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  1. I'll take them! PM Sent.
  2. Same car same plate. The seller photoshopped the plate. Look at the first E it matches the second E to replace and cover the Z. Then they switched the 4 & 5 and flipped the 6. Silly... would have been easier to just black it out for the ad.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Nardi-Black-Leather-Steering-Wheel-BMW-2002-Personal-Original-1975-RARE/283197644592
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Momo-Daytona-steering-wheel-wood-BMW-Porsche-Ferrari-Alpina-360mm-RARE/132809852945
  5. Thanks for the heads up! I have not heard from you after our first message. I will get the key blank shipped out by Monday!
  6. Is that silver retro you mentioned still available? Let me know. THANKS!
  7. Yeah it looks like an aftermarket cap from the early 60s of a company that made caps for card of that era. Pretty sweet how it works. Lot of options for those looking for a locking cap but finding one and with keys was rad.
  8. Let me know how it goes Paul. Glad to finally help solve this for you. Did you check out the video I posted on the other forum post?
  9. Paul, Since yours is missing the brass pin/lock I think you can buy a set that was used for a different cap and it should fit. I imagine they are interchangeable. The Isetta caps are easier to find. Here is a link with some keys and brass for sale. I have also seen some VW caps with the same key and brass part. http://www.oldtimerteile.net/showgroup.php?page=6&id=6_BMW-Isetta---Fahrgestell
  10. I found one with a key and posted photos of mine with a video showing how it works here.

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