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  1. Thanks to those of of you who checked out what we are doing, but I am going to abandon this blog and just do my own research using search’s. I was hoping that this fourm would have enough traffic so I could feel comfortable asking for guidance when needed but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Mark thanks for the tip I’ll remember that when when we get to the wiring. Thanks Al
  2. I dug through some paper work and discovered it was serviced in 1999 before being put into storage with less then 65,000 original miles. Here are some more photo’s.
  3. He is a pretty happy kid these days for sure, just gotta keep him focused on school for the next few weeks. Here is a couple of pic’s of the parts car.
  4. Last weekend we replaced the rear sway bar, shocks and coils. Brakes are next.I
  5. The front sway bars, struts and springs are done thanks to my friend Mike. Still need to install new tierod ends and front sway bar.
  6. Just brought home a 1973 2002Tii for my son who just turned 16. It currently runs and is completely rust free so we are just going to start by bolting on new suspension parts, rebuild brakes and chase down any electrical issues before body and paint.
  7. I brought my parts car home today and was super excited to find a complete air conditioner that appears to be stock. I will get more photos later, but could someone tell me if it was an option in 73 or is it after market? If it was stock option maybe I’ll put it in the tii. Thanks Al Wife is gonna be pissed it’s the sixth car between the shop and driveway...
  8. Thanks Gordon that’s a great site and we will start a blog after we get things sorted and inventoried this weekend. It has never occurred to me that I would need to share my shop space with anyone before, but we are going to clear some shelf space for his parts. Adama- I will take a close look at that engine mount. Thanks for the welcome, I’m really looking forward to this project because I’ve always thought their was something distinctively cool about these cars. Al
  9. Albee


  10. That’s the parts car next to the barn, the tii is in the shop nice and warm and dry. I have the tools and skills to weld new floor pans in the parts car but I figured I would spend 150 hours and $1500 getting the car road worthy. Then I would have a car worth $5000 or I could try to get a few thousand in parts. I do recognize the general desire to save all the old cars possible but...
  11. That’s kind of cool that it was one of the last of the year. My goal would be for my son to pay for most the restoration by parting out this other 73 that came as part of a package deal, it has a sunroof so the floor pans are rusted but is otherwise complete. For now we think it would be best to return the car to stock condition and color, but I’m wondering if their are any common sense upgrades that we should consider during the build.
  12. This weekend I brought home a rust free 73 tii that has not seen daylight in many years. This is my first BMW but not my first restoration and I am looking forward to many months of reading and learning. I am currently working on something else so I am giving this car to my just turned 16 year old son for his first project. His goal is to have it on the road by the time school starts in September, which I think is realistic. I’m sure he will start a build thread once things start moving along so he can seek the wisdom of this group. Al

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