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  1. One reason I bought my 1973 Tii was it had a 5-speed. 3K all day at 70.
  2. adawil2002

    123 Distributor. Which one?

    Keep on mind, I drive my Tii 18,000+ miles a year. So your mileage may vary.
  3. adawil2002

    123 Distributor. Which one?

    My first 123 lasted for 16K miles before it had to be returned for a replacement due to oil infiltration into the cap. The second one lasted 16K miles due to oil infiltrate into the cap. In the interim I was using the Ireland Engineering unit. On my 3.0 CSi with 30K on the 123, sent back due to oil infiltration into the cap. 123 claims it's too much crankcase pressure is the cause. I think it's a manufacturing defect. On the original Bosch there are milling helixes which pull oil down the shaft away form the cap. 123s have a smooth shaft with a single O-ring to prevent oil from migrating into the cap.
  4. After another winter at the VSR Spa, Vern is back home again. Newly chromed bumpers, completely restored vent window frames, new carpet, restored and rebuilt seats, modified wiper system with intermittent delay, paint retouched and looking better than ever. Dropped off Athena, who developed a stumble along the way, which will be addressed...I do not care for her original distributor with points! Chris Langsten followed me as we sped along at a rapid pace on NH 101. In fact I set a new record from VSR to Ricetta’s Falmouth 1:20. Usually 1:35.
  5. adawil2002

    Traveling Tool Kit

    Very cool concept indeed. FYI CS Coupes have a comprehensive tool kit in the trunk lid, trunks are much shallower than a 2002 as well. The trunk depth tapers from 13 inches at the parcel shelf down to 8 inches at the rear.
  6. Sold for $76,502 at the low end of my estimate.
  7. Looks like a well sorted E9 in a pretty rare color. Won't be inexpensive when all is said and done already at $51K. My estimate is $75-80K at the close. E9 Coupes are wonderful when they are all sorted and and rust prone areas have been repaired and epoxy primed. Bought my 1973 3.0 CSi in July 2011for under $20K with a cracked head. After 5 years of a rolling restoration, worked on it during the winters, drove in the summer. We drove it cross country to Monterey for the 100 year celebration of BMW.
  8. adawil2002

    Removing trunk floor

    Cut around the perimeter.
  9. adawil2002

    turbo for sale

    Betting it's a tribute Turbo. VIN is everything as you well know.
  10. adawil2002

    Best stealth upgrades?

    Stealth 3rd brake light. Bluetooth receiver & accessory plug in the glove compartment and or phone dock in the ash tray. Aluminum under dash panels to hold speakers.
  11. Congrat's COOP! If I had a spare million, I'd be all over this... 46 'Superprofile' Coupe-5.4 Liter SOHC Inline-8
  12. adawil2002

    Gas Pedal

    Grease the rear slot where the rod slides at the back of the pedal.
  13. adawil2002

    ~ ~ ~ BRISBANE parts lot ~ ~ ~

    vent window knobs + caps 65
  14. adawil2002

    3-piece Grill Set

    Trunk floor, check out
  15. adawil2002

    Show me your driving lamps

    Hella 160s. Added stabilizer bars I made from aluminum rod stock in the winter of 2011. Correct green button switch turn on power and high bean switch turns on hi beams and driving lights.