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  1. i converted the struts so i use e30 koni's in them. Cut away the springspads and welded 02 springpads on. the nk struts have same bearings as 02tii.
  2. Hi, I saw that somebody was looking for a an early raditor cap. If far as i remembered, mercedes had the same diameter. The radiator shop told me that. Got some tisa parts which im going sell. set of NOS pistons, 15/16 webers (2 pairs) and intake manifolds
  3. The radiator caps were also used on old Mercedes Here is a German tisa
  4. Hmmm, good point Steve. This is NK setup (2000), the 1800 have different style solexes. My 1600ti has different linkage. The 1800ti solexes dont have the flange on the side of the carbs near the trottlevalve
  5. Wow, thats hot Zinz. Here is a TiSa of a German friend. Recent finished nut and bolt resto. Bought it on Le Mans. Its for sale. 48082e46-1810-489d-9235-420f3243af49.MP4
  6. used euro license plate holder. 85 usd + shipping shipping to most states is 31 usd gr
  7. used euro license plate holder. shipping to most states is 22 usd.
  8. with track and trace the shipping is 28 usd to most states. Let me know. If you are not interested, its Rennsportguys.
  9. used euro license plate holder. price is ex shipping. Shipping is aprox 22 USD to most states. gr
  10. I like koni's, but I am dutch. I use 02 koni's on my early nk. If you need a source to buy new, let me know.
  11. o boy, a black 2000ti. Send you pm Rey.
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