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You Can't Touch This...



Got a closer look at the mixed media blasted body today. No touching allowed of the bare metal. All of the surface rust I found while stripping the car down is gone. There were a couple of areas of concern which were opened up so they could be completely cleaned by the blasting: turn signals, valence, left rear quarter above wheel well. One other small spot popped up during the blasting on the right rear panel near the bumper mount hole. Media used was crushed glass, walnuts and plastic beads.



Factory brazing


Leaded seams exposed


Tempted to clear coat and move on...


**Updated 5.16.15

Metal work beginning. Though there was a clean rear center section all ready to take the place of the dented one, the pulled and straigtened center looks fine and with more work being done to take every ripple out... well I think I'll put the clean section up for sale.



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Those are great post media blasting pics. I'm considering getting my 72' media blasted but I wasn't sure what the process is.  Would you recommend getting the welding body work done THEN media blast or media blast first?  Also, after the media blast is done, does any 'primer' or something go on to prevent any early rust???  If there's no protective protection after the blast, won't rust appear soon after?  


Did you remove hoods, trunks, doors, panels before the blast?? 



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From my body and paint guys recommendation we blasted first so he could see where the rust was. The obvious areas were cut open and anything else showed after blast. His intent is to have bare metal to weld to. Doors etc will now be removed for prep. The dry valley air should dramatically reduce any chance for oxidation / rust.

Wish I could make Brisbane this year but I'll be out of area on business. Have fun!

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