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  1. colorobo2002

    rob video test

    2019_02_10_14_50_58_237000_1_CH1.avi 2019_02_10_14_53_31_072000_1_CH2.avi
  2. With all of the sad stories i see about car accidents and the increased value of our cars. I'm looking into getting dash cameras (front and rear). I'm about to pull the trigger on a Viofo/ Spy Tec A119 with a hardwire kit. does anyone have any tips/recommendations? last thing I need to work out is the SD card, as they are constantly being re-written over, so i want to get something that will last a while. I'm looking at Transcend, Samsung, Lexar cards but there are a lot of options out there. Kind of burnt out on the research for the camera setup. Any recommendations/suggestions?
  3. colorobo2002

    front and rear dash cam recommendatins

    I'm looking to purchase something for driving and while parked in a parking lot. Night time picture quality would be nice, but isn't a deal breaker. Currently looking at the Rexing V1LG and the KDLinks R100. anyone have any experience with either, or have suggestions of cameras they like?
  4. colorobo2002

    E30 bottle cap alloy rim

    Stock alloy bottlecap / Fundo wheel. Wheel is straight, some scrapes, but very presentable. Perfect for a spare if you are running 14" rims or big brakes on your 2002. Tire is a Pirelli 195/60r14, tread is worn, i wouldn't use it for anything other than a spare. I will include a nearly perfect centercap with full price sale. Wheel is in Sacramento, but I go to SF once a month, so can meet between Sacto and SF if you like.
  5. colorobo2002

    A.C. Schnitzer Type 1. 5 spoke alloys, 14"

    misspelled AC Schnitzer! ad is here:
  6. 7J x 14H2 E25KBA416063103AAll wheels are straight with minor scrapes to the edges. No bends, no cracks no welds. look at pictures for dings/damage. The clearcoat is separating, so they aren't perfect, but look great. more pictures in my Craigslist ad in Sacramento.**edit, added pictures here, receiving deposit for sale**Wheels are in Sacramento, but I go to SF once a month, so can meet between Sacto and SF if you like.
  7. colorobo2002

    Upholstery recommendations

    at the recommendation of another local 02er, i used Yig's (8166 14th Ave.) off of Power Inn. discussion here:
  8. I'm checking jets, etc. on my brand new weber 32/36... It came with the Accelerator pump jet on the left, old carb had the one on the right. both are numbered 50. Is this new one incorrect? or should i clean up the old one and put it in there? I made a drawing of how the fuel routes through each jet, as they are different from each other. Any ideas?
  9. colorobo2002

    Spotted in NJ

    My sister spotted this sticker on the back of this Audi. It's always nice to see the 2002 obsession rubbing of on family members. Sent from my SM-J327V using Tapatalk
  10. colorobo2002


    Starting off with 2 cars, welcome aboard the crazy train. Post up some pics to show what you're starting with. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  11. colorobo2002

    WTB: engine hoist/stand

    i'm going to be swapping out a motor on my VW Jetta. Anyone have an engine hoist or possibly an engine stand that is taking up room in their garage? The hoist is my bigger priority right now, the stand would be gravy. Willing to compensate with beer/shop time/etc.
  12. listed on ebay, ads end next Monday.
  13. My daughter spotted this at Costco this afternoon! Nice looking car. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  14. At the rancho Cordova PNP, and it's 1/2 off this weekend. It is just a single alloy basketweave, but it looks straight. Car has high mileage but you don't see 5 speeds for $50 much. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk