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  1. adawil2002

    BAT Auction '68 1600

    Yes Mike Pugh built this car.
  2. Prints arrived I want one of my 1973 Verona Tii
  3. adawil2002

    GA 2002 in Damariscotta ME

    Yes Reny's is still there. Was passing through 2 weeks ago heading to Pemaquid Point.
  4. No benefit, just register as a regular car.
  5. adawil2002

    What paint brand(s) do you guys like?

    Firm believer in Glasurit.
  6. adawil2002

    Blinker Light Stays on (but dim)

    You have grounding short in the system. I'd suspect the flasher relay, as you have mentioned.
  7. VSR has officially finished Vern. Mario, Chris Langsten and I had punch list items, those have all be taken care of including the rear driver side wheel bearings, yet still need to put the engine bay stickers on. Now the detailing begins for O'Fest in Pittsburgh in 3 weeks. Spent 2 hours cleaning the sunroof hardware and Golde wind deflector. Then yesterday 3 hours detailing the trunk, rear bumper and cleaning all the rubber on the car. It's amazing how much bodyshop dust there is, that stuff gets everywhere. Still have a lot of work to do to get him as clean as possible for the O'Fest Concours.
  8. adawil2002

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

  9. adawil2002

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    On the rear.
  10. Bought all the BMW prints!
  11. adawil2002

    Anyone need help in Seatlle/ Bellevue/ Redmond area?

    I know a guy in Newton MA, who needs help with a Lotus. 😉
  12. Sounds like a failing Pertronix.
  13. adawil2002

    Show me your.... Trunk

    Painted shutz is what the factory did. Do what you want, it's your car.