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  1. Citric acid dissolved in water does the same. Cheap and available in many grocery stores (at least here).
  2. Mishas' videos show the situation there pretty well, I think. Usually he shares some Nürburgring content.
  3. Yea, you should be able to tap them in... but of course if they are wrong size then maybe not. Length looks ok once they are in all the way.
  4. Your car is such a beauty in its' stock form. It needs the bumpers.
  5. P1-P2 for the team on Sunday! Congratz tzei! Pretty good after some unplanned service 😉
  6. Something wrong with your picture links. I can only see the reservoir pic. Others show "-"
  7. Would love to see a project thread here! Please someone?
  8. I wonder what's happened while the mirrors have moved further back? Also thinking is it possible to see anything at all from those. They are kinda nice but for me somehow out of place on hood of an -02. Go Paul - get her back! 😄
  9. I wouldn't say exactly that. You need to be careful to remove the damaged nose so that the mounting faces on the body side are kept intact. And vice versa on the replacement panel. Then you can clamp them together and plug weld, or even spot weld if you have the equipment, reaching nearly factory result.
  10. I would see it easier to change the whole nose than just half of it. Having done that once, yes a big job, but nothing that can't be done with patience. That is if you really have a good replecement and it's cut out in right places.
  11. They do look really nice but I'm afraid you will lose some customers if reaching for perfection increases the price too high. Maybe you can offer somehing for those whose pockets aren't that deep, like without surface finish or something.
  12. I'm voting for original coolness. Original Hartge e21 is really cool! With 2.5 EFI it's just another engine transplant.
  13. Thick one is the front side. Check toe, then worry about the rest, if there is still an issue.
  14. Probably not worth that much but they can be nice wheels if reconditioned well.
  15. Back in business! Motopark race track with @tzei
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