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  1. In addition to Larry's guidance - I did two sets of Spitfire calipers and it is fun to do. In the Triumph world you go to the 7th circle of hell if you split the calipers but you will be ok. I am a fan of new pistons if available I used a dremel and a brass wire wheel to clean up the bores I used red rubber grease in the bores and when repacking the seals Tape over the bores if you are going to media blast the calipers The piston popper tool saved me filling the recycle bin Now is a good time to change bleed valve and chase threads This is also a good time if you you are planning a change in brake fluid type if that is an issue (but that is another thread)
  2. The air pop did not work on a pair of rusty calipers from a Spitfire so I used this Piston Popper KD-2105 (like one here https://www.ebay.com/itm/K-D-Tools-pn-2105-Piston-Popper-Disc-Brake-Stuck-Caliper-Piston-Retractor-USA/303544941278?epid=732619622&hash=item46acb03ade:g:YEAAAOSwV7ZenImQ ) Worked great - unique tool but was the only thing I could use to get the pistons out - no lost fingers, no spray of fluid and only minor swearing
  3. You could plate at home at your own pace Watch this guy plating parts for a 67 911 It is addictive to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTupOgImpWo
  4. Mike - they let the Brits screw them up first. My 71 Spitfire has a PDWA (pressure differential warning activator). While in principle it sounds good (govt mandated?), when one activates due to loss of pressure you already know it. It really is just another thing I need to consider when overhauling the system or using caution when bleeding brakes. The Brit version also get jammed at one end and likes to corrode in place. Good times.
  5. BMW Museum https://www.autocar.co.uk/slideshow/greatest-cars-displayed-bmw-museum-0#11
  6. Ray, You can now use a YOM plate up to '89 in Ga - Form T-224 - just changed mid last year
  7. Brake calipers can be 3d printed - not cheaply but can be https://www.bugatti.com/media/news/2018/world-premiere-brake-caliper-from-3-d-printer/ Not mine, don't own a Bugatti
  8. It has been a couple of years since the rush of 2002 boards were available. This one is more art. Here is another vendor just an FYI https://lugcraft.com/collections/lugcraft-automobile-skateboard-art/products/bm-2002-hotrod-skateboard-wall-art-natural-maple And yet another https://garagewelt.com/collections/ALL too old for me now, nfi
  9. Cool pictures. I wonder how many got introduced to 02s by their dads? I know some of my fondest memories are riding with my dad in his way back when
  10. I am envious - I had one in high school and loved it - same color. Miss it often - almost having a manly sniffle about it now. It was the next truthful caretaker of the 2002 soul since 1976.
  11. I am confused - mine ends with Colonel Mustard ...in the Library ... with the candlestick
  12. Just as an FYI - Study on effectiveness of ethanol additives and ability to control water (by brand). Spoiler alert: only 2 of 8 brands tested were effective. https://cropwatch.unl.edu/documents/Ethanol and Water Contamination 09052014.pdf
  13. While this vendor does not mention BMW specifically you could call and ask http://water-pump-rebuilders.com/brands.html
  14. This guy has made them but is not listing them right now - bought mine before Xmas https://www.etsy.com/shop/RedRocketLabs
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