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  1. Those brake discs are cool. I agree! Could be fun. Scott
  2. Well, you did something about it! I suppose because I didn’t buy the ti I had the money to cut the rot out of the tii last year. Looks like now’s your chance, once again. Scott
  3. I should have bought that damn thing. I thought about it for a month. Scott
  4. I was just kidding. Unless you would want to...then maybe I'm not kidding... Scott
  5. You get 45 mpg highway, though. According to the Blue Book, the diff ratio changed about 600 cars after mine. So it did change to 3.64 towards the end of euro '72s if the book is correct. Scott
  6. Holy cow! What a lovely looking little thing. Is it just me, or does it look like it might be a few different shades of Inka - on that side-of-the-car shot? I think Les might be correct re the interior. Still, my friend has a '72 Inka car from SoCal, and it is so clean and dry underneath it is ridiculous. If this one is like that one...totally worth it. Scott
  7. 1600ti clone! I just need to hire Gerock to build it for me! I do think he needs something to occupy his time. And this sure would do that. Scott
  8. If you have the blue book, it has the stock advance curves. I know because I copied one to give to Advanced Distributors when they rebuilt my distributor. You could start with a stock tii curve in other words. And yes, you can impact the timing by twisting the 123, just like a regular distributor, as I understand it. So I believe you will need to reconcile the curve in the 123 and the static timing (amount of twist in the distributor), to understand what timing your engine is really seeing. You can check that with a variable timing light right now, if you have one. You could start your car and retard the timing a bit by turning the 123, and see if it runs better. Just turn it a tiny amount. Edit: If you do have an adjustable timing light, you can have someone rev it up to 3,000 rpm. It should be at about 32 or so degrees of advance. Ultimately, that is what you're after. You could just turn the 123 until you are in that ballpark, as a first step. Then go back to "what is the curve" in there, and all that. Double Edit: I am a novice at most of these car things, but I did buy an adjustable timing light, and learn how to adjust the timing. It is really easy. You do need to paint the marks on the pulleys on the front of the engine to do it, though. That is step one. Scott
  9. Wow, yeah, that is a project. It needs the same metalwork my car got last year. And a lot more mechanical stuff. Oof. Scott
  10. Wow you did a ton of work to it. Someone will get a nice car for sure. Good luck. Scott
  11. The E12 euro tiis had 9.5:1 compression ration vs the US' 9.0:1. So there's that. Not sure if the same CR differences exist with the 121 head cars. Off the top of my head, here's what is different: >Lighting (headlights (a lot of euro cars have city lights in the headlights), turn signals, license plate lights, lack of sidemarker lights) >A lot of euro cars don't have rear bumper guards...mine doesn't. >Low fuel light in the euro tii >CR difference as above (E12 cars for sure, not sure re earlier head) >220 KMH speedo vs. 120mph US >Steering wheel is different >Euro cars don't have the charcoal fuel vapor set up in the trunk >There were more choices of seat material in euro cars - I've seen them with different seat materials - all the US ones are the familiar seat materials we all know. My car has a euro Blaupunkt radio with weird bands (it gets radio free london at night), so that could be pretty common to have different radios. Mine also has a Carlix block heater (it was bought new by a Swiss person - maybe lived somewhere chilly). This car is super cool. There have been a few really nice tiis for sale lately. Really nice, cool ones don't shake loose very often. For good reason. Scott
  12. Welcome aboard, Charlie! Car looks great. As Mike said ^^ there are a bunch of us in central and Southern Ohio that try to get together a few times a year. The RGB group has a Facebook page, too, if you are on FB. Love the color of your car. There are a few Verona cars around. Scott
  13. That is incredible! What a cool pair of cars, too. The car I had before the 02 was a ‘78 Celica Liftback. I sold it to a young family when I bought the 02. I went back to school in the fall, and when I came back for the holidays, my Dad said he heard from the family that the Celica was rear-ended at a light, and was totaled. That’s a bummer. It was in great shape - my Dad bought it new when we lived in Northern California. So it only had a few midwestern years under it’s belt. Scott
  14. I think you can still buy the frame rails if you are going the replacement route. Although they have been NLA at times. I'd be poking around the entire underside of that thing before I put any money / time into it. Those rails look pretty bad, and that goop could be hiding a lot. Especially look in the trunk near the shock towers, and where the rear subframe connects to the body in front of the rear wheels. If those places are bad... These cars were made pre-galvanized steel, so like all cars of their era, they rot big time. Scott
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