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  1. That is Stuart Moulton's '02, it's a metallic Malaga-ish red. My 1973 2002 was painted that color in the early 1990s.
  2. Have you run a wire from the negative battery terminal to one side & positive from the other side with bumper as ground? I usually bench test with a battery charger first.
  3. 3M #2 Yellow Adhesive available at auto parts stores or save those slat covers & mask the grill & paint with black Rustoleum "PlastiDip" or my favorite, electrical tape.
  4. They should all say Heyco Made in West Germany or Made in W. Germany the tools are chrome vanadium The 1968 tool roll has the black screwdriver and smooth texture The 1973 tool roll has a slight texture The tools with no roll are from a 1988 M5. New tool rolls are available through Coupe King's eBay store for $30 in 3 colors.
  5. This one from blunttech.com. https://www.blunttech.com/shop/1417btkt
  6. There are 2 on ebay one for $100 other is $149.99. I have this spare one for $40 shipped.
  7. There's usually a BMW Group rate at the host hotel. The discounted rate has not been negotiated yet for 2021.
  8. The Vintage at Saratoga dates are October 8,9 & 10 2021. Friday the 8th is the Driving Tour & usually a Meet & Greet Dinner at The Parting Glass in Saratoga. Saturday the 9th is the Show & Silent Auction with proceeds going to the BMW CCA Foundation from 9am-3pm Dinner is on your own. Sunday the 10th is a Morning Tour to Albany & Brunch at Wolff's Bier Garten.
  9. Sal & I have an excellent shop here in the Northeast where these will go refurbishment.
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