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Can't bring myself to put it in hibernation

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It's taken 4+ years to get this rolling tetanus shot on the road. At this point it's really not a BMW any more.  That needs to be made clear, this car was missing much, damaged and significantly rusted.  Add to that a cross country relocation compounded by this being my first ground up.  I say all that to say I would have done things very differently.  Due to the moving and original plans of a track car, much of the interior little bits are gone.  I have had to build my own over the last few weeks.  without them the noise was just unbearable.  The door cards are just basic with pull straps. 


My cranks and handles were in rough shape, so I picked up the billet ones.  All I can say is just don't.  It's a bad design compounded by poor manufacture. I have fought with them more than I care to think about.  Seriously remove and reinstall of them is an hour each, they are that fiddly. On happier news Michigan seems to be having a mild winter so I will continue to drive when I can.  Friday I commuted in the 2402, using freeways and all!  There are some odd rattles to track down, further interior clean up and my running list, but it's overall a car.  I am continually amazed at how fast this thing is.  I'm sure the numbers aren't great but it just feels so visceral. 


The garage is all set for more work.  below is my list of items to knock out before the summer driving season returns


1. new windshield (reused the old as it was my first to install)

2. buy and install windshield wiper linkage (what came with the car was incomplete and what was left was rust beyond repair)

3. sway bars (the car came with NONE)

4. New tires, the current ones hold air but originally were old stock discounted tires used in a lemons race car 5 years ago!

5. replace the broken left rear quarter glass opener. 

6. new steering wheel, just tired of looking at the junkyard special


Not a huge list but after the very expensive 2019, trying to keep the spend low this year and the miles high. 



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