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  1. Yup, I got them from Ireland Engineering a couple years ago. I don't know if I'll use the fender rubber trim that I bought with it.
  2. Well, last I posted the world was a different place. What a difference one year makes! Keeping this car related, there was a lot of drama at the body & paint shop. Since we weren't in a big hurry to get the work done it wasn't a big deal. But now that we're all moved into the new house and things have quieted down AND I've got another garage available to work in. I want the car back asap. Summer is coming! The drama at the shop initially had us worried the work wouldn't get done. Then there was/is the Covid. And we lost our 15 yr old dog (good boy, RIP). And somewhere alon
  3. JerryB2002

    I'm sorry

    Can't wait to get my '02 back from paint and in the garage!
  4. JoAnna and I visited Car Addictions, the shop that's doing the body work and paint job for Betty. Looking at something part way through the process, whatever the process is, is always an odd event. Watching the sausage being made kind of thing. Knowing that the professionals have your pride and joy in their care only makes it weirder. Trust. Trust is what it's all about and knowing that you both have a shared vision for what the end state will be is important. So, going to the shop and fine tuning that vision was important and I hope, will prevent any unexpec
  5. We did tell the shop that's doing the body work and paint that we were not in any hurry. Haven't found a contractor to bid the garage yet. Oh well, there is still work to do! I've been inventorying parts and wow. There is a lot of parts. Sadly, a lot of it really isn't going to look good going back onto the painted body unless I do some serious restoration/plating/painting etc. Lots of it. So, I've been part collecting, or trying to. And getting stuff taken apart in order to sort it. Good stuff, Restoration stuff, No longer needed and good enough to sell/give a
  6. Or what do you do while you wait? The body is at the painter for some light body work and paint. I expect it to be there for a couple months. Maybe more. I did tell them that I wasn't in a hurry. Mainly because I haven't figured out where I'll put it once it's done or where I'll reassemble Betty. Garage space being what it is right now. So, I have time on my hands in regards to working on the car. So, what do I do? Well, I have several parts that still need restoring. The heater core is first. Then there are the front and rear subframes. Those aren't in bad sh
  7. JerryB2002

    I'm sorry

    2002 + 911 is a great combo!
  8. We're loving the house. Only problem is we're going to need more garage space. It was this house that first made me think I'd have to put either the 911 or 2002 up for sale. Fortunately, we'll be able to build another garage (oversized one car) next to this on the hill. So...hopefully I'll be posting about that soon enough.
  9. A few months ago Jo and I decided that we'd like to sell our house of 21 years and buy another in town that would be our forever home. In 21 years, you collect a lot of stuff. Too much stuff as it would turn out. Since we hadn't done it in a very long time, I'd forgotten just how big a pain in the rear moving is. So, on top of all of our house stuff, I had 3 cars to move. One of which, Betty, was in parts all over the garage. Most of it was already in boxes, bagged and tagged. But a lot was kept in a cabinet on shelves. Those many parts would need to be carefully boxed up and catalog
  10. Yup, those exactly Mike. Mine are falling apart.
  11. My Wife and I bought a new house. We close on it tomorrow and start moving on Wednesday. Before we bought I had a scare and I almost made a bad decision. That was to part out my project and let Betty go. A lot of people on this site were very nice and offered good prices for the parts that I had posted for sale. And they were even nicer when I came to my senses and retracted my ad. Everyone was very understanding. Jo and I would figure out how to make this work. The house we're buying only has a two car garage. We need three. So not only will I be moving
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