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  1. My 205 60 13's are done. Cannot find any anywhere. Does anyone know who is making 195's or 185's for 13 inch rims? thx, Peter 74 2002 Inka 82 315 Baur
  2. The hole on my valve cover facing the radiator is stripped. What is the best solution to repair - use a die set or buy an after market repair kit with an insert. The bolt is M6 30mm. ... have never done this before. Don't know which die to use and nervous about drilling a larger hol. PeterCS 1974 BMW 2002 1982 BMW 315 Baur
  3. I am about restuff my 2002 seats (standard vinyl).

    Did you horsehair or high density foam?

    If horsehair, where did you source it?

    Any suggestions, pictures?

    Would appreciate any tips you may have.

    Many thanks,

    Peter CS

    Oakville, Ontario Canada

    74 2002 Inka

    82 315 Baur

  4. Paul - you posted a pic of a sunroof deflector showing the clips to join it to the car. Can you send me a more detailed picture. Many thanks.

    peter Churchill-Smith (PeterCS)

    Oakville, ON 

    74 2002 Inka

    82 315 Baur


  5. PeterCS


  6. Looking to replace my two pairs. For a 74 2002. Regular seats. Thanks, PeterCS 74 2002 Inka 82 315 Baur BMW Seat Hinges x 12_16.bmp
  7. I am in Oakville, ON - can you tell me which dump had all the parts? thanks, Peter
  8. Looking for the small chrome piece in the attached picture. All help appreciated. Peter
  9. Yes. I am from Ontario but am visiting my brother in law in Beaverton.
  10. Here are two more pics - as you can see I have a number of unconnected wires around my coil. There are some other loose wires but I think they were for some emission equipment that my car no longer has. Any help? Thanks so much for the advice to date. Peter CS
  11. Here are more pics of the wiring. There is a string of wires that are unconnected - 4 short ones and two long ones that likely go the washer pump. They can be seen on the picture to the right. Does this help?
  12. I am embarassed to say that I have no clue - there was no place to attach it. It has been like that since the restoration and the car was not cutting out before. Peter CS
  13. many thanks for all your efforts so far - really appreciate it. Here is a pic of my coil. (do not if this includes a ballast resistor). Again, the car shuts down as if the key was turned off. Peter CS
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