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  1. It has been a couple of years since the rush of 2002 boards were available. This one is more art. Here is another vendor just an FYI https://lugcraft.com/collections/lugcraft-automobile-skateboard-art/products/bm-2002-hotrod-skateboard-wall-art-natural-maple And yet another https://garagewelt.com/collections/ALL too old for me now, nfi
  2. Cool pictures. I wonder how many got introduced to 02s by their dads? I know some of my fondest memories are riding with my dad in his way back when
  3. I am envious - I had one in high school and loved it - same color. Miss it often - almost having a manly sniffle about it now. It was the next truthful caretaker of the 2002 soul since 1976.
  4. I am confused - mine ends with Colonel Mustard ...in the Library ... with the candlestick
  5. Just as an FYI - Study on effectiveness of ethanol additives and ability to control water (by brand). Spoiler alert: only 2 of 8 brands tested were effective. https://cropwatch.unl.edu/documents/Ethanol and Water Contamination 09052014.pdf
  6. While this vendor does not mention BMW specifically you could call and ask http://water-pump-rebuilders.com/brands.html
  7. This guy has made them but is not listing them right now - bought mine before Xmas https://www.etsy.com/shop/RedRocketLabs
  8. jhenard


    Nick PM sent Thx
  9. Please add me as well to the list for one in the next production run thanks john
  10. Scott, You may want to look at Hobby Lobby or Michael's Crafts. I found sheet foam there that I used for rebuilding my Spitfire heater box. Don't remember the thickness but worth a look. It was not adhesive but I used a little 3M spray.
  11. Hal - thank you to both you and your wife - excellent work - I appreciate the effort --john
  12. Global is still in Atlanta Do you have the scans for pages 13-14 and 17-18? thx
  13. PP sent. Thank you for doing this. Much appreciated.
  14. hal - add me to the list, I will buy a copy I will also offer grunt work/scan help if you want to try and go the pdf route Thx -john

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