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  1. $800 OBO for these wheels. Need to clear them out of the garage.
  2. Selling a set of 5 Rial wheels. These were recently restored. Wheels were mounted on a car with tires but not driven. We went a different direction for the wheels. Local pick up in Bay Area only please.
  3. Selling a set of 4 restored Melber wheels. These had tires mounted and thats it. Went in a different direction for wheels. Offset is ET 26. Local Bay Area pick up only please.
  4. Not sure if this listing is valid but came up on a search https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/811130252/overview/
  5. My US 68 manufactured in July, delivered to Munich in July has no tag. Not sure if the pad is original though.
  6. Alberto said if he could get 6 people to commit to the satin black he would do a run. I personally am in for one!
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