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What's the Point?? (what had happened was...)



After getting the exhaust squared away I took to figuring out why the headlights didn't work. Had to again sponge until it became apparent the turn signal column lever was bad.

Drove the car thru summer and into the fall while adding cosmetic items and learning what the Guibo is. Wish I had the photos but you know the story. Thumping in the trans tunnel when shifting (only subtly at first) lead to multiple crawls under the car until through researching I decided to order one and replace it.

Since I liked the look of the euro turn signals and found a pair I replaced them and also found some bottle cap wheels and a Momo steering wheel.


Winter came and the suspension became something I thought I could get sorted so I began gathering the parts to refurbish. Punching out old tired bushings was not easily accomplished with the subframe on the car. I learned the hard way it needed to come off so...


One thing led to another while getting the front end together. Looking up at the oil pan and oil covered steering box had me pouring thru threads using my friend the search function and being subtly hypnotized by all the build threads and Articles on modifications and upgrades.They all led to an evolution that started with front bushing replacement. While looking up at the subframe I notice the oily steering box so...


and the pedal box grunge...


and the oily oil pan...




well, you can see where this is going. Needless to say project scope creep took hold and fast forward to the most recent change when I decided to go the full Monty tear down for body repairs and paint.



I really liked the paint (original) but due to the PO weak attempts at matching the color at front quarters and a rear end in need of straightening chose to repaint. Here are some of the planned mods after the body work and paint include: big brakes both ends, shortie bumpers, Hella 550's, dual Dellorto 40's, Stahl header, stainless exhaust, Motorsport 300 degree cam with IE head bits, high compression 10.5:1 pistons, 5 speed G245, LSD, urethane bushings, HD struts and shocks, Alpina wheels, new carpet set (ESTY order coming later), 1 piece dash, new rubber window gaskets, new headliner (thanks Steve), deleted side markers and lower trim, under seat trunk mounted battery, low profile under seat subwoofer, kick panel and hidden package deck speakers (from an faq thread) and other stereo bits.




And on it goes...


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You put Billies on there?  I considered Bilsteins for my 99 5'er, but wanted a little softer ride for the daily driver.

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HD's for now, all urethane bushings and stiffer sway bars front and rear with some rear subframe mount stiffeners. Foothills are close to home as are plenty of other fun roads on the coast and on the way to Yosemite. If it's too stiff will change them but the attempt is for a "go cart" like feel and it's not gonna be a daily driver. Plan on making the drive to Phoenix via Bakersfield / Flagstaff to see Young-son when it's finished and broken in. Will figure out the tires later. Not sure I'll stick with the Alpinas as they are 13's and all I can find are Toyo Proxes. Might look at 14" wheels (Minilites??) later...

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Looks so nice with the freshly painted and new parts....I'm still so far away from that.

Thanks for the inspiration to keep going!

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