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  1. maharaja

    The 1969 2002tiK Kompressor

    Off topic but is that a 68 Camaro between the two 911's/ 300 HP from a nonelectronic 2.0L in 69 was not a mean feat.
  2. Shite. At the end of the day it's only coin of the realm. Indulge yourself.
  3. Cheap Reliable, Available, Modern AWD, Fast, Able to handle NY potholes : Subie WRX + STi I don't think that working on, or finding a shop, to work on a 30 plus year old daily driver in NYC is a best use of time and resources Never driven one but it appears very capable
  4. maharaja

    steering wheel

    i'll take it
  5. maharaja

    MoMo Horn Button

    Vintage MoMo Horn Button in good condition date code 2/92 $60 Shipped in Continental US
  6. maharaja

    NOS Front Right Grill

    New Old Stock Front Grill Right Side shallow profile Mid 72-73 Perfect For top of the top restoration $500 plus shipping
  7. maharaja

    SoCalVintage Picture Recap 2018

    With all the data about young people having no interest in anything automotive, a "big tent" like this with affordable classics ,isn't so bad. Keep it going before these vehicles turn into Model T's
  8. Slavs, All good and love the dialog I feel your pain when I take my Speedster out and get "How long did it take to put the kit together" or " Is that a Karmann Ghia?" or "What is the top speed?" Keeps you grounded
  9. maharaja

    S14 Engine/Trans/Massive Pan

    MA. I have accounts with motor freight companies with competitive discounts.
  10. maharaja

    S14 Engine/Trans/Massive Pan

    Selling an S14 engine with transmission, wire harness an a Massive Lee pan conversion. I planned on an M2 but another project is taking time and effort The engine will need to be gone through and the prior owner was a Indy BMW shop that owned/removed it. It is in a remote (from me) warehouse. I will get photos if there is interest. $6750 shipped motor freight to a local terminal.
  11. maharaja

    VGC Roundie Tail Lights Pair

    New price $500 plus shipping
  12. maharaja

    NOS Ronal Kleebatt 5.5 x 14

    NOS Ronal Kleebatts a set of 4 wheels 5.5" x 14". 4 x 100mm spacing ET 37mm. Date Code May 77 Bought for a top shelf Restoration project that has gone in another direction i took a picture of a single but the other 3 are similar condition Beautiful period classic design and would look right with a set of CN 38's $1750 plus shipping from 01960
  13. maharaja

    13 inch tires

    Have a set of relatively fresh CN 36's just installed on a 70 AR GT. Looking forward to seeing how they feel, handle. Will report back. Had a set on a 356 that were dried out and they squealed like a stuck piggy
  14. maharaja

    Alpina Header

    Looking for a clean Alpina header or one of equal quality/cred
  15. maharaja

    72 Tii on BaT

    Definitely the restoration cost got out of whack by starting with a poor shell which probably consumed a quarter of the tab to get right and proved the adage "start a restoration with the best you can buy." The auction also got sidetracked with personalities, arty photos, less than stellar video content,internet stars, third party grievances , character witnesses, expert testimonies. Oh and more internet Stars. You would of thought a 250 GTO was on the block. Pretty uniform opinion that it was a high quality resto and a very nice car. It will find a new owner.