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  1. Nice overcast day to clean and wax the 2002!  Got to take them when you get them!


    I finally got some time to tune my fuel injection pump with some awesome help with a KF pump BMW NA garage guide I was able to find on this forum!  Now she is running like a top!


    Thank you BMW2002FAQ and all the awesome people who participate on it!






  2. Trying out a new muffler :)


    Remus performance exhaust. 


    Not for the peace seeker!  Lower tone and a bit quieter than the 3” resonator...



  3. Basket case... What do you want to do with it?
  4. Heavier flywheels regulate out more of the inconsistencies in the regular running of the engine. The flywheels job is to store rotational energy and return it to the motor when the motor needs it. This will give you a smooth running engine. However, It also takes more energy to get the flywheel turning and therefore, it affects your acceleration rate. I went with an aluminum flywheel in my build. So far, it makes for a rougher idle and I need to sort out a good idle setting to make it less complicated (prevent stall or over rev) at the stop signs. But it really takes off on the starts and through the corners. Very noticeable. Also, downshifting still works. You just need to recognize there is less room for screwing downshifting up. If it is a DD, I think I would go with comfort (steel OE wheel). If you are in for the really fun car, lighten that thing up!
  5. dj2002

    BMW at the tuner

    Ya man! At least our cars don't look like storm troopers, not that there is anything wrong with that!
  6. dj2002

    BMW at the tuner

    Hitting the dyno on Thursday! Waiting for a 911 to get out the way! This is going to be off the hook! Get ready for some awesome, gas burning, piston screaming video! (ignore the caddy. Feast your eyes on the countach in behind.) I don't know what you guys think but I would say the '02 is the prettiest of the bunch!
  7. Took the box to the local rad gy Took the box to the local rad guy. He purged and pressure testing. It is holding well so, once the bluntly expensive plastic cup and o-rings show up, back in and time for another run. I need to only get the expansion tank in for the fuel pump and I get to turn the inka beast over. A moment long anticipated! Thanks again.
  8. Yes sir, idler arm. Aluminum, you are back into coaxing...
  9. I pulled it out and ordered the blunt kit. 100 bucks! Wow! Thanks for your help!
  10. One of the few times you get to go nuts with a hammer! Seriously, wack it really good a few times on the sides (don't hit anything threaded)!
  11. Cool. Do you have any pics or process suggestions on how to tear it down? My box is a 76. Will the 72 conversion work on a 76? Thanks again!
  12. Awesome, thank you! In the firewall, on the input side (passenger side). Right where the input hose attaches. There is a metal flagged plate there. Does that make sense? I suspect that is the valve and it is a seal issue.
  13. I haven't one but I am having trouble with my heater. Mine is leaking at the input stalk. Have you been into that area? Do you have any pictures or advice on how to fix a leak there? Suggestions for vendors for purchased parts? Thanks in advance!
  14. I just put some coolant in my car with the plan to fire it up. I was disappointed to see leaking at the entry side of the heater. It looks like it is coming from what I believe is the valve. Anyone have experience with this and what it takes to fix it?
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