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  1. Good to see a fellow Canadian shares the same dream. A solid inks tii is a good choice - start playing the 6/49 to get one... haha. Good luck!
  2. TNan

    Subframe in

    Impressive work of art!! Is the black paint under the floor pans POR-15?
  3. Those are the best sellers to deal with!
  4. Assuming there is a real ‘new owner’
  5. Car sold. Thanks for interest everyone

  6. As you could see in my attached link of this PAGE 2, this same car, the same photos and same sellers story is a repeat of his post in December 2018. And in that first post, there was 7 pages / 93 responses with all showing interest in purchasing the car (including myself). Was there 93 people who didn’t pass the litmus test in getting the car- I highly doubt it. So I stand behind my initial reaction - scam!
  7. haha! it seems that those pesky oil rig workers seemed to be stock piling rust-free 02’s
  8. BMW2002faq moderator - this has to stop. It's obvious that this is a scam. The same member posted this car for sale in December which got 7 pages (93 replies) on his listing with the majority of people showing interest. This person is using the same photos and the same cock-n-bull story. Here's the original post: It's frustrating as hell to constantly being duped by these bogus postings when the majority of people (INCLUDING MYSELF) are hoping to land themselves a decent 02. I would love to have a mandatory feature on the CLASSIFIED section for CARS FOR SALE that states that sellers MUST allow for the car to be seen before purchase otherwise their listings will be removed. This will eliminate any scammers hoping to get the money upfront. The onus should be put on the buyer to arrange seeing it personally or via a representative. #frustrated
  9. that would be me as I was the first to respond
  10. I sent you a message- please respond.
  11. Beautiful car! I can’t figure ebays reserved pricing and why do it. If I was to sell a car I would list the minimum for what I’m willing to take for it. If people want the car, the price will still escalate to how bad they’re willing to pay for it. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Yes I agree - as I phoned Conner Motors and they said the same thing. BUYER BEWARE!! Unfortunately, the bids on ebay are adding up.
  13. It's definitely not a 74'. At first I thought it was a typo until I came across the other site. I didn't report it on ebay - I was actually trying to figure out where on ebay I can report it. Oh well, hopefully nobody here (on the FAQ) fell for the scam.
  14. Another possible, 'too good to be true' 02 for sale. As I was hunting down 02's for sale I came across this possible scam. ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1974-BMW-2002/312632108912?hash=item48ca536770:g:-2cAAOSw5GVc7V5O I thought, "this looks visibly good as my first initial thought, buy why is this listed as a 1974 but its a roundie as just one of the obvious telltale signs that made me say to myself, hmmm?" So I did my 02 investigation only to find out that it was sold here: https://www.connorsmotorcar.com/vehicles/528/1973-bmw-2002 The ebay site is using the same photos as the ones that sold. The ebay offer is being sold from IMPERIAL BEACH, CA and the one that was sold was in WEST CHESTER, PA. So be careful, for all those (like myself) hoping to find an 02' diamond in the rough!

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