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  1. Post in the Neue Klasse Forum, that’s an 1800Ti tach, very nice.
  2. Other than in Preservation Class, attention to detail like replacing the Roundels will always be better but you must remember, it’s cleanliness that counts. So clean, clean and clean some more! In Preservation it’s cleanliness and originality. It’s things like using aftermarket hose clamps, blue spark plug wires, a Weber carb instead of the original that will result in deductions. Always use original replacement parts when possible. We will use the ICJAG judging criteria at Legends, you can find it online, for Preservation only. And for each area judged you can only be penalized a portion of the possible score, it’s still primarily cleanliness.
  3. Taking the coupe as well, it has A/C so just a bit more comfortable than the NK!
  4. We have 50 judged cars and 210 display cars, around 40 2002s, 15 e9, tourings, one Isetta and one 327, a larger turnout than last year. Did you register for display? It’s worth it to be on the grass. A few of us are driving up Wed, leaving HB at 5AM, breakfast in Summerland near Santa Barbara at 7:15. Chris
  5. Daniel, Don’t the early cars have a metal locking strip? If so it must be put in the seal before installing glass in the car.
  6. Not at all, I just assumed it is 68 and not a 67 which the Archive seems to confirm.
  7. Yes, 1600 and 2002 are in the same class if you go Concours. Clean and Super Clean have multiple models. Do you have the BMW Archive build date?
  8. When someone says early 1600 I think of the wide seats which yours don't appear to be, what year is your 1600?
  9. I judge at Legends, here’s the scoop. 2002 Class is Concours, interior, trunk, exterior, engine bay and undercarriage Super Clean is any model, same as above but no undecarriage Clean is any model, no engine or undercarriage Preservation is any model but originality is added to Concours criteria CCA events are cleanliness only, no penalty for patina and use within reason Clean everything being judged, dirt, wax residue, lint, bugs on headlights, etc. no q-tips or white gloves are used like they did before 2016. And have fun!
  10. I was told leaving ignition on can burn out points and/or condensor.
  11. It’s not missing, just not called e3. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/select?product=P&archive=1&series=E3&body=Lim&model=2800&market=USA&prod=19700400&engine=M30&trans=M
  12. BMWs were identified on the production line by a four digit build code which told workers if it was a manual, auto, euro, US, pre-71, etc. If you look up a part utilized on many 2002s and search the part number, in this case a center track rod, you will see the many build codes. I don't know about the 2002, but on an e9 a piece of paper with this code was glued to the trunk panel behind the passenger seat. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partxref?id=2224-USA-10-1974-114-BMW-2002&mg=32&sg=05&diagId=32_0969&q=32211103077&series=114
  13. I was a temp sender for emissions as stated above.
  14. That fitting provides vacuum to your brake booster.

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