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It followed me home



This all started as a desire to replace my seats, but turned into the find of the year. The original seats in my car were completely shot, and I had replaced them with a set of blue 320 comfort seats as an interim solution. They didn’t match the interior and looked heinous, but at least I could drive the car. 


I found a guy in the foothills of Northern California selling a ‘non running’ 1983 320 for $1500. I called him for some information about the car, and to see if it had the Recaro seats I’d begun to covet. It was his step daughter’s car, the rear end was “slipping” so he parked it on his property for a few years and was about ready to scrap it. He confirmed that it had “sport bucket seats,” so I pitched him the idea that I would bring my comfort seats, remove and replace his seats with my seats and $100 on top.


He thought I was insane, but said if I showed up with a trailer and $600 I could take the whole car and do the swap at my house. I was able to convince my very patient and then 8 months pregnant wife that I needed to at least have a look, so I rented a Uhaul and headed up the hill. The car was a Hennarot 320is, Recaro seats, G240 transmission, 3.91 rear diff, OZ Alpina wheels.














You bet I paid the man his new price and loaded the car up on the trailer with his help. Giddy with excitement, I brought the car home and began explaining to my wife how this unregistered field-mouse habitat was going to be worth it. I received a one month deadline to have the car gone.


I was able to enlist the help of a savvy neighbor and my best bud to harvest this car: trans, diff, driveshaft went in the shed for a later date, seats got new webbing and cheap eBay covers and went in my car. Steering wheel is wall art, and the rest of the interior was stripped and sold on eBay, recouping the initial purchase price. I wasn’t able to assess the usability of the running gear and I wish I had pulled the hubs, but I was able to sell the shell of the car for $100 to a local E21 enthusiast. My wife even helped me push it back onto a trailer. She’s a keeper.



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