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  1. Ambitious project, but worthy. A good tool and die maker should be able to replicate it for low volume production.
  2. maharaja

    Well this sucks

    60 mph in the dark for 4 miles on a dirt road under construction? Joe Joe what was you tinkin?
  3. maharaja

    BMW Microfiche Machine

  4. maharaja

    Value of a Tii Roundie project?

    Early tii, rare color, relatively intact. Definitely has some upside and should be done to a high level.Not for the thin of wallet. I guess $5000
  5. maharaja

    New leather interior!

    If you don't mind me asking , who is the craftsman? Very Talented!
  6. maharaja

    VGC Roundie Tail Lights Pair

    Nice and shiney***
  7. maharaja

    Touring rear wing

    No dog in this fight, but the Touring rear end is a unresovled design. You're on to something. Check with Maestro Koogle
  8. maharaja

    VGC Roundie Tail Lights Pair

    Very Nice set still available
  9. maharaja

    E30 Sport Seats Blue Vinyl

    The seats have been sold
  10. maharaja

    Hayashi 3 piece 15"x6" Wheels

    Not familiar with WEDS?
  11. maharaja

    Short Term Colorado Storage

    Thanks Dsve I will check them out
  12. maharaja

    Hayashi 3 piece 15"x6" Wheels

    Thanks for the background on HRE and for the two thumbs up. I think these would pop on a dark color.
  13. Hello: We are attending an event in September and are looking for short term storage , and handling for one car in Colorado. Got Space? Thanks for looking