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  1. I soooo bad wanted this car! I talked to the owner- he seems like a real nice man. It goes to show that for these cars to go on sale as good as this one is you can’t wait days or even hours to respond, you need to respond in minutes. To the owner- keep me in mind as we discussed.
  2. Sorry, that went over my head... I get it.
  3. Is it $500 like the title of the ad OR $7000 like the description?
  4. My jaw nearly dropped when I seen your price but after clicking on your link I see it was just a mistake. Drop the last zero and you’ll definitely get more bites. Good luck.
  5. It seems like I got myself in a little pickle. I'm currently 'trying' to replace my new frame rail AND my new driver floor pan both purchased from W&N but I may have botched my floor pan cutting. Am I SOL or do you guys think this is salvageable (or will I need to place another order (damn!)? My frame rail is measured to the tee - so I'm certain its in the correct position - however in the photo you will see there's a gap between the floor pan and the end of the rail. I know W&N's pans are not formed like the original - could this be the reason??? FML!
  6. Damn! If it wasn't for this cross border lockdown (from Toronto), I would definitely take it. Good luck!
  7. (sorry for the repeat question - I'm not sure if the first one got through). Which frame measuring points are you trying to get exactly (POINT A to POINT B??). If it's what I'm hoping for, you may have helped me with the issue I'm dealing with.
  8. Wow! I didn't know that. So the mystery continues.
  9. What am I missing? Why is nobody budging on this?
  10. Wow! I’ve seen some strange 02 modifications in my life but this one takes the cake!!!! haha!
  11. well I'm into deep now so there's no turning back....haha
  12. **** UPDATE **** So it turns out that the vendor I purchased the frame rail from was not using W&N as their main supplier as they normally do with all their other 02 parts - so I just assumed that was the case. I was fortunate to get a refund which then I immediately purchased the frame rail from W&N directly. I received the frame rail and VOILA! it's the manufactured to spec including the proper bolt holes! W&N is amazing! Thanks to everyone who offered their 2 cents to this thread - now the 'fun' part starts!!! PS...I would love for someone to let me know or point me to a video that shows a frame rail replacement. The only one I could find is Restoration Design's frame rail replacement on youtube.
  13. W&N just responded and they simply said “The pattern is an M10” What they neglected to tell me despite asking the question “Can please verify the bolt size/pattern with s frame rail you are currently selling and not just respond by telling me the spec size which is supposed to be used. Because i can guarantee an M10 will definitely not go in - so I would like to know if this is a manufacturer defect which can cause a problem in the 02 world” I’ll keep everyone posted. I just sent a follow-up email.
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