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  1. adawil2002

    Diecast 2002 1:18 models

    Not 1:18, the right color though.
  2. +1 on joebarthlow's comment. I like Rustoleum Professional Aluminum, it's a very light silver, if you can find it. (Photo of Silver Dollar Cluster used the Aluminum Paint.) At the same time, could take the cleanest wheel to an automotive paint shop and have them scan it with their spectrometer. That should get you to a closer silver.
  3. adawil2002

    Always wanted an e28...

    Welcome to the E28 club!
  4. adawil2002

    RIM and Tire Specs

    Those look like BBS RMs. Best contact Paul Ehrlich at ewheelworks and have a set made to the correct specs for your car.
  5. adawil2002

    Diecast 2002 1:18 models

    That's the Anson 1:18 2002Ti or Tii.
  6. adawil2002

    Diecast 2002 1:18 models

    Are you on Micael Lenhardt's e-mail list for Mini Bimmers? May want to contact him to see what he has that's not on the website.
  7. adawil2002

    Behold my new license plate

    Always get the question "What year is that?"
  8. adawil2002

    WTB 71-73 2002

    Please add your location to your profile. Best bet is look on Bring a Trailer & ebay
  9. adawil2002

    1968 BMW 2002 Cabriolet - Convertible

    2nd or 3rd time listed on Ebay, reserve/BIN is right around $70K.
  10. Should be ready for the Mid America '02 Fest? Wood looks amazing!
  11. adawil2002

    Hood rod and wiper arms

    As Mike wrote Silver Cad.
  12. adawil2002

    WTB: BMW 2002 Accessories

    My friend Lee Perrault had that lock installed when she bought her 1976 Mintgrün 2002 in Munich in 1976. Only '02 I have ever seen with the glove box lock.
  13. adawil2002

    WTB: BMW 2002 Accessories

    Can also look at Michael Cashel's website,
  14. adawil2002

    WTB: BMW 2002 Accessories

    Between the shock tower bin. Quarter panel trunk bin. Diagnostic plug tool. Mud Flaps.