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If at first you don't succeed

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Started out with the vague notion to make a phone holder.  I already have a design for a clip to hook on to the lip of the dash from another project.  So, how hard can it be?  


Modeling this guy was straight forward.


The piece tilts up and in toward the driver.


After 14 hrs of printing, I was rewarded with this mess.  It turned out that the part printed as one piece was not did not have all the printed layers in the ideal alignment to take any amount of mechanical stress due to the shape of the part.



Plan B.   Broke the design up into pieces.  Many many hours later since I still am horrible at 3D modeling.  Each piece can be printed individually.  Total printing time should be about 4 hrs. 



Many many prints later for fit check since material shrinkage was next to impossible to predict.


Voila, the clip worked perfectly.  The holder held.  Life is good.


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