and NK have never been a problem.
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