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Adios Little Roundie



Sometimes you have to let a project go. Since I bought this car, I've sworn up and down I would never sell it. From the best test drive I've ever had in the car, to the highs and (frequent) lows of the build, I insisted that this car would stay in the stable for as long as it possibly could. As it turns out, that wasn't as long as I had hoped. Back tracking a little, for those of you who have read the previous posts, my 2002 got stuck in fabrication for much longer than intended. When it came back, a lot of the work I had hoped to get knocked out was not done and I wasn't really sure how to proceed next. I made some half hearted attempts to make progress, but truth be told after not seeing the car for 8 months I really felt demotivated. 


More importantly, I found that I had no time for this car. It sat for months on end primarily because I had no time to get anything meaningful done on it. Around Thanksgiving it was becoming pretty obvious, I simply was in way over my head. From there it was just a matter of convincing myself that parting ways was the right call for me. A couple weeks ago, I listed the car for sale. If I'm honest, I was half hoping no one would reach out about the car and eventually another alternative would present itself. But after fielding plenty of phone calls, some tire kickers and low ballers, the right buyers showed up.


It's a little bittersweet letting a car go in this condition. It's a blank canvas, and while I had a clear vision for it, I know that it's up to the new team to execute the car how they want. However they have promised me that the car is in excellent hands, and to keep me updated of the progress. Already I've been sent photos of the engine bay completely stripped out, and it sitting in it's new home. I've offered them to keep this build thread updated to preserve the history of this specific chassis. Though it's not mine anymore, I'm always happy to contribute to keep information on this car in tact. 


For now, I have no 2002s. Though I'm sure I will in the future, for now I need a long break from big projects. To everyone on this forum that sold me parts, gave me help and suggestions, a massive thank you. I often told my friends that the best part of owning a 2002 isn't the car, but the community. That's what I'll miss the most. 



The Roundie in its new home.

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I was bummed to see you sell this. I’d like to swap an ITB m20 into mine someday and was enjoying watching your progress. 

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On 1/27/2020 at 9:19 PM, Mike G said:

I was bummed to see you sell this. I’d like to swap an ITB m20 into mine someday and was enjoying watching your progress. 


Thanks Mike, I was really dreading selling the car. It's introduced me to such a great community and was really a dream come true to purchase in the first place. I actually still question whether it was really the right call frequently. But ultimately I think it'll be for the best. I've seen a few others working towards an M20 with ITBs, so I hope that someone will have one running soon. In my opinion, that'll be one of the best driving experiences you can have in these cars. 

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