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Starters, Distributors and Steering Boxes

Another couple of smaller, but very important projects are now complete.  I now have a good, rebuilt starter and a rebuilt steering box, and a refreshed (and hopefully good) Distributor.  Let's assess the parts I had...First, the starter was old, crusty, very large and very heavy.  The distributor...just needed to be cleaned (I hope).  The steering box, dirty, oily, obviously leaking (scroll down below).     Starter:   On a previous Tii that I did some work on, I replace


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Engine, Trans, Front Subframe Removal

Things have been busy over the Summer (plus hot) and I also decided to tackle a small side project prior to taking much else of the car. There was a section of dirt on the side of my house in front of where the car was currently parked that I've been wanting to pave for a while and I decided now was the time to get it done. After getting a few quotes that were quite a bit more then wanted to pay, I decided to do most of the prep work myself and just hire a couple finishers to help with the poor.


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From first fire to dyno day

I spent most of 2014 installing the engine and trans, finishing and fine tuning the Megasquirt installation, and a bunch of other miscellaneous tasks to get it ready to turn the key for the first time. Also a million and one other "while I'm there" jobs like LED bulbs for the dash, securing the oversize spare wheel, fixing the hood support, etc., etc.,...   Then it was off to a local dyno shop for tuning with some great results for a first effort.   Installing Engine

A Couple Of Steps Forward

Between Kid's Soccer games and an Epidural in my spine I made some progress the last two weeks.  My back feels so much better, I tackled the under-dash wiring and started prepping the S14 for installation.   S14 Work I started out by flipping the spark plug wiring harness so the terminals face the EDIS coil on the firewall instead of the the OEM distributor.  Next I pulled the distributor cap to verify I was still at TDC with spark plug #1 and my 36-1 crank wheel VR pickup was ind

Boston BMW CCA Concours 2022

August 28th 2022 was the Boston BMW CCA Concours d'Elegance at Prowse Farm in Canton MA.   I spent most of Saturday cleaning & detailing Vern. It was the first real detailing since returning from Germany last October. Did all the "heavy lifting" of detailing the chrome & touching up stone chips. Removed the rear panel pieces & cleaned behind them, they were absolutely filthy.   Left for Canton at 5:30 am & was in line by 8:15 am. I was asked to be a Judge back


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Enjoying the drive

Follow up, I did get my car on the road this spring with some short shakedown drives to check and double check everything.  I do take it on longer drives now on the back roads of Central Oregon when I can and love how it runs, drives and sounds.  It turned out better than I could have hoped for, all the hard work has its rewards.  I would encourage anyone who takes on any level of rebuild to hang in there and see it through if at all possible.


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Getting Closer to Finishing the Electrical

In my last post I mentioned buying a Deutsch 29 Pin bulkhead connector to handle the wiring between the engine compartment and the MicroSquirt ECU.  This week while waiting on the endless list of parts, I decided to get the connector installed so I could start wiring the pin side from the ECU.  The Deutsch connector only has 4, AWG pins, so I'm going to use 2 pins to power the 2 banks of injectors (1 & 3 and 2 & 4).  I originally had 12V+ Switched power off the Main Relay running to a 2

Monterey Car Week 2022

This year we shipped Veronika out for the week & stayed with our friends in Del Rey Oaks.   Veronika arrived at 10:30 am Tuesday! I had time to clean her up before the Hagerty Monterey Kickoff in Pacific Grove. We parked together with Steve Kupper, Jim Huff & MotoLisa.   Wednesday was The Little Car Show in Pacific Grove. MotoLisa’s 1967 Derby 1600 & Veronika parked together & Sara Nelson parked across  the street with the “Katy Perry” 1970 1600 Cabriolet. Der

Metal work and New Nose

Hi everyone,  I bet you will be shocked when I tell you that this project is going *frustratingly* slow! I know for everyone else project cars are always simple and speedy. LOL. However, it is still moving and I am grateful for that. I removed the nose piece because I have purchased a new one which was made for the euro bumpers. The old nose piece had Bondo and metal problems that we decided were not worth repairing and since I wanted the euro bumpers anyways, it made sense. I removed the o

Oh the little things...

