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  1. Get a set of H&R Sports, sell the IE springs. Keep the sway bars.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/303841226682?hash=item46be592fba:g:Ks8AAOSwkA1eY8gz These are the CoupeKing tool rolls.
  3. That is unmitigated rust through the shock towers. in 1989 that was a $1200 repair.
  4. The 1934 315/1 belongs to Kara Canum & is one of the best examples in the country.
  5. Re-tune the Tii with an exhaust gas analyzer or wide band O2 sensor. CO2 should be between 2-3% will also need to adjust the idle & re-sync the throttle body & pump. Will have to lean it out a little because it will be running too rich at 6K feet when tuned for sea level. I bought my Tii in Telluride Colorado at 8500 feet & had richen it up as I headed to sea level.
  6. Yes the legendary German Tuneup, roll the fuses. Actually had my turn signals & hazard rely fail completely. So I replaced it with my spare with the same result, nothing. When I had them bench tested, they were both bad! The local BMW dealer had one signal flasher relay in the warehouse. This relay is used on several BMWs not just '02s. $182 later, everything works again. Had my turn signals quit on the 1988 M5 suddenly, rollin the fuses, pushing in relays & saying scheissen! Then everything worked as it should. Cussing it made all the difference!
  7. Hi Steve, As the top says, these have gotten out of control. I have gone to my control panel dialog to block eBay posts & content but it didn't work as I thought it would. Now on my feed the listings are literally taking over. If there is something I missed while blocking these, please point me in the direction. Thanks!
  8. That seems premature the general rule is 7 years. Just replaced my tires from 2016 with new ones.
  9. To fit this anti-swaybar will have to to lower the front subframe an inch to an inch & a half or purchase the under subframe adapters from Ireland Engineering or Roger's Tii.
  10. How many miles on the E30 M3? Engine rebuilds are getting really expensive due to lack of available parts from what I've been told. As you know, condition is everything. May be nice to have a turnkey M3 instead of a project. Just be careful the M3 doesn't become another project.
  11. Are you able to get to Leopold's? You will find exactly what you need there.
  12. May have a fuel line that's compromised & sucking air or your fuel pump diaphragm is weak or failing.
  13. I have to relocate my amp. Have had this setup for years. Yet still have a OEM orange stickered bin.
  14. Look for metal filings on the Pertronix. I'm alway suspect of the distributor even if rebuilt. How many miles since rebuilding it?
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