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  1. I don't get jealous much, I'll make an exception to this. That is awesome!
  2. That's how I camp since being flooded out at Lime Rock 2013.
  3. Yes if parted, there are a few items I'm interested in as well.
  4. Agree with the curling toenails, takes less than an hour to solder & grind both sides. Vern, my '73 Tii was/is finished to the level of the Ceylon '73 Tii. The Work Shop did 2 Ceylons for the same owner, the one at the Foundation with mirrors & lights was/is the show car, the other, the for sale/sold Ceynon was the driver.
  5. For the push button switches. 31 = Ground is Brown + = Power in, usually keyed from the ignition (Green & White S = Switched power out to accessory (Black & Red) Colors of your wires will vary for wiring lights. Photo of wired switch is from my 3.0 CSi rear defroster switch. It's easier to access than the switch in my 2002Tii.
  6. I always disconnect the battery working on Vern, my Tii. Simple safety.
  7. “Hot days” in SW FL means above 88F with humidity. Penang it’s not, but it gets well into the 90s here and steamy, with “feels-like” temps of 100+. "That's hot!" - Paris Hilton
  8. Veronika was awarded Best in Class at the Lime Rock Sunday in the Park Meeting of the Marques, Lakeville Connecticut. 2020 Sunday in the Park was 1/4 or less of the cars usually on display. The Golf Tii was in the Concours & a fresh restoration by SCR in Plainville CT.
  9. May need to cut off that crusty clamp and hose clamp a metal patch.
  10. For 9 years I ran a CS coupe seeing wheel at 420mm which is a perfect size for low speed. Then switched to a 380mm Petri & didn't care for it so went to a 400mm Petri. Agree with Conserv Steve. Wheels need to be moving doing this is also easier on the steering box.
  11. With a stock radiator, 70° thermostat & timing set to 32° full advance at 3500, temperature should be just below 1/2 on the gauge. A tired distributor or off timing will cause over heating.
  12. 4-Speed? if So, you are making that engine work & that creates quite a bit of heat. How old is your thermostat? 70° or 80° C & is it working? I have a 4-speed in my 1600 & it gets pretty hot when doing 80+ mph.
  13. Send engine VIN to [email protected] & you will receive car build info, no BMW records are specifically about the M10 engine build date.
  14. Walloth-Nesch in Germany, wallothnesch.com or Phone: 1.800.950.2002 E Mail: [email protected] website: www.bimmer.com or email: [email protected], website: blunttech.com
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