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  1. I haven't spoken to Scott about the incident yet. Hope he's at the Lime Rock Historic Races on Labor Day Weekend.
  2. Scott Hughes Miller Norburn 2002 Saturday July 14th last session of the day. Video is by williamggruff aka Grice Mulligan.
  3. adawil2002

    Help me assign a value to my 1600

    Under $12K based on condition described. Maybe the market will bear more or less, depends on the buyer.
  4. Vern won 1st place in Vintage 1st & 2nd Generation Super Clean Class at the Boston Chapter's BMW CCA Day at Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA Chris Auty won 3rd in the same class with his 1967 BMW 1600GT.
  5. adawil2002

    Motortec in Portland ME

    Not familiar with Motortec in Portland ME. Worth a call at least.
  6. adawil2002

    Vertmont title trick

    Maine is Bill of Sale for sales tax & MSRP when new excise tax and valid insurance to get a plate. Any new title on cars older than 1995 are 'show titles' that need to be verified by the police at the address of the owner.
  7. The one in the somewhat decrepit garage? Oh, see you found it, now
  8. adawil2002

    fuel cap gasket availability

    New '02 BMW fuel caps are not very expensive.
  9. adawil2002

    Early Kidney Grille

    Nice one!
  10. adawil2002

    Weird Foglight Switch

    Pretty sure power to center and 31+ and ground to S. Can only wire it 3 ways if I'm incorrect. The buttons unscrew to change the little light bulb inside which should light when switch is on.
  11. adawil2002

    Weird Foglight Switch

    In is off out is on
  12. adawil2002

    Headliner Replacement Eastern PA

    +1 ask Stone Racing. Clean your sunroof drains, it will stop leaking.
  13. adawil2002

    Trans rebuild Boston area

    Give a call or e-mail.