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  1. Wow! I’ve seen some strange 02 modifications in my life but this one takes the cake!!!! haha!
  2. well I'm into deep now so there's no turning back....haha
  3. **** UPDATE **** So it turns out that the vendor I purchased the frame rail from was not using W&N as their main supplier as they normally do with all their other 02 parts - so I just assumed that was the case. I was fortunate to get a refund which then I immediately purchased the frame rail from W&N directly. I received the frame rail and VOILA! it's the manufactured to spec including the proper bolt holes! W&N is amazing! Thanks to everyone who offered their 2 cents to this thread - now the 'fun' part starts!!! PS...I would love for someone to let me know or point me to a video that shows a frame rail replacement. The only one I could find is Restoration Design's frame rail replacement on youtube.
  4. W&N just responded and they simply said “The pattern is an M10” What they neglected to tell me despite asking the question “Can please verify the bolt size/pattern with s frame rail you are currently selling and not just respond by telling me the spec size which is supposed to be used. Because i can guarantee an M10 will definitely not go in - so I would like to know if this is a manufacturer defect which can cause a problem in the 02 world” I’ll keep everyone posted. I just sent a follow-up email.
  5. You're right if it was indeed manufactured in Germany - but I believe it was built in Taiwan.
  6. I just sent W&N a detailed email.... we shall wait and see.
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies... however, I have an UPDATE! 1. I purchased NEW M10x30 bolts to replace my 'sludge' original bolt and the new ones won't even make a full rotation. In other words, the issue wasn't the sludge on the bolt M10's simply didn't fit. 2. A buddy used his tap and die kit to get the exact measurement of the bolt to be used and he said it was not an M10 bolt (as what the original bolt was) - but instead he concluded it was an imperial US Standard 3/8"x1 1/4" (with a 16 thread). This boggled my mind. 3. So I raced over to the hardware store and got me a 3/8" x 1 1/4" (with a 16 thread). And surprisingly, it fit ONLY 2 of the 3 holes perfectly. Now I'm struggling to understand how the 3rd hole is not the same as the other two holes. I tried to apply some force to that third hole but no matter what that 3/8" bolt will not go. Again, if anyone who purchased a W&N frame rail for their 02, can you please verify the proper bolt size to all three holes. I understand the original one is M10. I'm wondering if I happened to get a manufactured defect.
  8. I'm working on my 72 02' and I was hoping if someone who recently received their new frame rail from W&N could tell me if the original bolts that ties the NEW frame rail to the original subframe fits the same? I'm finding my original bolts will not go into the frame rail smoothly - I don't want to force it as I'm afraid to damage the inner thread. (See photo). Can someone verify which size bolts fits.
  9. This a very nice nice dry car (not rust). Why only Europe? Too bad you will not ship to Canada. The delivery process is the same I believe.
  10. Good to see a fellow Canadian shares the same dream. A solid inks tii is a good choice - start playing the 6/49 to get one... haha. Good luck!
  11. TNan

    Subframe in

    Impressive work of art!! Is the black paint under the floor pans POR-15?
  12. Those are the best sellers to deal with!
  13. Assuming there is a real ‘new owner’
  14. Car sold. Thanks for interest everyone

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