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'72 Golf Yellow Resto-Mod

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Moving On

Got the sunroof back in with a bit of trial and error. Fit is ok just a slight passenger side height difference.



Also installed heater box and dash. Mocked in the gauge cluster to fill the hole. It will be removed before permanent installation.



Added H4's w/city lights and a relay/fuse harness. Will install the driving light brackets when they arrive. Thanks, Pierre.



Headliner Installation

Before installing the headliner I laid down Dynamat. There have been many discussions regarding branding and I chose what was convenient for me. The shop completing my body work helped source what I needed. I decided to glue some EZ Kool to the roof and also use it for the engine bay and to cover the cabin Dynamat. Where i live it will help to reduce the interior temperature as much as possible. This car does not currently have an AC installed.




Before cutting out the sunroof portion






I'll glue it in tomorrow and let it cure this coming week. I do have the Wurth glue but will probably just go to Lowes and pick up a can of Weldwood and some brushes.




Wiring Harness

Started the harness re-taping and battery relocation. Using 1 inch cloth tape rather than attempting to cut down to 1/2 inch. The harness in the car was dry and flaky after 40+ years of heat. Used Simple Green to clean up the wiring as I went. The engine bay was taped using the cloth tape and I transitioned to flex-cover for the cabin and trunk harness which went on with a bit more ease. No concern for whether it is true to original just want it clean and simple. Mounted the AGM battery in the rear seat area, added the battery cutoff switch and ran the + cable down the driver side to exit the firewall left of the booster mount. The terminal block is mounted where the battery tray used to be (Cable kit and terminal block found on ebay). Will roll out the sound deadener once I'm sure the layout is set. I also drilled holes for and mounted the retractable seat belts provided by BlueDevils. 


IMG_0242.JPG IMG_0270.JPGIMG_0290.JPGIMG_0307.JPGIMG_0306.JPG






Moving Day

Saturday morning we rolled her out of the paint booth into the sun. Not much time in the sun since there was a musical chairs occurring In the shop bays. There were a few other projects needing some work on hand. Removed the paint stand and installed the subframes. I will decide whether to remove them again when I am working out a rebuilding sequence.

After a short break we rolled her up on a trailer, I drove her home and pushed her into the garage to begin the next phase.






Photos to update the paint process. Underneath was Epoxy - Wurth schutz - sealer - Glasurit color coat. Notice the VIN stamp was masked off.




8 coats later



Wet Sanding
















A Bit More...

Assembly of the motor has begun in earnest. I'm now gathering bits for completing the engine and a test stand startup. Photos below of previously cleaned block and semi complete motor build.


Some of the trim holes being filled and fab welding


Also, dropped off the low profile subwoofer and one of the amps so brackets can be fabricated for under seat mounting.


Powder coated and refurbished auxiliary high beams.


Picked up some Dellorto 45's from a Rally driver in Essex while on vacation. They were slated for his 1400 Nova but he decided to go a different direction.


And another Reyez Rodz masterpiece



Took this down to Buttonwillow so Ken Blasko could install and race today. My daughter went with and we really enjoyed looking over the cars and talking to everyone. The Salmon burgers weren't bad either. We got there at 11:30 or so and Ken quickly prepped it and got it installed prior to his heat at 3:00.


Ken's starting position was next to last but he quickly made his way thru the pack and finished 4th. I guess the gearbox held up.


Thanks Ken...



Slight update

Completed assembly of the E21 250 mm brakes. Also picked up the powder coated diff cover to close up my LSD.



And picked up some chrome work (7-10-15)


Checked out some of the welding going on (8-4-15)



blog-0005009001434170834.jpgNothing happening but waiting, either for orders to come or chrome / polishing work to be completed. Since I'm waiting on the euro bumper to line up the new mounting holes, I haven't been motivated to progress. Tonight I broke down and assembled the rear subframe. I'm using urethane bushings, adjustable ST swaybar and stock subframe mounts. All hardware is new along with the stub axles bearings. I will be putting together the 250 mm brakes this coming week.