I have only been able to work a few minutes at a time here and there lately.  So, the little things have been getting done.  I really need a day or two (I mean full days) in order to tackle the few rust issues before the body can go to paint. Seems pointless to finish up smaller projects that can more easily be tackled while the car is with the painter, but that's all I have had time for...oh well.   Anyway, I finished up the heater box, refurbished the hood latch bar, freshened up the


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Slow Progress is still Progress

I try to do something every week to get it closer to installing the front subframe with motor and transmission.  This week I continued to edge towards the S14 engine installation by figuring out what I was missing to complete that task.  One of the hurdles would be ignition and running EDIS-4 wasted spark, what to do with the S14 Distributor.  Now had I planned better when I bought this motor, I would have purchased on of Lee's S14 Massive Distributor block-off plates, but of course I didn't, an


I started with a 1973 2002 that had very little rust but a weak engine. I stripped the car down and fixed the floor boards and rocker panels. I then did some (new to me) body work. The goal was performance with stock appearance, not show car looks so it still has dents here and there. I farmed out the paint to Maaco (was Riviera, now Taiga) and the engine tuning to a local tuner but I did most other tasks. I also got wonderful advice online from Chargin; great guy with an AP1 2002.   M


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Sidetracked for Good Reason

Since I last posted, a lot has changed. I bought a house across town from where I was living in my last post, and that took over priority. I also switched jobs- I am now working for a composite wheel manufacturer as one of the product design engineers, expanding my carbon fiber knowledge well beyond what I expected I would know at this point in my life. esecarbon.com  for those interested.   Most exciting, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of building a proper garage of my own that will eve

Cool Oil Cooler Idea Theft

So, no matter which engine ends up in this car, I was going to use the oil filter housing from the S14 and convert it to 10AN fittings.  The stock S14 Oil Cooler is too long and large to mount anywhere it can get decent air flow, so I figured that something aftermarket was in the cards.  After watching a Jay Leno's Garage Video posted by @NYNick on a 1972 BMW 2002 Restomod, I was inspired by how @Shad (the Builder), fit an aftermarket Earl's Oil Cooler in this beautiful car.  I reached out to Sh

Changing Directions

Sometimes you plan and things don't go exactly to plan, so you need to change directions.  So I installed my clean one-piece dash in my 1970 BMW 1600 and have been struggling trying to get the older style switches around the instrument cluster installed because the original lock nuts are too short and the dash is too thick.  I was also planning to install the old style hazard switch in the original position, in the dash cubby just left of the instrument cluster.  While I was waiting for my WTB a

Door windows

So as i’m going over M2 i’m replacing glasing to a tinted set i bought to my self as a birthday present. Othera are in and the doors are last to get done. So here is how i went about it.   Vent window As it’s usually referred, one has to push about half opened vent window frame downward in order to release it from upper pivot point (hinge). My r/side was pretty non co-operative and i made mistake of pulling outer frame upwards. As this did help releasing pivot point it also deform


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Is falling forward progression? Then I did make progress!

I've actually been making pretty good progress on Betty. The suspension parts are off to the powder coater. It took a while for me to break down the components and do my part of the prep work. But they're out of my hands now and I hope to have them back in a week.   I've also restored both of the tail light housings and got new gaskets and lenses. They look phenominal and I'll have a blog post dedicated to that. Along the way, I also worked on the front turn signal housings.

Assessing Body Panels

Although the car was missing all front end panels, the previous owner had collected various parts that could potentially be used to put it back together and as part of the sale he offered to include any of those parts that could be used. That included a pair of front fenders, hood and nose panel. They certainly weren't in perfect condition, but I took them anyhow and last weekend spent a bit of time cleaning them up and took a closer look.   The nose panel is likely in the best shape w
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