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  1. C A W

    Car is finished!

    So its been a while since I've added anything to the blog. The car was finished in October. Just in time for winter in Ireland. With crappy weather and salted roads here, I've only managed 200 miles in 5 months. Though the weather is finally starting to get better and the car is finally being driven! The car was lucky enough to be featured on the cover of Retro Classics magazine. (Irish car mag) I plan to take it to plenty of shows this summer. First show is this weekend, me and my dad are taking the car over the Irish Sea to the Practical Classics Magazine show at the NEC centre in Birmingham, England. The car will be featured at the BMW Car Club GB stand. https://www.necrestorationshow.com The car is driving great though there's a few niggles to sort out before the long drive, including its running in service.
  2. C A W

    New leather interior!

    Here’s some more before pictures.
  3. C A W

    New leather interior!

    I think so, when they were sold to me I was told they were 02 seats and came out of an 02. Though I don’t think any 02’s came with recaros? So I assumed they were e21.
  4. Got some pictures of the cars interior back from the restorer. They look amazing, the colour should look great against the Bristol Grey. The armrests on the door cards were sprayed, looks like he did a great job colour matching. I'm also loving the Recaro logo pressed into the leather.
  5. C A W

    We have Bristol !!

    Cool. The car looks great. Would look pretty bad ass lowered more but as you say, might not be as nice to drive. Thanks for sharing.
  6. C A W

    We have Bristol !!

    It’s being done at Classic Carreras in Limerick, Ireland.
  7. C A W

    We have Bristol !!

    Wow, I just swore out loud when I saw your car. That’s gorgeous. Can you share more pictures?
  8. C A W

    We have Bristol !!

    Thanks! Yeah I used to think that, when the previous owner put me off it. The previous owner had started to paint it Malaga and said he didn’t like Bristol because it just looks like primer. Though now I’m so happy mine was Bristol originally. I think it really suits them.
  9. C A W

    We have Bristol !!

    Got new photos today from the garage. The car is finally painted and looking good! Next step is going through all the parts we have and figure out what we still need. Its going to be a massive jig saw puzzle and is one of the many downsides of buying a restoration project that someone else has taken apart.
  10. I should mention, if your planning on messaging any sellers on the italian webiste, it won't work. The site only lets you message if your located in Italy. So what I do is get the sellers phone number if its given, find the Italian dial code, then whatsapp them or message them. With the help from google translate of course. Theres other great classified sites from around europe, all great for finding used parts. All of these ones will let you message sellers without having to be in the country. Germany - https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-bmw-1602/k0 Spain - https://www.milanuncios.com/anuncios/bmw-1602.htm Portugal - https://www.olx.pt/ Holland - https://www.marktplaats.nl/ If you use chrome then it will translate the pages automatically.
  11. I found the wheels on an Italian classified website; subito.it I also found a set of 6 inch wide Campagnolos but when I sent them to a magnesium wheel specialist to be restored, he found one was cracked. So now I have 3 perfectly restored Campags. lol. I just had a look and theres a currently another set of cloverleafs on the site. https://www.subito.it/accessori-auto/cerchi-in-lega-momo-5-5x13-4x100-et23-milano-221625284.htm I had the pump and injectors rebuilt at http://www.lucasdevelopment.co.uk I bought a rebuilt KF warm up regulator from Jaymic. I still have the original distributor but I've fitted an electronic 123 Distributor during the engine rebuild.
  12. Thanks, That sounds like an epic trip! I hope it didn't rain too much when you were here! Theres some great driving roads where I live (Co Down), like the Antrim Coast. Though I really haven't travelled much of Ireland myself. Its funny, I've travelled Australia, Europe, Asia, America and South Africa. Though I have never seen most of Ireland. I hope to drive the Irish Atlantic Coast in the car once its on the road, as its ment to be beautiful. Its very cool that the car is number 28. I didn't realise until after I bought the car, the previous owner never mentioned it. I have asked everyone on the UK 02 forum if anyone knows of an eariler RHD tii. So far no one has. One other person in Ireland has a tii which 60 something I think. Could mine be the earliest one left on the road? Who knows.
  13. All the panels should still be available from BMW. I got the rear quarters, inner sills (wheel arches), outer sills from BMW. The doors and floor panels I got from https://www.wallothnesch.com. I got the boot floor from ECS Tuning. And I found a perfect used bonnet from Jaymic.
  14. http://www.classiccarreras.com Their in Limerick, Ireland.
  15. Sorry I can’t help you here. A restoration company are carrying out all the bodywork. Maybe someone else on this forum can help you?

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