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Building a center console

My car came dealer equipped with a FrigiKing AC unit as a console. However, in the 90s, the whole unit was unfortunately removed and tossed because it had broken.  I wanted to replace the unit with a non-AC variety.  My goal is to have something period correct that allows me to play music from my phone.   In my '66 Beetle, I used a RetroSound stereo with a vintage faceplate and knobs.  This time I tried something different.  Inspired by what I've seen on this site, I decided to use a v

Getting into electrical

When I received the harness from the body shop, it was clear that most of the electrical components themselves were heavily degraded/broken. I had anticipated that most of the electrical components would need replacing so I began buying NOS pieces on eBay when I embarked on the restoration. Here is my collection of new and refurbished parts:     The harness itself came to me in a giant tangled ball because the tape had mostly fallen off.  Any of the harness that had been exp

Final paint!

After all of the repairs, the car was sealed...     Then primered and sanded       Then final paint!       Next will be black out work on the dash and core support. We decided to do a silver fuel-resistant epoxy on the fuel filler neck since it wasnt removable during repaint.  

Starting on engine stuff

When the engine came out of the car, it was very tired and it needed a rebuild.       But after taking care of the fundamentals, I was left wondering what I should do with it? A lot of the original equipment had been changed over the years so it wasn't practical to return it to stock.  Therefor I decided to strip off the remaining smog equipment and go with a side draft setup.     I started with a new mechanical distributor setup and higher flow fuel pump (133112606

Rebuilding the heater box

My heater box was gross and inoperable.  I don't have pictures of the before state, but the motor didnt work and the bowden cables were broken.     There were enough parts broken that I had to buy another core at Autobahn Dismantling in Santee.  I highly recommend this business - they have saved me a lot of trouble!    I tore down the cores and sent the metal pieces of zinc plating.  This became a huge problem for me because the zinc plater closed down while they had my

Rebuilding the suspension

During the teardown, I had the suspension disassembled.       All of the parts were media blasted and repainted.  Fasteners were either replaced or zinc plated.    \       At this stage we discovered the rear diff had problems. Thankfully a new set of spider gears (ordered from WN) addressed the problem and everything else was assessed as fine by Pro Gear.       Then after much parts ordering, we

Lots of repairs

At this point, there were many weeks of labor in going over the body and repairing damage to prep the body for smoothing and paint.  Here are some examples of things we fixed.   Repairing damage from the AC install (core support, firewall, and trans tunnel)             Repairing rust in the floors, fenders, and anywhere else it was discovered             Reversin

Starting on body work

Once the body was stripped to a shell, the outside was hand sanded to bare metal and the interior was media blasted.  Then the body was coated in primer while it waited for repairs to begin.  Some minor repairs were made during this time.         My grandfather had installed aftermarket trim in the early 70s, likely to make the car look like a late model variety. Parts of this trim was missing and it wasn't period correct so I had it removed and the holes welded.  


Although the car is good at 20ft, a closer inspection revealed some expected rust and a lot of deferred maintenance.  The car's last paint job had many drips and tons of overspray.  Every piece of trim had dents and scratches. Given the car's condition (which is actually remarkable at 190k miles and 50 years) and my project goals, I decided to proceed with a full restoration. The first step was tearing it down.     I removed the interior at home and scraped out the sound deadening mate

Before restoration

As long as I can remember, the BMW 2002 has been a fixture of my family.    In 1968, my father bought a 1600 as his first car.  My grandfather took delivery of the car and drove it to my father, who was living in Oregon at the time.  On that drive between California and Oregon, my grandfather fell in love with the car and went on to buy himself a 2002 in 1969. My grandfathers car was bought from Schneider BMW in Anaheim (now 2002AD). It was delivered as Chamonix with a marine blue inte

Shawn Piper

Shawn Piper in History

New project car

Hi All, Happy to be here and share with other with similar car dysfunctions. Doctor, I need some help! Been wanting a 2002 since I was 18 and drove my brothers around Miami for a summer. Well, I got one. It was sitting in a field under a ratty cover for ??? probably greater than 10 years. Im a pretty handy DIY'er and look forward to driving it this spring, haha right? Well that what the car shows do. The cars complete and unmolested. Rust and body damage is minimal, it will get painted back to i


Vince2002 in General

TRIM and some more TRIM

Long time no update   Got both bumpers back from the shop. Front bumper came out nicely.       Side parts on the rear bumper were rusted as hell only chrome was holding them together so after removing chrome there were several holes.  Also I noticed the center piece bumper had several dents which were not seen before chroming. I had the centerpiece dechromed again to sort out dents before another chrome job.       I took


RTHLSS1 in Resto

Refitting Trunk Floor Panel

Since making & having the side panels upholstered two years ago, the spare tire side didn't fit flat & flush with the fuel tank panel.   To tackle this job, I removed one staple & measured it at 1/4 of an inch. I just happen to have two boxes of these staples. So I was good to go with my upholstery adhesive & an ultimate set of tools.    The short story, remove staples, peel back the 'elephant skin', scribe to other panel, cut, test fit, glue, staple, trim


adawil2002 in Restoration

M42 swap finalized

Everything is in and running. Picking up from my last entry, I had to chop up a DSSR I had sitting around to add an extra inch to the length. I purchased a small length of stainless rod in the same diameter from McMaster along with some electrodes to match from another supplier. It was impossible to find them locally, and difficult to find anyone online that would sell me less than 10 pounds of them, but I prevailed.       I shaved a small amount off one side of th


Spyke in Engine swap details

Engine bay reinforcement

Not much to say, but you can see part of what it takes in the front to use the e30m3 subframe.   25mm master cylinder on the m3 booster. Bracketry in front of the master cylinder is / was fur the ABS pump. I'll be able to simplify the hard line routing and tuck it out of the way. I'll cut the ABS brackets out.   Massive amounts of reinforcement everywhere, the front end feels really solid, even with the 16x8's and the GC suspension with 350 pound springs.   Oh, and


irdave in Chassis

Wheel bearings and some suspension assembly

In the spring, I painted the subframes and associated bits: All of the bushings are now urethane and I hope I don't regret it.  I bought it all in 2006ish from TEP so I don't know who manufactured all of it.   A bicycle repair stand is useful for front strut assembly.     A nine-year-old is beginning to actually be helpful in the garage.     I am re-using a lot of old hardware. This project is expensive enough and no one will ever see these b


johnny02 in Bearings

bring back that side exhaust!

I am moving from bit to bit on the car shell these days.  Getting ready to roll it out for paint.  When I bought the car five years ago a friend pointed out how the exhaust was not correct.  I was a bit miffed since I did not know that about the car.     Well in a quick effort last night I started to pick at it and noticed the patch was brazed in!     So with a little heat and a pair of pliers - off it came!           Here it is removed.


Markster in restoration

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