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  1. Congratulations Steve! Welcome to a whole new world of fun!!
  2. Cortina? I am in Hauser, ID. Just across the border in Idaho. Spokane is about 25 miles away. Unfortunately I do not have room to store a vehicle at this time.
  3. Had a set on my son's 320i for years. Worked very well. No issues. Were still on the car when he sold it.
  4. I am interested. My current Hellas have been sandblasted and one is broken due to a rock strike. These look like they will work better than the ones in my car now. I am local too. I live in Hauser, ID. You can contact me through the FAQ, PM or email at [email protected] Or phone (below) I work from home and am pretty flexible with my time. One last thing. Are they $50 for the pair or $50 each? Thanks, Mike 208.262.8218
  5. Not affiliated with the seller, just saw it when I was looking through local CL. https://spokane.craigslist.org/pts/d/spokane-nardi-steering-wheel/7017506898.html
  6. When I built my latest engine, I cranked it by hand similar to the video until oil came out the spray bar on top of the head. Also primed the chain tensioner prior to cranking the engine. It was a bit of work but worth it in my opinion.
  7. If it were mine I would put the ballast back into the system. Then remove the choke wire and make a new source for the choke. Since your ignition was working fine before, leave it alone. Fix the issue where the issue is....at the choke.
  8. Used on E21 (320i) models. Those holes are for mounting the aux air valve.
  9. I went to an even smaller one from Ireland Engineering. What it does is slow down the water pump and alternator a little bit. The one thing I notice is that upon startup, the alternator is not charging unless I rev it a bit. Once it starts it is fine. No cooling issues either. I would say that running that pulley that you found would be fine. You might have to use a smaller belt if there is not enough adjustment.
  10. I have one. PM me if you want photos. Mike
  11. Check the two aluminum parts that bolt to the hood. They also act as end stops for the torsion bars. Over time the aluminum wears where the torsion stop is and they can break. Good news is you can swap them side to side and have basically 'new' ends. I did this about three years ago for the same reason.
  12. There were two M10X1 and M12X1.5. Both were straight thread.
  13. Did not know that they have that weird kink. Not a good design. I guess sticking with a stock tii manifold might be better.
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