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  1. Thank you, Steve. Whatever suits you suits us even more. Have at it. We'll be patient. Larry
  2. Here is the link to this fine post. I am going to use this product in a fall/winter project to rebuild a spare set of F and R seats for my '74tii.
  3. Try a brand of roof seal tape instead of Dynamat. Virtually the same product at much less cost for the same amount Lowe's, Home Depot, or internet. I used Peel and Seal (https://m.roadkillcustoms.com/inexpensive-dynamat-alternative/). Use only about 5-10% (1 or 2 sq in?) of the surface of the black side - just enough to hold each piece in place; carpet weight should do the rest. That way, it will not be as much of a pain for you or the subsequent owner to remove it if such is necessary in the future.
  4. Was the wind deflector on that model standard or optional?
  5. "Easy to work on with mechanical fuel injection..." ...hmmm, who knew?
  6. Thank you, Keith and Bo, for another fine, fine cyber MidAmerica 02 Fest meeting last night. Great job getting Jackie Jouret to speak about her background and about several aspects of 2002 history, much of which was not in her book. Her discussions of (1) her experience driving the famous "new" 2002tii and (2) Elvis' BMW 507 might have been the highlights of the night (other than my question re: adjusting rear brakes...). Quite an effort on her part documenting its provenance and persuading BMW to provide heretofore private details of the car. Thank you, Jackie. Larry story of the 507: details of its restoration:
  7. rms, Got it. Thanks, for the explanation. After examining the terminals on the back of the box, I understand. Really, quite simple. Larry
  8. Sorry, Marty, Jr. Sometimes my texts get omitted. Good answer for a response to a lonely photo! Larry
  9. Fuse #6 in my 6-fuse box... During rehab of my 6-fuse box, I noticed something interesting and potentially wrong: one end of the #6 fuse has two pairs of wires (4 wires, total) of blue/green wires attached to it, and the other end of #6 fuse does not have anything attached to it. It appears (1) the two sets of wires come together to simply complete an unfused circuit [not a good thing] and (2) one of the sets of blue/green wires needs to be moved to the other end of the fuse to create a fused circuit. All electrical components in the #6 circuit work appropriately. See photo to which I added "wires" and show the current arrangement. Leave connections as they are? Move one set to provide a fused circuit? Am I way off base with the whole thing? Thanks, Larry
  10. Today, I treated my 50-year-old fuse box to a day at The Fuse Box Beauty Spa and Rehab Center. Rocan, thank you for the inspiration.
  11. Tom, Thanks for informing us of the the quite detailed and exceedingly useful index we have needed since 1968. It could great facilitate our using the blue two-volume BMW service manuals. Please post the index if it is not too much trouble. Mike, Attached: photos of how I organized my service/repair documents, virtually all of which are FAQ posts. The organization roughly follows the BMW parts numbering system. Maybe this will give you some ideas; maybe not. Larry
  12. In addition to adding and changing filters... There are senses of security, inner peace, calmness, and euphoria that come with knowing your fuel tank has been thoroughly cleaned, de-rusted, and coated. After about a week of cleaning, drying, rinsing, drying, rinsing, drying, de-rusting, drying, coating, and drying, its interior could look like this: Larry
  13. Thanks, rcf. I think I saw your comments re: PBE here some time back and used them to make my decision to use PBE. You have influence!
  14. Mike, 2 days to CA, PBE had it 28 days, and 2 days back to OH.
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