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  1. For a '76. The female electrical connector that comes from the tail lights and brake lights. Lives under the dash. Has six connectors in one block. Scott
  2. Great to see you again, Ryan. I miss the IG tii peel-out videos. I know how you feel - I'm starting to line up bigger projects, because there is time to be used - preferably constructively. I'll probably learn how to adjust valves next. I agree w/the other posters re the airbox. Looks like there wasn't enough measuring done before cutting. Can't find the Roudel article where they tried different tii intake arrangements. I can only find this little clip of the results. It was a cool article - thought I had the whole thing. Scott
  3. Hey - good for you. Classy move. The car isn’t bad, either. Scott
  4. Here are the Coker 13s: https://www.cokertire.com/tires.html?tire_rim_diameter=2125 Note if you insure your car w/Hagerty, you get 10% off Coker, and right now you get an extra $80. They have the Vredestein that a lot of people like. I'm attaching my doc of a few years ago; may be a little out of date. I bought the Kuhmo Solus, because they were widely available, and I'm kind of cheap. They are not very good. I got what I paid for. Scott Tire Choices for 13%22 Wheels.docx
  5. If you got the Autobahn Package, they were red. Scott Director Internet Rumor Creation Dept., Vintage BMW Division
  6. saaron

    Guitars and Amps

    Yes, I love my Princeton Reverb and Vibrochamp for that reason - tube amps sound way better turned up a bit. Hence my interest in the attenuator. Scott
  7. saaron

    Guitars and Amps

    Let me know if you do the attenuator. I’m thinking I need to do that or just let the TR go at some point. Though I did de-power it - took out 2 power tubes and switched around some preamp tubes. But it is still a bit much. Scott
  8. Random thoughts: I am a dummy and I have an adjustable timing light, and set the timing off a mark I put on the front pulley. It is easy. "If Scott can do it, anyone can." I agree fully advanced (I have my wife rev it to 3500 or so) I run around 32 degrees. No pinging. I probably could advance it a little more. The experts have told me that all cars are a little different in this regard, so experimenting is good. If the timing is not advanced enough, what I notice is lack of throttle response. It feels a little mushy. The car FEELS faster, or at least more responsive, if the timing is set correctly. So I would just advance it a few degrees and drive it. Once it is warmed up, if you floor it in second gear, and it doesn't ping, advance it a little more. Put a little mark on the distributor and the shaft so you can put it back to where it is now, if you need to. When you change the timing, it will potentially change your idle speed, FYI. It's all inter-related, as I've learned. So if it is warmed up and idling, and you fiddle with the timing, the rpms will change a bit. Super jealous of your rebuilt engine. Scott
  9. I hardly ever look at 2002s on BAT because it just drives me crazy. I look at other cars I like occasionally, but the 02 stuff is brutal. My gut feeling, too, was that it probably had the correct bumpers. I'm just not anywhere near the reference material. Scott
  10. My car's trunk looks almost exactly the same. At one point, a place was selling a trunk carpet, and they had a big sale on it, so I bought it. This was probably the '90s. I figured maybe it would protect the panels. The carpet is nothing special to look at, I can tell you that. Scott
  11. I have to say, when I got my car in '87, it did not have the chrome exhaust tip. Remember, Max made that a mandatory option for the US cars. So all the 02s here had/have them, but in Europe it wasn't as big of a deal. It probably didn't have one originally. I caved and put one on my car because my wife thought it looked better. So there you go. Scott
  12. Yes, it is pretty cool. I'm not an expert like the guys on this forum, so I can't speak to the color being right/not right. Or the upholstery being stitched vs. heat-welded. I have a similar car, and I can tell you this one has the euro bits in the interior. The gauges, steering wheel, low fuel light, radio all look right. I can't speak to the seat hinges - mine are chrome, but this is an earlier car, so they might be correct. Only thing I was wondering about is the fact that it has bumpers like mine, but it is 2400 cars earlier. I thought it might still have the earlier versions at that vin. This one was probably made in early spring of '72...mine was from the summer. The euro cars tended not to change a whole lot over time - there were no regs driving yearly updates like here. They also tended to change at the calendar year vs. the model year. Model year changing in Sept is something the US gravitated towards in the '50s. The new TV shows and new model cars were made to sync up, due to the interdependence of the two (via TV advertising). Looks pretty nice to me. The color is really classy. Scott
  13. Nice looking vehicle. I need to add this one to the list of euro tiis in the US. This one is a good 2400 cars before mine. They made about 15,000 euro tii roundies (if I'm remembering correctly). A good chunk of tii production in general. Scott

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