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  1. It would have had no fairs. I have the full 10 page options list from Alpina on this car. Its quite cool!
  2. Yes the car is for sale again! I've done a lot of thinking the past few days but ultimately I'm quite confident I won't get at it for a very long time. It's the coolest 2002 I've ever owned and I really hope it will be brought back to its original form!
  3. How many genuine cars come up for sale? Needs a lot of work but I think its definitely worth it!
  4. Car is unavailable! Moving and it will be in put into storage.
  5. Recently acquired a parts car! Hopefully it will make anyone with a rusty 2002 feel better about their car! This thing is rusty! 1969 Colorado orange genuine Ti. Missing the carbs and airbox but still has the original nose, ti brakes, the original steering wheel was also there, and the interior clock! Its actually one number off a Local Ti that was sold in 2013. That vin was 1682407. Here are some pictures. Too far gone! Lots of great parts though!
  6. So recently I picked up this 1970 Genuine Alpina tuned 2002. Check out this thread if you haven’t already. This car is essentially the sister car to that Colorado Alpina. These two cars were order by T&T Calgary back in 1970. I am hoping to find more info on this white car and well I really would like to know more about the engine and how available parts are. This has the 150hp motor, with 300 degree cam and 10.2:1 compression pistons. The engine probably needs to be rebuilt. It does run surprisingly good but the compression results aren’t exactly the best! There is a weber 45 and a weber 40 on it. The two pistons with the weber 40 are @85psi and the other two are 125&120psi. Must've been driven quite a while like that. Also the head is original but the block is not. I guess my main question is what would you guys do? My plan is to take the motor out and leave it alone and “original” Then build another motor to the same spec. The whole car is a massive project and I am just going to sit on it for now and slowly gather parts. I would really like to see this car as it left Alpina in 1970. No Alpina decals or badges, Just a clean shorty 2002 on original Alpina steelies. I have found three other comparable Genuine Alpina tuned cars and would love to find more. By comparable I mean from 1968-1971 street cars. I know this is before Alpina made cars and this is just a car that was just sent there. When did Alpina start stamping the heads and the blocks? I have two Ti airboxes and I understand they are the same as Alpina airboxes. Is this true?
  7. This doesn’t really help find your car but I figured this might be of interest. Here is the other “needle” This car is the other Alpina car ordered by T&T Calgary in 1970. It’s very interesting! The build date is two days apart. (June 12) However the delivery date is the same. August 28, 1970. I emailed Alpina the vin and they confirmed it to be delivered to ALPINA in June 1970. From what I can tell by pictures these two cars would have been ordered almost the exact same! Same roll cage, twin webers, tach and instrument cluster as well. I have the paperwork which in itself is fascinating! The german precision in the documents is great! Even which jets were used in the Carbs is documented. I understand this is also for German TUV laws? Anyway some of the modifications of note include Ti brake booster, Ti brakes, vented rotors, 255mm rear brakes, 13” Alpina steelies and more. Its cool to me that this car would have looked totally stock from the outside. No badges or decals! Total sleeper. I’m learning lots about the Alpina stuff now. I am missing a few parts but would love to see this car as it left Alpina in 1970. I always love seeing these finds, it’s so cool to me that I get the opportunity to be the “finder”. I am still gathering as much history as possible on the car and now am on the lookout for parts and information. I’m super happy the previous owner kept all the paperwork in order and gave me the opportunity to be its new owner!
  8. I am! However I am taking my E9
  9. Bump! Just came back from over 2,000 miles and it didn't skip a beat! For $7,800 US you can have a daily drivable, numbers matching, fully documented since new fjord blue Tii!
  10. Bump! Lower price and more stuff included! NOS rockers
  11. Bump! Lowered the price. Comes with a set of Original steel wheels with hubcaps as well!

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