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  1. maharaja

    72 Tii on BaT

    Definitely the restoration cost got out of whack by starting with a poor shell which probably consumed a quarter of the tab to get right and proved the adage "start a restoration with the best you can buy." The auction also got sidetracked with personalities, arty photos, less than stellar video content,internet stars, third party grievances , character witnesses, expert testimonies. Oh and more internet Stars. You would of thought a 250 GTO was on the block. Pretty uniform opinion that it was a high quality resto and a very nice car. It will find a new owner.
  2. maharaja

    72 Tii on BaT

    I was at a restoration shop that is well versed in BMW's and this car came up in conversation. General agreement on why you would start with such a needy body and structure. I would want the assurance of a Celette. However Beautiful Singeresque execution Going back in the day everyone moded their 2002 and today Hot Rods are in. I wouldn't be surprised if it breaks 6 figures
  3. maharaja

    Cleaning House. More 02 Parts.

    I will take the ti distributor if available thanks Larry
  4. maharaja

    Solex 40PHH ti Rebuild

    Thanks all for the info. I had a set of 40PII /s on my 356 and had them refurbished by a 356 specialist, Pricey but operate 10x better than the Webers that a PO had installed. Early 65 911 guys are going back to the original Solex set up that the factory recalled ,so there is talent out there to do rebuilds. It is just finding the right shop.
  5. Hello: I am working on a ti Tribute build. Can anyone recommend a Carb Reuild service that does, shaft bushings, butterflies, linkages, plating? Thanks
  6. maharaja

    MOMO hub #0155 needed

    I have a hub and button. Can send pics if you PM your email.
  7. maharaja

    2-tone 1802 in Berlin

  8. maharaja

    BMW 2800cs STOLEN in Toronto

    Time is of the essence.Post it on every car site; Pelican, Early 911S registry, PCA, BMWCCA, 356 Registry, etc. Someone is bound to make a connection.
  9. maharaja

    Seeking advice regarding roof rust.

    Maybe this:
  10. maharaja

    75 Taiga For Sale 65k

    Tasteful Hot Rod Good Luck
  11. Ambitious project, but worthy. A good tool and die maker should be able to replicate it for low volume production.
  12. maharaja

    Well this sucks

    60 mph in the dark for 4 miles on a dirt road under construction? Joe Joe what was you tinkin?
  13. maharaja

    BMW Microfiche Machine

  14. maharaja

    Value of a Tii Roundie project?

    Early tii, rare color, relatively intact. Definitely has some upside and should be done to a high level.Not for the thin of wallet. I guess $5000