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  1. Did you find all three of them? If yes, then it's just stuck and needs a little persuation.
  2. I have, it's not hard. You may need to open up some holes at the firewall pass through but it depends. Half an inch could be ok without. The misalignment angle is very small and it is a flex disk after all.
  3. Well done! Have to say I anticipated something like this after looking your earlier posts about the front suspension. Did you say that the rack was actually set up after the Alpina days? That would really make sense as it did not look well designed. Shortening the rack must have been quite a work, like you say. When I built my racecar I started by choosing a rack that was available and then after having it in my hands, designed the suspension around it. Whole lot easier that way when starting from zero. I would be interested about the final bump steer results.
  4. No but when the pedal is released the disc is compressed a bit by the pressure plate. I would think that you have enouch clearance but when the disc will wear the center will go closer and eventually when worn out a contact can be made. I would not be worried. Once I had a pretty tight fit with a copper race disc and I sanded down the flywheel bolt heads for a millimeter. Tommy
  5. With Firefox the whole screen or actually the active area of the tab is pulling couple mm's to the right in short cycles. This occurs in random frequency, sometimes more often than once in a second, sometimes it's fine until loading another page. It's like a bad connection of display cable or bad display driver or something but the strangest thing is that this happens only when I'm in 2002FAQ. If I change to another tab with different web page it's totally fine. I have no idea what could cause this. I don't know if it appeared after Firefox update or site update but it has bothered me a week at least. I tried switching off Adblock that made no difference. IE that I don't normally use seems to work fine. Any idea?
  6. That's a good price. From Europe I can only find used in not so great condition for €100. New ones begin at €140 pc. I'm grateful if someone can tip me a pair of flags for €200 or less in Europe.
  7. OEM bolts are always a good choice but they are not that special. Standard M10 bolt has 17mm head. 14mm head would be very special that I've never seen.
  8. Check that the coming and going fuel lines are correct at the pump. Then detach the fuel line at the carb, put it in a bottle and start. Then you know for sure if you're getting fuel or not. If not - one thing to check is that is the length of the fuel pump actuating rod correct for the pump. There has been different length rods, different thickness bakelite spacers and different kind of pumps.
  9. FIA homologation papers were published on some web page years ago and I happened to save them before they were gone. Over the years around 30 people have asked for them via email. It was actually nice to get contacts around the world, hear and even see pictures of some really nice race car projects. Well now I don't need to mess with email sending 30MB of various files anymore. FIA has published them on their website. I don't know when they did but I just noticed it. There's also some that I didn't have before, turbo for example. http://historicdb.fia.com/cars/list/field_make/bmw-189/field_range/2002-2157
  10. Here, the glass is dirty but it looks perfect behind. You could e-mail me your details so I could check the shipping. tomi.heinonen(at)konecranes dot com
  11. I have 180km/h speedo with crosshair. That is from 1502, 4.11:1 diff and has stamping W=0.91. Also have 200km/h speedo without crosshair but similar style otherwise. That is probably from 2002, 3.64 diff, W=0.8. W-markings seem to convert like km's to miles with factor x1.6. So if you have W=1,4 MPH it should be replaced with W=0,91 KPH. I guess 50€ should cover the expense and a beer for me.
  12. Oh he died, damn. I read about the accident and hoped he will be ok. So much similar than Schumachers' case, accident briefly after great racing career, only that Schumi is barely alive which is maybe worse. RIP.
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