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  1. Decided to put a few freeway miles on her and drove to work (60 miles) one morning. Motors broken in (1600+ miles) and I'm working on some small issues. One happens to be a gearbox leak so I have the output seal and shift rod seal with me today. Gonna drop by my local indy (Kruse-Lucas Imports) since they've taken care of a number of BMW's for me in the past 25+ years including a 635csi swap into my '76 Bavaria. Coming down the on-ramp I hear the distinctive noise of metal hitting the roadway then feel and hear the thump under the car somewhere close to the drivers seat
  2. Need straight early passenger side grill.
  3. Ran up to Chinese Camp to stretch her out and get away from house arrest for a change. Took a few pics...
  4. Need early rear seat to reupholster. 1971 ‘02 shipping to 95356
  5. $30 each, shipped to lower 48. Each with spin lock, senders not included VDO Cockpit Oil Pressure gauge 0-150 psi, 12V VDO Vision Black Oil Temperature gauge 0-300 F, 12V
  6. Man those wheels are cool, Nice car as well! Those are Cromodora CD40’s 13x6J’s Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Added 50 miles to the break in total after work today. 200 more before oil change and valve adjustment. Building a punch list of items as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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