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  1. Tommy

    Spal fan wiring plug

    It's a generic blade or spade connector block. Google for "2-way spade connector" and go from there. Or you could swap it for something better like AMP superseal...
  2. Tommy

    M10 Crankshaft Mystery

    That wouldn't fix anything, stroke is still off. I guess it was just mistakenly ground off center. Weird it is.
  3. Tommy

    M10 Crankshaft Mystery

    I think it is. That's not what he said. He says piston is ".010 down the hole" and stroke is .020 off. There is no such manufacuring deviations in BMW engine parts - never.
  4. Tommy

    M10 Crankshaft Mystery

    That's exactly what it does. Stroke is 2x crank throw. I don't have any idea how that kind of mistake can happen, but yes, it can be done.
  5. Sorry zambo - I'm even more out regarding the terms as english isn't my first language. I'm using whatever english or US term and often totally wrong ones. I referred to pitman arm based on your writing. The arm that's in your first picture. Anyway it's not more compilcated than two torque specs for two sizes of castellated nuts.
  6. Tommy


    Jaymic is old and reputable supplier.
  7. Tommy

    Ecu harness though the firewall

    Price is appealing. I wonder if they are anywhere close to decent in quality. I would find it weird if pins are not included since they are not listed separately anywhere on the site.
  8. Tommy

    Battery Isolation Switch

    I'm not saying it's a bad idea to install a switch but your reasoning is a bit odd. Why is the battery draining? As these cars have basically no electronics it sounds you might have a fault that should be fixed. Clock and radio memory should not drain battery except maybe over winter. In that case removing battery post and a re-charge shouldn't be an issue. Or do you have some appliance that connected to continuous power? Maybe that should be connected in a different way. ...Just giving it another thought ⚡
  9. Tommy

    are these spindles worn?

    Did you not see 😉 By the way, now looking again they are different to each other. Are they both tii?
  10. Tommy

    1971 touring 2002TII

    You could help the owners by spreading the word to find that someone.
  11. Tommy

    1971 touring 2002TII

    More important than firing it up would be to see the condition of underside. Rust, poorly done previous repairs or signs of bad accident are the things that hurt the value big time. Brakes are probably stuck and starting the engine doesn't tell much about its' condition so trying to drive it may not be smartest thing. It sounds to me that this is not the right car for you but it could be for someone who wants to restore one for himself.
  12. Tommy

    1971 touring 2002TII

    THIS story we can believe. Indeed -91 is a little after -71. Still it may be worth more than 4k though nobody knows what hapened during first twenty years. More information would be needed to be sure.
  13. I looked into this some years ago. Didn't find it feasible. I'm not saying it's impossible to fit some other BMW 5x120 hubs to 2002 rear, but afaik nobody has found an easy solution yet.
  14. Yes, replace both sides at the same time. Replacing the push rod is 5min job but replacing the mounts is quite a bit more labour intensive. Meaning that if one is thinking to replace the mounts "while being there" it doesn't make sense if they're ok. Tommy