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  1. All parts removed from an '84 318. 1.8 liter cylinder head complete with front sprocket and cover. No cracks between valves, rules out straight and is very clean. Height of head/front cover is 129mm+ $250 Valve cover, looks better than the photos $30 complete injection/timing wire harness $45
  2. colorobo2002

    cam removal tool in Sacramento?

    sweet, i hadn't realized that. thanks. And then shouldn't the cam come right out?
  3. colorobo2002

    cam removal tool in Sacramento?

    Hah! Thanks, I have read about that, but then I need to remove the rockers.
  4. anyone have a cam removal tool they would loan me for some beer, parts, or $$?
  5. colorobo2002

    E21 Recaro Help

    i recently found this will scanning a VW site. Looks to me like the e21 recaros would be considered an LXC version. There are 3 types of e21 recaros used in the e21s, most noticeable differences are in the recline knobs.
  6. colorobo2002

    e30 m10 head worth keeping

    i took a steel rule to it, and it seems straight. i'll try to sell it for $100, i could use the space in the garage. Thanks guys.
  7. colorobo2002

    e30 m10 head worth keeping

    height is already129mm, a few of the pits are 1/16-1/8" deep.
  8. So I pulled a very clean head from a junkyard, either to save for a rainy day, or to sell it. Turns out, the water ways are corroded in a few spots, and there is some random pitting. I'm trying to figure out if this is worth keeping, or if i should just return it and get a credit. see attached photos. any thoughts?
  9. colorobo2002

    rob video test

    2019_02_10_14_50_58_237000_1_CH1.avi 2019_02_10_14_53_31_072000_1_CH2.avi
  10. With all of the sad stories i see about car accidents and the increased value of our cars. I'm looking into getting dash cameras (front and rear). I'm about to pull the trigger on a Viofo/ Spy Tec A119 with a hardwire kit. does anyone have any tips/recommendations? last thing I need to work out is the SD card, as they are constantly being re-written over, so i want to get something that will last a while. I'm looking at Transcend, Samsung, Lexar cards but there are a lot of options out there. Kind of burnt out on the research for the camera setup. Any recommendations/suggestions?
  11. colorobo2002

    front and rear dash cam recommendatins

    I'm looking to purchase something for driving and while parked in a parking lot. Night time picture quality would be nice, but isn't a deal breaker. Currently looking at the Rexing V1LG and the KDLinks R100. anyone have any experience with either, or have suggestions of cameras they like?
  12. colorobo2002

    E30 bottle cap alloy rim

    Stock alloy bottlecap / Fundo wheel. Wheel is straight, some scrapes, but very presentable. Perfect for a spare if you are running 14" rims or big brakes on your 2002. Tire is a Pirelli 195/60r14, tread is worn, i wouldn't use it for anything other than a spare. I will include a nearly perfect centercap with full price sale. Wheel is in Sacramento, but I go to SF once a month, so can meet between Sacto and SF if you like.