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  1. ClassDavid

    1968 BMW 1600ti

  2. ClassDavid

    1968 BMW 1600ti

    Well the 1600ti is on the market again. I have a few too many projects and know I won't get to this one for some time. I would still like to keep it but if the right offer comes along I will part with it. It is an unreal cool car.
  3. ClassDavid

    Car is finished!

  4. ClassDavid

    Tii Kugelfischer fuel pumps x3

  5. ClassDavid

    Tii Kugelfischer fuel pumps x3

    Could work out a package deal for everything!
  6. ClassDavid

    Tii Kugelfischer fuel pumps x3

    Three Tii pumps for sale! EBAY! All have been stored inside and spin nicely. PUMP1 date stamp 6/73 Pump 2 date stamp 2/72 Pump 3 date stamp 2/72 without gear
  7. Two very cool pieces for sale. NOS turbo exhaust manifold. Never used. Genuine piece! Also a used Turbo kugelfischer pump. Off a dutch car that was in an accident several years ago. One fitting cracked off in the accident and was “glued” in place. Otherwise looks to be in good shape! Spins nicely. Car was running. Would like $2,400us for both.
  8. ClassDavid

    1974 BMW 2002Tii

    It has a 1998 Laguna Seca raceway sticker in the windshield! 20 year tradition? 😂
  9. ClassDavid

    1974 BMW 2002Tii

  10. ClassDavid

    1974 BMW 2002Tii

    1974 BMW 2002 tii for sale. Genuine tii. Numbers matching! Runs great on the kugelfischer system still. Original Edmonton car. Comes with paperwork from new! Have the original bill of sale. Original color is fjord blue. Original non snorkel nose is quite good. I have the front bumper. Floors, rear strut towers and spare wheel well are in really nice shape. Fenders and rockers are rusty. Comes with a lot of extra parts. Looking for $6,000 for everything.
  11. ClassDavid

    1973 Bavaria California Car

    bump! Still have it
  12. Set of 5 Tii alloys/ early alloys for sale! These are genuine BMW wheels and were an option to my understanding. Decent original shape! Date stamped 10/71 Taken off a car in the 80’s One wheel has a slight bend. I think it could be fixed! Its pretty minor. There is some curb rash as well on the wheels. Also if you are in the washington/ vancouver area I can deliver! Here is the bend, right by the valve stem. Quite minor This is the worst of the rash
  13. Euro Turn signals! Only $150 a set or $250 for all four!