Odds 'n Ends

I've been trying to stay busy by tackling small items while waiting on the body work. There are quite a few metal work items to be completed before it will be prepped for paint so...

I reflocked the glove box


Reassembled the blasted and painted or powder coated headlight buckets


Refurbished the Roundeies (before on the left)



Got a closer look at the mixed media blasted body today. No touching allowed of the bare metal. All of the surface rust I found while stripping the car down is gone. There were a couple of areas of concern which were opened up so they could be completely cleaned by the blasting: turn signals, valence, left rear quarter above wheel well. One other small spot popped up during the blasting on the right rear panel near the bumper mount hole. Media used was crushed glass, walnuts and plastic beads.



Factory brazing


Leaded seams exposed


Tempted to clear coat and move on...


**Updated 5.16.15

Metal work beginning. Though there was a clean rear center section all ready to take the place of the dented one, the pulled and straigtened center looks fine and with more work being done to take every ripple out... well I think I'll put the clean section up for sale.



While I'm Waiting...

The body and paint work will take a while so I'm setting out to complete as much other work as I can before getting her back. I've been slowly dropping parts off to be powder coated at a local shop. This is what I've gotten back so far.


The half shafts came together well


Began to put together the slotted brakes and struts. I have Alpina 13" blogentry-45066-0-14458000-1428467812_th

which are a tight fit over the Girling calipers. This is about .125" clearance.


So, I took the calipers to a machine shop to slot the tab bolt holes. Slotting gave the calipers another .25" room and also puts the pads right over the rotors so there is no need to file them down or taper.


I initially thought of purchasing an IE header but reconsidered and had my Stahl ceramic coated inside and out. It turned out a bit darker than I had expected but still looks fine to me.


Been collecting parts for my Dellortos slowly while reading a Weber/Dellorto tuning manual. Changing out the idle and main jets, emulsion tubes, throttle shafts & bearings, air correctors and chokes and installed all the stuff from a 2 carb rebuild kit. The progression holes identify these carbs as "emissions" versions. Haven't yet decided which type of throttle linkage to use. Leaning toward a cable based system but want to ensure it is not difficult to set and maintain nor leads to binding or such. The carbs were purchased secondhand and I expect there will be a learning curve when i finally get them operational. This is before breaking them down when thinking I would use the Cannon manifolds.blogentry-45066-0-41695400-1428555478_th

After breakdown...blogentry-45066-0-62557100-1428554179_thblogentry-45066-0-90955400-1428554226_th

Here they are after rebuild mocked up on the Mangoletsi manifold (all gaskets + above components)



Body Work and Paint

Up early to strap her down and have her hauled to the body shop. Driver must not have been aware the car was on a dolly since he looked at me cross eyed when I opened the garage. Said he doesn't do cars without wheels...we worked it out anyway...(24 hour shift on-call, lotsa coffee in him...crossing his legs and mentioning he needed to go...).



Body Shop owner is a real master with custom work. Modesto is home to the midsummer cruise event for American Muscle cars from '50's and '60's. It's also the boyhood home of George Lucas (American Graffiti). Owner is really into his work. I can always find him in the shop and he dropped by while I was tearing the car down to take a look and get a feel for what I wanted to do. Some of what he's working on now in photos. Most of these have some version of Corvette LS motor fitted under their hood. The Blue '32 Ford features a blue leather interior to match the lighter blue paint color and is equipped with hidden bluetooth stereo components.



Picked up enough Golf Yellow paint for the spray outblogentry-45066-0-24091200-1425347830_th

While waiting for the body to be blasted at the painters, I've begun to work on the some of the things I have piled up in the garage...

Powder coating some of the parts...blogentry-45066-0-14405700-1426481053_thblogentry-45066-0-21939000-1426564156_thblogentry-45066-0-66647400-1426564163_th

And refurbishing the CV joints and half shafts...blogentry-45066-0-02308000-1426481161_thblogentry-45066-0-86618600-1426481164_th

Here's a first look at the body after media blast to remove the old paint and any rust. She will never look the same again...



