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  1. I am currently running a set of stock bars from 68 2000cs on my 1800. They are a little small for track duty. What are some options? I believe front fitment is same as 02, but rear? Nate
  2. I am selling an excellent survivor and good condition dished 350mm Prototipo.This model is early enough to not yet have a production date stamped into the rear/bottom spoke (early 70's). The stitching is 100% intact. Only visible markings include "Prototipo" and " made in Italy". Local pickup is welcome (zip 06062). Please PM with questions or to request pics. Reasonable offers accepted. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmEZwfoE
  3. Stephers, than you for the advice, but it is not accurate. The parts need to be period correct for this engine build. Nate
  4. I am looking for an early generator-style engine lifting bracket/eyelet. Please pm with any offers/pics/pricing. Thank you, Nate Williams
  5. I prefer a Prototipo, but a smaller Cavallino sounds ok. They are both simple and clean designs, Nate
  6. Hi Eulean, That looks great. We have a deal if the horn button is included, Nate
  7. Paul, that is some sweet pricing.
  8. I have a very nice condition Momo Cavallino (380mm) to sell or trade for 350mm Prototipo. Nate Williams

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