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  1. maharaja

    NOS Factory Engine

    Still available
  2. My offer is still on the table, doesn't look like I can PM you

  3. maharaja

    NOS Factory Engine

    Still available
  4. maharaja

    Eurokracy 2018

    Just watched the video. Will you be competing in the burn out competition?
  5. maharaja

    NOS Factory Engine

    I got a quote of $275 for motor freight shipment to CA with pick up at a local terminal .
  6. maharaja

    NOS Factory Engine

    double post
  7. maharaja

    E30 Sport Seats Blue Vinyl

    Open to offers
  8. maharaja

    E30 M Sport Steering Wheel

    How about $225?
  9. maharaja

    NOS Factory Engine

    To the top
  10. Columbia Upholstery Lawrence MA has BMW Experience
  11. maharaja

    Remedy for mice & rats

    peppermint oil ,yes. Irish Spring: no rodents will eat the bar I guess for the tallow. Also the "potpourri" bags. Hope I spelled it correctly
  12. maharaja

    1973 2002tii "Roundie" For Sale

    At $35,000 there would be plenty of room to make a profit....
  13. maharaja

    e88 2002 Anyone?

  14. maharaja

    The 14" vs. 15" wheel dabate

    70 series versus 55 series. There is driving enjoyment to be had from both. Have gone through this exercise recently on a 71 911 going from 205/55 Yoko S Drives to 185/70's ,the period correct size produces a lively and soft ride. And they look the part. If you want to attempt a modern car's handling , then it's the 55 series. Just remember that a lowly modern econo car will probably keep up with you. The one variable is that the 2002 has at least 3 diameters to work with. Wait, there's a compromise, the Avon CR-ZZ . Only hitch is the cost for one is around the same for for a set of Asian sourced tires. Very stiff sidewalls and they do stick.