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  1. I like it, too. That car re-done in Florida would be really cool. Scott
  2. I wish I could do this as a zoom meeting kind of thing. Scott
  3. Hey! Stop stealing my Brand! Seriously, here's a raft of photos I put up when my 02 had a rustectomy last year. You can get some idea of how much work it was. You can also gauge your car against my car in terms of what you'll find. Because until you take the front fender off, and cut the rocker off, you don't know how bad it is behind there. Be sure to start at the beginning (titled "Before") where there are some pics of my car, and a bunch of cars owned by FAQers. Then, the devastation, LOL. Scott
  4. I was going to say, I've used rubber bands before. I'm not concours material... Thanks @02tom for the sleuthing. Scott
  5. Hmm. Mine is so coated with "stuff" I didn't know it looked like that. Could be a good thing to have. Never see a rebuilt one. Could you send me the sheet with what has been done? Thanks, Scott
  6. You don't happen to have a set of the tii injection adjustment tools, do you? I've been looking for a set. It's a long shot, I know. Scott
  7. Well, that's how I could write it...I'm all of them. Thanks for posting it in an easier-to-read format. You're a lifesaver. Scott
  8. I came up with this list of the types of posters you see on BAT. I wrote it originally as an RGB post on FB. Then I tried (feebly) to tighten it up for our local chapter of the CCA - the Buckeye Chapter. Posting this for all of you, now. And you know which one you are... Scott Kinds of BAT Posters 2.docx
  9. Oh God now I want to look at mine... Scott
  10. What I've learned is, spend your time and money on what you really want. No one likes to look at their car (or anything else in their life) and mostly see what could have been. That said, some brilliant work on display above. Here's a pic of a friend's car that I admire greatly, for inspiration. Scott
  11. The rust bubbling on the bottom of the door...that's a concern. I agree - what's the deal on that C pillar damage? Looks like a metal rod tried to go through it. Yikes. Other than that, it is appealing to me. Nice color combo. Scott
  12. Once you can look at the car more - open the glovebox and look up at the body - there’s a section of the paint you can see up there. Not many people would paint a car with the interior and dash out, which is what you’d have to do to paint that spot. Cham is white. You might know that already. Good luck on your car. Sounds cool. Scott
  13. This is all because there is no sarcasm font, an idea I had at work in 2008. We need the sarcasm font. My other workplace innovation (which was adopted) was “Third Person Thursday” where people were encouraged to speak like a pro athlete. Works like this: Ryan: “Let me tell you something about Ryan. Ryan is not going to put up with Fred in Finance slow-paying our key vendors. That’s not what Ryan is all about.” Scott
  14. Yup, it appears to be gone. Scott
  15. Now that was a good purchase! Here's a pic at the Vintage where we went back to the Vineyard. It was '13, maybe? Vern in the foreground and my car (and BJ's car) in the background. Scott
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