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Light doors GF

So i bought DIY kit from Germany years back. Glass fibre but blown, not rowing mat or anything so not as light as could be i quess. Added some extra support to the hinge side as they felt little weak. I made molds if/when i need to make new pair. Then they will be made from woven mat gf or cf - we'll see. Some pics for those who are interested.


tzei in Light Doors

Getting very close.

This has been a long project that I have been committed to "enjoy the process" and I truly have.  I started this in 2009 it has been quite a journey and one that I have really enjoyed.  I have been fortunate to have a clean dry place to work on it and let it sit when other things took priority.  I will be driving it this spring!  Thank you to all that have helped along the way and the FAQ for all the valuable information and support! Ken 


Ken in Progress

We don't quit! We do not quit!

Obviously not Peter Sellers, but I think Steve did a pretty good job.   So I found a write up I did for July of 2020 that never got posted. It’s obviously well beyond that now. I’ll post it up after this one. I wish I kept up with posting but it is what it is. I’ve been busy.   As you can see, the car is on wheels with rebuilt suspension and primed! I went with Southern Polyurethane Epoxy Primer.  Very helpful on the phone.  I found them to be very accommodating. 


peterman in Restoration

Rear wing

Some pics of carbon rear wing. Profile is scaled from F4 formula rear wing. Width 165 cm = 2002 turbo homologation width - max per rules. It’s pretty low as rules dictates it has to be in 20 x 20 cm space from side view, chassis is one plane.


tzei in Rear wing

Body work by SCR

Matt and the guys did a incredible job on the body work of my 02. He has an eye for details and he has the metal bending shaping, cutting and fabricating tools to accomplish the job.  Many hours were spent hanging the doors and aligning the hood and rear deck lid. After many hours of work the result is flawless body gaps. The defining body accents, the ridge on the roof and on the sides, we’re the result of  hours of sanding and correcting.    Only the deck lid was replaced with a NOS part.



Fog Light Treasure Hunt

I did not plan on putting for lights on my 02 because I did not want to drill holes in my newly plated bumpers, and since I doubted that I would ever be driving my car in fog, rain or snow, or if the sun was shining too brightly. After reading on the 2002faq that there were reproduction (by Pierre) fog light brackets that bolted to the hood supports behind the grill, and despite the weather I still liked the way the round fog lights looked. Well being an old fart I had ingrained memories of what



Tooling Up and Winter Prep

Since getting Phaedrus to fire up back in November for the first time in almost 20 years, I've spent these last chilly months getting ready for the work ahead in warmer weather. I've been steadily gathering tools and gear to supplement the very basic assortment I started with, including a FB Marketplace find for a proper place to keep and organize them. This $125 special is sturdy if shopworn, which felt like the right fit with the project.     Beyond the basic wrenches, soc


jackm in 2022

Details, oh the details.

NOS parts wherever possible, and some used and new. New Old Stock Golde sunroof deflector in original package that dates from before 1974. Purchased with a bunch of old BMW parts that were from a closed dealership in Knoxville TN. Close Ratio dogleg 5-speed that had been in storage since the seventies. It was leftover from a racing team in Texas. Packages that are labeled HOFFMAN Motors (the original BMW importer) are from before 1974. I found one original new trunk board and



Oh baby Body shots.

I purchased this car at the 2009 Lime Rock Vintage Festival. The body was remarkable free of rust that is typical of New England 02ers. It had been put under a tarp in 1980 after rocker arm plug unfastened and the oil pressure dropped. It was the same Colorado Orange color that my first bimmer , a 1971 2002. The interior was also in nice shape. I had the car towed to Gene, a BMW dealer technician that did work on the side. Unfortunately he determined that the engine was seized an he was unable t



Oodles of noodles, and wiring harness, and more!

The project had been very slow going. A number of things, like so many others, tend to get in the way. But I try to at least stand in the garage and stare at it for a while, every day. It just so happens that during one of these staring contests, I actually did a thing. Several things in fact!   When I'd removed the wiring harness from the car I did the right thing and labled everything. Or I thought I'd labled everything. Also, I'd forgotten that the harness came in two par


Primer: 1st DeBeer - gray 2nd 4CR - white top coat: Spies Hecker BMW Colorado some Zn spray to critical zones Black chip guard   1st time i got to paint in owen & good lights. Was fun.


tzei in Paint


Hi everyone! My name is Jenna and I purchased my car on March 20th of 2020. I started to grow a fascination with cars and really wanted something to get my hands on to help me learn. I had been in search of a project for a couple of months when my one of my dad's friends mentioned a BMW he would be willing to sell that would be the perfect fit. At the time, I didn't know much about 2002's at all (and admittedly I still have a lot to learn), but it seemed like a wonderful opportunity. Me, my

Dash cracks

All righty then. So this is not a build block per se as no particular vechicle is beeing build from a scratch. There might be one some day so i might just learn how this block stuff works.   So without further ado straight to the deep end: dash repair. 2-piece dash cracked badly. No substitutes in horizon i thought to repair it and see if it could be done & how long it will last. Opened all cracks with straight grinder and removed some foam under vinyl ”lip”.


tzei in Upholstery

Phase 1.5 - Off To Dipping It Goes

Car finally got shipped of to Metal Works on Oct 4t, but due to their back log it sat their patient waiting until last week.        Last week it finally hit the hot tank which removes most of the paint and body filler. The hot tank is the first step in a two part dipping process where its submitted in a chemical and heat mix at 200 degrees. This step is the main step for cleaning.    Video:     After it was in the hot tank for tw


M3This in Disassembly

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

In my last blog post, I covered some of the work I did on getting the Pedal Box and brake system sorted.  Then I saw a FAQ post on firewall insulation and thought that I should probably install one while I have room in the engine bay.  Unfortunately, most of the Pedal Box work needs to be removed to get the firewall insulation pad under the brake booster bracket on the firewall.  While I waiting for parts, I was tempted into bolting on some shiny bits to make it look more like a car.  


Mark92131 in Odd and Ends

Zen and the Art of Scooter Maintenance

The 02 project is advancing from the first start last month with some off-season parts finds: the center, left and right front grilles, beltline trim pieces for the hood and trunk, side mirrors and a license plate light cover among various other bits.   I've got all of the running lights and turn signals working, and finally freed the stuck heater core valve, though the cable that opens and closes it came undone in the process. The heater fan doesn't work so I expect I will need to get


jackm in 2022

Finding the Unicorn!

Hello everyone! Thought I would share my car, it's story and what I am doing with it. Here is a fun read about it if you have time.   Warning: Kinda long read - you might love it or hate it.       Finding the "Unicorn"   It was a December 2019 morning sipping on coffee "just browsing" car listings as we all tell our wives when I came across a unique overseas listing. It was a classified in Italy for a touring that was in what could be either primer or

Rise of the Roundie

To get my resto blog rolling, here's the video of the first start that I shared as my first post in the community. I've already benefitted from some of the great advice and expertise folks shared on how to approach and plan the restoration, so I welcome any and all tips, suggestions and advice on how I should get going, now that she fired up so easily and seems to be running just as well.    I will confess that over the several weeks I got ready to for first start, I watched an embarra


jackm in 2021

Engine Rebuild Back on Track!

Well, after trying to determine how to attack the engine rebuild, I am now able to move forward.  In my last entry I detailed how horrible the Tii engine block and crank were.  I decided to start over with a standard bore block and standard grind crankshaft.  This way, if the engine ever needs to be bored or crank ground again in the future, I still have room to go.  I really didn't want my new rebuilt engine to start at max measurements.     As mentioned before, when I bought Conrad,


bergie33 in Restoration

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