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  1. ClassDavid

    1973 Bavaria

    Works great! Can't be that big of a deal! Automatic suits this car quite well. I do like my manuals though.
  2. ClassDavid

    1973 Bavaria

    Depends, A buddy shipped a car from California (LA) and it was around $1,500.
  3. ClassDavid

    1973 Bavaria

  4. ClassDavid

    1973 Bavaria

  5. ClassDavid

    1973 Bavaria

    1973 Bavaria for sale Olds, Alberta Has clean California title. Last registered there in 2005 Super solid Bavaria! Rust Free and all original paint except the hood and the one fender. Interior is in really nice condition. runs and drives smooth. Very cool car! Original windshield in crack free condition. You won’t find a better original car! AC even works! Looking for $7,500 US Outside
  6. ClassDavid

    1968 BMW 1600

    Decided to put my 1600 for sale. 1560954 Built in OCT 1967 and delivered to USA. Don't have any paperwork but I do have some of the old Oregon plates. I understand it was in the states until 1983ish so maybe its still in the system? I don't know how that works. The car itself is a fairly complete and super solid car! Runs and drives but has been off the road for 25-30 years. I'll get some more pictures later but here is a few. I am looking for $6,500 Feel free to ask any questions!
  7. ClassDavid

    1969 2002ti

  8. ClassDavid

    1969 2002ti

    Took some more pictures and edited the ad. Forgot to mention it comes with a 1968 2000ti Engine and a original four speed as well. This is a rare car and definitely worth the effort. The important parts are there. Would love to see this car go to a good home! These were never sold in the states and only a handful were sold in Canada. Production started in Sept 68 and this one was made in November so it is very early. Out of the 16448 this is number 711.
  9. ClassDavid

    1969 2002ti

    Thats actually who I got the car from!
  10. ClassDavid

    1969 2002ti

    Yeah, fair enough. Ovisouly someone changed the wiring harness out at one point
  11. ClassDavid

    1969 2002ti

  12. ClassDavid

    1969 2002ti

    Good catch! Good eye! The ti airbox brackets were cut out for the replica. The one picture shows that. Not sure who put the 12-fuse in but you can tell its not original as the stamping is non existent. Just the nose was replaced! The both inner fenders are original.
  13. ClassDavid

    1969 2002ti

    Vin 1680711 Very Early!!! Built November 21, 1968 Delivered to Canada February 13, 1969. Originally polaris silver Genuine numbers matching Ti however currently running with a 1972 2002tii engine on dual Weber 40’s. (2761340) Has an e21 five speed and still retains the boxed in trailing arms and long neck diff. I have an early four speed that is included. Floors are very nice but it suffers from the typical 2002 rust in the rockers and fenders. Although the rockers are decent.The nose has been replaced and although is a snorkel nose it is in very nice shape and was installed quite well. I have the original numbers matching block, pistons, cam, crank and valve cover however do not have the original head. It also comes with the Ti airbox and front badge. It also comes with a complete 1968 2000ti engine which from my understanding is the exact same. So would be easy to put the original engine back together and have a correct date stamped head and valve cover. Looking for $7,500US for everything. This is maybe one of the earliest surviving Ti’s! I’m moving and the car has to go! Wish I didn’t have to sell it as these cars never come up for sale. Especially a numbers matching early car in Polaris! Feel free to ask any questions! Price is flexible. Thanks
  14. ClassDavid

    1968 BMW 1600ti

    Withs lots of consideration and even tempting offers I have decided to keep this car! It'll be too fun of a project to say no. I will list my 69 2002ti instead.
  15. ClassDavid

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Feeling nostalgic now that the car is sold. Here is some pictures from my last road trip to Vancouver Island in my 72!