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  1. Do you pics of a new set of the Tisa caps. Thank you, Nate
  2. I really like the Tisa caps. Are these also available at the moment? Nate
  3. I may be interested in a set or two for the round-hole Alpina steel wheels. Nate
  4. Thanks, I am well stocked on the boots.
  5. Dionk, do you mean the axle boots or caps for the grease fittings? Nate
  6. MOOG #408 is the correct part number. We have assembled the first axle with this u-joint and it's perfect. I actually prefer the grease fitting placement in the end cap versus center of cast iron body. Nate
  7. I think this string of numbers got screwed up by reversing 480 and 408. Napa does offer a UJ408 that seems close. Nate
  8. I ordered a Moog part #408 to try. I called BMW this morning to run both parts #'s again, both are NLA. I will share any helpful info, Nate
  9. Thank you for the reply. The diagram is for a driveshaft, not the rear axle. There are apparently two sizes of universal joints for the early axles too.
  10. I am looking to purchase new u-joints for early 1600 and NK axles. The boots are still available, but the joints are now elusive. Cheers, Nate Williams
  11. Hello FAQ, I forgot who had produced a batch of the positive battery cable support loops/lanyards a few years back. I'm looking to purchase more. Please pass along contact info or help refresh my memory. Cheers, Nate Williams
  12. Hello FAQ, I'm looking for a S14 oil filter housing so I may install oil cooler on my 1800 this winter. Please reply or pm with pics and pricing . Shipping to zip 06062. Thank you, Nate Williams
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