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  1. adawil2002

    Engine Bay Decals

    Combination of Roger's Tii & Walloth Nesch have all the stickers covered and readily available.
  2. adawil2002

    Steering Wheel Vibration

    Flare the washers & tighten the front thrust bushing bolts. Vern did that under light braking and that was the fix, thought I had warped rotors.
  3. There are at least 5 pictures of Vern in the October 2018 Roundel Pittsburgh Oktoberfest coverage. The most prominent ones are for the Concours. As some of you will recall, Vern took 2nd in the Classic Super Clean Class.
  4. adawil2002


    Jim Gerock and I were spotted by Eric Carlson on I-95 South in Northern Virginia on our way to the '02 Group's 50th Anniversary of the 2002 Fall Drive in Dobson, NC.
  5. adawil2002

    Gauge cluster chrome trim

    Push and twist then pull, bulbs pull out of the sockets.
  6. adawil2002

    Gauge cluster chrome trim

    Well, I cut the Didotuning ring flanges and filed them to try to fit them to a shallow 1973 gauge bezels. Decided it wasn't worth the effort and scrapped the project. Takes considerably less time to mask the original plastic rings and paint with Chrome spray paint.
  7. adawil2002

    Gauge cluster finish

    People either paint them or leave them alone.
  8. adawil2002

    02 Prices / Values

    The values for 02s have gone up 10x in the past 10 years. With that calculation my 1973 Tii would be worth $150K which is fine by me. We all know the actual value/price is lower than that, yet at the same time still considered expensive compared to when I was in college and bought 2 21 year old '02s for $3K.
  9. adawil2002

    Grill slat options

    On sale at for $15 while supplies last.
  10. adawil2002

    Door Seal - where do I find this part?

  11. adawil2002

    Wheel Bearings Question

    Bought mine from Walloth-Nesch.
  12. adawil2002

    NYC to Bar Harbor

    Hop off 95 at 295 then take exit 28 in Brunswick to Route 1 through Bath, Woolich, Wiscasset, New Castle, Damariscotta etc. Through Rockland to Camden to Belfast and the Penobscot Narrows Bridge to Verona Island and Bucksport...etc to Bar Harbor/Acadia
  13. adawil2002

    2002 tii kugelfischer tools - WANTED

    Look on Rogers Tii & ebay.
  14. adawil2002

    NYC to Bar Harbor

    Portsmouth: Jumpin'Jay's downtown Martingale Wharf is on the harbor.
  15. Vintage Sports & Restoration, 70 Tirrell Hill Road, Bedford NH 03110 603-228-2888 They restored Vern, my 1973 2002tii and rebuilt the engine. Blog is in my signature detailing the restoration.