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Body Work and Paint



Up early to strap her down and have her hauled to the body shop. Driver must not have been aware the car was on a dolly since he looked at me cross eyed when I opened the garage. Said he doesn't do cars without wheels...we worked it out anyway...(24 hour shift on-call, lotsa coffee in him...crossing his legs and mentioning he needed to go...).



Body Shop owner is a real master with custom work. Modesto is home to the midsummer cruise event for American Muscle cars from '50's and '60's. It's also the boyhood home of George Lucas (American Graffiti). Owner is really into his work. I can always find him in the shop and he dropped by while I was tearing the car down to take a look and get a feel for what I wanted to do. Some of what he's working on now in photos. Most of these have some version of Corvette LS motor fitted under their hood. The Blue '32 Ford features a blue leather interior to match the lighter blue paint color and is equipped with hidden bluetooth stereo components.



Picked up enough Golf Yellow paint for the spray outblogentry-45066-0-24091200-1425347830_th

While waiting for the body to be blasted at the painters, I've begun to work on the some of the things I have piled up in the garage...

Powder coating some of the parts...blogentry-45066-0-14405700-1426481053_thblogentry-45066-0-21939000-1426564156_thblogentry-45066-0-66647400-1426564163_th

And refurbishing the CV joints and half shafts...blogentry-45066-0-02308000-1426481161_thblogentry-45066-0-86618600-1426481164_th

Here's a first look at the body after media blast to remove the old paint and any rust. She will never look the same again...



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