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  1. Those blue lights are cool looking. Are they legal where you are? In my state any exterior blue lights are illegal, only police cars are allowed to use blue lights.
  2. A great day and excellent roads! A few new faces among the the familiar group of friends.
  3. A great day and excellent roads! A few new faces among the the familiar group of friends.
  4. I have the WN stock looking stainless on my 1600 Cabriolet, it's excellent. On my 2002Tii I have the WN Sebring which is a center exit, it's excellent. For me it's quiet compared to the Ansa that was on when I bought it in 2010 & to my friend Scott it's throatier than the stock system.
  5. Had this on for one driving season.
  6. Yes, Polaris is metallic, so is Polaris Neu which was used starting in 1974, no telling what the previous owner painted it. Glasurit is the proper paint.
  7. The original early Cabriolet seats had a triangle weave which is NLA.
  8. The seats are Cabriolet specific. The material is not, time to bite the bullet have new seat covers made.
  9. I've used the sticky back stuff that shrinks when heated with a hair dryer, easy to apply, brittle & impossible to remove. Prefer 3-4mil plastic & 3M Super 77.
  10. Try either sales@blunttech.com or classicbmwparts@gmail.com
  11. Here’s my latest vanity plate...for something modern.
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