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  1. collectively at work, there must be 6 different chassis/motor combo's and all of them sit on the lift every few months. Thank God our boss is a car guy and allowed the lift otherwise, everyone would be poor. The turbo cars are fun to mod but, they break too easy and have no room for more rubber out back. Everyone here is slowly selling their cars and not going back to BMW. The VW/Audi group is too strong. We have some Audi "S" cars here that are bullet proof beasts!! A VW GTI and a bunch of 911 turbo's that are insanely good cars and they never break.
  2. I guess, I'm confused. You mention it being the worst motor ever, which I disagree. It is worth the maintenance on the rod bearings(which cost about $1200 to fix) to have a very high power, high revving motor(albeit not a 200k mi street car motor but a race motor). Seems BMW can care less about making a motor last past the warranty. All their motors have issues and yes, I do an oil analysis on all my cars. It is very cheap insurance. The confusing part is, you then mention $10k to fix "all the bits". That to me has nothing to do with the engine. Your talking about restoring the car. There isn't a BMW on this planet that depreciates super fast and costs a fortune to restore. I sold mine because it was a bucket list car. Drove it through the summer, did the maintenance and sold it. I will never buy another BMW again. I drove the ones I thought I had to try and the new ones do nothing for me. Through all the years, I tried the v10 m5, e30m3(2)(One with the S14 which was boring to drive on the street and a second with a Honda K swapped turbo in progress) and a 14' X5M(flashed ecu). They were all fun for a summer but that was it. I much prefer Porsche's. The 2002 is the only BMW I like and I will keep. Sorry for the OT..
  3. Simply not totally true. I changed my rod bearings for about $1200 in parts and about 8hrs of work. It is not that bad. Plus, the engine has got to be one of the best sounding engines, period. My M5 was a lot of fun. The auto shift points were annoying but, in manual, it was awesome(for that period/year of transmissions). Just keep up on oil changes and do an oil analysis every other change and you are good to go. edit - I just wanted to add, your argument is the same for any BMW made. Buy a cheap BMW and put tons of money into it to get it back into shape. BMW's have horrible resale value and are not cheap to fix, end of story..
  4. Did I miss something in the article? I would assume they are a part of the whole package. Regardless, they will start on this after they get back from racing in the 24hrs of Le mans.. I'm sure all things will be considered, lol.
  5. Trust me, these guys know aero... - https://www.rileytech.com/
  6. Don't mix cool BMW motors and reliability together in the same sentence. They don't exist.. (same rod bearing issue as the v10 too)
  7. You can still check with them but, I don't think they can help. There are others that have "blank" halves that they can drill. I don't remember exact names but, a quick google gave me 2 or 3 places that will do it.
  8. If they are 20 hole wheel halves, BBS motorsports has them.
  9. lol, I would take it to 10k but, we just don't need too. I mean, it only costs next to nothing to build a full race k24. You can practically buy the parts from Walmart, lol but, we want to keep this thing in one piece.
  10. We have a K24 with a gtx35 going in the e30 m3 as we speak. We will only rev to about 9k though. Should be fun.
  11. I love the history and all that you share. Thank you for doing so and I wish you the best of luck getting this finished.
  12. Well done. Stinks to rework it all but, that looks 100% safer than what you had and at least now, you will be able to adjust it and it will work properly.
  13. lol, nice!! I was going to use a GTX30 but, now you have me thinking of using a GTX35. What trans and rear end gears are you using? I have a Getrag 265 and e30 medium case rear end. I still need to decide on a good ratio.
  14. Nice! What rpm does it start to make boost at? What piston compression ratio? Also, do you think it can take more boost?
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