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  1. add some in car photos and price drop 600>500
  2. Complete Electromotive XDi ignition system. It was installed on my 1972 2002 for about 2 1/2 years. Installed in November of 2015 and removed June 2018. System is complete including crank pulley with trigger wheel, sensor mount, sensor(s) both magnetic and hall effect, ignition module, coil pack module, custom mounting for coil pack, distributor housing plug, harness and wiring, tach adapter(s) two included, Magnacor spark plug wires, misc electromotive stuff also included. Full instruction manual also included. System will bolt directly to any 2002 (not tii) and work flawlessly. Price is $500 plus shipping. All the parts that are included will cost well over $1000, so this is a great deal. Contact Mike via PM if interested.
  3. Mike87

    CV joint end cover

    If you are looking for just the outer tin cover I may have one in my box. Let me check and I will PM you if I do have it. Mike
  4. Mike87

    Help Xdi electronic ignition

    It varied from 10-15, closer to 15. I was playing around with the initial trying to get the idle smooth. I also experimented with a MAP sensor for a while too to add timing at high vacuum (idle and overrun).
  5. Mike87

    Help Xdi electronic ignition

    The setting you have in that photo looks like what I ran. Possibly a bit higher on initial but the 3K and 8K are the same.
  6. Mike87

    Help Xdi electronic ignition

    In the manual that I have for XDi one coil fires 1&4 the other 2&3. That is the way I ran it for 6 months and the previous version for 15 years.
  7. Mike87

    Help Xdi electronic ignition

    This is an earlier version of the same ignition. The plug wires are the same on the XDi. I ran the XDi for about 6 months using this tach adapter. Hope that this helps. Mike
  8. Mike87

    Help Xdi electronic ignition

    Found the modification... Relay Coil Tach Adapter The one I used was posted by The Witzl. It is pretty easy to make and worked very well.
  9. Mike87

    Help Xdi electronic ignition

    I ran a simple relay coil adapter to make the tach work. The MSD 8920 might also work. I had the 8920 as a signal for EFI, but it would not run the tach, so I made a simple one from a relay. I will do some searching to see what I did. When I find it I can post it here. Feel free to contact me by IM. Mike
  10. ECU does not control any purge valve. That was way before that capability. I think it is plumbed into the intake, but maybe just the airbox. It has been in there a long time. Cannot remember how I made it work.
  11. I made a charcoal canister out of PVC pipe with fittings in the ends and put it under the back seat. Seems to work pretty well. This is in addition to the vapor separator tank under the parcel shelf in the trunk. I had a Nissan one under the hood for a while but removed it for the custom one under the back seat. Pretty sure that the one in your picture will work just fine.
  12. Mike87

    Oil pump sprocket removal

    There are two types. One has three bolts and the other has one nut in the center. Either way, remove the fasteners and then remove the sprocket. The center nut version is on a splined shaft. The 3 bolt version is just 3 bolts holding the sprocket to a pressed on flange. Either way is pretty easy.
  13. Mike87

    WTB - Rebuildable M10b20 engine

    That bottom end has ORIGINAL sized pistons in it, not first over. The crank is also original sized (has not been cut) I know because it came from me and I built it 150K ago.