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  1. Ice Shenanigans

    not sure what the name of the lake is called. It is a super small one.
  2. Ice Shenanigans

    Thanks! I'm sure you aren't the only one who is curious. It was around 10-12 inches thick in the thinnest places we could find.
  3. Ice Shenanigans

    Had some fun on the ice in the 2002. Got some sweet drone footage as well! Hope you guys enjoy.
  4. E9 manuals, badges, tail lights

    That would be great!
  5. E9 manuals, badges, tail lights

    BUMP! Any E9 owners out there?
  6. 2002 Beauty Shots

    Some of my favourites I shot last year.
  7. E9 manuals, badges, tail lights

    Have a few things for sale. I’m shipping all these from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Message me if you are interested. I’ll check my pm’s first. Also if there is a part you want specifically I might just have it! I really only have parts for a 1971-1973 2002. Original dealership manuals for the E9. Very hard to find! The best manuals! I have volume 1 and 2. It is complete. These are used manuals as you can see however the pages are very nice and it isn’t missing any. Asking $250 obo for these. Also left and right rear roundie tail lights. In quite good shape. Not faded like crazy. One is missing an inner reflector. Comes with the backing as well. Looking for $100. Also kinda testing the waters so to speak with this rear flair guards/ protectors. Looking for offers. They are in very nice shape. Stainless steel. Would maybe trade for a 1600 flag swan mirror.
  8. Rial wheels

    Saw I got negative feedback for this. Not a big deal but I feel the need to say something! I made the mistake of checking my private messages first as thats where I thought serious parties will send there shipping details and make offers. I was informed now that I am supposed to message the first comment and ask for offer and shipping details. Thats my bad. I did however have the price as obo. Or best offer. This works both ways! If everyone said they would take it at initial price I would have sold it to the first person, however a few people made me higher offers and therefore I can't back down from best offer. I feel like I'm whining but I've never had this situation before. I will definitely be more clear next time! Anyway thanks for hearing me out. It is definitely a miserable situation for the people who wanted it but didn't know that others would make a higher offer. I didn't expect that either!
  9. Rial wheels

    Grills are basically sold! Maybe too late but I forgot to mention that they are the deeper pre72 style.
  10. Rial wheels

    For sale BMW NOS left and right 2002/ 1600 grill. Not 100% of this are genuine bmw or reproduction. I got them from a BMW specialist who had these sitting on his shelf for 15 years at least. Planned on using them as garage art but figured someone should probably put them on a car. Never been mounted. Left grill has a funky stamping mark in the top right corner, other than that they are basically mint! Looking for $250 US Obo GRILL's Are SOLD!!!! Also have two 13x6 Rial mesh Wheels. Make an offer! I would be interested in buying two as well.
  11. Calendars!

    Yes it is!
  12. BMW on Ice?

    Had some fun with the 2002 and decided to share. The opportunity is pretty rare here for us to have the lake frozen with no snow! Let me know what you guys think!
  13. Patina or Showroom?

    That is a good question! The better original condition a car is the more value it has. I suppose painta or just originality can’t be faked. That being said there is a small market for cars that are this far “rusted” I think most people would see this as a full restoration project and rightfully so. Not too many people would want a car this ratty to actually drive as is. It is a numbers matching ti which makes things interesting. Not sure what the appropriate market value is. Only matters when something is for sale. ; ) I agree, this is definitely a car to enjoy in my opinion. It doesn't need a restoration although I'm sure someone will fully restore this car one day. It's probably a little too rough to be classified a "survivor" and maybe "patina" is also pushing it, but how many original 1600tis are there around? I've read through the comments and it seems everyone is in agreement to make sure its solid and then drive the hell out of it. Sounds like a great plan! I emailed BMW and it was built on Dec 8, 1967 and shipped to Canada Dec 13. Polaris silver paint code 060 Thanks for photocopying that advertisement Conserv. That is awesome! "A lively sporting car, capable of high top speeds is also a safe one" This is news to my parents...
  14. Patina or Showroom?

    Well it seems pretty unanimous to leave the outside looking the way it does! It definitely needs some rust work. The rockers or at least a section of them needs to be replaced. The front floor corners need a little tlc but I don't think I'll need to touch anything else body wise. It has been off the road for probably 30 years so everything related to suspension, brakes and drivetrain will need to be redone. I think 2002scoob might have a good point. To fully paint the underside. This car wasn't undercoated and there isn't much protection. Here is a few pictures of the underside and rear shock towers. Nose is a little rusty... Also this is the original windshield, somehow it isn't cracked and isn't separated... Also I noticed a number stamped into nose on the drivers side in the engine bay. What is this for?
  15. Patina or Showroom?

    Hello! I recently picked this 1968 1600ti up. Its a numbers matching 1600ti that hasn't been messed with. The paint is terrible but I think it looks awesome! The body is surprisingly solid. I think one day this car should probably be fully restored, however my plan is to not paint it but instead do a mechanical restoration and turn it into a driver. My question is what would you do? I'd love feedback.