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  1. Jake, I will take the tail lights and housings. Will be in England for September (Watergate Bay Hill Climb). OK to arrange sale and shipping after my return? Regards, Larry Gray Cincinnati
  2. Jake, I will take the tail light assemblies if any sales do not come to fruition. Larry
  3. I asked the owner if the car had an engine (he said it had one), a trunk, and a suspension b/c I saw photos of only a paint job, some upholstery, a couple of knobs, and a bit of dash. No response yet. Some sellers act as if they are jacklegs and present their ads as if they just don't care. I'm done.
  4. Anyone know who was making and selling the stainless steel, laser-cut, two-prong "2002" lapel pins, say, 2 or so years ago? Thanks, Larry
  5. Ed, Thanks for the detailed suggestions, esp. the tach, adj, tach, adj, synch, repeat. etc. Will certainly do. And will check fuel level (and pressure) myself. Indeed, your are correct: the dual carb learning curve involves numerous variables, is quite steep, and is fun. I appreciate you patience, sage advice, and wise counsel. Larry
  6. Thanks, guys. Jim, I have a AFR dash gauge installed and it works. That should suffice (rather than an O2 sensor) as a tool to help adjust carbs, no? You have suggestions re: appropriate AFR readings to help carb adjustments? I will search FAQ. Ed, PO set and was satisfied re: the fuel level. I assume it is OK. I will try to find his notes and will check the jets myself. Larry
  7. Continuing to learn about and fiddle with dual Solex 40's on my project car... I finally got the carbs to produce a pretty smooth idle at ~1,000 rpm by (1) playing with advance curves [123 ignition] and (2) using my slowly improving neophyte Solex skills to adjust the idle mixtures. During the process the engine irregularly produced muffled "spitting" or "strong puff" sounds like "pubb...pubb..............pubb...etc." every few seconds and easily heard from the exhaust. Not like backfiring. Now that the idle is reasonable, the engine does not "pubb" much at all. Car pulls strongly in all gears and performs well. No carb or manifold leaks detected by use of carb cleaner spray. Good spark to the plugs. Have not done anything else to the carbs. Is/was this still a timing issue? Carb issue? Thanks. Larry
  8. NYTransplant, Water. I was surprised at how smooth and clean the clay bar made the glass feel and appear. I will not hesitate to use it again.
  9. 10 minutes with a clay bar might work wonders. Certainly did with a few of my windshields. Worth a try. Clay bars will not remove pits; however, they will remove everything else. The only things remaining will be pits and, thus, an overall reduction in total windshield "trash".
  10. When I was repairing the turn signal switch today I found a pair of danglers: two female terminals taped together below the steering shaft. terminal 1: single red/white goes to an area behind the fog and headlight switches terminal 2: one brn/red goes to the above site; one brn/red goes to the ignition Photo 1: as discovered Photo 2: unwrapped Q: Any ideas re: ID before I remove the inst cluster to investigate? Q: If they are not being used for something important, might they be a potential source of switched power. I have not tested them to determine if they are powered. Thanks. Larry
  11. Thanks, Mark. I saw them in the Blue Book and built them into several curves I plan to try. You have prompted me to try them this week. All of them are do-able with the car's 123 ignition.
  12. Good point. Yesterday, I saw a video of someone doing just that and thought it was a good diagnostic move. Thanks, iii, for the prompt.
  13. Thanks, guys. MM: DS MM looks solid. Only a little movement. Easy to change both MM. Synchronizing: Not attempted. Will do so with my neophyte/virgin carb knowledge. 5 years with a KF, so I thought it was time to learn carbs. Looks like, with twin Solexes, I jumped directly into the Carb Deep End. Certainly not averse to replacing them with twin Weber 40s. Timing: Currently, 10 degrees at 1,000. Seems to help. Will try your suggested significant increase to, say, 20 degrees and see what happens. Throttle Shafts: Worn? Certainly, could be. If so, will not want to repair. Will try the grease technique. Fuel Level: PO adjusted to appropriate level. Just purchased a fuel pressure tester gauge. Will test. You know what's really fun? Having the space (three bays), time (retired), resources (you folks), and willingness (heck, I'll try anything) to work on my 3rd 2002. The "fun part"...I speak for all of us. Larry
  14. Project 2002 (for fun and learning) has dual side draft Solex 40s. The PO and I have both have tried to reduce strong engine rock at idle. Information: 123 ignition with good timing. Valves are well adjusted. Engine seems strong, pulls well, and is performs well at all speed. Plugs sooty. Soot out the rear with cold start up. I have not done anything to the carbs. NEWLY DISCOVERED OBSERVATIONs today. When I use my hand to cover the carb throats and starve individual cylinders for air at 900-1,000 rpm: cyl 1: Engine almost dies. cyl 2: no change cyl 3: no change cyl 4: Engine slows but not quite as much as cyl 1 does when starved. What might be indicated or come to mind with these 4 observations? Thanks. Larry
  15. My 6/24/74 tii came with a one owner-guaranteed trap mirror. Looks like I'm a fellow camper, Steve. Trap vs. Flag is not much of an interest to me. The most important question to me is this: When will I ever be brave enough to forego the vanity of having a pristine paint job and surrender to a logical and life-saving safety option by drilling into that luscious finish and attaching a passenger side mirror. Dang, it surely would be comforting to see my way clear whenever I need to move back into the righthand lane.

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