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  1. My 74 2002 came with Michelin XAS 165SR13
  2. These are front, rears come to a smooth point on the bottom.
  3. All I know is that these fit into the plastic condoms in the door on my NK perfectly. I have an assortment in white, black and green.
  4. For some reason the yellow ones have worked best for me even though they look just like the green ones!
  5. NK is much wider, they are very different.
  6. Bill, I have a pair of rear door handles, it looks like there are four tiny pins that would allow the mechanism to be swapped but I’ve never tried to do this. Does anyone here know if that is possible? These are almost perfect, only the buttons have some pitting. See these pics.
  7. Thanks Bill, I still have your address from last Feb. My email is there for PayPal Friends. Chris
  8. Used rear fog light in very good condition, chrome is bright, lens has a few small scratches from storage. I believe the Cibie lamps are a bit more rare than the Hellas. $105 shipped in the US Priority Mail.
  9. Brand new and never installed speedometer cable for 2002 automatic or five speed conversion from Walloth. $55 shipped Priority Mail
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