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  1. M tech 1 Steering Wheel 380mm Diameter. No tears, broken stitches or color loss on the leather cover. Not for a 02 but would fit later 3 and 5 series. $225 plus shipping
  2. NOS Talbot Mirror in aluminum with matt black, painted finish. Some minor shelf wear. With original box. Definitely more unusual than a typical chrome unit. Would look very cool on an Colorado/Black Alpina Tribute or a Hot Rod. $250 plus shipping
  3. This shows the unpredictibility of auctions. Could the subject car get to this for $26K? https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-bmw-2002tii-27/
  4. Definitely a deal and perhaps there is seller's remorse in having a no reserve auction. If you work the numbers backwards you wouldn't recreate it. As an odd coincidence 30 mininutes prior a color change 246GTS went for 352K+ buyers fee.
  5. If safety is a priority you need a modern platform. Take a close look at the construction vs a modern vehicle. They don't make them like they used to.
  6. An i8? Queue up "Is That All There Is?" https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=is+that+all+there+is%3F#id=54&vid=47abaebd1e11fa59b9f6eca7eb9a76ed&action=click
  7. First and foremost, here is to a life lived well. The world is a better place, because of her actions. Without marginalizing this woman, it seems to be common thread in the "greatest generation". It seems we gone far off course.
  8. Eurotrash Thanks for the info. These are stored and my recollection is the halves on this set aren't welded.
  9. Phone books, Newspapers, Printed Matter, Trade shows...
  10. If you know one thing about BaT it is that idiots prowl with one objective... to detract from you receiving top dollar for you car. For example, there is some guy who insists on commenting about every single nose panel on any 2002tii listed if he sees a snorkel, we get it, it’s been swapped. Annoying comments or worse will pop up 10:1 against the positive or serious inquiries. Just be ready to respond to all the noise professionally, but attempt to stay ahead of the negativity. I would read through the last 10 2002tii's ads and learn. It truly is a game as much as it is an auction. I have used them for three listings. It is not for everyone or for every car. Be active, be honest, be thick-skinned. To parphrase Shakespeare: "Truer words have never been spoken"

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