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Phase 3 - Carbon Fiber Time



After the rust restoration got completed with Bart at The Resto Shop the car got transported down to Costa Mesa, California to Paul Lefevre the master mind behind The Son Of Cobra. A lot of you have seen Paul's mostly carbon fiber build. His car is a really special build and if you haven't seen it you can check out the specs HERE.


For my build I opt for the following from Paul:


-Carbon Fiber Hood w/ Aluminum Hood Pins

-Carbon Fiber Trunk w/ Aluminum Hinges

-Carbon Fiber Alpina Style Pig Cheek Front & Rear Fenders

-Carbon Fiber Roof. 

-Carbon Fiber Dash (coming later)

-Koogelworks Carbon Fiber Front Air Dam


I choose to opt out of the door skins as I feel like they didn't offer that much weight savings plus I don't mind having a little metal on the doors from a safety stand point. Now on to the photos:


Here is shot of him starting on the rear fenders:






Now on to the front:




Almost done, hanging out with Paul's car




Final Results:













Next stop is over to Ronin Autowerks to finalize the chassis modifications so it can head back to Bart for paint. 



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On 7/4/2022 at 9:57 PM, Furry Camel said:

What kind of chassis mods are you having Matt do?

He’s doing the stitch weld and weld in roll bar along with some other modifications for additional clearance in the engine bay and some modifications to the pedal box area. I’ll be posting a full update once it’s completed. 

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That's some serious weight loss and their quality is out of this world!

I've forgotten what's your plan for engine etc. but this is gonna be something pretty awesome ?

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On 7/11/2022 at 2:31 AM, Tommy said:

That's some serious weight loss and their quality is out of this world!

I've forgotten what's your plan for engine etc. but this is gonna be something pretty awesome ?


Just finalized the engine plans as was debating on going with a stroked M10 with EFI, but after looking at costs for everything it wasn't much more to go S14, so recently bought a S14 with bad crank bearings and doing a rebuilt of that with some upgrades. 

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3 minutes ago, Einspritz said:

Very nice, clean work.


Where did you get the roll a round for the chassis?

the frame roller is from Summit Racing. Bart ended up modifying a little though. 

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