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  1. Danny, This from the factory blue book. I take a thumb drive to FedEx-Kinkos and get them enlarged Chris NK 2000 Euro Wiring.pdf NK 2000 Euro Legend.pdf
  2. Steve, It’s a 73 2 1/2 mph bumper thing, one year only. It is correct, the metal is the same only the rubber is different.
  3. Can’t tell where you live without that info in your signature or profile but if in the US you have a 1968, the VIN will confirm this.
  4. Greg, Since you have the finishing pieces you can use the deep buckets.
  5. Send an e-mail to info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com and request build date and any delivery information, they will also provide the original color.
  6. Series II NKs have the same splines and horn contact ring as e3 and e9. The early 1600s had an NK like wheel but perhaps they were different.
  7. My Atlantik won’t be 50 until July, congrats.
  8. I think the fuse sticker is English and German
  9. When Bilstein was out in the US, Walloth had the B6. B6 is the old HD, B8 is the old Sport. The new names make it confusing as I think they call the B6 a Sport now.
  10. It’s smaller because the front Roundel originally had a separate base. The replacements do not.
  11. I need a driver side black plastic headlight grille for my 75 in very good condition, thank you. Chris
  12. Most likely built in Sep/Oct 68 so it is a 1969 model year. My 11/68 1969 was also Manila so not that rare. Send an e-mail to: info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com for build date.
  13. Send an e-mail to info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com and ask for build date, color and delivery info
  14. It is nice that they have these available, now if they would only make parts we need.
  15. I have been told that euro cars had yellow center lenses as they were required even though the US required red. Long hood Porsche owners say this is how to differentiate a euro vs. US early 911. Thoughts? Maybe this has been discussed before, if so my apologies.
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