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  1. Thank you for the reply. I have a few sets in the mail. I'll pm you if more are required. Have a great week, Nate Williams Sports Car Restoration, LLC
  2. I spoke with my boss and the box flare set is not for sale at this time. Thank you for the messages. I'll post pics to this page if we install any time soon. Nate Williams Sports Car Restoration, LLC
  3. What sizes do you need? We have a drawer full of them. PM me your email address and I'll send you some pics, Nate Williams
  4. Good Morning FAQ, I am looking to buy some "Ti" or any other aftermarket dual side draft intake manifolds. Please pm with pics and pricing. I am located in Plainville, CT. Nate Williams
  5. I really like the Tisa caps. Are these also available at the moment? Nate
  6. I may be interested in a set or two for the round-hole Alpina steel wheels. Nate
  7. Dionk, do you mean the axle boots or caps for the grease fittings? Nate
  8. MOOG #408 is the correct part number. We have assembled the first axle with this u-joint and it's perfect. I actually prefer the grease fitting placement in the end cap versus center of cast iron body. Nate
  9. I think this string of numbers got screwed up by reversing 480 and 408. Napa does offer a UJ408 that seems close. Nate
  10. I ordered a Moog part #408 to try. I called BMW this morning to run both parts #'s again, both are NLA. I will share any helpful info, Nate
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