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  1. Just to close the loop on this topic. As it turns out, its a rusted pedal box. Let me know if you have a pedal box you would like to sell/donate. Thanks. 20210501_115004.mp4
  2. You wouldn't happen to have another pedal box laying around? Lmk.
  3. I'm looking for a pedal box for my 72 2002. Do you still have the pedal box? do you know if it will work for my car?
  4. I'm interested in a pedal box. PLease send me pics and part number if possible. Thanks.
  5. I am looking for a new or used pedal box for my 72 2002. Mine is rusted. Ease PM me with pics and price if you have one. Thanks in advance. 20210501_115004.mp4
  6. According to the mechanic, there is nothing holding the supporting bracket (pedal box), due to the rust. I will take a closer look at it. I will take pictures/video of the pedals and the rust. Thanks for the response.
  7. I would like to piggy back in this discussion and see if I can get my questions answered. I brought my car to a new shop because my brake was not working. I basically do not have any braking power. When the mechanic finally got a chance to look at the car, he showed me that my pedal box is practically attached to rust. that's why there is so much play on my brake pedal. The recommendation was: 1. Strip the whole flooring from the top to see the extent of the rust. 2. Replace the floor pan and possibly the pedal box. My questions are: 1. Do you have to mess with the engine and transmission to replace the floor pan and pedal box? Can it be replaced from the top? 2. Why cant he see the rust from the bottom and why does he need to strip my whole floor from the top to do that? I hesitate to have that done because I just had the interior done no more that 2 years ago. If there was rust there, I'm sure the guy who did it would have told me that. I am open to suggestions. Thanks. JC
  8. Are you talking about #1 when you said rubber bellows? When you say "pull the rubber down off the body', do I remove the whole A section?
  9. I am trying to install a new Clutch Slave Cylinder. I am unable to do it because it doesn't fit. I am currently in 'neutral'. How do I get this thing (circled) to move further to the back of the car so I can insert the Clutch Slave cylinder?
  10. Does this really work? My clutch was working before I started bleeding my brakes. Since then I've used a power bleeder from the reservoir, reverse clutch bleeding from the clutch slave using an oil pump can. Both did not solve my problem. Maybe I'll try this.
  11. Thank you sir. I think I will change all my bleeder screws first. It's possible there's a leak there as well, but I will try the reverse bleeding. I've read some people doing it, and have successfully bled the clutch.
  12. Thanks Tom. That makes me feel better now.
  13. So is that hole supposed to have a bolt on it? That looks like mine.
  14. Thanks Jim. Does it make a big difference when you use the new style? I will definitely look into that. Does this require any special tools to replace or is it a simple bolt on process? I will start researching it as well. At the moment, I am trying to deal with my clutch. After we met, I bled my brakes with a bleeder pump. After that I noticed that my gear started grinding when going to reverse. Mo suggested bleeding my clutch. I tried to do it yesterday, both with bleeder pump and the traditional way of having someone pressing on the clutch, and it seems to be getting progressively worse. I may have to start from scratch, from the brakes to the clutch, just to make sure I am not missing something.
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