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Phase 4 - Some Body Mods Prior To Paint



After the car completed its transformation with Paul at The Son Of Cobra, the car got moved across town to Ronin Autowerks where Matt worked with me to get some mods to the body completed. 




First up was a weld in roll bar. Matt and the team at Ronin build the bolt in roll bars for IE so they already have the roll bars down. I asked for some customization as I wanted it tied into the rear strut towers for additional stiffness. Originally the plan was to do a roll bar with an X-brace but at the last minute I decided it was over kill and since this car is all about weight loss I figured it wasn't needed. 


Mocked Up:






After the roll bar was completed Matt and his crew did a full stitch weld on the body and then moved on to the pedal box.




We ended up going with a Tilton set up and E30 accelerator. Matt installed a steering column on the car to get the pedals as center as possible, and built out some custom floor boards as well to raise up heels slightly










Next step is back to Bart at the Resto Shop for final body work and paint.


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