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  1. E21 doesn’t use removable hub cover, this is correct for 74-76 if the horn pin is added.
  2. You don’t need terminal numbers, the bottom spade at 6:00 position is the trigger for the starter.
  3. Guibo bolt heads are always up against the guibo, nut/washer is on the yoke/flange.
  4. Had the back end of my 75 up for a thorough scrubbing and shot these pics. driveshaft to diff, CV joints, diff to subframe, strap to subframe, gas tank drain, stabilizer end links, rear wheel hub nut, subframe to trailing arms
  5. Terminal at 6:00 is trigger from ignition switch, you can jump a wire from battery to spin the starter. Terminal at 12:00 is power to bypass ballast resistor only when starting.
  6. Jump a wire from battery positive to starter solenoid, the 6:00 position terminal and see if it spins. If it does it might be your ignition switch.
  7. Yep, that is the early 90s version as the font for Hermosa is taller than earlier frames. Why do I know this, don’t ask! Worth a few bucks although this one gets repopped.
  8. Jim, That is a Porsche frame and incredibly rare. The large upper area is designed for the front license plate. The earliest BMW VP Manhattan plate was also red and white. Probably worth $400 to a Porsche nut.
  9. Items sold with backup buyers notified
  10. You replied first, please send me a PM with name, address and such,
  11. Good condition leather shift boot, good zipper, opening is 5” in longest dimension. Shift platform with opening is only 4 1/2” long with five speed sticker, is this e21? $25 each excludes shipping
  12. Very good condition, DIN opening was cut carefully (not by me!), with ashtray. excludes shipping.
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