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  1. Driving Impressions

    367 miles of the 500 mile engine break in complete. Spent 4/18 driving 168 miles on back roads from Brunswick to Freeport to Gardiner to Wiscassett to Damariscotta to Brunswick. Some of the roads were pretty rough and there are no squeaks rattles or clunks. Vern's handling is very tight and predictable, love the new H&R springs, feels very sure footed. Was able take a "recommended 15mph"turn at 35. Tomorrow it's back to VSR for for an oil change, head torquing and valve adjustment and a few punch list items.
  2. Done & Done

    Thank you aaron7302. Bought the car and the jewel tip antenna was there. I have seen them on ebay for $300+. I recall a thread where someone made a jewel tip out of a modern Hirschmann with jewels from a fabric store.
  3. Done & Done

    No, same time as The Vintage in Asheville.
  4. Done & Done

    Saw Vern today in person, I am absolutely amazed and in awe. Have a few minor punch list items to complete before Pittsburgh's O'Fest in July.
  5. Vern Model & Cookies

    1/43 scale Vern, proving Verona and Tan or Tobacco was an option outside the U.S. A friend gave me the Verona cookies. White Box makes a great Verona 1/43 scale model with the alloys available on ebay.
  6. Restoration, Then Driving to Oktoberfest

    Very nice! Safe travels to Pittsburgh in July. Just finished my restoration, blog link is in my signature. Hope you win the longest distance award. Calculated by google maps from your address to the Pittsburgh venue.
  7. 4-post lift recommendations Made in USA.
  8. Holy sorry to see this. I'd be devastated as you must be. I just spent double that on my restoration. I cannot imagine losing it. Hope you have copious pictures of the restoration process, that can only help, best if the shop or you can provide documentation. Hope the shop has your back and helps you. Best bet for comps on Bring a Trailer, easy to search and read the conversation threads.
  9. Caravan to Vintage 2018

    I'm driving Athena this year, Vern will be in Pittsburgh. Cindy and I are going to arrive Thursday as well staying at the Clarion, hoping for room 101. Would love to join you yet there's no good way to to Alexandria from my house. May meet up en route like at The Crazy Greek, which town is that?
  10. Caravan to Vintage 2018

    That's how I met you and Jay Swift in 2011. Fixing the Verona in the Hawthorne parking lot before the rally Friday.
  11. General Restoration Budget Questions

    Anywhere from $40K to $90K, depends on how much rust & metalwork the car needs. Engine rebuild is anywhere from $5-10K from disassembly to reassembly and is included in the overall large number. Just finished a nut and bolt restoration on my '73 Tii by Vintage Sports & Restoration in Bedford, New Hampshire.
  12. Vern, Better Than Ever!

    Not yet. Monday April 16.
  13. Vern is officially Vern again and for all intents and purposes he's done!
  14. Ads with sound

    Nope don't see any ads.
  15. Windshield, Grills & Jack

    I don't know how much they charge for the grills, had the belt trim done too and don't think I've been billed for it yet.