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  1. Mike87

    WTB front crank pulley for M10

    Too small for my needs. Thanks
  2. Mike87

    WTB front crank pulley for M10

    What is the diameter of the underdrive pulley?
  3. Mike87

    WTB front crank pulley for M10

    That would be nice, however I gave away all my multiple belt pulleys. Finding a 2 groove one might prove difficult. I only know of single and 3 groove from the factory.
  4. Mike87

    Pulling the engine/trans help

    There should be a cupped ring and spring above a nylon ball slide. That nylon ball slide can cock sideways and bind in the cylinder. Once that nylon piece is out, nothing is holding the shifter in.
  5. Mike87

    Pulling the engine/trans help

    Remove the snap ring from inside the car under the shift boot. That is what is holding the shift lever in place.
  6. Mike87

    WTB front crank pulley for M10

    Possibly. Not my first choice. How much do you want for it shipped to 95136?
  7. Looking for a SINGLE front crank pulley for an M10. Similar to attached photo. Not interested in multiple groove pulleys. This is for a 2002, not 320i or 318i.
  8. Mike87

    What is this Electric Do-Hicky ?

    reattach to the bracket with pop rivets....then you do not even have to open it up.
  9. It is part of the main engine harness. Not sure if it available separately.
  10. Mike87

    2.0L crank and caps

    sent you a PM
  11. Mike87

    2.0L crank and caps

    Pretty sure the one I have is unground and I am almost positive I have the caps as well. I will check and get back to you. Mike
  12. Mike87

    Bmw M10B20 engine noise

    Sounds like piston slap. It goes away after it warms up because the pistons expand in the bore. It has to do with the bore vs piston clearance.
  13. probably need one of these Tach Adapter
  14. Bimmer Forums E21
  15. Mike87

    What is this?

    probably a horn relay