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  1. No, that make sense for sure. In the spirit of "how much hp can you make with a M10 turbo" you are proving that the answer is a lot! Your motor has a nice torque band for sure. I bigger turbo and it's possible to be 500+hp haha, yeah "normal stuff"
  2. Very nice! congrats! I knew it was possible to hit those number. I just need time to put it all together! Have you considered a different hotside? Maybe a cam or something to move a little more air? Lots of torque(which is awesome) but, I feel like you can make more HP on top, especially with more revs.
  3. Strokers are cool and between a stroker or all bore, they are pretty different. I like all bore(big bore) for turbo builds. I don't have m10 experience with a stroker but, I have done many in the P-car world. My M10 is just .5mm over sized pistons. with all the headwork, valves and the cam, it should yield some serious power. I was hoping for well over 400hp. We'll see. Maybe I am way off..
  4. FYI - there are a few Chinese brands that I have used(non M10) a supercharged v-6 that made 650rwhp at 8k rpms with no concern. In fact, I'm going to try to spin it to 9k next, lol. Also, I know a few 180'ish n/a M10's using Chinese rods with no issues. There are good and bad brands. I like this thread! Good luck with your build!! I'm kind of right behind you. I have all the parts to build my m10 turbo. I have custom rods, custom pistons, new billet cam, big valves, springs, ti retainers, etc.. Gen II Gtx35 and stand alone. I just have to get the block bored but, have to many builds going on at the same time..
  5. Very nice!! That is a glorious sound!
  6. Nice! it the trans hole opening way back from original??
  7. There is no substitute for factory engine calibration and mapping. They truly have it down. Most of the time, factory ECU's even have faster processing speeds etc over aftermarket systems. For you, perhaps Hondata would be better? I think they use all the factory settings and maps but, you can modify from there.
  8. I like that a lot!! Any problems with interference of the steering box, exhaust, subframe, etc? What engine management? I just sold my CD009 trans to a local guy with a 500rwhp rx7 here. I love those motors!
  9. The 420g is fantastic and is up to major hp. That is what we put behind the K24 before we swapped to the v10
  10. People like to throw away hundreds of hours of near perfect tuning that a team of engineers provided. Unless running boost, I personally see no reason for changing. That being said, I wish the OP the best of luck! The car looks great and I bet it is a blast to drive! Great swap for sure!! The K24 was nice in our e30 m3. It had decent torque and very reliable.
  11. Sorry, these numbers are going through my S2000 chassis and gear box. I have a supercharged S2000. I was just pointing out that my transmission is taking this kind of power but, there are plenty out there that blow these transmissions up.
  12. We have about 390hp and about 250ftlbs of tq going through our S2000 box. It shifts great but, they are not without their own problems. The CD009 infinity trans is silky smooth and can take 800ft of torque+. It's way to big for the 2002. I tried but, it was a hard no go..
  13. I have a supercharger S2k here and the trans is good for sure. Regarding 8k with a 265, not sure. No need to go that high with a turbo
  14. That may be the difference there. The fact that you have " a lot" of room for the radiator makes me think the engine may be pushed back a little. Mine was very tight to the radiator.
  15. My S14 and 265 went in with little hammering and no cutting. Of course, it needed a trans mount and a new driveshaft to work with my E30 rearend.
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