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  1. Where to get the new ones in Europe?
  2. Wow! Sad to see her leave Europe, happy to see her coming to faq!
  3. I thought this was a terrible idea but on a dark color it actually works!
  4. Good work, but I think most of us are already waiting for part 3, re-ceylon-ification! 🥳 Such a great color.
  5. Well, I don't think I have but it shouldn't be hard to find.... here.
  6. Clearly modified. Chamber shape is no longer like e12.
  7. Definitely right decision to put it on rotisserie at this moment. But be prepared to take it off and back on few times because there's stuff you can't do when mounted there. 👍
  8. This is an exellent write up. At the bottom you can find link to .pdf that has the pictures too!
  9. That's a question of fine tuning if you're not happy where your rear settled. At this point, use what you have.
  10. Thanks for the link! Somehow he had incredibly good grip compared to others, even the ones with soft too.
  11. I think what you're planning is the way to go. Also some adjusters may become loose. If they move around it really is like 4 wheel steering
  12. This, but I install with camshaft. Then I know which point it's tightest. You can just push the valve and feel how much space there is (or measure). I used one of the rocker shaft springs. If you try to feel the valve contact from crankshaft I'm afraid the valve is bent already.
  13. Good questions, Mike. You need to be prepared for some DIY in any case. I don't think I would start any swap if I didn't have a an angle grinder and welder. My installation is very much different than putting F20C in stock -02 body that seems pretty straightforward. For K-swap you don't get that much information. You need to figure out more yourself but in the end it could be a better choice. F20C is so popular swap into any smaller car, that they are getting scarce and expensive, maybe not yet in US? If K- is chosen I would get the adapter plate for F20C gearbox rather than BMW. I would relate Honda swaps to s14 but without selling house to fund it. M20 is different nature.
  14. Well, not an expert but got one installed in my racecar. Why don't you just post your question here?
  15. Rob and Jenna have often been in my thoughts since the day. Chin up, Rob! You're not going homeless 👍
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