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  1. Brandon I’m looking for two trim pieces that go on each end of a three piece dash They direct defrost air to the driver and passenger side windows. I’ll take them in any condition to serve at least for a pattern john
  2. Do you have the plastic bit that goes on the hood catch?
  3. Interested in front nose clip. Is the 73 the same as an early Car? Mine is a 68 and front nose is a bit wonky from previous accident so
  4. I'm interested. Please pm me with shipping to 87122 john
  5. Jake great to meet you. Glad you made it home safely. Look forward to seeing you at some future Bmw meet
  6. I have a nice running M10 with carb and 4 speed transmission along with pedal box. I'm in Albuquerque n10 is strong but was spurning a little oil.
  7. I've tried to keep perspective. When someone isn't straight with me I'm done. BTW 7 weeks is enough slack. They told me they had the part so just a matter of shipping it out. John
  8. Even though Roger saib Tuesday I would have a ship date I still have none. They have not replied to my emails. I dont mind mind working through an issue but when they don't reply to email nor follow through on their verbal promises there's no way to work things out. I'm done with these guys. John
  9. Problem with Rogerstii I have purchased parts from Rogers several times in the past with good experiences until now. On May 7 I ordered left and right drip rails. After 4 weeks with no response I called and was told they were waiting to build a box for shipping. Then nothing. Wrote an email to Roger. Nothing. Called again last Thusday told they would get right on it. Nothing happened still waiting fulfillment. Called Roger Greenberg today was promised I'd have a shipping number. Nothing. Wrote a note on customer service post. Nothing. It feels like they are not being straight with me. Is is anyone else having an issue with Rogerstii?
  10. Thanks for the heads up on the air cleaners! What do you recommend?
  11. Yea! Thanks for the help I'm uploading pics of my linkage. I'll try the original rod trick
  12. I would like to purchase them if your friend declines. Very cool wheels!
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