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  1. nice clean up! I use diesel and a brush. Than remove loose mateterial with a screwdrive orso. Afther that: wheel cleaner and high pressure. Works well!
  2. Seat belt are easy to fit. The mounting for 2 points are prepared.
  3. Niz work Naz. "Are there any benefits to venting it into the air box?" Otherwise you have to put it in a can or so But no other benefits i can think off. I did some carpet work the last days. The carpet is so new, I need to start on the seats now
  4. Some Pm were before that, Cannot change that. This is Sold.
  5. Tim, you did not buy these. Somebody was in front. I will put an other set online soon.
  6. Pair of taillights, square used. No back covers 70 usd + shipping.
  7. I just put an 123 my 6v NK, no problem. The 123 automatic detects if you're running a 6 or 12v systeem, see the manual/spes.
  8. I am after the interior light for an 1600/2002 full cabrio Look like the on the photo with a different knob.
  9. Samen style. These are standaard euro overriders for an 02 after '71
  10. My M2 is for sale. Pm for more info
  11. Yes, still availible
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