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While I'm Waiting...



The body and paint work will take a while so I'm setting out to complete as much other work as I can before getting her back. I've been slowly dropping parts off to be powder coated at a local shop. This is what I've gotten back so far.


The half shafts came together well


Began to put together the slotted brakes and struts. I have Alpina 13" blogentry-45066-0-14458000-1428467812_th

which are a tight fit over the Girling calipers. This is about .125" clearance.


So, I took the calipers to a machine shop to slot the tab bolt holes. Slotting gave the calipers another .25" room and also puts the pads right over the rotors so there is no need to file them down or taper.


I initially thought of purchasing an IE header but reconsidered and had my Stahl ceramic coated inside and out. It turned out a bit darker than I had expected but still looks fine to me.


Been collecting parts for my Dellortos slowly while reading a Weber/Dellorto tuning manual. Changing out the idle and main jets, emulsion tubes, throttle shafts & bearings, air correctors and chokes and installed all the stuff from a 2 carb rebuild kit. The progression holes identify these carbs as "emissions" versions. Haven't yet decided which type of throttle linkage to use. Leaning toward a cable based system but want to ensure it is not difficult to set and maintain nor leads to binding or such. The carbs were purchased secondhand and I expect there will be a learning curve when i finally get them operational. This is before breaking them down when thinking I would use the Cannon manifolds.blogentry-45066-0-41695400-1428555478_th

After breakdown...blogentry-45066-0-62557100-1428554179_thblogentry-45066-0-90955400-1428554226_th

Here they are after rebuild mocked up on the Mangoletsi manifold (all gaskets + above components)



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