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  1. Steve/admins, I am getting double e-mails (in Hotmail) for subscribed classifieds postings. I tried looking for profile settings for any subscription details. I also unsubscribed and re-subscribed without improvement. I still get two e-mails for each posting (know it is for wtb and for sale / I think cars may be only one). I know this pales in the grand scheme of issues/complaints but do you have any advice? Thanks, --John
  2. Pat, Try a Spitfire. All the scariness of the TR6 and only 56 HP (when new). Still the most fun you can have below 35 mph. --John
  3. Rob, I too have just started the book but I can see it will get me into trouble. I keep thinking - "See dear, he is a lot weirder than I am and he is doing fine/wife still loves him/kids are normal/etc ..." Not sure that will get me any points though. Good reading just the same. I am enjoying it. --John
  4. Paul, Motive (http://www.motiveproducts.com/) is carried in Canada. Canada PG Performance Surrey, BC 0100, 0101 Driver's Edge Vancouver, BC 604-298-5575 All Perry Performance and Competition Vimont, Laval, Quebec 450-662-8886 All Ultimate Transportation Prod. Vaughan, Ontario 416-580-7327 All
  5. William/bnam, I can save you the trouble. I imported it into Excel a while back. I tweaked a bit to fit 5 pages for easy printout. Copy into your google doc if you would like. I can send it to you depending on what Steve says below. Steve, It appears I cannot upload an Excel file - is this correct? --John
  6. Most were based on searches so they had key words and article number No problem I spent a little bit of time to paste in all the titles so I am good Thanks
  7. Thanks Steve I didn't record the titles but may have time this evening to track them down --John
  8. Steve, Quick question - for those of us that have saved links to entries/threads/articles that we like, will the URLs stay the same or do they completely change in the new structure? Thanks, --John
  9. Dieter, Thanks for undertaking this. I just shot you an additional Paypal to cover the cost of duties/taxes on my set. Thanks again --John
  10. Bav Auto Kit (both below) PB03K $64.95 Bleeder PB03 $54.95 Catch Bottle PB04 $14.95 Look under tools
  11. FYI - If you are missing one or want the retro look BavAuto has a first aid/triangle kit (43999904) on clearance. New but couldn't find a made in China label on it. Let's not even argue if a soccer mom/dad in the U.S.S. MegaSUV would even notice before they take you out on the shoulder. OK, this one is cheaper! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Triangle-Pattern-Transformers-LED-Colorful-Car-Warning-Light-/251254118095?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a7fe996cf&vxp=mtr
  12. Rob, Is this a harbinger for the book? This is like the tuff, hot chick you see with all the tattoos - I am a little intrigued and a little scared ...
  13. Put Stanley's vin tags in a frame in the garage or on a key chain
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