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  1. ClassDavid

    1973 Bavaria California Car

    bump! Still have it
  2. Set of 5 Tii alloys/ early alloys for sale! These are genuine BMW wheels and were an option to my understanding. Decent original shape! Date stamped 10/71 Taken off a car in the 80’s One wheel has a slight bend. I think it could be fixed! Its pretty minor. There is some curb rash as well on the wheels. Also if you are in the washington/ vancouver area I can deliver! Here is the bend, right by the valve stem. Quite minor This is the worst of the rash
  3. Euro Turn signals! Only $150 a set or $250 for all four!
  4. price and parts update!
  5. Euro Turnsignals, NOS Steering Wheels, NOS Turbo badge & More Have a few things for sale Two sets of Euro Turnsignals. $150 a set Headlight gravel guards SOLD NOS Personal Fittipaldi (350mm) with NOS Personal/ Nardi hub $300 US 1977 Personal Fittipaldi with e9 hub $120 NOS Personal three spoke 350mm $120 NOS Turbo badge $300 1974 Tii Badge Spray bombed black. SOLD Super nice working Hirschmann Antenna SOLD Also check out my Gold BBS Rm’s for sale! Unmarked side draft weber mount SOLD Original front raised emblem SOLD Thanks Set 1 Set 2
  6. ClassDavid

    4 GOLD BBS RM 15x6.5

    Price Bump $1,800 for these sweet wheels! Im heading to vancouver in a week or so, If you area in the are and interested let me know!
  7. ClassDavid

    4 GOLD BBS RM 15x6.5

  8. ClassDavid

    4 GOLD BBS RM 15x6.5

    BBS RM 012 for sale 15”X 6.5” 4X100 ET 033 These came off a MK2 VW Golf GTI 16V Professionally powder coated. Looks amazing in sunlight! Haven’t been used since powdercoating. Original .5” BBS Lips. New hardware! Lips and wheels are in super nice shape. Used New old stock centre caps. Still have the vw stickers. Needs to be siliconed and then they are ready to go! Looking for $1,800 USD
  9. ClassDavid

    1968 BMW 1600

    Now on eBay with no Reserve!
  10. ClassDavid

    1973 Bavaria California Car

  11. ClassDavid

    How many are left?

    That is interesting! I do 40-50 to be a low number. Although maybe its possible that at least half survived?
  12. ClassDavid

    1972 BMW 2002Tii fuel injection
  13. ClassDavid

    1972 BMW 2002Tii fuel injection

    Now on eBay with no reserve!
  14. ClassDavid

    1972 BMW 2002Tii fuel injection

    I don't have that!