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  1. You don't have to be precise at all, just have to have valves closed. Option 1 would be the easiest way because there you'll see that the valves are closed. Option 2 would work but it may be a bit difficult with tilted motor and then you have a chance to hit the "wrong" tdc and have valves open. Headgasket may also blow from one cylinder to another, in which case there's no bubbles.
  2. A lot more balanced in the first picture.👍 Comfortability is something that is forgotten once Billy Sports are installed. May be just my opinion but I sold mine after one season.
  3. Done it once and I can tell you - it's not easy. Most terrified were the roundabouts, and there's plenty of those in UK.
  4. Never heard of the process but result looks really nice. 👍
  5. Comparing the pictures provided in the topic they are the high domed 9,5:1 version. The 9:1 is the same casting but machined more making the flat surface area larger.
  6. Yes, they seem to be 1mm oversize. A mm makes a difference of about 0.2 in CR, not much. That is assuming the dome is exactly the same.
  7. 215/55/16 ? That would be 65mm higher in diameter than your current setup. In other words, huge for an 02. Like others said - let your suspension set down and see how it looks after couple of days driving.
  8. It's the grand piano style for e12 head. From this angle it's a bit hard to tell the CR. You should measure the dome height. To me it looks like 9,5:1 tii piston. BTW. Does anyone know if the great faq piston guide can still be found somewhere?
  9. Tommy


  10. 👍 I was thinking that before but then forgot to make post.
  11. Would need a spacer of about 13...15mm. Also taller studs/bolts.
  12. In Europe pretty often but that would be 1502 with 4,11:1.
  13. Tommy


    No. Mine are 6x13" ET30. More here https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/71426-goodfellas-streetmachine/?&page=11#comments I ended up with cheap Petlas tyres 185/70/13. From my blog you can also see how I worked the arches, not exactly rolled but somewhat massaged anyway. Pretty sure you're not going to fit ET13 under stock wheel arches nicely.
  14. Tommy


    Yep, does not look like 4x100. Below mine.

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