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  1. The e3 and 2002 are not Neue Klasse sedans. The e3 became the seven series and shares many parts with the e9 as you know. The series II NKs do have the sideloader diff that fits in an e3 but it’s a 4.10 or 4.11 and these NK use the similar 2002 front subframe parts.
  2. How much do they charge for it, looks pretty simple and hopefully effective. I too wouldn’t buy from ECS but I understand the economics in a buyer’s decision making process. 100% of all proceeds from mine go to someone who is undocumented and has helped me many times. At the same time it’s a bit of work for me too. Up to 185, I believe, satisfied customers but if demand stopped tomorrow I would not be too unhappy. Chris
  3. Send a message to designpunk, that’s his alias here.
  4. @AlfaBMWGuy Oops, I see a ballast resistor hooked up to your blue coil, you are not getting full current to your points, blue coil doesn’t use an external resistor.
  5. Matt, It all depends on your VIN, even in 1968 it had to comply with US model year requirements. It may have been built in Sep or later in 1968. Chris
  6. You can use the Tii piston with the e12 head, it will give you a nice bump in compression and hp.
  7. We would love to have a huge 1600/2002/NK presence on Nov 2nd at SoCalVintage in Van Nuys, please take a moment and register now so Jeff and John can plan for this awesome event. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/12th-annual-socal-vintage-bmw-meet-2019-woodley-ave-park-457073
  8. I used the 78 e21 single line caliper which uses stock 02 rotors, no hubs need to be changed unless you go to vented rotors. This was on my early 69 with the single line master. Scroll down in the link.
  9. According to Jackie Jouret, BMW terminated Hoffman’s contract in July 1974 but Hoffman sued and BMW countersued in Sep 1974 with a final dissolution in March 1975. I had always assumed that BMW NA had full distribution in Jan 1975 but apparently it took several months. Hoffman got $35M and $200 on every vehicle sold through 1986. However, I have several e9 build dates in late Dec 1974 that show delivery to BMW NA also in late December. (fob from Germany obviously).
  10. And both door cards have the holes to hang and mount the shoulder belt which was on the cars built in 68/early 69.
  11. My 75 2002A was built in Nov 1974 and sold at Crevier BMW in Santa Ana in May 1975. I purchased it from the original owner in 2016, it had a single driver side trap mirror. I bought a new 74 2002 from Vasek Polak BMW in Dec 1974 so one of the last 74s made and it had a trap mirror, wish I knew the VIN on that one.
  12. Juan Ortiz did the interior and the dash is now perforated or basketweave vinyl.
  13. I know Jeff the owner, great guy and a very nice NK. I think it originally had belt trim which was removed.
  14. Flag mirrors weren’t introduced until mid 75 model year.

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