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  1. Crazy project i have extra clean front and rear E30 suspensions that you can have for this cash incinerator and I’m located in MA
  2. Certainly a charming piece. With much history and a trail of ownership. And there in lies the dilemma with it. Stock 1.6, 6v, early brakes , etc means the driving dynamics are...charming Far too nice to modify and really use. Probably best suited for display in a collection , occasional lawn events ,cleaning and cataloging minutiae. Different strokes Hoping to not to rain on anyone’s parade
  3. Dusting off this one. Roger's tii shows no stock on a lower front nose sheet metal section. W&N shows a complete one which is more than I require. Resto Design doesn't offer anything. Does anyone know of an alternate source?
  4. Very nice polishing and anodizing. Can you share the shop's website? Thanks!
  5. I stand corrected as the diameter is 400 mm Also here are some photos of the hub, grip and button
  6. Petri Steering Wheel in hard to find 380 mm diameter. Leather grip is in very good condition.Minor mark in paint on the black beauty ring. This is a statement piece for a top car. Would look great in a CS as well. $1100 shipped to the continental 48 states.
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