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  1. That is totally reweldable. Hard to tell if they are factory welds or not. My guess is that they were factory welds.
  2. I had one in the 2002 for about 15 years before it quit. Guy at the battery place where I got a new one was impressed.
  3. Check the bore depth in the end of the crankshaft. More than likely it is even deeper than the new bearing. You should have no issues.
  4. Large pair of channel locks or a large pipe wrench.
  5. As far as I know 2002 and E21 engines are both M10s and use the same filter. There is also a longer version but it might not fit if there are other things in the way. I used the same filter on my '72 2002 and my sons '81 320i until he sold it.
  6. I would recheck the timing as a small change in point gap will affect timing.
  7. I have an early '72 and mine originally had a manual choke. It was opposite the ignition switch mounted in the metal housing. The hole is only about 10mm (3/8") in diameter. Drilling one would be easy. The cable feed in through the hole and then goes up through the firewall to the engine compartment. There is a nut on the backside of the knob end that holds it in place. I no longer have need for a choke and now use that space for my cruise control switches.
  8. Are they available from anywhere in the states? I am kind of leery of buying out of Eastern Europe.
  9. Agree with Mike above. Center support bearing on the driveshaft. I had that exact same thing a few years ago. It only happened once or twice when initially taking off then went away. Bearing even seemed fine but it was dry. Ended up getting the driveshaft fully rebuilt. Took care of the problem. Also took me a long time (months) to find out what it was before fixing it. Good luck, Mike
  10. If it dies instantly like you say, it is probably not fuel. I had an Allison (same as Crane) for a few years. I had the module die on me four times. Each time it was replaced by Allison. The last time I took it out and replaced it with points. No problems since.
  11. Looks like it would go behind one of the transmission attachment bolts.
  12. Congratulations Steve! Welcome to a whole new world of fun!!
  13. Cortina? I am in Hauser, ID. Just across the border in Idaho. Spokane is about 25 miles away. Unfortunately I do not have room to store a vehicle at this time.
  14. Had a set on my son's 320i for years. Worked very well. No issues. Were still on the car when he sold it.
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