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Phase 2 - Getting the body back to factory like condition.



After the dipping was completed at Metal Works in Oregon, the car got transported down to Bart Ziegenhagen at the Resto Shop in San Martin, CA where the goal was to do the rust restoration and some minor body modifications (fill holes for rear side marker lights and rear reflectors). 


The dipping revealed more issues than initially expected (If you didn't see the dipping post you can see it HERE): 










As bad as this looks Bart was able to work his magic on these spots without issues:






We ended up doing new floor pans which you can see here:




As well as the trunk floor replacement I picked up from IE:




About 80 hours later and here are the end results:










And then the whole thing got epoxy primered in black:








Next step is back on the frame roller and it gets loaded up this week to head down to Costa Mesa to Paul @ SonOf Cobra where the big body modifications start. 




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That is class A work. And fast! Usually these are in the back corner waiting for time between collision repairs of newer vehicles.

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3 hours ago, Tommy said:

That is class A work. And fast! Usually these are in the back corner waiting for time between collision repairs of newer vehicles.


Bart is an artist when it comes to the metal work. Nice thing about sending the vehicle to him is that he just does restorations and isn't a collision place. 


My goal is to get the entire chassis completed (body, subframes, brakes, suspension, wheels & tires) within one year, and then year two complete the interior and drivetrain. 

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Thanks! Its been a built I have been planning for about 10 years (although there have been some big changes in the direction due to different parts availability) so its nice to finally move forward with a build. 

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Really nice work so far.  Hope everything goes as planned though you may want to change your blog title to "better than factory" the way things are looking!

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