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  1. I have pics of that car from PVGP. But I'M not selling it. Because I don't own it. Scott
  2. I think of auction bidding and buying as almost a sport. Because there is the competitive element. There is a one-upmanship element, too (at least in some of the cases, I would think). For sellers, BAT has this great thing going where the digital peanut gallery eggs people on, on occasion. Stoking the competitive fire. Scott
  3. saaron

    72 2002 Verona

    Yeah it looks pretty nice. I'd get some different wheels, maybe a different steering wheel. Maybe a cooler radio. Not a crazy price, either. Big thing of course is how solid it is underneath. Scott
  4. saaron

    13" performance tires?

    I created a doc from all the posts I saw on FAQ and FB. This is more of an attempt at a comprehensive list, vs. "all high performance", FYI. Here goes:
  5. saaron

    Kugelfischer guide

    This one is good, too. It reminds me more of the Macartney book approach - a little more shade tree and based on a lot of real-world experience. Scott Fuel Air Ratio Adj tii.pdf
  6. Inspiring us all, as usual! Great job! Scott
  7. saaron

    FS. Hundreds of 02 Parts and Some Tii Rare Parts

    What does this look like? Do you have a photo? Scott
  8. There is a little info in the above... Scott
  9. saaron

    WTB: 2002 or 2002 Tii

    "...and that was the last time anyone heard from him."
  10. It just reminds me of the other one I should have bought. "Ugh". My only regret in my 02 life. Who knows what it will go for? It's so hard to tell. It should be a lot, shouldn't it? Glad someone brought it back - I hope to see it running around (in person) some day. Scott
  11. I'll be honest, I don't think you should buy it. It's a modded car; it's a tii. You don't know what / how it has been modded, and tiis are more complicated, so they are their whole own little world. I could see you being in a confused and potentially expensive world for a while. I'm foreseeing lots of posts saying "is this supposed to be like this, because I don't think it is..." And the rust - always bad because if you DO end up having to put money into it, you'll never get it out because a rusty car is not worth much to a savvy buyer, no matter how well it runs. I just think for a newbie this has bad news written all over it. I don't mean that in a condescending way, by the way. You can probably find a pretty solid '74-'76 for $7k to $9k that is more a "known" than this car. If you proceed, get an inspection, so you know what you are buying. Inspection doesn't necessarily mean "world famous BMW inspector"; someone that can tell you what kind of rust it might have would be a huge plus. Scott
  12. saaron

    Existential Crisis

    You lost me at seventies Lincoln. And possibly XJ6. Anyway, I'm trying to add something new to the thread, and I will say your concern that you could potentially make it too nice to drive is real. I know people where that happened. And they eventually sold the car, because it mostly just sat there, because it was too nice to drive. I recently commissioned a project on my car ('72 tii), where I'm having the rot taken out of the chassis. And I can tell you, I probably pushed waiting as long as was prudent. Once the rot starts, it never sleeps. So you may want to think about doing that part, and drawing a line where you don't touch the top (if possible). My goal was to get the car solid underneath, and leave the 10 footer paint job. In a way, I think of it as protecting any value the car might have now or later. I'm sure you've noticed that 02s with obvious rot don't sell for very much, because if you can SEE a bunch of rot, it is going to be very expensive to fix if you don't DIY. And everyone knows that. Witness the constantly for sale/bought and sold many times over the past three years '72 golf euro tii, that (last I checked) isn't selling for mid-teens. It's not a $50k roundie tii. It is a roundie tii that probably needs $50k invested in it to be worth $50k. From my experience with my project thus far, I can tell you that the metal parts and pieces themselves are a small fraction of the cost, so don't feel too overly good about having the parts and pieces - they don't add up like the labor does. (As some point out above, the parts add up a lot more than they used to, though.) Last point is to take any "value" stuff with a grain of salt when you are making decisions. Not every roundie tii is worth $50k. That is the minority. And values can change. You can buy several different classics from the '40s and '50s for less money now, vs. 15 years ago, because tastes change as the market for classics evolves. In 15 years, 02 fever may have passed for all but the most original cars, or perfect restos. Everything else might not be worth a whole lot. You never know. Best of luck on it. Scott
  13. saaron

    #1507592, 1966 1600-2

    What in the heck are you doing to Frogger? Looks like a full concours resto!?! LOL, I need to calm down. Looks like major body work/paint at a minimum. Scott
  14. saaron

    Original tii motor question?

    Late to the party on this one. I'm mostly confused by values, but I think it is a rare and unique opportunity to get the original engine back, which is really cool. It's a total bonus that it is being rebuilt by a knowledgeable resource. I would definitely get it back, just from a "that's a minor miracle" perspective. Some other owner can benefit from having a decent tii motor, too, as part of the process. Which seems good. Scott
  15. saaron

    roundie tii emblem NLA? options?

    Try Blunttech, Maximillian or Roger's tii. Someone might have one. Put a "wanted" ad here - maybe someone has an extra? Scott