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  1. I have this sender which I am told is for a tii -never used. Peter
  2. Success! - stretched several muscles getting the dirt shield off. Also removed the clutch fork and then it released, Not a job I want to do every day. Thanks for all your help. PeterCS 74 BMW Inka 82 Baur
  3. Am in the process of trying to lift my engine out. It is putting up a good fight. Have about 1/2-3/4 inch gap between the transmission and the block. Do I have to remove/release the clutch lever? Any other tips? Am about to use my pry bar. thanks, PeterCS
  4. yes I have. It is much better than when I started. PeterCS
  5. I put a magnifying glass to the pins but could not see a number. many thanks for the offer. I “think” I will be okay. peterCS
  6. I am in the process of rehabilitating my door looks (need every project I can find during a lockdown here in Ontario!) Attached is a picture of one of the cylinders and one (of 5 pins). When I reassembled, the key does turn but it you need to tinker with it until it turns. Have heard that filing the pin(s) will solve the problem. Anyone try this? Where do I file? thanks as always, PeterCS Oakville, Ontario 74 BMW Inka and 82 315 Baur
  7. That is a special car. I have a 74 2002 and a 82 315 Baur. I get to Ottawa occasionally. I have a daughter and her family there but there are currently posted in Kenya. just bought a 2018 m240 from Otto’s. Fabulous! peterCS
  8. What happened to this site? Fabulous pictures of a full restoration. PeterCS
  9. I restored this car 15 years ago. It looks okay but drives like c..p! Finally determined that I have compression problems in 2 cylinders. As a result, it stutters/staggers while cruising. It is okay if full throttle. My new year's resolution is to get this car humming. I have bitten the bullet and am pulling the engine from the car to send out to an engine shop. Wish me luck, And Happy New Year to all the members of this site. It is the best site and the members are so helpful. PeterCS
  10. Looking for this piece. I over torqued mine and it twisted off! thx, PeterCS
  11. Hans - that is the answer I was hoping for!!! In Ottawa? Have an '02? thx, Peter
  12. I am in the final stages of removing my M10 engine from the car. Do I need to remove or disconnect the slave cylinder? many thanks and HNY! peterCS Oakville, Canada 74 Inka 82 Baur
  13. Boy! I am having no luck finding Krylon Dull Aluminum or the right Wurth product. they both seem to have changed their lines. I can find “Silver”. Would it be a reasonable match? thanks, PeterCS
  14. Is the right Wurth silver paint for the turbine alloy wheels? High gloss?
  15. Spectacular. Must have done by a professional and cost alot.
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