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  1. With a factory alternator, a high power head unit and four speakers will suit your needs. You can get 'pods' to mount them on the kick panels or just use low profile ones and mount them in the kick panels. If they are too deep, you will need spacers. Put a pair of 6 x 9s in the rear if you like. You might be able to get some 5 1/4" round ones for the front. Just be sure to go into the store with a budget. Good luck, Mike
  2. Pretty sure that if the points plate is the same in the IE distributor as your current then it would work. (there are two different versions of the Pertronix for the 2002 distributors). Also consider sending your existing distributor to Advanced Distributors to have them rebuild it. Was the best $$ I ever spent. Made the engine run like new again. Just be sure to let them know the specs of your engine when you send it in, that way they can curve it to your engine. Oh, yea, put some BP6ES spark plugs in it. The 5's are too cold. Good luck, Mike
  3. Probably best to get a new one. Pierce Manifolds has them. They will also have the other parts you are after. Don't forget to get new screws for the throttle plate. Primary Throttle Shaft
  4. No. Bought them long ago (minimum 25 years ago). Do not even know where. Probably could make a drawing if you need, but it will take a bit of time as I would have to remove one to get accurate dimensions.
  5. I have the same seats in my '72. Have had them in there for 25+ years. Definitely aftermarket Recaro seats. You will need adapter brackets to make them fit the stock seat rails. My adapter brackets are Z shaped steel bars.
  6. That is totally reweldable. Hard to tell if they are factory welds or not. My guess is that they were factory welds.
  7. I had one in the 2002 for about 15 years before it quit. Guy at the battery place where I got a new one was impressed.
  8. Check the bore depth in the end of the crankshaft. More than likely it is even deeper than the new bearing. You should have no issues.
  9. Large pair of channel locks or a large pipe wrench.
  10. As far as I know 2002 and E21 engines are both M10s and use the same filter. There is also a longer version but it might not fit if there are other things in the way. I used the same filter on my '72 2002 and my sons '81 320i until he sold it.
  11. I would recheck the timing as a small change in point gap will affect timing.
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