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  1. Buy a set of new H&R springs, they are the perfect drop. Get the IE big sway bars and call it done.
  2. I am very happy with my H&Rs, much better handling than the IE Stage 1 Springs which were only slightly better than stock Tii Springs. Get the big IE Sway-bars with poly bushings, the stock Tii sway bars are spindly by comparison. For Shocks & Struts, I currently run Bilstein HDs which are aging well. My M3 has Konis and I am very happy with them on that car. On my first 2002, back in 1989, I ran Boges and they were fantastic. My formula for any 2002 is H&R springs, big sway bars, IE or Roger's TII & Billy HDs, Koni or Boge struts & shocks.
  3. IE big sway bars + H&R Springs + Bilstein HDs = Best 2002 Suspension Upgrades.
  4. Owners Manual & the Haynes Repair Manual are valuable to have. Most 2002 answers are within those pages.
  5. My NK steering wheel came with two shims to provide clearance for the fitment on a 2002.
  6. Those upper support bearings should be replaced, they are old and cracked. Get the ones with short studs and ditch the spacers on top.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=BMW+swan+neck+mirror&_sacat=0
  8. My door panels were in good shape on the vinyl & mylar, I did use the Aardvarc plywood backing panels which I did myself. The carpet is from GAHH and was installed by Vintage Sports & Restoration in Bedford NH.
  9. Mike Self & Jim Denker's houses and '02s are all safe. The bad storms were on the northern suburbs of Dayton. I have several friends there and all have checked in as OK and safe.
  10. Yes and what they didn't have they purchased, like the the square light California car and converted it to a round tail and nose panel. While what they did was done 'at the factory' not all the parts were off the shelf, as I recall. Wish BMW supported the cars we love the way Mercedes & pre-BMW Rolls Royce do or did. Any part remanufactured according to the original drawings. Is it expensive? Prohibitively so.
  11. Have talked to those guys at Laguna Seca Festorics since either '16 or '17 about '02 dashes. Fingers still crossed. BMW Classic Group needs to do so much more than make a good calendar.
  12. LED head lights are obnoxious on any car, go with an Hella H1/H4 set up.
  13. These pair well with Trico Classic 33-150 wiper blades, $25/pair on amazon.
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