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  1. Doubt they are for an NK or '02, have not seen any old reference photos with those.
  2. Here's the November 24th 2020 Chasing Classic Cars - Godsal - Amelia Island Concours episode.
  3. This is a screen shot of me detailing Dirk & Alexandra de Groen's 1934 BMW 315/1 at the Amelia Island Concours on March 8th 2020 from the Season Finale of Chasing Classic Cars which aired Tuesday November 24th 2020.
  4. Hi Steve, I set my Ignored User Preferences to block eBay spamming my feed. Despite this, eBay is spamming my feed. Ignoring Posts, Content, Mentions & Signature.
  5. Here are the prices for the "horsehair" pads. http://www.bmwmobiletradition-online.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=2583&mospid=47141&btnr=52_3395&hg=52&fg=10 FYI foam is more comfortable.
  6. Correct, the change happened around June of 1986 which as far as I have found the last Roundel with no space map logo in print was August 1986. At the time the magazine was two months behind. Before Harmon Fischer won the logo design contest in 1970 with the map logo. The BMW CCA logo was a modified BMW logo with CCA on the bottom & the color quadrants reversed. Joseph Chamberlain showed this to Max Hoffman & to quote Joseph "Max very sternly, 'You will NOT use the BMW logo!'"
  7. https://www.max2002store.com/product-page/us-spec-tag-light
  8. As my brother & I say, "You've got to cuss it." swear at it & call it bad names, it will relent. Keep us posted when the F'ing wheel has been successfully removed.
  9. Use a rubber mallet to give a good old whack or two to from the back. Without the nut & washer it should pull off with a little effort, as you know.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-CCA-No-Space-Grill-Badge-Old-School-BMW-Car-Club-of-America-NOS/154193630691?hash=item23e6a815e3:g:L-UAAOSwuihfr17c
  11. Old windshield was so pitted, cracked & delaminating, it was almost opaque. Vern's excited he got a new windshield & solid chrome Alpina lug nuts. The new lug nuts are just plain cool.
  12. Jaymic.com https://www.jaymic.com/bonnet-hatch-bmw-emblem-original-type.html
  13. Just paint yours with chrome paint or do the 2 silver slats on the earlier 2002s with Mylar tape.
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