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  1. Thanks, this looks just like the one i am considering. i think for $35 I'll roll the dice and try it out.
  2. thanks, i just saw in some reviews that people attach it to an external battery pack, and it appears to come with the angled mirror attachments. did you happen to use it in a spark plug hole/cylinder?
  3. how is the battery life? and do you think it would focus ok in a dark engine cylinder?
  4. Anyone have a suggestion for a good Borescope to look inside the cylinders of the motor? There is a wide range of products on Amazon, and i heard the largest cost on scopes is in the screen. The wifi units utilize your screen on your phone/tablet, so the cost is reduced. So I'm willing to spend around $30-$50 for something like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MYTHWK4/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=AACQAJ816SDFM&psc=1 anyone have any recommendations?
  5. larger e21/e30/e12 rear view mirror Pertronix brass bushings on shifter to tighten it up plus alot of the other things people have said.
  6. I've got a late 71, it had the pinch strip, but I drilled out the rivets that were holding the strip, and removed it ( I was replacing my headliner, so glued that in) and got the later seal and it worked fine. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  7. are these for sale still, and if so, how much, and where are you located? i'm considering getting a set locally for my car, but i don't really know what they are going for..
  8. Someone rear ended my 2001 Audi. Anyone have recommendations for a Sacto area body shop? I'm thinking the repair is contained in the bumper cover. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  9. A side note: it looks like to your k&n needs to be sprayed with k&n air filter oil. If that filter is not sprayed with oil that paper quickly deteriorates. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for the help guys. My interior was gutted at the time, not carpet, padding or anything. I think it fell into a speaker hole the PO cut into the lower A pillar, or somehow popped into the hole, and into the recess behind the firewall. I couldn't find anything with my magnet. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  11. While working under the dashboard I recall that I never put the rubber gasket around the hood latch cable. So there was a large 1.5 inch hole where the cable passes through. I figure, quick repair... so I took the latch handle off so I can put the rubber grommet over the cable. But while detaching the cable and fiddling around, I lost the little cylindrical doodad that holds the cable in the handle-lever mechanism. I it'll kind of hold my hood down for a while but I'd like to make this function properly. Does anybody have a spare one of these things that go in there, that could bring it Saturday? Here is a picture of how it looks now. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  12. Yes, there is a post in the regional section. I'll be in the Bay area for the weekend, so won't be in the caravan. I'll pm my phone number, it would be nice to meet and see your car. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  13. Sweet, that's my next step​, I'll consider them, as I don't have a muffler shop picked for the welding. I think the PO removed the bracket to make room for an after market muffler. Are you going to Brisbane? Would be nice to see the other Sacto owners there. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  14. My car has never had the hanger-bracket that is next to the rear diff mount, since I've owned it. I'd like to get a new one welded in. Can someone take a few measurements, say from the floor just above the hanger to the top of the curved part of the hanger that holds the bushing? And approx how far back does the bushing sit from the vertical side of the floor metal. I'm looking for a reference point, as I am using a hanger taken from an e30 or something that I found at the junkyard a while ago. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  15. from a 1987 325. 15" 7" wide ET30 offset. Imprinting on wheel is: KBA 42480 138001 ET 30 Offset is for an e30 / perfect for an '02, although i ran spacers up front. However the profile of the Tires are 195/65R15 so are a little big for the '02. there is plenty of tread left on the wheels, although the rears do show some more inner camber wear, but don't buy these for the tires. Rims are straight, in great shape, some minor curb rash, see the 2 photos. The great thing about these rims, is that they are very easy to clean, much easier than basketweaves or the turbines which I've had on my 2002. When i got these wheels I also purchased all of the additional stainless hardware to mount the caps, but liked way the wheels looked with out the caps on them. The allen head screws are in a bag, i have all of them. Located in Sacramento, but i regularly go to San Francisco, so can meet most anywhere between SF and Sacto.
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