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EFIing an M10

So this issue of EFIing an old M10 motor comes up repeatedly from time to time and so I brought my thoughts about this together. I don’t know if there’s already a blog entry or write-up, so… sorry if repeating. Please feel free to add all your info, opinions and experience to make this a helpful content for later readers! Talking about the reasons for EFI doesn’t make sense here I think. Let the pros-and-cons discussion take place somewhere else.   Fuel supply (This does not


Henning in EFIing an M10

Efi progress

Been a while since my last post, been slow going for a bit through the winter and broke my wrist mid January. Anyway back to work on the efi swap. I turned some plugs on my lathe to plug up unused ports on the m20b25 throttle body. Got my ecu and am starting to build the harness. I made a harness with rope so I can pull it out and measure/ build it on the bench rather than fight it in the car. Got the relay box almost done now just waiting for some pins for my connectors of the correct gauge for


twinnr1523 in Efi

What wooden wheel

Hey, what's that? A stock 71-73 tii wheel I found in a shelf in summer of 2015. A slotted three-spoker. Spokes rusty and the foam... Gone. And now, what to do with it? Paint the spokes, yes, but the foam? I'm not familiar with replacing or shaping foam. Oak sounds some similar, so let's go oak.   The wheel's core:       Hm... A kind of oval steel profile around. I started a first try to find out what's doable:       Continuing:  


Henning in steering wheel

The third progress report from G&M Autobody

moving along this is to show the inner panel needed patching. Here are the panels from W&N - .0277 thick.  p/n A41 35 1 855 113  Hood looks great... down to the metal     Rear deck needed a bit more effort - was hard to close due to latch not properly tensioned - PO must have slammed his hands down on it one to many times   Rear panel looking good too! Removed a bunch of extra bondo from PO     Ahhhhh

Intro to my 67 project

Back in January 2019 I picked up a '67 1600-2. I've always preferred the early cars so despite some of the rust issues I picked it up. I've welded (flux) before, but I wanted to get better, so I told myself, "F*** it, let's buy a C25 bottle and get good at grinding."  😁   First order of business was to contact the BMW group archive. "The BMW 1602 VIN 1529238 was manufactured on June 19th, 1967 and delivered on June 29th, 1967 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New Yo


jmr_1602 in 1600

The second progress report from the body shop!

Hey all - looking good.  You can see the W&N patch panels for the outer wheel wells are clamped in - they are waiting for the inners from me.    The dent in passenger door is removed.        Drivers door sanded and primed.     Drivers rear QP waiting for patch panel inner and outer.  Rear panel sanded and my patch panel finished by the pro's.         Hood and Deck Lid sanding away the old paint to bare m

Update as of March 29, 2021

So as of this point the headliner is out and almost all of the dynamat is off the floor. I just got my 10 tooth/slat grill in today for the car. So that puts me at 4 NLA/unobtainable parts acquired for the car. Those parts being the two spoke steering wheel, swan neck mirror, embossed belt line trim and 10 slat grill. Hopefully by the 3rd of April the dynamat will all be out and the floor will be all set with POR15 applied.  IMG_0981.MP4

Early Nose Trim Restoration

Just received the restored slotted nose trim. The shop worked wondrous miracles & exceeded my expectations. Was lucky to be able to buy this elusive trim here from a friend who sold it on the FAQ. Here are the before & after photos. The "kink" in the trim was very difficult to massage out, yet the craftsman was able to do the near impossible & get it to 99%.  

Small progress

... because it's the little things that count.   So to build from my last post. I did some of what I said I should do. #1 I got the car warmed up and made sure the coolant was all set. Good to go there.   In an effort to eliminate a potential vacuum leak I disconnected and plugged the vacuum line to the distributor and then set out on tuning the idle. I screwed the mixture screw in probably 1+ full turns until the idle came up. So i dropped down a jet size and did it again un


nc325ic in Stage 1

that first call from the body shop...

Hey all -   I finally chose a body shop for my project.   G & M in San Bruno, CA- competitive pricing and some expert references and a super clean and efficient body shop.   And today the owner gave me that dreaded first call!  Not so bad!  Just need to get some more patch panels from W&N!     So good news for sure.  I hope things move along faster than quoted - 6 mos.        

Finished wiring harness from Rhode Island Wiring

I apologize for the duplicate post if you've already seen this in the Discussion area. This is a follow-up to my previous post about electrical components.     A few days ago, I received a very nicely packaged and documented harnesses in the correct colors and tape!     My old connectors and grommets, if proprietary, were transferred over.  The old harness was also returned as well.        As for the price... this was the first 6-fuse 200

So, Covid and other things

Well, last I posted the world was a different place. What a difference one year makes! Keeping this car related, there was a lot of drama at the body & paint shop. Since we weren't in a big hurry to get the work done it wasn't a big deal. But now that we're all moved into the new house and things have quieted down AND I've got another garage available to work in. I want the car back asap. Summer is coming!   The drama at the shop initially had us worried the work wouldn't get

Poor planning

So I am now beginning to think that I may have done too many things at once.    Here's what I did, all at once: Remove AC, Remove EGR, reject carb to cdiesel prescription, refresh cooling system, rebuild heater box   Here's what I should have done, one at a time, not necessarily in this order 1) check timing 2) adjust/reject carb 3) remove EGR 4) Repeat steps 1+2 5) Remove AC and refresh cooling system   Not only would this have kept th


nc325ic in Stage 1

Swapping the Lynx for 2x DCOE 40 and other updates

Lots been going on relative to the 2002!   The entire exhaust went out for ceracoating.  The heater box and parking brake were installed.     The Lynx manifold and single DCOE 45 was swapped for a dual DCOE 40 setup.  I bought a stainless steel fuel line from IE that will be swapped in.  I'm still looking for a non-plastic brake booster outlet.     The pedal box and steering column started coming back together...     And the trim w

Shawn Piper

Shawn Piper in Restoration

Frosted hub cap restoration

I've been really inspired by Mike Self's 2002.  I really like the original hub caps and driving lights.   Its a look I want to replicate with my car.      Hub caps in 1969 were painted with a matte silver paint and didn't have an independent valve stem hole.  I wanted to restore this detail on my car but the original hubcaps had been lost.     I wasn't having luck finding restorable hub caps despite posting several 'want' ads and diligent eBay browsing for about 12

Shawn Piper

Shawn Piper in Restoration

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