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Started the harness re-taping and battery relocation. Using 1 inch cloth tape rather than attempting to cut down to 1/2 inch. The harness in the car was dry and flaky after 40+ years of heat. Used Simple Green to clean up the wiring as I went. The engine bay was taped using the cloth tape and I transitioned to flex-cover for the cabin and trunk harness which went on with a bit more ease. No concern for whether it is true to original just want it clean and simple. Mounted the AGM battery in the rear seat area, added the battery cutoff switch and ran the + cable down the driver side to exit the firewall left of the booster mount. The terminal block is mounted where the battery tray used to be (Cable kit and terminal block found on ebay). Will roll out the sound deadener once I'm sure the layout is set. I also drilled holes for and mounted the retractable seat belts provided by BlueDevils. 


IMG_0242.JPG IMG_0270.JPGIMG_0290.JPGIMG_0307.JPGIMG_0306.JPG





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Very nice.

Is that the battery under the right rear seat?  If so, what size (L x W x H) and what type?

Where are you mounting the relays for lights, horn(s) fuel pump, etc?


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Battery is under rear passenger side seat (right rear). Its a Big Crank ETX-16L. Specifics found using the link. There is info from others using this battery in various blogs http://www.batterymart.com/p-Big-Crank-ETX16L-Battery.html?gclid=CjwKEAiAqozEBRDJrPem0fPKtX0SJAD5sAyHCmskistfammhrIYw4pfFRcH70GSi4sJLoyDwys60FxoCxNTw_wcB.


The fanfare relay (horn) is located as original just above and to the left of the voltage regulator above the power block. Other relays for lights etc. will be mounted in close proximity.


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