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  1. I need your address so I can send the bumper pattern. Larry
  2. Is our car universally loved? https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2021/01/22/open-diff-is-any-car-universally-loved?refer=news&utm_source=edaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-01-25
  3. Gang, The numerous FAQ discussions re: lightweight flywheels appear to me to apply to carb'd cars. I have not seen anything re: tii's. I am installing a 245 transmission into my '74 tii and am wondering, "While I'm at it...". Q1: How about with a tii? Anyone? Q2: Would the results be the same, e.g., faster up/down rpm, faster out of turns, slower up hills, getting used to having to shifting more quickly while rpm are up, etc.? Now that I think about it, maybe putting one into my '70 ti-wannabe (dual 40 Solexes) might be a better idea. Q3: Thoughts? Thanks, Larry
  4. Sure. Happy to do so. Address? Larry Gray
  5. The last year Ohio stamped the year into the plate. Stickers after that. ...would be a nice color combo for U. Miami fans.
  6. You did a superb job assembling valuable information for us. Thank you. Larry
  7. Mike, Yep. According to Google searches for "Heat Lamps", they are for use only to warm baby chicks, piglets, lizards, and French fries. Is my use of a heat lamp illegal? Will I be able to access 2002FAQ via the pokey internet? Larry
  8. Problem solved. Easy. One heat lamp. $25. Can control the temp of the to-be-repaired surface by simply raising or lowering the lamp. Garage, 44 F; wheel well surface, 74 F. Fiberglass tomorrow. .
  9. Thanks, Paul. Impressive heater, indeed. I have a propane torpedo heater (also Dyna Glow; also Home Depot) which gets my large (really tall ceiling) 2-bay workably warm, say 55 degrees, on extremely cold days. However, I don't want to use it for this purpose - just heating around 1 sq ft of metal. Sure wish I had 220V.
  10. The use of fiberglass for automotive repairs requires a warm temperature for good cures. The usually recommended ideal temperature is around 70 F which provides quite a nice comfortable and pleasant ambiance, indeed, for both the car and me. However, my garage is quite cold these days (40-50 F), and 70 F is not going to happen until Spring. Have any of you used heat lamps to provide a warm temperature for a repair site, e.g., spare tire well, while working with fiberglass? Your experiences and suggestions regarding raising the temperature of a specific site for a few hours? Suggestions for lamps? Thanks. Larry
  11. Littleeagle28, Here's a photo of a heater by-pass. Look for the by-pass at about 5:00 from the fuel filter, almost touching the firewall, and, visually from this angle, under the carbs' linkage rod. The by-pass goes away from the engine (sess visible), along the firewall, and back to the engine (more visible). A plastic connector between the two hoses is held in place by two hose clamps. One of the PO did that, I suppose. By-pass can be achieved with a single hose with two bends if such can be found. FYI, a year ago I joined the BMWCC GB and affiliated with the Cornwall Region which I have visited many times. BMWCC GB is a great group which has welcomed me profusely. Am pleased to be a member of this illustrious organization. Larry
  12. 67 hours? Not bad. I hope he does not get discouraged. It took me that long, too, when I first started restoring 2002 Turbos.
  13. French Version of Wheeler Dealers Looks like "Mike" has taken a bath and "Edd" has had a haircut. The following prices ares based on 1/1/21 Euros conversion to USD. Purchase: $83,731 Parts: _ 8,828 Total: $92,559 Sale Price: ? prices: @ 47 min driving: @ 48 min track: @ 50 min sale: @54 min Larry
  14. Text for above photo... Installed* a 20-ga. 2' x 7' SS top onto one of my workbenches. SS sheet cut to spec = $60 two bends = $20 Overall, quite a deal. * only laying on the workbench at the present time; not attached in any way
  15. Yep, designed to hold back the big pieces. Mine looks the same. Clean as above and blow air through. Likely will stay black. Should be able to see through it. Back in and go.
  16. Scott, Your initial 2014 post still elicits interesting and informative comments which, taken together, result in good 2002 reading. Nice string. Larry
  17. A throne for my garage...really. My wife loves me.
  18. I need the 6"-long horizontal bracket that wraps around the steering column under the dash and to which the center under-dash panel attaches. Larry Gray Cincinnati, Ohio
  19. Ah, similar disease. Perhaps a portable blaster can be employed... Thank you, Andrew.
  20. +1 on the SS wire. Works swimmingly. Lasts longingly. If you use the clips, slide them on/off.
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