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  1. “I had a one week window available to see the car anytime but he told me his time was too valuable to show cars. ” The fact he won’t let someone see it is a red flag. Everything you said was a definite red flag. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I'm curious to know why the car was sold at $32K last month but is relisted again. If you had the winning bid last month, hopefully you can chime in and let us know what happened.
  3. That's a great site! Looking at it now I'm contemplating whether I go for the $3000 project car or the $206,000 Turbo - it's so hard to decide between the two.....decisions decisions....lol
  4. Hi Walt - thank you for reaching back to me but unfortunately I decided to hold off on moving forward in discussing purchasing your car. Good luck with the sale. -Tom
  5. I think the teacher would be totally confused if my son picked his favorite colour based on Inka's paint code - 022.
  6. My 8 year olds teacher today = "Class let me know what you're favourite color is" Student 1 = "Blue" Student 2 = "Green" Student 3 = "Yellow" My son = "Inka Orange" Teacher = "Huh? What?" My son = "Inka Orange!" Teacher = "Hmmm? I never heard of that color before" My son = "It's the color of my dads favorite BMW 2002" Teacher = "Good job on choosing a specific color" Thats my boy!!! haha!
  7. Buyer bid at your own risk!! https://www.reviewopedia.com/proxibid-com-reviews Try selling it at a legit auction like Bringatrailer - a very reputable place to sell And lastly, try to get a rating on FAQ that is greater then 0.
  8. Hey FAQers - just wondering whether this could be an ebay fraudster. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/1972-BMW-2002/193827131331?hash=item2d20ff4fc3:g:dtUAAOSwr8Vf64ni - A Tii with no reserve at this price is questionable (TGTBT) - Nothing comes up on the net while doing a background google search for the contact name and phone number posted: Mike at Beirut Classics by email : sales@salmadeals.comor phone (587)-785-1717 Just wondering.
  9. I soooo bad wanted this car! I talked to the owner- he seems like a real nice man. It goes to show that for these cars to go on sale as good as this one is you can’t wait days or even hours to respond, you need to respond in minutes. To the owner- keep me in mind as we discussed.
  10. Sorry, that went over my head... I get it.
  11. Is it $500 like the title of the ad OR $7000 like the description?
  12. My jaw nearly dropped when I seen your price but after clicking on your link I see it was just a mistake. Drop the last zero and you’ll definitely get more bites. Good luck.
  13. It seems like I got myself in a little pickle. I'm currently 'trying' to replace my new frame rail AND my new driver floor pan both purchased from W&N but I may have botched my floor pan cutting. Am I SOL or do you guys think this is salvageable (or will I need to place another order (damn!)? My frame rail is measured to the tee - so I'm certain its in the correct position - however in the photo you will see there's a gap between the floor pan and the end of the rail. I know W&N's pans are not formed like the original - could this be the reason??? FML!
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