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  1. jhenard

    Re-purposed 2002 Parts

    This guy has made them but is not listing them right now - bought mine before Xmas https://www.etsy.com/shop/RedRocketLabs
  2. jhenard


    Nick PM sent Thx
  3. Please add me as well to the list for one in the next production run thanks john
  4. jhenard

    Heater flap foam density

    Scott, You may want to look at Hobby Lobby or Michael's Crafts. I found sheet foam there that I used for rebuilding my Spitfire heater box. Don't remember the thickness but worth a look. It was not adhesive but I used a little 3M spray.
  5. jhenard

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    Hal - thank you to both you and your wife - excellent work - I appreciate the effort --john
  6. Global is still in Atlanta Do you have the scans for pages 13-14 and 17-18? thx
  7. jhenard

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    PP sent. Thank you for doing this. Much appreciated.
  8. jhenard

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    hal - add me to the list, I will buy a copy I will also offer grunt work/scan help if you want to try and go the pdf route Thx -john
  9. Steve, Not sure if this is new or not but getting error code 2C171/1 when I try to access the Special Tools books. Using Chrome (v60.0.3112.101) if you need this Thanks, --John
  10. Bat sticker means they are a caver (not a spelunker, a caver !)
  11. Tsingtao brings up a good point (yes thread hijack) about product liability. What is the common wisdom/guidance on hobbyist produced parts? I had specialized brake o-rings made for a Triumph but am reluctant to sell extras because of this. I know we are all enthusiasts and want to reproduce NLA/$$$ parts but one A-hole and a lawyer can ruin it for everyone. I bought the FAQ group buy reproduced Tii injector lines years ago - how did they handle the liability question - anyone know?
  12. Steve/admins, I am getting double e-mails (in Hotmail) for subscribed classifieds postings. I tried looking for profile settings for any subscription details. I also unsubscribed and re-subscribed without improvement. I still get two e-mails for each posting (know it is for wtb and for sale / I think cars may be only one). I know this pales in the grand scheme of issues/complaints but do you have any advice? Thanks, --John
  13. jhenard

    Meanwhile In My Driveway

    Pat, Try a Spitfire. All the scariness of the TR6 and only 56 HP (when new). Still the most fun you can have below 35 mph. --John
  14. Rob, I too have just started the book but I can see it will get me into trouble. I keep thinking - "See dear, he is a lot weirder than I am and he is doing fine/wife still loves him/kids are normal/etc ..." Not sure that will get me any points though. Good reading just the same. I am enjoying it. --John