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Car Mod List

This is a simple list of non-stock components that I have put on the 02, plus those in the future when they happen. I will add photos where/when I can. Engine: Italian Weber 45 DCOEs Vintage Cannon 2 piece intake manifold and rod-style linkage 8mm spark plug wires 123Ignition distributor Oil pan baffle and windage tray Mechanical fuel pump delete (now electric in trunk) Vintage (and kind of small) long tube header of unknown brand or origin


(Yes, I originally posted this in the Project Blogs -Archives section, not sure if it's supposed to be there so I will start a thing here as well. I've used forums for years but never actually posted or made a thread, please bear with me in figuring out the system, thanks.)   Hello all,  I've finally gotten around to making my own account on here to actually post updates and keep a thread of the build I can reference. The car in question is a 1971 model, originally Malaga and was

Engine compartment

The engine and transmission are out.  The engine is at the shop having both the head and block worked on.  We will have to bore out the cylinders and replace with oversized pistons.  I couldn't find any pistons off the shelf, so I am having them made, which could take a couple of months.  I plan to use that time to repaint the car. DSC_3194.NEF

Jack Roberts

Jack Roberts in PhotoBlog

Quick project update

My new job and moving has slowed progress on the car, but it's still inching closer to completion.  If you followed my previous posts, i said the mission of this project was to have an almost original 1969 BMW 2002... but the car has become something else, something that is more custom.     Fuel and Carbs   Final routing fuel and cable routing is being done around the TI air cleaner that I modified for the DCOEs.  The fuel regulator impinged on the air cleaner so I moved it to the

Shawn Piper

Shawn Piper in Restoration

Bringing Conrad Home

My friend and I took a road trip from central Utah to Bend Oregon to pick up Conrad, my 1974 2002tii.  His restoration was started by a prior owner and then put into my care.  After a long drive, he was loaded on the trailer, tubs of parts stuffed into the back of my Suburban, and we brought him home.  The tii engine was out of the car, so it had to be loaded into the back of the Suburban with all of the other parts.   Rain was forecasted for our drive home, so without windows we had t


bergie33 in Restoration

Weekend Work

Been dying to put these on. FedEx dropped the 4 CN36’s at the front door so tomorrow it’s off to have them mounted. Yep, I know the centers aren’t painted period black…     I had hoped she wouldn’t need it but I will have to roll the rear fenders a little bit 


Roundeie in CN36

Time to pause and bask in the glory for a moment

So it’s been about 4-1/2yrs since I drug the carcass of this car home.     In that time I’ve replaced the ENTIRE trunk floor (including the tray between the wheel wells, the rear panel, all of the floor pans, both outer rockers, repaired both inner rockers, replaced the drivers frame rail, repaired the pass rail, removed and reattached the nose, replaced the majority of the firewall (including remaking the area around the heater box), swapped both doors, replaced the left A sheet and h

Betty's home and tucked into the garage

With paint completed the shop put her on the trailer and brought her home.  I have a narrow driveway, on a pretty steep incline with not a ton of space at the top in front of the garage. This was fun to watch.....and scary. We couldn't get it unloaded at the bottom and roll her up, so backing in, all the way up was the only option! Carefully now......   And there she is in her new home!   That paint looks soooo good!   Up

Finished body work and paint! Did I say finished? LOL

Betty's journey isn't over yet. Not by a long shot. But, we're making progress.  When last I posted, our beloved 2002 was at the painters.... Cut, weld, fit, prime, sand and stuffs. Also decided to fill in all the trim holes and did a US bumper delete. Turbo flares being test fitted below. Jo chose to change up the color from Chamonix to a vibrant Taiga!  I think its amazing!    More.... Exciting!  

Getting closer to being completed

It’s been along time since I’ve posted a blog entry and lots of work has been done to the car lot of assembly including  glass,trim,  Exhaust,  ST sway bars, etc   I had to get a little help along the way from a couple different shops and a few 2002 experts in the area and this last weekend was the first drive. I’m extremely pleased with the results so far

Interior Cleaning

The week before all the rain came to this part of the country I was able to spend a good amount of time cleaning the interior.  The goal was to get as much of the mustiness removed as was reasonable and make it comfortable to work inside.  Vinegar and lots of elbow grease helped. I experimented with different sponges and brushes but getting into the molded divots in the upholstery was challenging.  I pulled the carpet out with the exception of the piece over the transmission tunnel and cleaned i


Horn in Cleaning

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