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  1. Can I assume you've talked to Redline? REDLINE BIMMER PERFORMANCE 1144 NE 48th st Pompano Beach FL 33064 9547837003 I've not had them do any work for me so I can't say either way, but my brother was tracking his 2002 and he would talk shop with them at the Rolex and has a good impression of them.
  2. BarrettN

    Sunroof Part Search, Inquiry, Help

    I'll check to see if they survived in my parts car, tetanus - the roof is really rusty, but my non-parts car doesn't have a sunroof, so they don't do me any good.
  3. Thanks for all the replies on this - it made it a lot easier to let a friend have my parts car's windshield when he cracked his getting ready for the mid-am.
  4. I have a used tii water pump I'd like to get rebuilt - at one point in time RockAuto reportedly was doing this. I contacted them and they replied "When checking on our website for a part, the return and rebuild parts will have "return and rebuild service only" in the product description. If you don't see a return and rebuild part listed, unfortunately that means we don't have the service currently available" Anyone know of any alternatives for getting a pump rebuilt? Barrett
  5. Are there still reliable sources of front windshields today? I've found some older threads here that made me think as recently as 2015 that getting a replacement windshield wasn't too difficult, but it looks like maybe that's changed. Any good sources? Or is getting a decent quality one from a salvage yard and stashing it away the best bet? Barrett
  6. I'm going to try it first on the sending unit from my parts car, but I'm planning on using a thin strip of 1000 grit emery paper slid up and down between the two contacts, once on each side. Just putting this out there in case someone wants to try it out - it'll be a while before I'm ready to try it.
  7. BarrettN

    K-Pump hollow bolt filters... Still avail?

    There's an article at discussing using a Mercedes filter that's bigger - they had relocated the battery to the trunk so there was plenty of room. One benefit mentioned there I hadn't considered was the fact that the larger filter provided a larger reserve of fuel available to the engine - don't know how much of an issue that is, but with the original fuel pump having the accumulator to it, I suppose it can't hurt.
  8. BarrettN

    Inline fuel filter for tii

    The Bosch filter from RockAuto I mentioned is the size for use in the standard location in the engine compartment.
  9. BarrettN

    Inline fuel filter for tii

    For a tii isn't a metal bodied filter recommended? RockAuto had Bosch filters for $7.
  10. Plenty of wire left for anyone wanting to rebuild a sender, so the offer still stands - pm me for my address, then send me a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope).
  11. BarrettN

    Best stealth upgrades?

    Agreed, a nice upgrade - unless like me you have a tii
  12. BarrettN

    Best stealth upgrades?

    Thanks for the pointer to that car - I tend to not watch the cars for sale forum as I'm not in the market for another, but I can see now that I should! Those are many of the type upgrades I have in mind, things that only someone who knows the car well would know are not stock - and that same person is probably someone who can appreciate the value of the upgrade. Barrett
  13. BarrettN

    Best stealth upgrades?

    I have a tii, so the modified carbs don't work - but I like the idea of black heat shrink over the fire engine red lines!
  14. Working through my car I came to a philosophical decision point that I'm sure many of you have faced. In this case, it was brought on by needing to replace brake lines - and Turner Motorsport having some nice stainless lines on sale - but they're fire engine red. They were just to flashy looking for me. My car isn't stock - Getrag 240, e21 LSD, Bilsteins, Recaros - but I'm torn between modern improvements and keeping the car as some semblance of period correct. Anyone have any favorite stealth upgrades - upgrades that at the least don't jump out as being jarringly wrong, but make a significant improvement? Barrett
  15. The motor that I ordered from pitstop auto showed up today - it's the same dcm motor, as they said it'd be.