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  1. Ha! That is awesome! It's great to see it is still alive and kicking. It even looks pretty good. Scott
  2. This Wikipedia post has a pic of a cut-away M10. Maybe having a beer and gazing at the cutaway can help you figure it out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_M10 Scott
  3. OK, cool. I was wondering if the hood was what cracked the caps...I guess that isn't possible based on what you're saying. Probably just was pressed on too hard. Scott
  4. Thanks I appreciate it. A little less impressive in person...some internet picture voodoo is happening in those two pics. But, thanks for the nice words. Scott
  5. I got my car back from rust-repair land. And a few mechanical things. Much more solid now. Scott
  6. This looks awesome. I have the HDs and one of my caps is cracked. With it being taller, does it clear the hood OK? I've not really thought about the height between the strut top and the hood. Scott
  7. It says, "We care. But not really." Scott
  8. I have a euro roundie tii. At least now I know why no one will talk to me. Scott PS This topic is hilarious. I've noticed a few "manias" amongst my friends - buying every interesting period 13" wheel you come across, even though you have 17 sets already, and steering wheels. Steering wheel mania. Also, Borranis.
  9. You’re crazy! Seat price seems reasonable, though. Scott
  10. This made my day. What a gorgeous track. With a lot of lurking trees. Thanks for sharing. This is the best. Scott
  11. If you are on FB, you should join the RGB group (Rivertown Gearbusters). Then you'll be in on when we do events and drives, etc. I'm sure I'll meet you at some point - looking forward to it. Scott
  12. I saw it on the Facebook. It's a neat car for sure. You gotta get it going and get it to Vintage next year! Scott PS I'm up in Cincy so I know Jake and Ben, etc. Have known them for years.
  13. Oh you know our friend Ben down in Kentucky, I suppose! Scott
  14. Here are the two articles I have, just to share them with the other tii owners. The "Jim's" article referenced above, and a more thorough article which goes through adjusting the valves, ignition system, syncing the pump and throttle body, etc. It does not cover adjusting the AFR via gauges or anything like that. When I was in college, about 5 miles from campus there was a Sunoco station that had racing gas - I think it was 105 octane. The tii LOVED that gas. It was amazing. At least we have 93 around here. Not too bad. Scott Fuel Air Ratio Adj tii.pdf TechBMWProceduretiiFI.pdf
  15. Some of my experience in no particular order: If you want to keep your distributor the way it is, and just have it rebuilt, Advanced Distributors can do it. I did this a couple of years ago, and I believe it helped the car. I was only a few hundred bucks. I actually sent them a used distributor from a friend, so I didn't have to take my car off the road to get it done. http://advanceddistributors.com/wordpress1/ I also replaced all the springs in the linkage, and got the plastic cap Einspritzer references. And I bought the three linkage pieces, measured them, and installed them. Just going for a solid baseline. One thing I have not done (mostly because my car runs fine) is sync'ed the pump to the throttle. I recently had an exhaust bung put in my tii's downpipe, so I can tune it (or at least see what it is doing currently). That will be a project for next summer. I do have an old Roundel article where they talk about tuning a tii's AFR without the data from an AFR gauge. I'll be curious to see what Einspritzer says about that. It makes a lot of sense to me to get the linkage and the ignition straightened out before attempting AFR things. Big picture, I view it as eliminating variables. There are many to begin with, but once the linkage is solid, and the ignition and timing are correct, then you can move to the actual KFish part. Just keep on eliminating variables. I notice my tii runs a little different in summer and winter - I theorize it is the blend of the fuel, or the ambient temps, or a combination of both? I don't know that for sure, of course. I have not heard about that gauge of wire issue in regards to the fuel pump. Totally makes sense. Very interesting. I did have an idle hunt that cropped up - I was able to adjust the screw inside the tuna can a tiny bit to eliminate it. I made it a little richer and that cured it. Really want that AFR gauge... Scott

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