After getting the exhaust squared away I took to figuring out why the headlights didn't work. Had to again sponge until it became apparent the turn signal column lever was bad.

Drove the car thru summer and into the fall while adding cosmetic items and learning what the Guibo is. Wish I had the photos but you know the story. Thumping in the trans tunnel when shifting (only subtly at first) lead to multiple crawls under the car until through researching I decided to order one and replace it.

Since I liked the look of the euro turn signals and found a pair I replaced them and also found some bottle cap wheels and a Momo steering wheel.


Winter came and the suspension became something I thought I could get sorted so I began gathering the parts to refurbish. Punching out old tired bushings was not easily accomplished with the subframe on the car. I learned the hard way it needed to come off so...


One thing led to another while getting the front end together. Looking up at the oil pan and oil covered steering box had me pouring thru threads using my friend the search function and being subtly hypnotized by all the build threads and Articles on modifications and upgrades.They all led to an evolution that started with front bushing replacement. While looking up at the subframe I notice the oily steering box so...


and the pedal box grunge...


and the oily oil pan...




well, you can see where this is going. Needless to say project scope creep took hold and fast forward to the most recent change when I decided to go the full Monty tear down for body repairs and paint.



I really liked the paint (original) but due to the PO weak attempts at matching the color at front quarters and a rear end in need of straightening chose to repaint. Here are some of the planned mods after the body work and paint include: big brakes both ends, shortie bumpers, Hella 550's, dual Dellorto 40's, Stahl header, stainless exhaust, Motorsport 300 degree cam with IE head bits, high compression 10.5:1 pistons, 5 speed G245, LSD, urethane bushings, HD struts and shocks, Alpina wheels, new carpet set (ESTY order coming later), 1 piece dash, new rubber window gaskets, new headliner (thanks Steve), deleted side markers and lower trim, under seat trunk mounted battery, low profile under seat subwoofer, kick panel and hidden package deck speakers (from an faq thread) and other stereo bits.




And on it goes...



Finding the FAQ

On the way home we stopped at Donner Pass


Got a nice thumbs up from this guy


And dropped the exhaust


We got home late afternoon and I asked Young-son if he wanted to climb underneath with me and check out the area left empty by the exhaust in the trunk. I suppose I should have known how ridiculous that question was to a recent high school grad


On Monday I drove to the Bay Area to pick up a used resonator. On the way home I stopped in at the local AutoZone and paid $14.20 cash for a muffler clamp and tape. About 30 seconds after restarting the car I decided to McGyver the gaps in the connection between the tape and the now clamped muffler pipe with some pasty muffler cement stuff recommended by the experts at AutoZone...

On Monday evening I Googled BMW 2002 help forums and found another tool to use

On Tuesday morning I ordered the new Ansa center pipe and muffler from AutohausAZ and installed them on Saturday...


blog-0995176001419627514.jpgI traded the Tahoe in May 2013. The CL ad wasn't very descriptive but when I saw the photos I had to have the Golf Yellow. The owner didn't mention "sunroof" which was a bonus for me living in the Central Valley here in Cali. We swapped titles because he needed a family sized vehicle (read: 5 people) and the 2002 sat in his garage for no particular reason. Don't think he was an enthusiast. On the drive home from Reno NV (soon to be in college son rode along to see why his dad was so hot to run to Reno on a 95 degree day just to look at a car) we lost the center resonator and drove the last 150 miles with the front windows down, sunroof and wings open, listening to the tank sound resonating beneath the floor.


Golf Yellow has rust @ front turn signals, front valence, rear fenders behind wheel. No shock tower or floor board rust. Car was kept mostly in Nevada after purchase Dec 21, 1971. One trip to Europe (based on records) via PO military service. 61,200 on odometer when I picked it up. Replaced exhaust (resonator back) with used Double 02 Salvage parts, refreshed the carb (32/36) and changed the oil. Plan to use as a daily driver while I decide what to do with this newly discovered passion