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  1. Rocan

    Carbon Fiber Hood FIRE SALE - price reduced

    A stock hood with no cross bar, no trim, no insulation, is ~42lbs.
  2. DOT 4 TYP 200 has always worked well for me. In addition, the can has German writing on it, so your 2002 will understand whats going on. I have also used Valvoline on other vehicles without issue. This is a good time to replace your rubber brake hoses and do a full brake service if you haven't done so before. Rebuilding the master cylinder, slave cylinder and calipers is relatively cheap insurance that shouldn't be overlooked. It wouldn't be the first time that I've gone to bleed an old system and had a small bit of dried glycol or dirt end up coming loose and clogging a line. EDIT: Absolutely no clue what is going on with the formatting in this post.
  3. Of course you guys all went and got organized after I moved to the west coast! Wish I could have participated in the festivities.
  4. That's awesome!!! Thank you for that.
  5. Surprised to see this thread still around. 318i Alternator was much more expensive and put out far less amperage than the AC Delco. Last I checked with the current owner of my old yellow golden rod, no alternator issues at all. The car was daily driven in the north east, so it saw a lot more wear and tear than the average 02 owner would see and the BNR just didn't cut it. Another benefit to the AC Delco is it can be found and replaced at just about any auto parts store anywhere in the US.
  6. Can you scan and upload that entire accessory book? Would be great to see.
  7. Rocan


    Noticed my Blog wasn't showing up until I added an entry, so I copied the description to here. After sitting for most of its life its time to give this gorgeous low mileage example a restoration worthy of the record books. I purchased this car from the second owner. He bought it back in the early 80s while living in Germany before driving it to Italy where he lived. When it came time for him to move to the US he had trouble selling the car and decided to bring it to New York with him where the car ultimately sat until it could be legally titled once it was 25 years old. By then the owner had swapped in us market side markers and an American speedometer as requested by the DMV at the time. The odomoter reads just over 30,000 miles and from my overall inspection of the vehicle I believe it to be accurate. Being a North East car that sat in a mechanics backyard for a number of years a full restoration is in order and will be completed using many connections I've formed with some of the best automotive talent in the USA. Today marks the official project start date, and the car is headed to my good friend Matt's shop, Beaver Built. The project begins with major surgery- rust repair. At least one subframe mount will need to be cut out, and many more spots including the usual suspects will be discovered and fixed as the project progresses. Following rust repair the car will be shipped to me in California where I now reside and be stripped to a bare shell for a clean start to a very lengthy project. I have some very wild engine plans but the car will retain a very mild appearance with practicality improvements integrated as cleanly as possible. Be sure to follow my Instagram for more up to date updates @rocanmotor as well as my friend Matt's shop @beaverbuilt for all the nitty gritty. I'll keep this post updated as much as possible. I apologize to all my 02 friends here for my long hiatus... Between starting my career and making a few big moves in the past three years I've had to put the 02 projects aside for a bit. I've worked on some stuff in the meantime but I've never really been happy not having an 02 in my life. Let the fun begin.
  8. Still selling gas pedal kits? Installing new floor pan next week and do not want to use the old nubs.

    1. Rocan


      No, Sorry, I haven't sold them in years. Contact Ireland Engineering; I sold them the design years back.

  9. @mojojoy ...Now that is just awful... I've been waiting to restore this 02 for a couple years now :'( I wonder if he imported it directly into California from overseas or if it was an out of state car first?
  10. Question is, how will they know its a euro car from a 7 digit vin unless if they decode it?
  11. Kind of wondering... I had the title transferred to my uncle as I was storing it at his place, so he will be "gifting" it back to me. I know the process is significantly easier if its already in my name- will this play a role in the registration? I do have a private registrar I will be using to make the process a little more... streamlined... my previous place of employment has granted me some helpful connections
  12. You're just mad because you wont be the only kid around with 4 headlights
  13. I had a feeling this was the case. I also figured they weren't taking the time to decode the 7 digit Vins. Appreciate the help everyone, stay tuned for a build thread in the coming weeks.
  14. This is what threw me.
  15. Hello all! Been quite some time. Despite being MIA, I haven't stopped loving 02s. I'll be brief: I've had a 74 Grey market euro car for a couple of years now and was gearing up to send it over to California where I currently reside. Car has been registered legally in NY for quite some time and has some federally mandated changes (ugly side markers added, mph speedo) already, done by the PO. Now, the law on the subject is a bit vague, but I want to know if I will run into any trouble trying to register it at the CA dmv. A Vin decoder will reveal its a European market car, but I highly doubly any dmv system will be able to decode the 7 digits to anything meaningful. The car is very original and I have a full restoration planned, but I wanted to hear from some other owners on the subject first. Thoughts?