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  1. A team in Wales converted a 1602 to electric power. On Motor Trend. British "TV car show" (Vintage Voltage) Season 1, Episode 9. This program is about Electric Classic Works which does these types of conversions. Interesting: 1. I did not know 1602s could be square tails. The year of the car was not mentioned. 2. I like the VW color. 3. REALLY SWEET: A VISIT TO JAYMIC IN NORFOLK! 4. They called the trans a 5-speed; however, it does not look like a 5-speed. 5. Fabricator turned a PS window regulator into a DS regulator. Who knew... 6. Interesting mods. Red leather seats are stunning. Vintage Voltage BMW 1602 Season 1•Episode 9•43:35 This baby BMW's owner wants to take his basic Beemer and turn it into an electric homage to the wild 2002 Turbo. But the car is just a shell, and Moggy and his team have their work cut out for them.
  2. Lb, No, not the original relay - this black one replaced the original. My CS system was on the fritz and could not find a new CS relay, so I purchased this (black) lucky-to-find CS relay from a vendor at the 2017 Vintage in Asheville. To this day, I do not know it's manufacturer or anything else about it other than what's on the case. It worked well for a long time. Soon after, I fabricated a complete CS wiring harness and installed a CS relay fabricated by our FAQ friend, JsnPpp. His CS relay still works swimmingly. Regards, Larry
  3. Text for the above 4 photos did not transmit. Resubmission... ScottA, Here are four photos of what Dave Varco did for my E21s in 2016. Completely satisfied. My Spring plan is to re-upholster my original '74 tii seats and move these (Varco) E21s to my project '70 ti-wannabe. Larry
  4. $35 sounds about right...maybe a little high. ...can't be that hard. Cut here, weld there.
  5. Dave, Do you have any plans for having the ULTIMATE 5 SPEED CONVERSION KIT 1417BTKT on sale anytime soon? Regards, Larry Gray Cincinnati
  6. The aforementioned information is superb and comes from much experience. Smart people. Heed their advice. You might try the following and see how it works... 1. Pick several cars which have paint jobs you worship, really like, like, can live with, and don't like. 2. Examine the cars closely. 3. Interview the owners and ask them about their experiences: -- What was done to the car (prep work) before delivery to the paint shop? -- Which shop did they use? -- What the paint shop did (body repair, parts removal, welding, how much rust was removed/repaired, etc.)? -- What type of paint was used and how the car was painted? -- What is the owner's level of satisfaction post-completion of the work? -- What was the charge for doing the work? NOTE: Do not be surprised if you do not accumulate much information there. Some persons consider charges privileged information because of negotiated deals, special deals, barter, friendship, special considerations, embarrassment due to getting screwed over by the shop, etc. 4. Go to the paint/body shops used and talk with the owners. The information you gather should answer many of your questions. Good luck.
  7. Fiberglass-patched a few holes in the spare tire well of the '70 ti-wannabe project. Garage temperature was around 40-45 F, so I had to use a heat lamp for several hours. Worked well. Prep work: 3 days. Patching: 30 minutes. Go figure. Photo 1: lighted from above Photo 2: lighted from below To Do: patch from below and sand both interior and exterior layers...prime and paint, of course. Painted the top of the refurbished fuel tank. Photo 3: the tank To Do: Coat the bottom with bed liner or some such durable stuff. Larry
  8. Thank you, 02Les, for informing me '74 Euros did not have the seam strips. I will officially stop fretting about the strips, grow up, and live a pleasant '02 life without them. Regards, Larry
  9. ...took the kids out for a little winter warm-up today. 30 minutes and they wanted back inside. One kid wanted to stay inside - too cold.
  10. Highnote1, After a 5-year restore (yes, purists, define that word any way you want) the single neglected job I regret most is not adding those 4 rubber strips. I did so on the front bumper - nice. In my mind's eye, absence of those strips makes the bumper and, really, the entire car look a little unfinished. To me those little strips add a certain solidity, boldness, finish-ness, or sealed-gap-ness to the bumper. Call my issue what you want; it's mine and I'll own it. I am looking forward to the addition of those strips this spring. Yours are a POC (one smooth curve). Mine will be a bear to install because of the presence of 2 bends and the long rubber strip. I know because I tried it 4 years ago. Q: Other's opinions? Q: Black or grey? I've seen both. Q: Were the strips originally part of all or some 2002's? Q: Did '74 Euro versions have the strips? Maybe my status quo is copacetic. Regards, Larry PS: Nice quilt.
  11. I need your address so I can send the bumper pattern. Larry
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