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  1. Those look like Zender box flares.
  2. adawil2002

    WTB: silver wiper arms, washer fluid pump/reservoir

    Wipers Trico Classic 33-150 on amazon.
  3. adawil2002

    Firewall insulation fitment

    Vintage Sports & Restoration installed it. I imagine they did the whole pad.
  4. adawil2002

    Firewall insulation fitment

    Happy to help.
  5. adawil2002

    Firewall insulation fitment

    Have to get yours to be as high on the firewall as possible. Look at the position of the one on my car. Yours will fit, takes a little finagling to get it right.
  6. adawil2002

    Firewall insulation fitment

    This is the repro made by Jeff Chang & his brother at German Autowerkes in Atlanta. They did a short run as the BMW part was NLA.
  7. adawil2002

    Temperature gauge problem

    Could be the the pins on the big black plug need to be cleaned. Though it appears you cleaned everything. If the car is cold, there won't be any movement on the temp gauge at all. Do you have an extra ground on the two knurled brass nuts on the back of the Fuel/Temp gauge? Looks like this U__U____________U Making up a harness is pretty easy, it's a bit of insurance against bouncing Fuel & Temp needles.
  8. adawil2002

    Mid America 02 Fest 2019

    That route will take you through Oklahoma. Plan to carry a lot of extra change for the tolls, quarters nickels and dimes. There are change machines before the tolls but they are not reliable.
  9. adawil2002

    WTB 2002 tii exhaust heat shield

    Search for this part number.
  10. adawil2002

    Moderator- Is there one?

    We generally police ourselves. Steve Kupper (steve k) is the main admin of the FAQ. How did you pay? Have you tried to work with the payment company? If you used PayPal & sent Friends & Family, you may have no recourse as I understand from the PP rules & similar instances. Who is the offending seller? As Jim wrote the the Buyer Sellers Feedback thread is the best way to warn others.
  11. adawil2002

    Spare Parts list

    Cool, glad you are joining us. We always have a great time. You have time to go through the car and take care of the easy stuff that can strand you.
  12. adawil2002

    Spare Parts list

    I regularly drive on long trips and tend to over maintain my '73 Tii. Regular service and checks are standard operating procedure. When in doubt, swap it out. Preparedness is the key to successful road trips. Logged 18,099 miles from April 17 -November 17 2018. 90,000 since June 9 2010. Only failures were a water pump in 2015 & rear wheel bearings in April & October 2018. I carry lightbulbs, fuses, a toolbox with a ratchet set & screw drivers, extra fuel cap, hood roundel, fan & K-fisch belts. I know several people who carry a trunk load of parts & store parts under the back seat. They are the ones who tend to help others in need yet rarely use the stuff they carry.
  13. Don't hang your arm out the window. My window is exposed 1 cm in the down position.
  14. Getting excited for the Mid-America 2002 Fest 2019! 2015 Vern and I won the Hard Luck Award as Vern's water pump failed. 2016, 2017 & 2018 we won the coveted Iron Butt Award. After winning the "Iron Butt" for 3 years in a row, I am bowing out of the competition for it. I plan to present the award going forward.
  15. Sorry you aren't able to make it, Dave. Here are photos from 2015 to 2018