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  1. Vintage Prep start party

    Started six months of Vintage Prep with a gathering of local 02 friends. And a Mike Self gif!
  2. test

  3. Engine Removal

    We got the engine out and really like the nifty side-mounting on the engine stand. Not sure what we'll do engine-wise, but now it’s on to the engine bay and the sorting of many systems. Last photo: “sweet child.”
  4. 1975 Verona Sunroof 2002 by Eurotrash

    The Verona is pissed that you're still using the eurotrash name--and hoping you'll switch to something more aspirational, such as eurotreasure. (It's all about the branding, after all...)
  5. Engine puzzle, a book, and The Vintage

    Windshield broken long ago; my daughter just liked photographing it. As for The Vintage, this was our second year as spectators. Next year we'll hopefully drive our project car and stay in Asheville and meet more people.
  6. After removing the head (which seems okay), we put it back on and torqued it down--just to see if the blockage reappeared. It did not. So, the mysterious blockage is gone, and we're debating what to do next. Options include having the head gone through, swap in a used head, swap in a used engine, or go through both the head and the bottom end. Whatever we do, at least we have a new cooling system ready. While our car was offline, there were two highlights--doing the design for Rob Siegel's book "Ran When Parked" (we had visited him in Louisville when he worked on "Louie"), and tracking Jason Gipson's '75 Verona build. Many thanks to Jason for letting us borrow the Beer Snob for our trip to The Vintage!
  7. First Start, and a setback

    We first removed the oil pan to have a look around the underside, but everything there seemed in order (apart from a loose oil pump chain). We then removed the head, and yes--that was the source of the blockage. Now to examine the head...
  8. (background on our specific situation here, for those who want it)
  9. First Start, and a setback

    Update on finding the mechanical blockage and why the engine won’t turn (beyond a short range): We used a scope to look into the cylinders, but couldn’t see any obvious issues such as a broken valve. The scope was limited in its clarity and perspective, so there's nothing definitive either way here. We had some ’02 experts helping us virtually, including the advice of setting the flywheel to the TO “line” mark (in the back viewing hole) and then examining the positions of the valves and camshaft. Well, things up top “were not where they should have been,” and the conclusion is that the timing chain skipped some teeth. When we were turning the crank to set this up, we were unaware that the direction of rotation matters (due to the spring-loaded hydraulic chain tensioner)—so we’ll do it again and make sure we’re going clockwise. If this makes the valves/camshaft marks closer to what they should be, then we’ll try removing the distributor and see if that frees up the blockage. (We’ll remove the distributor anyway, because at this point, why not?) Odds are, we’ll have to remove the head and check for bent valves—but we’re exploring all other rotating options first (timing chain, etc.).
  10. First Start, and a setback

    Well, we got the First Start (yay!), followed by our first setback. (“Start” video here.) The setback (two days later) was doing a compression test, when the engine locked up. It turns by hand (as if it was a clock) from Noon to about 10:00, and then back; somewhere there’s a mechanical blockage. We checked the flywheel (it was fine) so the next step is to check the internals of the engine. Tonight we’ll use a borrowed scope to peer into the cylinders (via the spark plug holes) and see what’s up. As part of our project objectives (#1: Have Fun; #2: Meet People), we’re hosting “Garage Nights” where we invite friends to watch us work and hang out. Four down, 18 to go!
  11. Prepping for the First Start

    Update: We got the wiring sorted (many thanks to The Hack Mechanic!) after reviewing different wiring diagrams. This comment had the winning diagram, and here's our conclusion:
  12. Prepping for the First Start

    We're not getting spark to the coil and will next do the "direct connection" thing just to try for our first spark. But, as a follow-up to the wiring photo above, here's a close up of the ignition relay--which has something wrong with it (or is mis-wired, most likely) because it clicks whenever the battery negative terminal is connected or disconnected.
  13. Prepping for the First Start

    So the “mystery coolant hose” is actually from the absent air pump, and the proper way to plug it (to prevent vacuum leaks) is at its source in the exhaust manifold. (Thanks for that note, Mike.) @halboyles: My 5-cylinder Audi days are over, but what a cool car it was! A 1987 Audi 5000 Turbo Quattro Avant, 5 speed, black on black; great in snow, massive visual presence, and heated seats both front and rear (the ultimate skiwagen). But alas, it was slow (10v 5-cylinder instead of the later 20v) and it had numerous electrical gremlins. It looked cool and sporty but drove big and slow.
  14. Prepping for the First Start

    Looking for insight and advice as we try to start the engine on our 1971 2002 for the first time. We don’t know the history of the car (here's what we do know) nor why someone else abandoned it mid-project. We’ve enjoyed the researching so far (many FAQ searches) and the gathering of parts, all while having lots of fun (see our project car website link in the blog description). Now to put fuel to spark, and see what we’ve got engine-wise. Current status: - Mechanical #1: The engine turns by hand; we’ve changed the oil and adjusted the valves. - Mechanical #2: Still sorting out what’s original and what’s not. This (Photo 1 below) is a later head, correct? - Electrical // ignition: New plugs, wires, points, condenser, rotor and cap installed. - Electrical // ignition #2: We have not touched anything around the coil. Any insights into what we’re seeing here? (Photo 2 below) - Electrical // battery: We just got one; thanks to Mike Self for suggesting (via FAQ) a Group 26R from Wal-Mart. - Electrical // charging: Old alternator was toast (had it tested) and we have a used loaner from a friend. But the drive belt is off (see below), so this first start (and maybe short run) will be battery-only. - Electrical // starter: We connected the battery and the starter does engage, yay. The oil got sloshed around with no ignition stuff connected. - Fuel // tank: The gas tank is out of the car. (But it does look clean, thankfully.) - Fuel // carburetor: Just dump a bit of fuel down this carb? Help! (Photo 3 below) - Fuel // delivery: New parts on hand, but not yet installed: fuel hose, fuel line, fuel filter. - Cooling // radiator: Removed and just got rebuilt. (If the car starts, we can run it for one minute without any cooling system, correct?) - Cooling // engine block: Drained and flushed. - Cooling // water pump and thermostat: Removed and will get replaced. - Cooling // heater core: No idea. But, we were thrilled to see that the heater fan works when we connected the battery. - Cooling // hoses: Some are off; all will get replaced. What’s up with this hose under the intake manifold that we found plugged with a spark plug?! (Photo 4 below) thanks, Eric
  15. Wolfgang is 48 today

    Happy Birthday!