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  1. What do you want to do? Do what you can do. ------------------------------- Automotive paint is expensive, no getting around that. Reds get that white haze if not properly cleaned and waxed & that's no guarantee it won't happen. Pictures are needed to see how damaged the paint really is. May be enough paint thickness to remove the oxidation with a wet sanding, buff & glaze. I'd follow Mike & Slavs advice.
  2. Classic Ballon. He's been my favorite curmudgeon since 1989. My BMWs are more "boy racer" hers are "respectable". You've met Cindy, maybe I should have gone with lady, instead.
  3. +1 Plycar is who I've been using. Very reasonable pricing, fully enclosed excellent customer service. ~$2600 from Bedford NH to Torrance CA (Los Angeles)
  4. You should already have the expansion tank. Look in the Articles section, pretty sure there's an article about converting to an E28 fuel pump. I did this with my '73 Tii when the original failed & rebuilt ones are $1K.
  5. 1600 Cabriolet Veronika is a female, 1973 2002Tii Vern is a boy, 1973 3.0CSi Athena a female 1988 M5 Rodney is a boy, 1997 M3 The M3 is neutral, 2007 X3 The Unicorn is neutral, 2007 Z4 Coupe Julia is female 2104 X3 Ophelia is female.
  6. Here's how to make an LED Strip 3rd Brake Light, these directions are for BMW E9s and 2002s, so your measurements for extension wires may differ. Here's how to make one and install it. The 3rd brake light is an LED strip 1 foot long Alpena 180°red with 60" of additional red & black wire soldered with heat shrink insulation at the joints. Then red & black alligator clips soldered to the wire ends. Then put little pieces of electrical tape around the wires to hold them together. It attaches to the upper center of the rear window seal with the wires run under the lip of the seal to a hole under the parcel shelf. Then under the white fender welting, under the gas tank trunk board to the brake light tab and ground on the passenger side tail light. Need a soldering iron, flux, solder, Alpena LED, extension wires, heat shrink tubing, electrical tape and alligator clips or tap into brake light circuit and ground. Alpena lights are available at Advance Auto Parts or on ebay. They come in 180° and side light red. 180s are for low angle roof lines, side lights for steep angles.They have white logos and cut lines which I color out with Industrial Grade Black Sharpie I used to buy the extension wire, heat shrink tubing and alligator clips at Radio Shack. If you have any questions I'm happy to answer.
  7. My 1933 Packard Twelve was the same window winding direction as the BMW 2002.
  8. That is Steve Kupper's AutoX 2002. Sold it to some guy in NJ. now here we are again. I coulda, shoulda bought it from Steve in 2015 at the SoCal Vintage.
  9. I was through being cool after 90 minutes in 85° traffic in NYC 2 years ago. Car stopped dead on the approach ramp to the GWB, was grazed by an 18-wheeler as I sat there in the nonexistent 'breakdown' lane. I was, shall we say, less than popular and leave it at that. NYCPD will not help you & Port Authority said, I was on my own. After many phone calls & cringing at being grazed & practically run over. I tried starting the car & it did start. This spring VSR replaced the radiator, all hoses & thermostat. Now run at 4 o'clock & gets to 3 o'clock when idling for an extended time.
  10. Check check 1, sivilance, sivilance, check, check 2 sivilance, sivilance. Mic 1 & 2 are all good with the PA. Rock on FAQ, rock on!
  11. FYI, that bracket & the knurled nuts are a 3-Dimensional PIA to put on. Can remove the Fasten Seat Belt Pod & shine a light down so you can see what's going on as you reach in from the glove compartment & try to see the threaded rods for the knurled nuts. Be careful you don't summon Medusa as you curse those knurled nuts.
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