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  1. I suspect that these or some part of these are NK parts - the larger hubcaps are about 10.5" OD, the smaller ones 9.5" and the beauty rings are 13". The rings are very soft aluminum. Is someone here able to identify what they're for? I suspect they're from a 2000ti and an early 1600-2. Any idea what a fair price is for them - a couple are dented or scratched, here I had just washed them with dishsoap. thanks, Barrett
  2. The best way in my opinion to troubleshoot the sending unit is to understand how it works. When the tank is full the float rides high in the tube, and the resistance is less because the float bridges between the resistance wire at its shortest length. When the tank is empty and the float is at the bottom, the electricity has to go down the length of the resistance wire down to where the float is at, resulting in a higher resistance. Just taking the resistance of the sending unit resistance into account, it's closest to zero resistance when the float us at the top, when it's at the bottom its 75+ ohms. Now compare your results - with the wires disconnected (where - the gauge or at the sender?) an open circuit is infinite resistance - which behaves like empty, because infinite is greater than the 75 or more ohms of resistance needed for the gauge to read empty. (I'll bet if you check the needle is buried at the limit). With the wires connected it is acting as if there's no resistance (that's what you expect if the tank is full) - if its not full it could be that the float inside the sending unit is stuck up high, or maybe the wires to the sending unit are shorted out against each other.
  3. Here's a link to my writeup on rebuilding sending units - https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/237622-fuel-tank-sending-unit-now-rebuilt/
  4. I still have resistance wire if needed - look for my write-up on rebuilding senders.
  5. Yes, Perfect Circle is a brand, and they make both valve seals and piston rings. I think that back in the day their big claim to fame was that the seals were Teflon.
  6. Ok, so the 67 1600-2 that I recently picked up has a 121ti head that has been modified, and the original owner has mentioned that he has used Perfect Circle valve seals. They need to be replaced, they are leaking. My other 02 is a 74tii, and up until now I've focused on learning about it, so I'm pretty ignorant on the 121ti head. Does the "new style" / "old style" valve seals apply to the 121ti head, or does it predate that? I've not heard perfect circle valve seals mentioned in the forums, would this have been a change from what normally would have been in 121ti head? The engine only has 39k miles on it - does this say something about how well these seals work in this application? Thanks, Barrett
  7. If @Einspritz isn't able to help you out, Maximilian has them.
  8. Ours must have ridden on the same truck most of the way @LindrelT, mine came today also (for those that don't know us, we're both in Houston).
  9. From this thread I'd thought that they were on back order - but that Black-Roc was making them: https://www.black-roc.com/kugelfischer-dlo-20d - but maybe I'm wrong about them making them. Paul does a great job and we exchanged notes as he developed his method. I have a pop tester, 18 injectors that I've bought at way less than anything close to list, and have done most of the work Paul does - I just don't have access to a vapor hone system (yet). That being said, I have several injectors of those 18 that are worthless, being corroded beyond where they can be brought up to a decent spray pattern and opening pressure.
  10. I'm wondering if injectors could be produced at a price point where they'd sell?
  11. Cheap pawnshop video cam somewhere with a good view of the action. Get in the habit of narrating what you do, when you can't remember what you did, it's instant replay time.
  12. Thanks everyone - evidently having seen some that have been done up with plates like what IE sells must have gotten into my head and crossed some wires. Those that know me well know how likely that is! Barrett
  13. Anyone have handy a photo comparison of tii versus non-tii front lower control arms? I have a 74 tii, it has new lower control arms on it, but it looks to me like they might not be the tii arms - the tii ones, they're boxed, right? Maybe I'm not looking at the right place to see where they're boxed - or maybe the PO used regular arms. I promise I searched looking - but the pictures I've found mostly show for sale items where it looks like someone has added reinforcements. Thanks, Barrett
  14. I searched here and didn't find any listing for a Marcio Ferreira, his paypal is [email protected] He's selling something I'd like to have out on Facebook marketplace. I suppose I can NOT pay friend and family, roll the dice, and if it doesn't work out, let paypal straighten it out. Please let me know if you have - PM me if you'd like to be discrete.
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