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  1. Very nice polishing and anodizing. Can you share the shop's website? Thanks!
  2. I stand corrected as the diameter is 400 mm Also here are some photos of the hub, grip and button
  3. Petri Steering Wheel in hard to find 380 mm diameter. Leather grip is in very good condition.Minor mark in paint on the black beauty ring. This is a statement piece for a top car. Would look great in a CS as well. $1100 shipped to the continental 48 states.
  4. Yawoll Comrade! There is nothing more valuable than vintage cars, except oxygen and water
  5. If I may pass judgement, I would never think of daily driving an outdated, polluting vehicle in smog ridden LA. Better to walk, ride a bicycle , ride share take public transportation, or if pressed operate an EV.
  6. Complete grille set from a 72 will a few minor dings. Slats are all straight and anodizing is good in appearance 750.00 plus shipping
  7. I have two sets of.alloys: 4 BWA 4 spoke Stars 5.5 x 13 and 4 Lemmerz 320is Basket Weaves 5.5 x 13' Both could stand refinishing. They were used for track events and have tires mounted on them. Free for Pick up and located in Greater Boston
  8. Any recommendations for a tech/shop for a tii rebuild? I am in the North East but can crate and ship. Thanks
  9. Does anyone have plans for a 2002 dolly? Or do you have one to rent or sell in the North East?
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