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  1. Can confirm this is Singer Material. Source- Worked there. You may feel differently about it after you have it quoted.
  2. There is an airfield 5 minutes from my house and a bed with your name on it. Just don't steal my girlfriend 😢
  3. Man, you just made me miss living in Simi Valley. Gorgeous cars!
  4. Rocan

    Very sad day

    I come out of my slumber and lack of posting for... This?
  5. I'm in need of a complete set of metal trim. PM me with what you have.
  6. Hi all! It's been far too long since I had a notable update for this build. Long story short... I was living in Socal for the past three years. About a year ago I planned to bring the 02 to socal after having a friend do the rust repair. Due to some unfortunate circumstances he wasn't able to work on the car for about the half of a year it was with him. I began planning to ship the car over anyway, and the day before the delivery was planned my girlfriend expressed her desire to move back to the East coast. I figured, sure, why not, CA is nice but far too expensive. I redirected t
  7. That's exactly right!!
  8. Might take you up on this... I think they are similar enough that I could make it work... So long as it has a crank. Matt (schnell vintage) has one a bit more local that I can borrow for a bit so I may go with that as my first bet and I'll be in touch if it doesn't work out. Many thanks to everyone for the response! I need to get back on the FAQ more- too busy these days with work.
  9. Hi all- I'm in need of a complete engine or at the very least a short block/bottom end for test fitment purposes. Building a custom bell-housing for a TKO600 transmission. Also will be dry-sumping the engine, so if it has a crank in there that will help me machine some toothed pulleys. any condition is fine so long as its good enough to use to pattern the transmission mounting flange. Socal/Ventura county.... willing to travel. A bit pressed for time, so let me know what you have. Cheaper is better... rust, fine. Hole in the side of the block? sure, if the price is right. Will pay more for a good core if its readily available.
  10. A stock hood with no cross bar, no trim, no insulation, is ~42lbs.
  11. DOT 4 TYP 200 has always worked well for me. In addition, the can has German writing on it, so your 2002 will understand whats going on. I have also used Valvoline on other vehicles without issue. This is a good time to replace your rubber brake hoses and do a full brake service if you haven't done so before. Rebuilding the master cylinder, slave cylinder and calipers is relatively cheap insurance that shouldn't be overlooked. It wouldn't be the first time that I've gone to bleed an old system and had a small bit of dried glycol or dirt end up coming loose and clogging a line. EDIT: Absolutely no clue what is going on with the formatting in this post.
  12. Of course you guys all went and got organized after I moved to the west coast! Wish I could have participated in the festivities.
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