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  1. I like koni's, but I am dutch. I use 02 koni's on my early nk. If you need a source to buy new, let me know.
  2. o boy, a black 2000ti. Send you pm Rey.
  3. I now a TiSa that will come up for sale.
  4. No thnx. Want to see anythingbelse? Sold
  5. Hi, SamAdams is first inline. Just was just an hour earlier. If that doesnt work out, i will come back at your. gr
  6. pair of very nice touring rear lights. Complete with covers and nuts. No crack. Shipping is about 33 USD to the most states. gr Michael
  7. User 235/5 close ratio gearbox for sale. I drove the box myself. If I would continue use it for myself I should renew the syncro of the 2nd gear. I didn't notice any other issue's. Matching drive shaftavailible, not included. Price is ex shipping and packing. Looking for $ 1900 OBO. gr Michaël.
  8. nice clean up! I use diesel and a brush. Than remove loose mateterial with a screwdrive orso. Afther that: wheel cleaner and high pressure. Works well!
  9. Seat belt are easy to fit. The mounting for 2 points are prepared.
  10. Niz work Naz. "Are there any benefits to venting it into the air box?" Otherwise you have to put it in a can or so But no other benefits i can think off. I did some carpet work the last days. The carpet is so new, I need to start on the seats now
  11. About 140 hp as Andrew mentiod. Just try with the solexes. You can get jets for the solexes in germany. I am planning om doing the same in my 1600ti with a 300 cam

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