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  1. King+Sons

    "factory color" shirts recap

    The shirts are finished and have shipped! Thanks to all who ordered. Some extra shirts are available here. More photos Shirt printing video
  2. Last call for “factory color” shirts; this weekend is the end. Shirts will ship in September. We’re thrilled to have reached the needed minimum of 12 orders for both of the press runs (“2002” and “2002tii” design)—so we won’t be losing any money on this little venture! Here’s the color popularity breakdown: Multiple orders for Atlantik, Derby/Anthrazitgrau, Golf, Inka, Nevada, Riviera, Shwarz, and Verona. Single order for Agave, Arktisblau, Bristol, Caribe, Ceylon, Chamonix, Florida, Jadegrun/Amazonasgrun, Pastelblau, Polaris, Sahara, Malaga, Mintgrun, Taiga, and Turkis. No orders for Baikal, Colorado, Fjord, Granada, Granatrot, Sienabrun, Tundra, and Turf. Thanks all for your support!
  3. As we start a new season of work on the car, a look back on two years of fun. Video by Sarah: Also, last chance on the "factory color" shirt orders:
  4. King+Sons

    "factory color" t-shirts

    Halfway through the pre-order window, and here’s the color survey so far by order quantity: 4: Inka. 3: Verona. 2: Riviera, Schwarz. 1: Anthrazitgrau, Chamonix, Derby, Fjord, Golf, Malaga, Pastelblau, Polaris, Sahara, Turkis, Nevada. /// We hit the needed minimum of 12 “2002” shirts and are almost there with the “2002tii” ones. Looking at the above list tells me that the pre-shipping group photo will be cool. And, if scheduling allows, we may get video of the shirts on press at the printer in September.
  5. King+Sons

    "factory color" t-shirts

    Thanks for the feedback; lighter-weight polyester shirts (“Active fit” not "Classic fit") have just been added to the Order page. There are fewer colors available (and you'll need to include a note with your order), but it is now an option.
  6. King+Sons

    "factory color" t-shirts

    Shirts are Gildan Ultra Cotton, their heaviest weight. Most shirt colors are all cotton, while the heathers are poly blends. Emblem artwork will print traditional silk screen with five colors--white, black and three greys. (Thought about getting the chrome emblem look with '70s metallic iron-ons, but decided to pass!)
  7. King+Sons

    "factory color" t-shirts

    Malaga, Chaminox, Pastelblau and more! 2002 (or 2002tii) emblem on a “factory color” shirt. $25 each, pre-orders due by the end of August. Shirts printed and shipped in September. Order here.
  8. King+Sons

    "Factory color" t-shirts, pre-order until 8/31/18

    Shirts are Gildan Ultra Cotton, their heaviest weight. The emblem artwork will be printed with traditional silk screen with five colors--white, black and three greys. For the suspension, yes, we're looking at the Blunt refresh package. Everything on ours is shot. Since we have the old-style stock 13" wheels, we'll probably keep the brakes stock--rebuilding the calipers and replacing everything else. Would vented fronts fit? For the back, friends gave us some 320i drum upgrade parts.
  9. My daughter and I are selling 2002 "factory color" shirts to raise money for a big parts buy. (Suspension, brakes, etc.) All the colors, all the sizes! Pre-orders only, until August 31, 2018. Shirts will ship in September. Order here
  10. King+Sons

    PVGP Thank You!

    Great seeing you again, and thanks for signing one of our Celebrity Hubcaps!
  11. Scott, that "Nice German Woman" story is great.
  12. King+Sons

    North to Alaska

  13. King+Sons

    rear subframe

    We dropped the rear subframe mainly because of the cut axles; our theory is that a salvage yard did that in order to roll the car around with a seized differential. (There is great freedom in working on a car that was rescued from the crusher!) Both the differential in the car and the extra diff that came with the car are not usable; the former barely turns (confirming our theory) and the extra one turns freely but has chipped gears (see photo). At a Rivertown Gear Busters parts swap we had picked up five used axles; two have the 3+3 bolt pattern, so we'll raid all five to get two axles that will work. Many thanks to Dave Guard for the media blasting. We're having fun in this "messy" phase while looking forward to the final cleaning and painting of the subframe bits.
  14. King+Sons

    1975 Verona Sunroof 2002 by Eurotrash

    "Help! I'm becoming a parts shelf!" - The Beer Snob /// The M Zehn looks great; will be fun to see it showcased in an 02 gallery.