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  1. Very happy with plycargroup.com, enclosed, excellent service & communication. I shipped one of my BMWs with them from Bedford NH to their Torrance CA location last year. Can get a free online quote.
  2. If you are lucky you may find a Euro crack free dash, it will not be inexpensive. Have been waiting for years for the repro from Vintage Dashes. Have spoken to them for the past few years at the Laguna Seca Festorics. Seems like it's finally happening. I used a '74 Tii one piece for 2 years, the less expensive 2-piece dash place flaked on me & took 6 months to get my incomplete dash back. It was a fools errand, wasted a lot of time trying to save a few hundred dollars. Best option is to send it to Just Dashes, will take 15-18 weeks & cost ~$2500. They also re-stencil so the finished dash is better than new. Worth the time & money if you require perfection.
  3. Have the cantaloupe card in my original '88 M5 radio. It's awesomely good, seamless integration. Vern has a Blaupunkt Frankfurt with a 7-pin aux cable mounted in the glove box and an iLive Bluetooth receiver. Invisible and sounds great. Run a Memphis Audio Amp to 4 Rockford Fosgates.
  4. Absolutely related. Driveshaft is out of plane or differential was pushed forward. Either will cause driveshaft wobble and chew up the Flex disc and the CSB.
  5. Overall auction sales have been softening since August 2019. Generally speaking, BMWs are still rising slightly while other makes are plateauing. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/mo19
  6. 1973 2002Tii is the best 2002. Longer bumper brackets front & rear, metal intake runners, lighted heater controls and last year for round tail lights before the cars got heavier & slower in 1974. I have owned 3 2002s over 30 years. A 1972 & 1973 in college, then purchase the 1973 Tii in 2010 which is the best 2002 I have owned.
  7. Veronika's off to the upholstery shop. They found the original seats have provisions for headrests and the cool original seat vinyl was found under a later upholstery job!
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Genuine-BMW-Hubcaps-Hub-Caps-9-1-8-Inside-Diameter-9-3-4-Outside/333322843005?hash=item4d9b96f37d:g:glwAAOSw9FlddFP4
  9. Here are all our BMW Vanity Plates.
  10. Correct Chris. Hoffman's Import Co. was based in NY, he also lived outside NYC. There were multiple make foreign dealerships throughout the US. When I was very young in Connecticut we would have the VWs serviced at Crooks Motors in Old Saybrook. They were the BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW Dealership. Still have the BMW sales literature from 1965-1969 my father collected.
  11. Just drove 600 miles on an '02 with CN36s. They have good grip, though I had to slow down to 10 under the limit in the rain to feel safe. Only drawback is the block tread is a bit loud until the wind noise drowns the tire noise. All considered, they are far better than Kumho Solus TA11s.

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