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  1. Yes, there is the lock nut on the shaft above the top hat, and it is tightened onto the top hat. I think you are 100% correct that the top hat is frozen to the shaft. It's about 35 degrees in my garage, so I'm not going to fool with it. Today my son and I are going to try our hand at paintless dent removal - his GLI has a spot that needs work. Thanks again - huge help, Paul. Scott
  2. I am a little concerned if that threaded rod and the internal assembly could turn. Occasionally I drive the car for hours at a time, and there has to be a lot of vibration going on. I wouldn't want that assembly or the rod to be turning a bit via 5 hours of vibration. Maybe that would never happen. I hear your points. I will return to this when I get a weather break. Whenever that may be. Thanks, Paul and Jason. Scott
  3. OK, great info! Thanks Paul. I wonder if the WUR just is sticky from the car sitting so long (while the body work was getting done). I’ll have to tighten that set screw. And adjust it so the top hat clears the enrichment lever when the engine is warmed up. May wait a bit as the weather is not great for warming the engine up, lol. Car is running fine, so I’ll tackle it on one of those freaky warm winter days, if we have one. Thanks again, Scott
  4. Thanks, guys. A few follow up Qs: Is the set screw on the top hat? I had not heard that before. Do you mean the hose that goes into the bottom of the warm up regulator? Is that just air going through that hose, or is it coolant? The car sat for some pretty long stretches over the summer - could that have impacted the situation? It really hasn't sat that much the entire 30+ years I've owned it. Last Q - should that whole theaded rod the top hat is on turn? I'm still not clear on that. I thought the rod should stay put, and you are just running the top hat up and down the rod. I guess I didn't think the whole rod would turn. I remember that thread of Jim Gerock's...I need to try to find it. Thanks again. Scott
  5. I was adjusting the warm up regulator earlier. I was following the Macartney book procedure. I noticed a couple of things: >As I unwound the top nut, it looked like the top hat was turning as well. That doesn't seem correct, does it? In other words, the threaded rod the adjusting nut and top hat are on was turning as well. >I drove the car about 15 min to warm it up - checking where the top hat ends up when the car is warm. The top hat never really clears the lever (at least not that I can tell), even though the lever is on it's stop. The warm up regulator seems to function - it raises as the car warms up. There is a gap - probably the 2-3 mm that is expected, from the enrichment lever to the stop when the engine is cold. It is 45 degrees today. Like I said, when the engine is warmed up, the lever has moved to be down against the stop. Maybe if it was warmer out, and the engine was hotter, the top hat would clear the lever? The car drives fine - idles higher when warming up, and gradually lowering to about 1,000 rpm once the lever is on the stop. The revolving top hat/threaded rod concerns me, though. I wonder if the top hat and threaded rod it is on have fused over time? Any thoughts / advice / confirming I'm not crazy, are appreciated. Scott
  6. Nice job re the award. I spent part of my younger years growing up in Danville. It was a nice place then, and it has been up scaled a bit over the years, like a lot of things in the Bay Area, I would guess. I went back there in September, for the first time since I left - was fun to walk around downtown again. Scott
  7. Judging by my 02 (99.9% stock ‘72 tii) most people would think I’m a bit of a purist. Maybe I am. But this car is pretty cool. I like it, overall. I do think the price depends on a few key things: >What does the car look like underneath? Is it pretty clean, or not so much? >Have you done anything to the driveline to cope with the extra power? >Interior condition >Quality of the work, which is hard to judge by internet pics. So pics of that stuff and more info would be helpful. Scott
  8. Too bad the Touring is worse than you thought. That hurts. Your plan sounds good. Good luck on it and keep us up to date. Scott
  9. Speaking of strong prices, this Agave tii sold for $42k. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-bmw-2002tii-41/ It's a nice looking car, and a tii and all that, but that seemed like a pretty strong price. Maybe I'm behind the curve on what roundie tiis are worth these days. Happy Holidays, Scott
  10. That's a hassle that it didn't sell. Someone will grab it, if they haven't already. Scott
  11. Where are the new noses made? That seems like such a complex part to just whip up. Scott
  12. Mine had rust in that same place. The shop did what Son of Marty said - ended up cutting that metal piece fairly high up to get to actual metal. Yours might not be as bad. The pics of that area are the last pics in this blog section. "Drivers Side Part 2" has the whole thing going back together.
  13. I posted some pics in a blog I did on the work my car had done this summer. In this section I relay what the folks at the shop did in terms of coatings, etc. You might find the whole thing interesting, if you haven’t looked at It. The job started as just rockers, but...
  14. Yes, I met Bruce at a car show a while back. I think his father bought that car, if I'm remembering correctly. So it was only ever in their family. It is a time capsule. Super orig. Scott
  15. Hi all - I saw this car about 10 years ago, and I know it has popped up a few times over the years. Car has been in the same family from new, and really has just been maintained. https://www.historicvehicle.org/lincoln-continental-prototype-and-bmw-2002-take-home-hva-awards/ Scott

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