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  1. JerryB2002

    I'm sorry

    Can't wait to get my '02 back from paint and in the garage!
  2. JoAnna and I visited Car Addictions, the shop that's doing the body work and paint job for Betty. Looking at something part way through the process, whatever the process is, is always an odd event. Watching the sausage being made kind of thing. Knowing that the professionals have your pride and joy in their care only makes it weirder. Trust. Trust is what it's all about and knowing that you both have a shared vision for what the end state will be is important. So, going to the shop and fine tuning that vision was important and I hope, will prevent any unexpected results. Fingers crossed. Without further ado here are some pictures of the progress thus far. Pre-primer. Getting the holes filled and any rust addressed. . There is very little rust on the body. The front fenders on the other hand had to be replaced. In general the body work was limited to addressing waves and small dings vs rust. And that's a good thing! More to come later.
  3. We did tell the shop that's doing the body work and paint that we were not in any hurry. Haven't found a contractor to bid the garage yet. Oh well, there is still work to do! I've been inventorying parts and wow. There is a lot of parts. Sadly, a lot of it really isn't going to look good going back onto the painted body unless I do some serious restoration/plating/painting etc. Lots of it. So, I've been part collecting, or trying to. And getting stuff taken apart in order to sort it. Good stuff, Restoration stuff, No longer needed and good enough to sell/give away, or junk. Since we're upgrading to EFI with stand alone mgt and a custom wire harness, there are a few things that I'll have to decide are good enough to share. I might have a few good items. First off is all of the California smog stuff. This is a WA car and this is where she's gonna stay. So, that's up for grabs. I have the whole kit and caboodle. I'll post that up separately soon after I take proper pictures of it. While I've been shopping around for parts, I've found a couple that I think are interesting but don't know anything about them. I have not bought parts from them before. They are Roger's TII, which has a lot of stuff that I didn't think was available anywhere. Such as the little white plastic caps for the rear side window pop outs. Mine just crumbled in my hand when I removed the glass! The others are interior upholstery kit sellers. World Upholstery and Dtechparts. Stuff looks good and the prices seem fair for what you're getting....but the problem is, I don't know what I'd be getting. To be fair, I haven't contacted either of these companies to talk about color choices, samples, timeline/schedules etc. More on that later. For now, the hunt for bits and parts continues. Unfortunitely no new pictures for this post.... 😞
  4. Or what do you do while you wait? The body is at the painter for some light body work and paint. I expect it to be there for a couple months. Maybe more. I did tell them that I wasn't in a hurry. Mainly because I haven't figured out where I'll put it once it's done or where I'll reassemble Betty. Garage space being what it is right now. So, I have time on my hands in regards to working on the car. So, what do I do? Well, I have several parts that still need restoring. The heater core is first. Then there are the front and rear subframes. Those aren't in bad shape, but could use new bushings and new paint. Seeing PaulTWinterton's work in the Sub-frame Paint? thread has me thinking about going that route. But as Steve mentioned in that same thread, black may be the actual color to use. Not that I'm going for any concourse winner level work with this restomod, I still want it to look period correct. We also need to work on are the interior pieces. We'll recover all of the stock seats and are looking for a good kit supplier. The sunroof parts need to be cleaned up and polished. I'll follow the advise here: http://www.my2002tii.com/spring_2005/sunroof.htm There are these little white clips that cover the rear pop out window mechanism that's crumbling and broken. Does anyone know where to get replacements? That's where Jo and I are now with the project. Waiting for the body to come back from paint AND restoring the little bits here and there.
  5. JerryB2002

    I'm sorry

    2002 + 911 is a great combo!
  6. We're loving the house. Only problem is we're going to need more garage space. It was this house that first made me think I'd have to put either the 911 or 2002 up for sale. Fortunately, we'll be able to build another garage (oversized one car) next to this on the hill. So...hopefully I'll be posting about that soon enough.
  7. A few months ago Jo and I decided that we'd like to sell our house of 21 years and buy another in town that would be our forever home. In 21 years, you collect a lot of stuff. Too much stuff as it would turn out. Since we hadn't done it in a very long time, I'd forgotten just how big a pain in the rear moving is. So, on top of all of our house stuff, I had 3 cars to move. One of which, Betty, was in parts all over the garage. Most of it was already in boxes, bagged and tagged. But a lot was kept in a cabinet on shelves. Those many parts would need to be carefully boxed up and cataloged. That takes more time than you think! SO, there was also the matter of having actually DOWNSIZED on the garage. Yeah, dumb on my part, but I planned to build another garage next to this house just for housing the newly restored Betty. The problem is that the car was not ready and neither was I. Caleb to the rescue as he would be repainting Betty and since we were now NOT in a big hurry, could store her at his shop until we were ready! Perfect. So, boxes packed and everything made it to the new house safe and sound. All that's left to do is get all of my new shelves built so I can get all of these parts off the ground which will free up space in the new garage for both of the other cars! I like it when a plan, you never planned for, but none the less comes together. Pic of new house.
  8. Yup, those exactly Mike. Mine are falling apart.
  9. JerryB2002

    The one constant

    My Wife and I bought a new house. We close on it tomorrow and start moving on Wednesday. Before we bought I had a scare and I almost made a bad decision. That was to part out my project and let Betty go. A lot of people on this site were very nice and offered good prices for the parts that I had posted for sale. And they were even nicer when I came to my senses and retracted my ad. Everyone was very understanding. Jo and I would figure out how to make this work. The house we're buying only has a two car garage. We need three. So not only will I be moving into the new place, but will begin planning for a new detached workshop/garage! So, that bridge has been crossed and the project back on track. The sale of our current house and purchase of our new house proceeded. Deal's done and all that's left to do is pack up and move. Here's the thing. We've lived in this house for 21 years. Longest I've ever stayed put. The problem with staying in one place that long is you accumulate a lot of crap. And I mean a metric ton of junk. Literally. The Swiss I think have a word, Döstädning. I'm not sure I'm ready to embrace this fully, but damn, I have a lot of junk. The last several days have been spent purging and cleaning and purging and stuffing things into boxes. Everything for the car has been packed away except the seats, wheels, dash and the engine. The chassis has been hauled off to the painters. It'll be there for a couple months. The rest of her parts have been put into quite a few boxes. It's funny how a small car, when exploded like it is, takes up so much room! Today, I tackled how to get the engine off the stand and into a crate for transport to the new house. I've never build an engine crate before so I did some research. Which means YouTube. I figured that I'd use the old scrap wood I had in the shop and have at it. Here's what I came up with. It's pretty secure in there. Resting on the oil pan in a cradle. Then there are braces on the sides of the block to keep it from rocking. Also there are side supports to keep it from sliding back and forth. What's not shown are wheels I installed to make it easier to move around on the floor. It should do for the short move. At least I hope it will do!
  10. looking forward to seeing this as I'll be going through this soon enough. My biggest concern is finding new gaskets for all of the lights. Any luck there?
  11. JerryB2002


  12. My vote is on the master cylinder too. Happened to me once and went through this whole drill too.
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