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  1. Four steering wheels for sale! Petri and fromuling wheel sold 350mm Nardi Personal wheel and hub hub has a small chip $120 NOS 350mm Personal wheel $120
  2. One piece dash is pretty nice shape! asking $450US plus shipping
  3. Guaging interest on a Dogleg five speed. Currently mounted in a running driving car. I have driven with this transmission and it seems to be fine. HOWEVER, I have shifted carefully as the previous owner mentioned that the synchro between 1st and 2nd was going and thats a well known common issue. This five speed really would not have many KM on it. Was installed in the car in the late 70's from a Ti and hasn't been apart. I have seen these listed for $7-8,000US which seems crazy to me. I guess these were the optioned transmissions in Turbos? Anyway, I'm looking for $5,000us but if that is way out to lunch let me know! Of course I will remove it and can place on a pallet or box or whatever the buyer wants. Just the transmission, no driveshaft or shifting stuff
  4. Bump! Back home in two weeks and realise I'm not going to tackle this car. Looking for $15,000US Also comes with some body panels and I have a dogleg five speed as well that I'm sure someone would be interested in!
  5. It already has the original valve cover! Never came with one that had Alpina written on it. Seems like most of the early cars (pre74 )didn't
  6. That is interesting! I would love to see that brochure! Also does your car have the original block? Is that the original Airbox as well?
  7. Genuine Alpina parts for a genuine Alpina 1970 2002 wanted! Hello everybody. I know I’m looking for unobtainium however I am hopeful these parts exist. I picked this 1970 Alpina car last year. Its one of two delivered to Calgary back in the day. I have the Alpina paperwork and have been able to confirm its authenticity through Alpina as well. I’m not going to tackle the car for a bit but I figured I should make a post for Alpina parts. I am only looking for genuine parts. I think a genuine car should have genuine parts! Heres the list, please contact if you can help! Thanks! Pre August 1970 date stamped round hole CMR BORRANIS 5.5”x13” Original Three gauge auxiliary Pod Alpina Ti Airbox with original bracket My headers might be saveable but I would be interested in Alpina headers that are in great condition. This car wasn’t optioned with an Alpina Momo but I would love to find one in nice original shape with solid momo hub. If you can help that would be greatly appreciated! The parts will go on a genuine car and were originally on this car! I am super happy it still retains the original Valve cover with the gray hammered texture, roll cage and gauge cluster. I assume that would be impossible to find! I’m sure there aren’t too many MPH Alpina speedometers out there.
  8. Slowly gathering parts and info. Found the original Alpina stamping on the head. Emailed Alpina with this info and the next day they responded with the info and build date. "special cylinderhead 2000" for 2,0 liter M10 engines built on the 22.07.1970. " I love german efficiency! Looking to get a certificate of some sort if I can. I know a lot of these parts are unobtanium however I am struggling to find anything, even pictures. I plan on restoring to original with genuine parts. I am looking for correct Pre August 1970 date stamped CMR 5.5"x13" CMR borranis with round holes, Original Alpina Ti airbox and bracket, Original paint Alpina auxiliary gauge pod, and an Alpina Momo with correct solid hub. I know it's crazy to think I can find these but I do believe this genuine car needs genuine parts! Let me know what you have and whats out there! Thank you!!
  9. BMW 2002 Ti Alpina style air cleaner. Just a Ti air cleaner with studs welded in. Decent shape! Looking for $450US OBO plus shipping
  10. BMW Group sent me this "The BMW 2002 US VIN 1675xxx was manufactured on June 12th, 1970 and delivered on August 28th, 1970 to Canada. The original colour was Chamonix, paint code 085." This car was built two days after the Colorado twin and delivered the same day to Canada. The head is stamped by Alpina and Alpina emailed me saying the number corresponds with a July 22, 1970 build date. Definitely interesting reading everyones thoughts! This car has been driving me crazy. 😂 It is kinda the dream 02, at least for me. I love the shorty bumper cars, A white on blue combo is even cooler and then the fact its a genuine Alpina sends it through the roof! My Alpina options book states the 150hp motor is capable of 200km/h. Crazy! Shame it's such a massive project. I do think this shell should be saved. In my opinion the vin is the shell. If you reshell it/ transfer the vin then its no longer that car. I don't really have a problem keeping it however I just know it will sit for the next few years before I can get to it. Maybe this is the best bet and I can slowly gather the correct parts? (Wanted 5.5x13" Juneish 1970 date stamped Alpina steelies!, original paint 3 gauge pod, alpina airbox and bracket). There seems to be very few proper restorations and well I'd be scared to see this car end up in the wrong hands. I'm just talking myself into keeping it...😅
  11. 35CM Petri for sale with horn button. Decent shape. Foam is a little loose on the top but its not too worn. Great driver quality I think. Looking for $400 US
  12. 1970 BMW 2002 Alpina Yes this car is the real deal! This car was sent to Alpina straight from the factory where Alpina did their magic! Alpina verified this through email which is awesome. Its still in their system. I’ve had a lot of question what an Alpina car entails. Basically Alpina was a fairly small tuner company in Germany (keep in mind this was before they won the euro touring car championship in fall 1970 that really put their name out) They had their own race team and you could buy performance parts or choose to have your car built by them. This was quite expensive and very few cars have been built by them and still exist. (I’ve been able to track down three similar era cars) This is definitely a higher option car having 150hp, Different wheels, brakes, and interior upgrades including a roll bar! Alpina upgrades include Ti struts Ti brake booster Vented rotors Roll bar Alpina gage cluster and auxiliary group of three gauges 150HP Engine. 300 degree cam 10.2:1 compression pistons Weber 45s, Alpina headers, Ti style air cleaner 13”x5.5 borrani Wheels Bilstein shocks and Alpina springs One of two ordered by the German owner of T&T Calgary back in 1970. Its the sister car to this https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/243862-needle-in-haystack-1970-2002-alpina/ Was hillclimbed in Calgary and then disappeared until 2019. Last sold in 1989. Very rare and cool car. So pictures tell best but it is definitely a a project! Has all Typical 02 rust and unfortunately flairs were added in the 80’s. It does come with rust free rear struts, NOS front fenders, a good door, NOS rockers and some misc. It does run! The motor has the original Head which Alpina verified through email (has correct four digit stamping) Original headers, and original hammered grey valve cover too! Very cool for those who know the early Alpina cars. Does not have the original block. I have an eight page Alpina spec list that is original to the car and very cool! Im located just an hour away from Calgary, AB, Canada. Looking for $15,000US. I also have a dogleg five speed (235) that is available separately but could be included as a package deal!
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