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  1. I'll check it tomorrow. Thanks. What is the timing supposed to be? How much at full advance. I think the marker in the flywheel is gone. Thanks Han
  2. You are not going to put gas through there and then put it in your car. Really?
  3. Have you tried filling the tank at half speed. That's what i do and haven't had any problems for 35+ years. Yes the old nozzles worked great.
  4. Thanks Han. I will install a regulator and see what happens.
  5. Hello Hans, I have dual 45dcoe's on my 2002. Is a fuel pressure regulator necessary on my vehicle? I have quite a heavy smell when i turn it off in the garage. I've read a few of your posts. Thumbs up. Dual 45's since i purchased the car. It did have a progressive weber before.
  6. Hey roundie! How's that beamer of yours?  I still have mine and am looking for a five speed.  Just in case you are still finding parts. Thanks.  Hope all is good for you.  Pat from Salinas.  Now near Sacramento.   

  7. . Just the ease of getting the brace to the inside hole is the difficulty. Looks really sound. Let me know. I'll try one or two.
  8. Is that your ITG air box on that 2002? Where can you get them? Thanks looks like a good set up for dual 45 dcoe's.
  9. OH and the jet cover thing on the carb could be a race mod because those stock jet covers rattle loose. Must be checked each time the hood goes up.

    1. ws9848


      I put better/more pictures of the transmission and the wheels/tires on my post if you wanted to check them out. I am about 40-50 minutes away from jackson.

  10. Sorry how old are the 15" tires on the BBS? What part of Sacramento as i will be coming or going to Jackson on 49.
  11. How old are the tires? Depending on 5 speed condition i would like to purchase that too. I'll be going to Sacramento area this Wed or Thursday.
  12. markings are 5.5J x 13H2 KBA 2202497
  13. Sorry Britonbees. Same problem seems difficult to do much on site. I need a wheel but can't find out how to put on classifieds. Good Luck with your car.
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