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  1. Thanks, Mike. Exactly as I suspected, and you are correct: the back panel is a long way from being smooth and even. Still, and as always, it is fun to work on an '02 that needs additional love. Larry
  2. Do <1973 2002's have any type of seal(er) between the 4-bulb tail light housing and the inner rear body/trunk panel? I am reasonably sure the answer is "No". I do not recall one in my '73 I had for 34 years. However, I ask b/c my current project '70 2002 has had at some point in its history black sealant/goop (see photo) applied between these two components. The only seal I know in that area is the thick rubbery gasket between the chrome rim and the lens. Thanks, Larry
  3. You and your nice ride are keeping sweet company with a red early/mid '50's Ford PU down the way.
  4. Cold start harness for a tii. My first attempt at fabricating a harness. Quite fun and educational. Seems to work well. Larry
  5. Photos below might be helpful: different lighting views of two-stage PPG automotive paint matched to BMW Inka code 022. Away now. When I return home in a few days I can send you the PPG codes from the original cans. Larry [email protected]
  6. Paul, I like yours much better. More like the original, and better fabrication. Mine was the first attempt. Will keep trying. Larry
  7. I have one I can send you. No guarantee it is perfect; however, I would have used it if I had not chickened out cutting through my $$$$ chromed bumper. Can you wait a week or two? Address? Larry
  8. Roman, You have an '02 with only one dangler? You sure it's an '02? Larry
  9. Healey, Thanks. My thoughts, too, all along. Yep, perhaps a shaft issue. What shaft component is not doing its job? Any ideas to prevent, repair, address this issue?
  10. Thanks, Buckeye. Must go check rotation...CW, I think. Thanks, Paul. I don't see leakage around the collar or any site associated with the housing or its new gasket. The oil appears to be coming from within the distributor body, out through one of the holes in the floor of the body (see 1st photo in the initial post above), accumulating, and then dripping from the angled lower outer edge of the body which points down to the exhaust downpipe. I did not notice any cracks or irregularities in the housing during the cleaning of the inside and outside of the housing and replacement of the housing gasket and washer-gasket. My gut is telling me to get a new distributor. Suggestions re: same? Photos: housing pre-cleaning Larry
  11. You're sharp! Good suggestion. Thanks. #1 (owned for 34 years) is long gone. #2 is a '74 tii parked beside #3. Should the tii dist work in #3 ('75 block / '83 head)?
  12. Paul, A new washer-gasket and a new housing gasket were installed at the same time as the O-ring attempts. Housing, its tunnels, and surfaces were cleaned and tidy-ed up before re-assembly. Think it's new distributor time? Larry
  13. Thanks, Tom. Good points. Will investigate same. Should have continued the previous thread. Thanks for the reminder. Larry
  14. '76, Yep, that one. Numerous posts state either get it to fit/stop leaking somehow or get a Bosch, a 123, etc. Larry

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