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  1. Will be there with my E9, judged in Coupe Class.
  2. Can buy the tools here. https://www.samstagsales.com/bmwtools.htm
  3. Get one here. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2002-1600-2002ti-NK-CSL-Vintage-Vinyl-Tool-Roll/302346890895?hash=item4665476e8f:g:1C4AAOSw1~JZPZf0
  4. Sounds like your 2002 is well maintained so doubt you will have any issues. Relax & have a great trip!
  5. Saw that happen to a Touring windshield a few years ago, it was fine in the evening and had shattered overnight. Pretty sure 2002 sedan rear glass is relatively easy to find.
  6. Can also go the pro-wrestling route. "Hey there Brother!" or "Hey there Sister!"
  7. The top & bottom studs could be for almost any BMW up to 1959. Fairly certain the NK's in 1960 forward the studs are horizontal.
  8. Make sure battery cables on the new battery are tight. Had a no dash light no start condition and the negative battery cable wasn't tight enough, snugged it up and solved the problem. Hope yours is as simple.
  9. 7 years is the magic tire number, even if they look new.
  10. Jaymic has the correct raised letter roundels last I knew.
  11. I did not buy a Tii Touring. A good friend has one and isn't on the FAQ.
  12. Looking for a 2002Tii Touring complete air intake canister.
  13. Try [email protected] for key chains. Another guy was doing nice stainless key chains, you'd have to search for that thread.
  14. Like Mike, I have not used any additional additives in any of my cars and had zero problems. My stable of cars, except the X3s, are winter averse and are stored 4-5 months out of a year.

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