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  1. PeterCS

    New Fuel Sender for Fuel Injected M10

    I am not sure what the part number is. And not sure where to find it. Will do some digging. Peter
  2. PeterCS

    Sun roof parts for e10

    Done. Give me an address and I will give you shipping options. PeterCS
  3. PeterCS

    Sun roof parts for e10

    Complete set excluding the cables and screws. Plus shipping. PeterCS
  4. Never used. Pictures available. Plus shipping. PeterCS
  5. PeterCS

    Sunroof screws

    I got excited about ordering from Turner until I saw that they wanted 32.00 for shipping $5.00 of items. Will go to plan B many thanks, Peter
  6. PeterCS

    Sunroof screws

    Anyone have a few leftover chrome screws used to hold down the sunroof guide rails. Four would be great. Many thanks, Peter
  7. I bought this sender new and discovered it was not the right part. Want to sell it but need to identify it accurately first. Am told that it is a "tii" sender. Can anyone confirm? thanks, PeterCS 74 2002 Inka 82 315 Baur
  8. PeterCS

    High Level Toronto Tii service?

    Have you tried Autotrend located just north of the Danforth. Very, very knowledgeable BMW staff. Peter Oakville, ON 74 2002 Inka 82 315 Baur
  9. I cannot see the stainless steel ball on the flywheel. I even cleaned it with an ear swab (first immersed in alcohol). Am I missing something? Do all M10 has markings on the pulleys as an alternative? thanks, PeterCS 74 BMW Inka 2002
  10. after the excellent thread on consoles, how about some examples of what people have done for coffee/drink holders? thx, PeterCS
  11. How do you get the console up so tight to the dashboard. There is a half inch gap with mine despite my best efforts. PeterCS
  12. PeterCS

    Advice Needed - Ignition Wiring

    Yes, I do have a water bottle that I removed while I was working on the car. Will report back in a couple of days when I get a chance to see if it works. Again, many thanks. Peter ... I have an e21 as well and the forums for this car are not anywhere as good as this site!
  13. PeterCS

    Advice Needed - Ignition Wiring

    I have a blue Bosch coil which I thought meant that there is no external resistor and resistor wires - I could be wrong though. Thoughts?
  14. PeterCS

    Advice Needed - Ignition Wiring

    I do have a green with white stripe that is getting 12v. is this the wire that is supposed to be connected to positive on the coil? ... making progress one step at a time. Peter
  15. PeterCS

    Advice Needed - Ignition Wiring

    I went back to the wiring guide and saw that there should be a green wire from the switch to the coil (positive) but I do not see any green wire at all. Curiously, I also own an e21 with the same setup and it has a green wire to the coil. Might my car 1976 2002 (North American) possibly have different coloured wiring to the coil? thanks for all the advice to date. Peter