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'72 Golf Yellow Resto-Mod

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What's the Point?? (what had happened was...)

After getting the exhaust squared away I took to figuring out why the headlights didn't work. Had to again sponge until it became apparent the turn signal column lever was bad. Drove the car thru summer and into the fall while adding cosmetic items and learning what the Guibo is. Wish I had the photos but you know the story. Thumping in the trans tunnel when shifting (only subtly at first) lead to multiple crawls under the car until through researching I decided to order one and replace it.


Roundeie in Restoration

'72 Golf Yellow (aka Zen and the Art of an '02 Resto-Mod)

I traded the Tahoe in May 2013. The CL ad wasn't very descriptive but when I saw the photos I had to have the Golf Yellow. The owner didn't mention "sunroof" which was a bonus for me living in the Central Valley here in Cali. We swapped titles because he needed a family sized vehicle (read: 5 people) and the 2002 sat in his garage for no particular reason. Don't think he was an enthusiast. On the drive home from Reno NV (soon to be in college son rode along to see why his dad was so hot to run t


Roundeie in Restoration

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