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  1. It’s a hobby kind of thing! Google 3002Ttil with the twin turbo X5 motor. He built a 3.8L stroker motor for his e9 in the mid 90s before motor swaps became more common as well. A perfectionist to the nth degree.
  2. Maybe the washer bottle mystery is solved but Andrew, get a proper paint sticker and put it in the correct location! 😙
  3. In 2015 my friend Mike and I found as close to a barn find as you can get. It was a 1970 2800 sedan parked in 1981 in a garage in Riverside after it had overheated. It had 52k miles and the owner took it to Hermosa Beach for every service which is over an hour away. Why he didn’t get it repaired is a mystery as it was obviously cherished. Fast forward 34 years and the son of the owner loses his house to foreclosure as well as the 2800. The motor is now seized solid but the interior is pristine and almost looks brand new. We were willing to put a deposit on it sight unseen and had a flatbed tow meet us there and we purchased it immediately. A year later I had rebuilt the motor, brakes, suspension and drove it to Monterey in 2017. Someday we will paint it but for now it’s a great survivor. Check out the original license plate and rare plate frame.
  4. This dash is in very good condition. It was repaired by Paul Cain and the dash top seat belt binnacle was removed. It had a couple of cracks that were cleaned, filled, sanded and then painted by Paul who is a perfectionist. I hope someone local needs this but I will do my best to package it for shipping at buyer’s expense.
  5. Baur modified factory cars for BMW didn’t they? And by June 68 there were no longer football reservoirs around, and they use a special plastic horizontal dogbone bracket.
  6. Lisa’s is very early 1600, 68 used the standard small round bottle.
  7. Vents in VG condition, I repaired the inner mounting holes with JBWeld. Does not include shipping but these are very light. Thank you. Chris
  8. I can’t see how that will ever fit with your alternator mount, why not use the 2002 mount?
  9. It’s way past your bedtime, talk tomorrow.
  10. Thank you Paul! I will get enough for Mike Pelly too.
  11. I need three or four these, they are the original clips, not the new white ones from BMW or Walloth. Someone with a parts car might have them, I just pulled them out with pliers. Thank you for looking!
  12. It’s not the tree huggers hindering this, it’s our dumb politicians.
  13. They may use Centric, theirs are too long and don’t always sit well into the caliper.
  14. Period correct is the plain white background like this company offers. You can google more about the correct numbers and pattern, don’t get the left side blue band eec plate. It should have an M for Munich which is the state. https://www.customeuropeanplates.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiAi4fwBRBxEiwAEO8_Ho28n0mMWb3lhdgAOTt3yl3uKY1cuysqaQ6of6pvJuVwZEgZ6W868RoCCiUQAvD_BwE
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