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'72 Golf Yellow Resto-Mod

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While I'm Waiting...

The body and paint work will take a while so I'm setting out to complete as much other work as I can before getting her back. I've been slowly dropping parts off to be powder coated at a local shop. This is what I've gotten back so far. The half shafts came together well Began to put together the slotted brakes and struts. I have Alpina 13" which are a tight fit over the Girling calipers. This is about .125" clearance. So, I took the calipers to a machine s


Roundeie in Miscellaneous

Body Work and Paint

Up early to strap her down and have her hauled to the body shop. Driver must not have been aware the car was on a dolly since he looked at me cross eyed when I opened the garage. Said he doesn't do cars without wheels...we worked it out anyway...(24 hour shift on-call, lotsa coffee in him...crossing his legs and mentioning he needed to go...). Body Shop owner is a real master with custom work. Modesto is home to the midsummer cruise event for American Muscle cars from '50's and


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Finding the FAQ

On the way home we stopped at Donner Pass Got a nice thumbs up from this guy And dropped the exhaust We got home late afternoon and I asked Young-son if he wanted to climb underneath with me and check out the area left empty by the exhaust in the trunk. I suppose I should have known how ridiculous that question was to a recent high school grad On Monday I drove to the Bay Area to pick up a used resonator. On the way home I stopped in at the local AutoZ


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'72 Golf Yellow (aka Zen and the Art of an '02 Resto-Mod)

I traded the Tahoe in May 2013. The CL ad wasn't very descriptive but when I saw the photos I had to have the Golf Yellow. The owner didn't mention "sunroof" which was a bonus for me living in the Central Valley here in Cali. We swapped titles because he needed a family sized vehicle (read: 5 people) and the 2002 sat in his garage for no particular reason. Don't think he was an enthusiast. On the drive home from Reno NV (soon to be in college son rode along to see why his dad was so hot to run t


Roundeie in Restoration

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