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  1. Whole cluster yours for $50+ shipping. No guarantee on the speedometer, it may not work.
  2. Removed, dismantled, cleaned, taped, painted, untaped, cleaned some more, reassembled & reinstalled the instrument cluster. It's a huge improvement, the glass was filthy. Used Dupli-Color Chrome, it's a bright silver, not like the original shiny chromed plastic.
  3. Drove Vern to Vintage Sports & Restoration for a couple of little jobs. Picked up Veronika after extensive reconditioning over the Winter. Drove Veronika back home. Vern is solid, sure footed, fast & quiet. Veronika is light, airy, slower & loud! Both are a blast to drive.
  4. I received this earlier today. Bay Area 02 Fans, You were probably wondering if this email would arrive, and we really didn't want to send it, but it's the only responsible thing to do given the coronavirus pandemic and the shelter-in-place orders. The new date for the 20th annual Bay Area 02 Swap and Show is 12 September 2020. We hope this date will be a safe time to gather with our cars and stories at the Brisbane Marina. Pre-registration will remain open. If you've already registered and still plan to come on the 12th then you don't have to do anything. If you've registered and wish to cancel your registration, please reply to this email ([email protected]) and we'll refund your registration. Stay healthy and safe, and we'll see you in September! - Bay Area 02 Team
  5. Shattered a window closing the door in 2010, hence the adjustment article. Here are both sides in clear on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-E10-2002tii-1600-1602-M10-OEM-Side-Window-Clear-left-door-glass-driver/153538978362?hash=item23bfa2e23a:g:qU4AAOSwazpdDnBD https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-E10-2002tii-1600-1602-M10-OEM-Side-Window-Clear-right-door-glass-passenger/153646513049?hash=item23c60bbb99:g:ZfIAAOSwo79dgSjA
  6. All the answers you seek are in this ^ how too.
  7. Can pretend George C. Scott drove this. Sitting since 1976. https://www.artcurial.com/en/lot-1959-bmw-503-coupe-3980-150
  8. With the heat sealed seams, best practice is to have them sewn by an upholstery shop.
  9. Under dash chrome is still available through either BMW or Walloth-Nesch. Vintage Sports & Restoration recovered the original trunk boards. I made new side boards from the originals used as patterns.
  10. Sorted Vern’s wiper speeds. 1st is delay, which is ~3 seconds. 2nd is normal speed. There is no fast speed as 2002s usually have. This delay feature, like on 3.0 Coupes, was made possible by Vintage Sports & Restoration. Vern Wipers.MOV
  11. Here's a how to make it all fit...
  12. Your speedometer looks like it is cobbled together from 2.
  13. The Brushes are here, http://www.bmwmobiletradition-online.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=ST16&mospid=47140&btnr=51_3346&hg=51&fg=35 I have an automatic base but not the PROD21.
  14. Ryan, easy to make. Use your existing side boards as a pattern buy a Dry Erase/Chalk Board panel at Lowe's. https://www.lowes.com/pd/24-in-W-x-36-in-H-Dry-Erase-Board/1000380577 Can get both panels on a 24" x 36" panel. I use the white side & trace the existing side boards with a Sharpie. The cut them out with a hand held jigsaw, sand the edges to the line if necessary. Then either paint them or have them covered in gray vinyl to match the trunk floor boards.
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