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  1. Got word from Dan. He sold this car for $13,000 about 2 weeks ago. Dan went through a bunch of notes that were left on his car over the years. The now owner/seller told him he wished to own it and restore it and Dan bought into the story. This seller is asking $25,000 now. I love the fact Dan went through notes left to try and pass on the car to someone who really enjoyed it. Bummer it turned out this way.
  2. Some info on the car for those interested: Looks like Dan sold it finally (he was moving out of CA I believe and didn't want to take the car). I met him a couple years ago and told him I would be interested if he ever sold it as I was looking for a tii then. He remembered and looked me up. Great guy! Dan was the son in law of the original owner. The car was really loved and driven. Wiring harness was swapped (not correct) but functional and turn signal now on standard left side. Motor was a factory replacement (runs well). Shifting seemed ok. The seats were completely shot and driver was literally sitting on springs. I found him seats but he didn't want to put any money in the car and sell "as is". The interior was tired. The exterior also had quit a bit of issues from the many years on the road. Told him to find any and all documentation including window sticker to help with the sell. Looks like he found it! It is a neat car loved by a family since new. Would have been a nice purchase from Dan and his family not a flipper. I believe he was wanting 20-25k last year (would have taken 18k). I passed because I already found the tii I was looking for and it needed a bit more work after further inspection. I have his number and e-mail if someone wants to learn more about that car instead of talking to the flipper.
  3. Rocco, See you tomorrow morning? I'll also treat you and whoever you bring to some coffee downtown.
  4. I have a set of 5 bottle caps that came on a car I bought last year. Tires look almost new. Pick up in Martinez. FREE
  5. hollowridge


    Steve... in 69 a 2002 was about $3,400 already a premium from the 1600 model. This window sticker is for my tii in 1973. In 1972 a tii was a $1,000 less at around $4,700 and a non tii for around $3,800 A base 2002 in 74 reaching $5,600 the same price you could have had a tii one year earlier and in 76 jumping to around $6,700 - $7,300.
  6. I still have the other one I bought from you. So if you would trade it still that would be great. Still no buyer for it.
  7. Looking for set of carbs for 2002ti. Willing to rebuild. Would like to have the tabs still attached.
  8. Couple days late to post but the Touring arrived after its 2 month journey from Italy.
  9. YEAH! Going to a good home. Glad Chris grabbed it.
  10. I have one of these available if someone wants it. Located in Bay Area. It is the first style he made in the greenish color. I was the one who requested black. He said he would trade me if he made black. I followed up last week. Then he sold it here not honoring the original deal. Oh well.
  11. hollowridge


    The BMW 2000 Touring VIN 3352762 was manufactured on September 29th, 1971 and delivered on October 04th, 1971 to Italy. The original colour was bristol, paint code 058
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